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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Granna Needs Your Help Now

 By Anna Von Reitz

Well, Campers, you wanted (and needed) an International Trade Bank where you can store your assets safely, and still connect to the Commercial Banks when and if you need one. You wanted access to your pre-paid credit, your own Credit Union, and your Vendor Cards.
I say, "Aye, Aye....!"
So the "Blue Dot" Bilateral Banking System is chartered and everything gets moving forward, and The American States and Nations Bank and The ASAN Commercial Bank are part of this process....
And accounts get set up. Fiduciary Accounts for me. Accounts of each State of the Union. And we start rounding up money and collecting on accounts and start the engines and the Old Machine in the shed on the Back Forty rumbles to life....
We need an office with cyber optic connections, space for computers and 24-hour cyber security, big fences, bad dogs --- you get the picture. It's part of what all this work requires. So we found a place where we have what we need, but now, we have to buy it.
It's a chicken-and-egg proposition, folks. Once we get this set up, the money can flow in and out in the quantities we need to boot up all the rest of it, but until we get this part in place, not so much.
It's the next logical and necessary component part, but.... but it takes money to buy the facility to manage the money that pays for the facility.
We've scrambled around dutifully and done all the legwork and found a way to pay for the actual property, but, Granna is stuck paying for the Earnest Money and half the Closing Costs out of her own pocket, and since this is a big place, we are talking about $24,000.00 give or take a few bucks.
And Granna, who, ironically enough, doesn't believe in money, has spent most of her earthly allotment (and her retirement funds) on getting The United States of America repopulated and all of the State Assemblies in Session and her Fellow Americans back on the Public Record where they can be seen and heard.
I can do it, but I also like to eat.
So I am putting out a Special Appeal, especially to all of those who see the need for safe and honest banks and credit unions that are directly under American control and not operated under any delegated or borrowed authority --- to pull together and help me out.
Pretend that you are taking me out to lunch, because that's what you'll be doing!
Please send what you can, directly by PayPal if possible, by Snail Mail if not.
PayPal is:
Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger
Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
If we pitch our pennies together now, we'll have a safe place to put our pennies in days to come, and a way to access all the pre-paid credit that Americans are owed. This, and presenting our claims, are the two Jobs we can't afford to mess up. And when I say "afford", I mean it literally.
So, heave ho! One more time!
And if you just want to show some love and shower us "Toads in the Hole" with a thank you for what we've been going through and dealing with ---especially those who have been living in less than optimum conditions with boxes of paperwork towering precariously over our heads --- please do so now.
It's been a long and weary slog for me and the buffeted and battered men and women who have been the backbone of the Federation all these years. The new facility will provide us with space --- a luxury that we can barely imagine --- as well as secure high-speed cyber optic cable service, so that we can better serve you and our beloved country.

Support the American Government. Your Government. Do it now!


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