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Monday, September 27, 2021

Sydney Powell Has Uncovered a Connection Between DoD, Dominion, CCP & NIH!


  1. We are close to finding out the REAL truth. . . .

    1. i agree.

      and along with whats true will be, i suspect, a superglut of even more of their wishful thinking, fakeness, and halfbaked projects that they never get off the ground but that they claim *AS* "wins" when they are failures.

      so more of whats true will be mixed in with more of whats not, in their desperate hopes of wasting youre time and energy.

      they want your, my, our attention. they need to pull our attention off whats true and what works and "Blind us with Bullshit".

    2. once weve looked over the madeup stories and walked away, they will always follow... they have nothing else.

      they have no significance of their own.
      they have nothing worthwhile to contribute.
      so when you, we ,i disconnect from them, (that is what the whole world, if true, is doing) *they* still need to be attached in order to appear to be necessary to us.

      theyre not.

      so once they have been firmly rejected, then they ramp up the criticism/ devaluing campaign....
      criticizing, baiting, accusing, challenging, questioning... trying to remain relevant after being rejected.
      but theyre not relevant.
      and they are rejected.
      once they finally figure that out,
      watch them backpedal, or even just disappear being the cowards they are.

    3. they are cowards. imo.
      nothing more.

      • You are what they wish they were and can never be.
      • they generally have lowIQs/ lack wisdom.
      • one of their main purposes is to wastefully consume our irreplaceable time and priceless energy... all of our creator- given GIFTS.
      • they dump load after load of madeup mental garbage and name it truth.
      • they are operating in the hivemind mode, were not.
      all imo.

    5. ive grown entirely tired of them telling stories and replacing what actually is with their self-serving fictions.

      1. connecting with creator.
      2. increasing nutrients.
      3. rejecting fictions i dont wish to particpate in.
      4. allowing those i believe have proven themselves to be liars/ low IQidiots/trolls/ cowards very little, if any, of my time.
      5. spend all my time taking care of what is mine.
      6. depend on creators protection.

      and so it is for me and my house.

    6. if anyone is interested and hasnt already seen it:

      infowars has a zerohedge reprint up from: the Automatic Earth blog.
      its the "spartacus COVID letter".

      Its very technically detailed, but generally understandable, 14-17 pages;
      and there is a short Summary at the end.

      'spartacus' ties COVID in with the blood... geez, ... OF COURSE, you might know.... what *else* would these ghouls pick?

  2. It’s All Theater: Joe Biden Staged COVID Booster On Mockup Set Complete With Fake Outdoor Background

    But...why? Even Stephen Colbert ridiculed the weirdness!
    "Castle Rock" Studios

  3. Walmart - Cadaver Body Bags and Gas Chambers ?

    AIMCat Terry offers this video for your general awareness.
    Supply Chain Delays Worsen, & WTH Is Going On With Walmart?