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Friday, August 27, 2021


Today on The Prather Point:

  • Americans & troops bombed & shot!

  • State Department told Americans LEAVE airport!

  • US B-52 bomber in route turned off transponder!

  • CIA pretends Taliban good ISIS-K bad!

  • AZ audit covert op success!

  • Pfizer fakes!


  1. "Jeffrey Prather" sure does resemble "Gene Hackman"...
    Maybe it's just the makeup, lighting, and microphone...

  2. This guy is like uncle

    1. Uncle Fester or Alister Corwley or both or maybe a masked actor from the shew WKRP is Cinncinati

      I'd say that Johnie on that shew is a new character created from the dead George Carlin aka James Caan

      And seeing as how Lonnie Anderson is Sally Field and plays Valerie Bertinelli too I'd say it's a wrap

      That's All Folks

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Greetings Earthly Mortals,

    Today is the day the world has forever divinely changed due to the video of execution of humanity!!! Every spirit on Earth and Heaven has lost
    a part of their divine spirit!!!

    I am personally currently coordinating and directing the itinerary process of bringing all current planetary mass murderers to the divine and mortal human round table as with me personally as the Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-on-Earth©!!! I will personally suggest to divinity to make an offer to all current planetary mass murderers that they absolutely can not refuse for violating the original Eternal-Divine-10-Commandments© which also consist of the eternal consequences of violating them!!!

    Let all of planetary mortal humans including the current planetary mass murderers be explicitly warned that any mortal human on Earth threatens or kills me or my only divine precious son who is the divine grandson of the divine heavenly Father will be divinely sentenced to divine eternal solitary confinement after their physical mortal human death even though my divine son and I absolutely will be recreated by our divine Father from Heaven, absolutely no exceptions!!! If I personally die, all of the mortal humans will also die, including my only divine son and the current planetary mass murderers!!! If I personally survive, all of the mortal humans will survive, including my only divine son and the current planetary mass murderers!!!

    Hopefully I will be able to coordinate the peace negotiations between divinity and current planetary mass murderers as soon as possible to cease the planetary executions of mortal humans and to save humanity from itself, specifically to save my only divine son!!!

    In the mean time I personally suggest that no mortal human on Earth take their precious divine life on Earth for granted, especially the current planetary mass murderers!!!

    Those personally responsible, no matter who they are affiliated with, in the video which was graciously provided by our divine brother Jeffrey Prather and forwarded to the members of The Assembly by Anna and Paul need to be immediately hunted down at all divinely ethical and humane cost to arrest them and put them on international and galactic trial for crimes against divinity and humanity if humanity wants to survive their own humancide!!!

    I will personally keep everyone posted for further developments of the peace negotiations between divinity and the current planetary mass murderers!!!

    Sincerely by,

    Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
    Divine-Earth-Special-Agent ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Scribe ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-on-Earth ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
    Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
    Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
    Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
    Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

    *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 28, 2021.

    1. Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2021
      Full Alert!

      By Anna Von Reitz

      Doctors and nurses are being used as conscripted Uniformed Officers to kill Americans.
      This is allowed by Federal Code 37.
      Those who are licensed are being both threatened with the loss of their license to practice medicine and being offered tremendous financial rewards both at the personal level and at the hospital level to go along with this genocide program.
      Your immune system is being undermined and your food supply is being polluted.
      Wake up!
      When the normal flu season hits the results of all this will be obvious, but the perpetrators will scream all the louder to promote more genocide against Americans and Europeans.
      We must stop this or billions of innocent people worldwide will die.
      The madmen in charge of this must be identified and arrested and executed in public, to put an end to this and all similar plots forevermore.

      It's time. Spread the word. Tell your doctors and other health care professionals that this is going on. Bring them up to speed, so that they are given a fair chance to learn the facts and protect themselves and everyone else from this.

    2. Posted by: Make it happen: August 25, 2021 at 2:11 AM

      Greetings Divine Earthly Mortals,

      Anna said: "The madmen in charge of this must be identified and arrested and executed in public, to put an end to this and all similar plots forevermore."

      May I personally volunteer my input from 30 plus years of research (at my own time and expense of $1,000,000) of these folks who want to do harm to humanity and divine original creation on Earth!!! My destiny since I was three years old in an orphanage was to uncover these folks and organizations to expose then for what they really are (I had a lot of time on my hands while starving and very ill)!!! It is very difficult and almost impossible to live in a world where everything is backwards, especially humanity's thought process of death over life!!!

      I probably have the most extensive research documents, knowledge and mortal and divine intelligence in the world which has never been known to mankind (I personally have intelligence even all the world governments put together do not even know and are totally clueless like their own eternal death sentence waiting for them when they expire here on Earth [I will post more on this subject later])!!!

      So, here I am finally able to share my intelligence for those who are willing to listen and learn with their undivided attention, even the mass murderer criminals!!! When I posted almost seven months ago and used the term "Mass Murderers" I was censored by the moderator of this forum!!! And now Anna is using the term "Mass Murderers" because she realized that there is no other term or description to use but to call them out for their actions of "Mass Murderer"!!!

      I am finally hopeful that I am able to finally say what I want to say without being censored!!! The only reason why I went on a long hiatus from this forum because of censorship (this forum was not ready to handle the ultimate mortal and divine truth of their own extermination from divinity)!!! I hope I am right this time and not be censored again because if I am I will personally leave everyone in the dark about the consequences of humanity's action toward itself and creation!!! I personally have every divine and mortal right to express myself how I see fit and choose what I say because of the simple fact that I am alive at this present moment with an off spring in this world which is my responsibility to protect that divine precious child just the same as every person on Earth (you save one person you saved the world, you kill one person you killed the world)!!!

      Continued in following post:

    3. Continued from previous post:

      Let's get on with the request Anna has asked from the members of this forum!!!

      These are the folks and organizations that are behind the humancide of seven billion plus spirits on Earth: Klaus Martin Schwab (Founder and director of World Economic Forum, mastermind behind "The Great Reset" AKA humancide, Godfather of humancide); all of Rothchilds family members, all of Rockefeller family members; Bill and Melinda Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation); George Soros (Open Society Foundation, real birth name: Gyorgy Schwartz); Johns Hopkins University (ground zero for false statistics of COVID-19 "cases", associated with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum); Henry Kissinger and family; Queen Elizabeth with all of the "Royal" family; Pope Francis and his family, real birth name: Jorge Mario Bergoglio; Joe Biden and family, Donald Trump and family, Xi Jingping and family; Committee of 300; Bilderberg Group; Club of Rome; The United Nations; Council on Foreign Affairs; The Trilateral Commission; Royal Institute of International Affairs, World Bank; all owners of Central Banks worldwide (13 families); all government officials worldwide; all military personnel worldwide; all political judges worldwide, all politicians worldwide; all police officers worldwide; all vaccine manufacturers worldwide; all pharmaceutical companies worldwide; all chemical companies worldwide; all weapon manufacturers worldwide; all media worldwide; all universities worldwide; all criminals worldwide; all corporations worldwide directly and indirectly aiding and abetting humancide; will add to list as time goes by but this should be a good start to get the ball rolling to put these folks and corporations out of business once and for all!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Special-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Scribe ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-on-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 25, 2021.

    4. Posted by: CAROL: August 25, 2021 at 12:29 PM

      Thank you, but until we have an ARMY to combat these evils, nothing will ever change and We the People will die, because they sit placid.

    5. To summarize what I thought he hits the obvious pawns but don’t finger the big bosses.
      The front men are worthy of public execution but like Iceland the information on thair string pullers in trade for thair life would yield best results.

    6. there's no peace on earth, ever, worldly kingdom is for the devil, as always. those are the rules.

      when they say peace and security, destruction shall overcome them. even old testament doesn't do that.

      king of the world! yezidi peacock angel aka elohim aka metatron etc. azazel. see apocalypse of abraham or supposedly in enoch too. real "jews" dont do any nonsense fake "peace" either.

      this is also why "kingdom of god" means not being in money bondage is nonsense. that may be related and relevant and a tragedy, but it is just darkness, disguising the real battle. a symptom, not the cause. ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure.

      the bible choices are: moses law, of which noone is worthy or even can be found "innocent" under (see galatians)

      new testament is grace and requires christ + trinity, was is ever shall be.

      johns apocalypse, deny christ, wait for next guy. lion of tribe of judah, only special bloodlines will be saved. everyone else gets to be their slaves on earth and hewers of wood and drawers of water (because that's what "the lord" says)

      false peace. the beast is easy. just stick with trinity + was, is, ever shall be. or, stick with actual judaism/moses law, no "forcing the end"

      no "jesus" (cerinthus gnostic heresy)
      no "2nd coming" no "millenium" no "the lord" no yahweh no tetragrammaton no kabbalah 4 element alchemy jesus (*)

      (*) although for bonus points, man + god, virgin + mother, three in one.

      make it happen binds no trinity or baptism. just more "false peace" like "the lord" aka yahweh aka jehovah aka ...

      maybe the irony is "protestants" we have anna pretending to be mother of "our lady" (babylonian AN.NA apparently was some such thing) ...make it happen pretend to be "negotiator of peace on earth"

      how many antichrist / false mediators do we need? cant hardly wait to see who shows up next lol.

      looks like "illuminism" will try to route everyone to christ, so we are stuck with christ just because, by inverting new testament, they leave no other recourse.

      all that said: make it happen might have good info, same as anna, just avoid all the make believe religion nonsense by self-appointed saviors.
      trinity, was, is, ever shall be

      "the beast" only happens if you break the trinity or break that "for all time" component. it is a self-created problem, caused by people spreading bibles.

      there really is no "beast" to fear. even the most sola scriptura protestant, who does the illuminism "conscience in my home" and doesn't believe in any organized church, and is on luther's 2 kingdoms plan...the trinity + proper time (always) is all it takes to stop the beast. it really is that simple. it is the "biblemania" idolatry of "the word" (instead of the incarnated word, + trinity + god is forever) that causes the beast.

    7. the only beast is people spreading bibles, in an effort to deny the new testament trinity.

      actual "jews" arent allowed to do that, because "forcing the end" is forbidden.

      the biblemania beast nonsense is a self-created problem caused by (mostly) protestants and maybe a few leftover "bloodline jews" with "secret books" e.g. esdras, see "the book of abraham the jew" (good/famous alchemy book, but he was for the tribe of judah messiah only (see apocalypse, lion of judah opens the seals, is the only "worthy" one), was waiting for the "jewish" messiah only to make a footstool of everyone else)

      aka kabbalah jesus of the 4 elements, ezekiels peacock angel chariot, aka elias/elijah, etc.
      trinity, was, is, ever shall be

      that is all it takes to avoid the beast, is to stop worshipping "strange gods" like yahweh, jehovah, "the lord", tetragrammaton, apocalypse jesus, kabbalah jesus, alchemy jesus, etc.

      or the unknown gnostic mason "father" monad. or babylonian "AN.NA". or make it happen. or "the creator" or "nature's god" etc. these are all the "beasts" that deny christ and deny new testament, and are not valid for old testament judaism either.

    8. the peacock angel hid azazel in his mouth, to try to sneak into the garden.

      "islam" is correct on this. peacock angel aka elohim aka ezekiels chariot aka elias aka metatron aka elijah, is not god.

      this is a large part of all the "nature's god" "the creator" nonsense that is the "beast"

      this was known...............thousands of years ago. the yezidi never claimed the peacock angel was god.

      islam knows the difference. "all jews" do, according to maimonedes. "catholics" are supposed to stick with the trinity, was, is, ever shall be.

      it is the endless endless bible nonsense where they just say "the lord" that causes all this confusion.

      the cemetery of Sts. Marcellin and Peter (Bottari, vol. 2, pl. 97), of a peacock rising from a globe as an emblem of this world.

      aka "green man" aka osiris etc. also seen on human resonance phi.pdf

      also seen with tammuz and inanna and enki and enlil and anzu bird, "the 7 champions of christendom" etc. etc. etc.

      it is the endless bible nonsense that causes "the beast" because it just says "the lord" and the "king of the world" nature entity peacock angel sneaks azazel into his mouth, just like old times lol

      also seen at the annunciation, like elijah/elias precedes any "messiah", flies by overhead when kings are crowned, etc. he gets around.

      unfortunately, the 7-in-1 peacock angel is not god, despite his many good qualities lol the yezidi never claimed this.

      we also have 1801 francis barret, the magus

      the trinity is god. all the "nicknames" are angels, for either "side". not god.

      it is the bibles that cause "the beast" because they dont distinguish or explain anything.

      in 1801 people knew the difference. magicians dont mess around with the trinity. neither did eliphas levi see comments about "the blazing star".

      it is the endless bible nonsense that causes "the beast" and now a "false peace" with azazel smuggled inside the peacock angel's mouth lol.

      the great irony, is islam is correct on this point.

  5. Posted by: Make it happen: August 25, 2021 at 10:27 PM

    Greetings Carol,

    Unfortunately there is no "ARMY" coming to humanity's aide against mass murderers of humanity due to the fact that all military worldwide are bribed and bought with shekels (trading divine eternal life for worthless shekels [I call it the "Judas Iscariot Syndrome"], what a shame and a pity [I sincerely feel sorry for these folks if they knew what I knew of the divine truth of the consequences of their actions against divine original creation which includes humanity but I'm working on cluing them in on their misguided perception of eternal life])!!! Saying that, "We the People" are the "ARMY" who have not been bribed and bought with shekels!!! And saying that, violence begets more violence just like peace begets more peace (what is our real objective here?, violence or peace?).

    Our Divine Father in Heaven said "Who can go against the beast [think globalists] on Earth?, no one can go against the beast on Earth"!!! Why?!!! Because the beast only knows violence and threats to put down humanity and original divine creation to falsely raise it self up!!! The beast actually has fears which the ultimate one is death (like who is not afraid of being dead?)!!! So, the beast is enslaving humanity to extract (steal and exploit mortal human beings for their own indifferent gains) their knowledge and intelligence to achieve indifferent non-divine eternal life!!! But their is a catastrophic divine problem for the beast!!! All the effort of destroying humanity and original divine creation to achieve indifferent eternal life is actually fruitless for the beast because of the superiority of divinity!!! So, saying all that, the best approach toward the beast is opposite of threats and violence by the "ARMY" which is replaced with compassion, empathy, respect for their omnipotent disposition with the knowledge and evidence of true divine eternal life without the beast destroying humanity and original divine creation!!! You see, the beast may destroy humanity and original divine creation but when they get to that point they will realized they have also destroyed themselves in the process which it is my personal volunteered duty to stop them in their tracks with reasoning (compassion, love, empathy, understanding of their destructive behavior because of their fear of death) before the beast gets to that point which is very close!!!

    How many times have we all seen a wild beast tamed?!!! It definitely was not through threats or violence but through patience, love, compassion and empathy!!! I hope that everyone who reads this post comprehends the logic of cause and effect because isn't that the way we all want to be treated?!!!

    Sincerely by,

    Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
    Divine-Earth-Special-Agent ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Scribe ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-on-Earth ©*
    Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
    Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
    Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
    Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
    Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

    *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 25, 2021.

    1. You can start the hunt you so graciously stated above Make It Happen, with Jeffrey Prather aka Gene Hackman ya know the enemy of the state of mind of the people that he and his hollywood buddies have been brainwashing for decades

      And the Hollywood Galactic Council - I DON'T THINK SO

      The UFO ET CON
      Brought to you by the proud sponsors of world terrorism the rockefeller brother philanthropist and his mouthpiece for years, the fake Doctor like all the rest, Steven Greer

    2. Not sure if Hackman is on this list and sitting in the Earth Federation Gitmo facility or not
      Maybe he chose execution and has been removed from the eartly realm or maybe he was resurrected as Jeffrey Prather
      Hey maybe that's where they filming all these videos from

      It has expanded in great lengths since the Earth Federation demanded its transfer to I would guess their other Hollywood brethren for some spiffing up and some movie facilities to futher their plunder

      Like the 440 acre repurposed military base spread ole Tyler Perry is sitting on in Georgia
      Oh I wonder what the hell they are filming there
      Maybe some BLM riot footage
      That sale was arranged by Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger through the BRAC they set set to repurpose our military bases to house the climate refugees as the military industrial complex spawns massive destruction on behalf of God

      And their other brother Darryl I mean Tom Hanks has to play his part

      I'm sure it has nothing to do with the weather derivitives market that they started under the banner of ENRON
      and now it is a full blown stock market exchange
      The Chicago Climate Stock Exchange

      They name the storms now so the one who financed them is made time immortal like ole Harvey for the fake ass arrest and parading around of ole Harvey Weistein at the very same time Harvey was taking out Houston and a whole lot of land that they could sell for pennies on the dollar to their other brother Darryl Elon Musk aka Scott Wolf from the shew Party of 5


    3. Shh don't tell the goy we all work for Swissy Land and the Boot Bank

  6. Sorry our 2 amendment is for just such a situation.
    Patrick Henry who the traitors in pro British and Masonic stooges tried to change with treason said” unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing force”.

  7. I've told all of you that the SURNAME is the TAG

    1. Given Name versus the FAMILY NAME aka SURNAME and it links to FAMILY ID

      Those records they have now wiped from the internet are proof that they are tracking you with a PERSON ID and a FAMILY ID that is linked to that Family SURNAME

      And that names from back tot he 1600's that I showed you in those links I found those estates are STILL IN FRIGGIN PROBATE people



      The MAN knows what he is talking about


  8. Make it Happen- do you ever follow Mike Adam's?

  9. This is what it looks like where I live

    These stack and packs going up everywhere, 5 G on every pole and it to is part of a triangle
    The Dallas Triangle I think it's called

    These stack and pack cities at for the immigrants they are bringing in and they will get UBI and live with 5 people in an apartment if thats permitted?

    You're talking middle of farm land they have wiped it all out and stuck these stack and pack housing units everywhere and HOA's out the ass all stacked one on top of the others all over the Dallas Fort Worth area

    Hundreds of million sof acres of land not being used but all these stack and packs and HOA's and they paying 500,000 a crack for ahous eon a 1/4 lot in an HOA with no backyards to grow antyhing



    Colossians 2: 13-15 (King James Version)
    15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
    SHEW or SHOW - mocking them openly


  11. And you best listen

  12. The obvious is right in our faces, it is the wifi

    They are not electric poles

    These monster poles they are putting up all around us in the mega regions are the wifi conduits it is not the cell towers it is the electric poles

    They are killing us with the wifi that is why their is magetic material in the vaccines like mercury and aluminum

    Ever watch the movie FACE OFF where they put the electronic boots in the prisoners to lock them down to a megnetic surface?
    That's what they are doing

    And I have a question for folks who ordered their borth certificates from vital statistics and paid their fee to obtain them



  13. Wow, finally, after all these years Dan got to the foundational core. In less than 7 minutes he laid out the whole true Christian philosophy(The Way). This is a Holy Ghost moment. Anyone that is contrary to what Dan has vocalized will be spotlighted, and revealed, with nowhere to hide. It's about time I heard this again. It only took 50 of my years to hear it again. Thanks.

  14. this guy is highly trained.

    he has "insider" info about how the legal system works that some 'good ole boy' mountainman Schmoe would not have access to... but what? he figured out the inner workings of the very very private and exclusive, secret Temple Bar organization that you have to be invited into, initiated, and then rise up through the ranks to receive the compartmentalized information cleared for your rank?
    no, hes been (highly) trained. imo.

    and that getup.
    thats a costume if ever i saw one!
    he wears practically the same thing in every video that ive seen!
    does he wear that hat in his house?
    in the summertime?
    or just put it on to make his videos!

    about 97% of these youtubepatriots seem like pied pipers. imo.

    1. "hes missing telling us the three most references:

      1. the book says jesus was slain before the foundation of the world. revelation 13:8

      2. people are chosen in him before the foundation of the world ephesians 1:4

      3. whose names are inSCRIBEd in the BOOK OF LIFE FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!!!!!? matt 25:34;
      i mean, thats some Good News people!! they dont want us to realize what stuff like that means.

      it says the sacrifice was made and
      our names are in the book of life before anything else ever happened. then some man came along and wrote ordinances against us?? ...and what? thats supposed to blot out the sacrifice and our names being written in the book of life??!!

      thats truly a stretch of the imagination that were supposed to believe that some lying, thieving men claim they made their sign/mark/ attachment on or to us, made up some rules, without our permission or knowledge, and then when we didnt follow their madeup rules that we didnt even know about to the last jot and tittle that that cancelled out a holy sacrifice and our names being inscribed in the Book of Life?
      its absolutely absurd.
      these people are completely lost and unsalvagable imo.
      and they are a complete waste of time.

      now that we know who they are and what they are doing, yes, we need to come out from them and figure out how to peacefully and lawfully separate ourselves.
      and take back anything theyve stolen.

    2. and no, the world does NOT belong to them or they wouldnt be stealing it from us!!
      they are totally absurd.
      and completely worthless.

    3. I've wondered that myself goodE2boots on Dan
      I put his video's out there though so folks can see them and compare
      I ran in to him, Dan on Clint Richardsons channel a reborn again hollywood dropout who did the expose of CORPORATION NATION

      Reminds me of grizly adams

      They have thousands of folks to choose from aspiring for careers in Hollywood

      Just think how many people they have had as extras and such in millions
      of films

      Like I pointed out yesterday here is Alister Crowley from WKRP in Cinncinati - the bald guy in the middle

      And the OK 666 on this one a tribute to their main bro of actor modification ole Bing Crosby

      Trump aka Martin Sheen the apprentice does it all the time

      It's all hollywood folks they created the story and the fake federal reserve through a fake staged congress and senate and they are all the way down to the local level

      But it does not include you and me they intend to vaccinate and terrorize the hell out of all until we comply with their STAR WARS furturistic BULLSHIT


      Same goes for these fucking computers they gave us all to give them all our personal information to steal so they can place judgement on us when they will say that it is GOD


    4. They terrorize the populace with weather warfare and then they steal their land through the crooks they have in place known as judges and city councils etc etc etc

      I'm sure all the land they just flooded with Ida will be selling to billy goats the farmer in the near future as they steal the fucking shit under fake new building codes and such that the owner can no longer afford to rebuild like their fake ass Chris Christy did here

      And the supreme court well hell they are all actors sworn in by other actors to rule in their favor on all their fake cases
      Read under the video

      Your hollywood Nazi's
      This bitch here been stealing California blind for decades

      And that new Governor of California well look no further than Matthew the McCONahey

      Gysies Tramps and Thieves

      They created the UN the world economic forum and all the other shit including boot bank in swissy land the main hub of their counterfeiting operations

      Vatican is a prop Queen and the fake royal family is a prop

      This one here is a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned

      And it tells the tale of how they wipe it all out with fire, floods you name it and recreate a story to reeducate the masses

      Their very own history channel tells ya they are going to burn vegas
      This fits in nicely with their land trust they have put in place all over the continental united states to secure the land for their use and leasing it out to the people for profit

      Bundy Ranch was a production and lavoy finnicum was played by non other than the son of one of these tycoons, Fred Astaire and his name is Ed Harris

      One of the 13 hidden kids of Astaire is Frank Sinatra and his hidden son is Ed Harris
      4) Frank Sinatra aka Telly Savalas aka John Cassavetes aka Robert Loggia aka Cesar Romero aka John Epstein aka Peter Lawford aka Robert Kennedy aka Ronald Reagan.
      His hidden sons are Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Lenardo DeCrapio and Ed Harris just to name a few, off his clone banking escapades.

      The bank robbers in the movie Point Break
      Nixon - Warren Beatty
      Reagan - Frank Sinatra
      Carter - Don't know who this freak bastard is but he now plays the role of a world elder THAT THEY CREATED FROM A FAKE ASS NELSON MANDELLA aka I think that is Morgan Freeman
      LB - Robert DiNiro

      They are your federal reserve lying ass thieves and not private at all

    5. Should have read LBJ aka Robert DiNiro

      They're tellin you in their movies they are behind the swindle


    7. Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger and
      Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra
      At the 15 minute mark

      Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger sitting at the Presidio in California since then

      And planning the disarmament and the repurposing of our military bases under the BRAC they created

      Gorby aka Steiger tasked by the fake ass Bush to do just that under the so called signed documentation of fake ass Kennedy

      The IT Project That Ate America
      Page 4
      U.S. Disarmament
      Defense Industry Conversion

      Part of that process is making sure that your other brother darryl (Tyler Perry) gets a 440 acre old military base in Georgia

      I wonder what other brother darryls are operating on military bases as movie sets or intelligence operations?

      And if you read the World Parliament Democratic Federation of Earth information Presidium and Presidio is all over it

    8. And miles' papers and their geneologies
      Funny he forgets to mention that the fake Kirk Douglas is an Astaire as in Danny Kaye Astaire which means that his geneology work that is planted and made up on the internet is BULLSHIT
      And Michael here well I will keep digging on this one but I would assume he too is an Astaire and not a Douglas at all
      5) Danny Kaye aka Robert Mitchum aka Kirk Douglas aka Paul Newman aka Richard Burton aka Roman Polanski aka Jerry Lee Lewis and Ozzie Nelson touching on his modified, "low-lives" of his career.

      And I would bet the more you dig the more we will find as to the fact that hollywood is behind every corporation and the poisoning of the masses so they can create their heaven on earth with most of the rest of us dead and gone

      One big orgy of a family and their inbreds

      Has absolutely nothing to do with them being elite has everything to do with them being able to brainwash the masses and steer them right in to hell as they steal everything in sight

      The 13 beneficiaries of those land trust are brats of the Astaire family

      Created in 1915 so the internet says and it secured a shit load of land in their possession to film their wild west adventures in and set the stage for the cities that came along with their scripts
      And happened just before or during their counterfeit money operations were put in place with their made up IMF and World Bank and these nations are bankrupt stories with DAVOS being their meering place to plan their next decade of events to fuck with the people all over the world

      After all CERN their main computer brain is in SWISSY LAND and has been in operation long before they launched the shit out in to the public

      These illuminated fucks and their one world agenda with no God
      The billionaire donors to their agenda

      You wonder how they became billionaires because they print the fucking money that's how and they've been milking the world dry ever since

      And these are the folks behind World Parliament and this Democratoic Federation of Earth and the Earth CONstitution as they steal your ass blind

    9. I suggest you read it and just think of the thousands, millions they have conned with this while they batter the earth with their weather warfare, kill hundreds of thousands and pile those left living in to stack and pack cities complete with their fucking 5G control grid for 24 7 moniotring of all that you do

      This is the UN agenda and it was created by these so called millionaire fuckers who are moving you off the land and in to human settlement zones while their judges cops and the state rip your families apart and then tell you it is a glorious tapesty



  15. Something somewhere wrote; ["this guy is highly trained."]

    ["he has "insider" info about how the legal system works that some 'good ole boy' mountainman Schmoe would not have access to... but what? he figured out the inner workings of the very very private and exclusive, secret Temple Bar organization that you have to be invited into, initiated, and then rise up through the ranks to receive the compartmentalized information cleared for your rank?
    no, hes been (highly) trained. imo.”]

    Very interesting, that something somewhere knows that what Dan is imparting is only for the initiated, and the certain levels of knowledge that each rank that an initiate is privy to. It’s so apparent that He, like so many others are too stupid to actually educate themselves, while at the same time be led by the Holy Spirit.

    I have heard it constantly preached by so many since my youth that …all men are sinners…

    Here's a couple of questions;
    1. At the end of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness he is confronted by Satan— Did Satan know who Jesus was?
    2. When the Holy Spirit is with you are you a sinner then?

    Hopefully something somewhere can tell US all the correct answers to these simpleton questions.

    1. Here's the best ones;
      Who can recognize when another is being led by the Holy Ghost/Spirit?
      What should be our reaction when, or if we do?

  16. There is supposedly 7 billion people alive right now, what is the percentage of those that are savants, or better yet those that have been given by our Father extra-ordinary talents so far above the norm that they can’t even be measured.
    Herod and his troops could not locate the newly born Messiah(Jesus) however the “Three wise Men” did. Out of all of the Men on the “Earth” at that time these were the only Three that knew the correct route to Jesus’ “manger” and the correct route back home as well, to avoid Herod.
    I have encountered many illiterate Men, and Women in my short tenure on this plane that possess more knowledge than the self professed learned. So do these these illiterate ones that haven’t read the Bible going to be damned by their Creator? What Folly to have that mindset.
    When one is led by the Holy Ghost/Spirit that is all one needs to know.
    Matthew 7:7-8
    7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
    8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
    None of US know Dan other than his many years that he has posted Videos. In fact by the dates of his earliest Videos it seems that he was one of the very first front runners, that after so many years have finally made some traction. How about ewe. Where were ewe then? Were ewe watching Marcus "The Servant King", or Schilling like most were 10-15 years ago. Yelling "Crucify Him" like the Democratic Mob was doing to Jesus. It is very easy to be goaded into stoning another. Only because it is so hard for most to take off their mask(s), and look in the Mirror, and then most importantly change direction.

  17. Tenneessee warning

    And those levies are not breaking on their own they are being blown folks

    Have you seent he new commercials with the giant man selling you the flex steel shit and him plastering up the hoover dam?

    I suggest you all know that their plans are to return the land to it's former glory minus all dams folks which means they plan to blow the hoover dam

    Free masonic shit all over the hoover dam

    1. well now some of the ones that seem highly connected and highly trained and say they are receiving daily secret intel drops, are saying that that HUGE Three Gorges Dam in China has already been taken out.
      saying there were tunnels or something under sinister going on under it.
      that youtuber, cirstenw, (pronouned curse-ton, no kidding!) is the first one i heard say that.
      if true, -- wonder where all that water went.
      did they drain it first?
      or just blow it out?
      or is it still standing?
      and how would we know whats true about it anyway?

    2. yes shelby, when you pointed out that this man reeaaallly knows what hes talking about, what my subconscious was sensing surfaced!!: that he knows his info WELL; he doesnt miss a beat; hes familiar with his info like a teacher who has been teaching the same material for twenty-five years!!!! not at all, imo, like someone who is making new discoveries!

      the book says: to not believe every spirit, but to try them.
      and many will come using jesus name.
      also, ref: jude, 1 2 3 john = have interesting warnings.

      just noticing. jus sayin. :):):)

    3. well, are people going to say "we dont want "that"" or not??... "that" fails when the people dont go along.
      if true, i find it comical that the French people, after being involved with the Yellow Vest movement for two years or so, when told they couldnt come into restaurants without vakks/massque, sat on the sidewalks in front of the restaurants and ate their own food that they brought from home!


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