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Friday, August 27, 2021

Why I Reacted

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I heard today that, contrary to what I had been informed, the Bearer Bonds attached to the Clearinghouse Certificates known euphemistically as "Birth Certificates" had been traded for gold more than a week and a half ago and that Chief Fast Horse assumed authority to make such a deal, I reacted immediately and vehemently and on the record for everyone on Earth to see.
And there is a reason for that.
Much of what is going on now is literally a "War of the Spirit" and so, entwined in, through, and within the pushing and shoving are unnerving Biblical considerations of Law and Themes and Ancient Knowledge which --- like Indiana Jones --- we possess or don't possess.
This is what separates the men from the boys, the Grannas from the Goats.
This particular example is relatively simple. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you."
What do you all think the Kingdom of God is?
It's the Living Kingdom. The Kingdom of Life. It's been here in front of you all of your days, expressed in a million different ways, a constant miracle that you are part of.
"Choose life."
Choose the Kingdom of God, over the Kingdom of Death. It should be such a simple choice!
So what happens when you have a choice like this ---- (a) take the aforementioned Bearer Bonds and do the work to "settle" them, so that they can never again be used to promote enslavement, or (b) take the gold that was the purchase price of the slaves?
Obviously, if you take the gold like the U.S. Military did, a number of things happen, but the most important thing is that if you choose gold over your life --- you choose death over life. Gold is a dead, inert thing.
Now, that might not be what you assumed or what you had in mind, but in fact, if you take the gold instead of the Bearer Bond, you have chosen death and dead things in preference to the recoupment of your life from slavery and bondage.
So, unwittingly, our military geniuses have handed over the keys to Satan again, given back the instruments used to inflict so much pain and destruction, so that these same instruments can continue to be bought and sold and traded ----- and understand, it's your life, your energy, your talent, your time on Earth that is being bought and sold and traded, instead of being removed from the marketplace ---- and all because the short-sighted among us were distracted by the shiny yellow metal. They chose the Kingdom of the Dead.
In this way, Satan gains an ownership interest in your living flesh, because you've taken gold in exchange for the bond of your life. And now that he has an "insurable interest" in you, he is free to seek out life insurance policies that pay off reliably each time one of us dies. This, in turn, provides the motivation to kill everyone off as quietly and expeditiously as possible, to reap the profits of the insurance fraud.
However, I am the Fiduciary of this country and the U.S. Military has no custodial role or authority over me or those who are mine to protect, and I did not approve of any deal offering blood for money. I am not deceived.
The American Civil War was finally ended on the first of August 2021 via International Proclamation and Peace Treaty; and that, together with other actions undertaken by our State Assemblies and our Federation of States, has summarily ended any role for the U.S. Military as custodians enabled to make such deals on behalf of American Civilians.
So they took the gold, but we have chosen the Bearer Bonds, and the Holy See is responsible for returning them to us, together with all digital records associated with the Bearer Bonds, so that we can sort out and settle this mess.

Why did I react so vehemently and repeatedly? Why have I objected to all schemes of the U.S. Military to use those Bearer Bonds for any purpose other than settlement of each bond? It's because we must choose life and the Kingdom of Life. And I, the Lawful Fiduciary, have chosen life for all of you.


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