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Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Evil "Leap" Toward Human Destruction

On today’s show:

AZ calls for anti-audit arrests!

Jan-6 Cop suicides & patriot murders!

TX shooter stoned dead!

CCP: Video games = opium!

Welcome Leap - darker than DARPA!


  1. Have any of you and Anna seen this lawsuit?

    1. the Constitution (Legal Fiction) was never ratified by the American people.

      it is a Constructed (Legal Fiction) DEBT (Legal Fiction) Contract (Legal Fiction) that "Converted" (Legal Fiction) the American people into "Diminished Capacity" (Legal Fiction) from freewilled mankind: into a Legal Fiction that was sub-SERV-ient to the Corporation (Legal Fiction) Constructed (Legal Fiction) by the Vatican Inc (Legal Fiction); very much like was done by same using the Birth Certificate Bond/Slavery System (Legal Fiction).

      somebody prove that to be wrong!!
      it carries no authority over living Americans.

      the constitution does not set up the American peoples government system, the articles of confederation does.

      if people dont understand this, they will continue jerking us around.

      the Constitution is part of the Legal Fiction Corporation system, NOT the American peoples' rightful, lawful, ratified/ "de jure" American government.
      its the Articles of Confederation that sets up the American peoples government system: under authority of the Declaration of Independence, and the DofI is set up under authority of the laws of nature and natures God/creator.

      thats the American peoples government.

      not the Constitution.
      its a debt instrument placed on the backs of the American people that the American people said NO to.

  2. Their actions seem more insane than ever yet lost in the illusion they have no idea the reward waiting for the. Evil has only illusion to offer as a kind of bait stringing along those who resist all that is good. When the rewards come and the truth that the false gods are only capable of destroying by delusion and have no reward other than death only the Creators truth will stand solid and true

    1. yes and until the time that more and more of us realize what you said and start acting on it, were going to be at a continuing disadvantage.
      also, weve been so inDOCTRinated to believe that we must not harm anyone, that weve taken it to apply to even defending ourselves if attacked or to destroying what is destructive to us!

      when somebody is using spiritual
      things to harm you, youd better be saavy enough to send it back where it came from, with a big "NO!"

      yes, it will hurt them when you do that if there is a spirit world, but you didnt create the evil construct and you dont have to accept their "gifts".

  3. america is reaping what it has sown SINCE b4 WW2!! Karma is a bitch and I am sorry to say, USA is going to experience ULTIMATE HELL

    1. Lot of bad mouthing don’t think the apple pie General populace deserve it.
      You want the culprits glad to point them out Rothschild agent Alexander Hamelton, Mason Arron Burr both Vice Presidents.
      All Robber Barron’s all masons at time of civil war 50% of all corporations were zionest owned .
      That has intensified.

    2. unknown,
      youre *NOT* going to get that position being a Guard in a Kmp that you were promised! :):):)

      kidding....but: GROW. UP. :)

      *America* didnt do anything to other man and woman except lose alot of our mens lives and send alot of aide THAT NEVER GOT TO OUR FELLOW MANKIND BECAUSE IT WAS STOLEN BEFORE IT COULD GET TO OUR FRIENDS.

      your "tukyo roose" type pro-PAGAN-da isnt working. we love and honor and respect our American men and were behind them 110%.
      apparently you werent copied on the memo that the psyop of blaming America for everything didnt work.

      now go order something from ubereats and think about that for awhile. :):):)


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