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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Pollution of the Food Supply with Graphene Oxide

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please watch and learn and spread the word: 

Check the food in your local markets and refuse to buy magnetized meats.  Take the packages that are magnetic to the store management and throw it back in their faces. 

This is an orchestrated act of genocide against the people of this country and the rest of the world by crazy men who have no soul and no logical faculties and no hearts, either. 

We must liquidate these corporations and the directorships responsible, or vast numbers of people and animals will die. 

President Trump is as complicit as Biden.  They are both "Presidents" of run amok corporations and both these corporations have heartlessly preyed upon the American People -- and the rest of the world -- under color of law.  

While President Trump was well-aware of the dangers of vaccination and had plenty of information about the link between autism and vaccinations and was initially willing to attack the problem (see the interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on YouTube about this topic) he reversed course and approved killing millions of Americans using experimental injections of foreign substances disguised as "vaccines".  

So, each in their own way, both Trump and Biden have led to this result. 

Millions of people and millions of animals are having their blood and bodies polluted with poisons that reduce their immunity to disease and result in unnatural allergies, blood coagulation issues, and organ failure.  

Thanks to both Trump and Biden, this horror has been unleashed on our trusting civilian population and there is no feasible, reasonable, or sane explanation for this.  

It's time to rise and shine, folks, Bring this to bear on the meat packers and  truckers and grocery store chains.  NOW!  


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  1. I bet that the managers of the grocery stores don’t know anything about this so instead of throwing it in their faces, bring it to their attention. Then if they don’t do anything about it, then throw them under the buss.

  2. This travesty cannot be perpetuated any longer, the health care workers and doctors if any critical thinking processes are left inside their so called "educated" minds have to know that there is no real pandemic. The people in all of our communities that are not speaking out are just as guilty as the ones injecting toxins into Americans and should be tried for treason, punishable by death!

  3. Throwing something in managers face is not going to harm them as much as the poison they peddle.
    Hidden dangers everywhere like a chemical warehouse.
    The 2/3 of all municipal water supplies have fluoride in it not to mention hormones.
    DJT is a tool bought and payed for by Jewish Russian mafia who ran the gulags .
    Christians teaching thair children religion were immediately sent to gulag 10 years and forbidden to return home. Priest and nuns relocated in gulags.
    The same one who run the red terror is running warp speed take down and like Russia we can’t organize to resist.
    Using outrageous codes !

  4. wow, throw it back in their faces? Like they personally know this is happening? With geoengineering its possible the animals (like us) have absorbed graphene being sprayed on us through the water, vegetation, air etc...we have very little time left if all this continues. Graphene is activated by certain frequencies and we all know what those are...5&6 G...

  5. God works in very stranger ways indeed...who would of thought that paul( saul) would be used as a tool for God when all he did all his life was persecute christians..! But in the end he was blinded by christ only to open his eyes finally to the truth and used as an instrament of God for the rest of his life...nearly a quarter of the new testament ( Acts) was written on him. No one knows the mind of God , but he has a plan in place so stay the course no matter how bleak it seems ..DONALD TRUMP is the most unlikely hero but he has been choosen by God to rescue us...who else can do it. People want a King, like David. So that is what God will give us. King TRUMP , not a president..!! Yes it seems he has made a lot of mistakes, but in the end he will be victorious..!! Remember king david even committed an unforgivable sin but he still was blessed and God forgave him..!!

    1. i respect what you say here james, and maybe youve shared the dividing it was in 1776... some wanted a King, some wanted independence from kings.

      i sure dont want a King, i desire to have an elected delegate. honestly elected every two or four years. and i dont accept a self-appointed granny or papa either.

      so, other people want a King? fine. their choice. pick out a king and serve him.

      they simply dont have authority to force those who dont want to join that ideology though, right?

  6. I am so glad that true Americans, State Nationals, have forums apart from all these trolls that prattle on about their self-importance. I have never seen so many blowhards in my life as those who think they are going to jump on a truth-teller's website and spew venom, inanities, and outright lies, and expect to change ANYONE'S mind! You trolls are hilarious and are insane. You keep writing here expecting different results, like one day someone is going to jump up and say, Wow, you are right! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fools!

    1. zat boot taste good? :):):)
      would you like some ketchup? :):)


    2. You never have discussions wit historians or experts in law ?no we discuss legal matters in conjunction with history.your here to disrupt obviously. So who’s the troll!

  7. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is a member of the Senatus Consultum, aka Order of The Black Sun, as are DeSantis and Trump.
    See for yourselves:
    New to the Order is Frmr.Genl Michael Flynn, sadly.
    Important to note that DeSantis, Trump & Flynn are Society members while Kennedy is an Ambassador.
    Pretty much all of our top ranking military officials are members here.

  8. I agree to be alert on food content, but since meat liek our body contain blood and blood contains iron it is "normal2 that a magnet is attracted like we are made of iron. test on yourself especially on top of blood vessels and tell me. The other way round which is a small piece of metal is being attracted by our body or a piece of meat is not good and this is because our body or the meat contains magnetized particles and this is not good.
    Thanks for you attention and the work done by Anna Von Reitz and her team!

  9. For those saying, "Wow really??? Throw it back in their faces???" The managers of these big food chains are complicit. Enforcing mask, social distancing, and sanitation policies on the trusting public. When mandatory vaxx and vaxx-passports becomes a thing, they will be instantly on board with that. If graphene were mandated, guess what (hyperbole that proves the case). The introduction of graphene in the food chain is being done on the sly, using their complicity, witting or not, as the vehicle. If you find magnetic food stuffs inform them, then hold them directly responsible for selling poison.

  10. Time to hit all grocers meat departments with magnets.

  11. They use lots of toxins on nuclear chemicals to trace your circulation no doubt graphene in not excluded.
    In its atomic lattice one atom thick like a flat fence lattice it is a super conductor no resistance perfect antenna

  12. Uninhabitable land - wicked and full of evils. Time to do group meditation following The only power we most have to envision beam of light from Galactic Central Sun through your chakras and shine away the darkness or shadow chain grip on Mother Tiamat (Earth).

  13. A good shaman can light a fire with his or her mind it is a test you must perform to be one .
    Build your chi by right foods , nature closeness away from draining metal no coins in pocket,
    Ppl who visited Tesla would have ailments healed being around the high energy sparks.
    This prodded Dr Peoria to invent the Peoria device that could heal terminally ill cancer infected rats .
    The science was a mystery till now .
    It’s like a star gate the convergence of a vortex is a form of a star gate .accessing longitudinal waves that’s superluminal the language of nature .
    How shamons speak to the elders find either a good river or ley magnetic cross points .
    Tapping the field.

  14. Dan winters new bumper sticker reads “ Get longitudinal or get dead””.
    For instance your cells have to maintain 30 micro volts each , less and thair dieing.
    That why you should eat a more raw diet .
    And build biological friendly structures example a tornado will destroy a metal trailer park because it is the enemy the metal bleeds it’s charge,
    Were it will leave a stone cathedral alone it’s like self part of nature and won’t drain its charge .