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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Full Alert!

 By Anna Von Reitz

Doctors and nurses are being used as conscripted Uniformed Officers to kill Americans.
This is allowed by Federal Code 37.
Those who are licensed are being both threatened with the loss of their license to practice medicine and being offered tremendous financial rewards both at the personal level and at the hospital level to go along with this genocide program.
Your immune system is being undermined and your food supply is being polluted.
Wake up!
When the normal flu season hits the results of all this will be obvious, but the perpetrators will scream all the louder to promote more genocide against Americans and Europeans.
We must stop this or billions of innocent people worldwide will die.
The madmen in charge of this must be identified and arrested and executed in public, to put an end to this and all similar plots forevermore.

It's time. Spread the word. Tell your doctors and other health care professionals that this is going on. Bring them up to speed, so that they are given a fair chance to learn the facts and protect themselves and everyone else from this.


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  1. "The madmen in charge of this must be identified and arrested and executed in public, to put an end to this and all similar plots forevermore."
    One could say that all the "madmen", and let us not forget obout the "madwomen" as well that are complicit in all this "madness" are everyone who has submitted to this needle rape. From the ones promoting, injecting, receiving, and also those that have sat silent. As one puts forth their "righteous" arm, points their fickle finger of fate in an attempt to expose, and condemn another, by their own hand three of their own fingers are pointing back to themselves.

    1. your:
      "As one puts forth their "righteous" arm, points their fickle finger of fate in an attempt to expose, and condemn another, by their own hand three of their own fingers are pointing back to themselves.":

      nobodys talking about fickled fingers of fate pointing.
      nobodys talking about false accusations where the FALSE ACCUSER is the one doing what he/she is accusing someone else of.

      this article is dealing with things that actually seem to be going on, some, even admitted by the perpetrators with some admitted proudly, righteously, on paper.
      we need to talk about them and check them out.
      and we have every right to do so.

      what are you trying to do? stir up guilt in people who might want to check in to these things andor try to defend their property / family/ sons and daughters in some way?

      it comes across as that you are misusing a truth.
      twisting it.
      trying to apply that actual truth to a situation that it was not meant for.
      if so, that is deceptive.

      we have authority and duty to be "righteous" and:
      1. recognize evil and check it out
      2. expose it
      3. assist those who want out of it
      4. eradicate it from our midst.

      there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. its our freewill choice if we dont want to participate in evil or have it over us.

      really how do you dare say something like that right now?

      and dont waste your time if youre thinking about coming back with some kind of nonsense.

      the act and responsibility of exposing evil, if any, that this article is talking about is entirely different than your reference to someone making false accusations.
      and imo too: from the comments youve made on here in the past, you should know all that.

    2. Only one song comes to mind when being confronted by ewe;

    3. yeh, well enjoy yourself listening to it, i wont be.

      janmarie, woman


    By Peggy Hall

    1. There is no legal authority that can require you to get a vaccine against your will.

    2. If you don’t get a vaccine, you cannot be coerced into wearing a mask, getting tested, or being excluded from your school or place of employment.

    3. The law is on your side. You have the right to be accommodated for your medical condition or religious beliefs.

    4. You have to educate your boss or school about the law. (We can help you do that.)

    5. Your employer/school will try to confuse, coerce, intimidate, threaten and harass you.

    This is called retaliation and discrimination, and that is against the law.

    6. You have the right to determine what is done with your body.

    7. It doesn’t matter whether the vaccine only has an “emergency authorization” or not.

    8. Even if the vaccine becomes approved, you cannot be forced to take one.

    9. You can seek an exemption for the vaccine, the mask and the testing. We recommend a religious exemption, which also includes your sincerely-held ethical and moral beliefs.

    10. The masks and the testing are also “emergency use authorization” but even if they weren’t, you cannot be forced into complying.

    11. Only a licensed medical doctor can prescribe a medical treatment such as a mask, covid testing or a vaccine. Your boss or school administrator has no authority to do so.

    12. No CDC guidelines, OSHA regulations or health officer order can suspend your rights.

    13. You have the constitutionally-protected and GUARANTEED right to life and the right to determine what it done to your body.

    14. You do not have to tell your boss or school administrator whether or not you got vaccinated. That is your private information. You cannot be discriminated against for not disclosing that information.

    15. IMPORTANT!! Do NOT sign any paper that says you will disclose your medical information and do NOT agree to wearing a mask or testing.

    16. You do not have to defend yourself against their requests. Instead: turn the tables and demand that they tell you their LEGAL AUTHORITY to require you to participate in these medical interventions.

    17. IMPORTANT!!! Don’t focus on the science (or lack thereof). It actually weakens your position. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE MASKS, TESTING OR VACCINES WORK OR NOT. WHAT MATTERS IS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONSENT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.

    18. It is UNLAWFUL for your employer/school to assume you are a threat to the health and safety of others, without proof from a licensed medical doctor or an order from the court.

    19. Only a COURT ORDER can compel you to cover your face, get a covid test or get vaccinated. And even then – you can appeal the court’s decision.

    20. And if you DID have a contagious disease – now you would be covered under ADA laws and your needs would have to be accommodated by law.

    21. Federal law requires your employer/school to accommodate your religious beliefs – or sincerely-held ethical or moral beliefs – without discrimination.

    22. Your employer/school may delay, deny or deliberately try to make it so difficult for you so that you give in, give up or give over your sovereign authority and God-given RIGHT to determine what it done to your body. DON’T FALL FOR IT! We can tell you what to do.

    23. Your employer/school may tell you that they are: following OSHA regulations; following the CDC; or following their own policies. Demand that they produce the statutory law that gives them the authority to violate your rights.

    24. Your employer/school will tell you that accommodating you creates a “hardship” and therefore they don’t have to accommodate you. The LAW states that the school or employer has to PROVE that the hardship is more than just minimal. Are you asking for your own private classroom, tutor, office, air filtration, personal trainer, personal chef, 24/7 medical care and chauffeur? If not, then there is NO HARDSHIP.

    25. Remember: YOU do not have to prove anything.

    1. Thank you, BBO, for this excellent reprint and link. Time to turn this misbegotten ship off its current course, and into safer waters.

    2. also big blue,

      1. manmade fictions are the property of their author/ creator.
      2. but mankind is not fiction
      = is not the property of another man. (SLAVERY.)

      We are gifted from our author/ creator with freewill.
      we need to take up our responsibilty again and start peacefully and lawfully "man-ning" our superior, creator-gifted station being man(kind).

      and yes, it IS superior in case someone wants to challenge that:
      we have the ability to make all of our choices based on or factoring in morals, ethics, and principles; no other species can do that.

    3. also again,
      any court order would presently be coming from a COMMERCIAL COURT/ CORPORATE/ PRIVATE/ LEGISLATIVE;
      that only has its authority over its own FICTIONS that it created.

      that does NOT apply to man.

      see what im saying?
      we have our OWN laws and courts.
      its us. man.
      we are law.
      we are the court.
      we, (a) man (or wo-man) bring our court with us where we go.
      and our law and its not required that its written down on 2D paper.
      its American common law:
      1. we are (the) law.
      (they have a dupe named "LEGIS"-lators)
      2. we are the enforcers
      (they have a doppleganger named "EXECUTE"-ive)
      3. we are the court/ judges.
      (they have clones named "JUDi"-cial).

      theirs applied to the fictions they created.

      ours applies to man(kind).

      American common law. and so it is.

  3. Greetings Divine Earthly Mortals,

    Anna said: "The madmen in charge of this must be identified and arrested and executed in public, to put an end to this and all similar plots forevermore."

    May I personally volunteer my input from 30 plus years of research (at my own time and expense of $1,000,000) of these folks who want to do harm to humanity and divine original creation on Earth!!! My destiny since I was three years old in an orphanage was to uncover these folks and organizations to expose then for what they really are (I had a lot of time on my hands while starving and very ill)!!! It is very difficult and almost impossible to live in a world where everything is backwards, especially humanity's thought process of death over life!!!

    I probably have the most extensive research documents, knowledge and mortal and divine intelligence in the world which has never been known to mankind (I personally have intelligence even all the world governments put together do not even know and are totally clueless like their own eternal death sentence waiting for them when they expire here on Earth [I will post more on this subject later])!!!

    So, here I am finally able to share my intelligence for those who are willing to listen and learn with their undivided attention, even the mass murderer criminals!!! When I posted almost seven months ago and used the term "Mass Murderers" I was censored by the moderator of this forum!!! And now Anna is using the term "Mass Murderers" because she realized that there is no other term or description to use but to call them out for their actions of "Mass Murderer"!!!

    I am finally hopeful that I am able to finally say what I want to say without being censored!!! The only reason why I went on a long hiatus from this forum because of censorship (this forum was not ready to handle the ultimate mortal and divine truth of their own extermination from divinity)!!! I hope I am right this time and not be censored again because if I am I will personally leave everyone in the dark about the consequences of humanity's action toward itself and creation!!! I personally have every divine and mortal right to express myself how I see fit and choose what I say because of the simple fact that I am alive at this present moment with an off spring in this world which is my responsibility to protect that divine precious child just the same as every person on Earth (you save one person you saved the world, you kill one person you killed the world)!!!

    Continued in following post:

    1. Continued from previous post:

      Let's get on with the request Anna has asked from the members of this forum!!!

      These are the folks and organizations that are behind the humancide of seven billion plus spirits on Earth: Klaus Martin Schwab (Founder and director of World Economic Forum, Godfather of humancide); all of Rothchilds family members, all of Rockefeller family members, Bill Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation); George Soros (Open Society Foundation, real birth name: Gyorgy Schwartz); Johns Hopkins University (ground zero for false statistics of COVID-19 "cases", associated with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum); Henry Kissinger and family; Queen Elizabeth with all of the "Royal" family; Pope Francis and his family, real birth name: Jorge Mario Bergoglio; Joe Biden and family, Donald Trump and family, Xi Jingping and family; John's Hopkins University; Committee of 300; Bilderberg Group; Club of Rome; The United Nations ; Council on Foreign Affairs; The Trilateral Commission; Royal Institute of International Affairs, World Bank; all owners of Central Banks worldwide (13 families); all government officials worldwide, all military personnel worldwide, all political judges worldwide, all politicians worldwide, all police officers worldwide; all vaccine manufacturers worldwide; all pharmaceutical companies worldwide; all chemical companies worldwide; all weapon manufacturers worldwide, all media worldwide; all universities worldwide; all criminals worldwide; all corporations worldwide directly and indirectly aiding and abetting humancide; will add to list as time goes by but this should be a good start to get the ball rolling to put these folks and corporations out of business once and for all!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Special-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 25, 2021.

    2. Thank you, but until we have an ARMY to combat these evils, nothing will ever change and We the People will die, because they sit placid.

    3. Greetings Carol,

      Unfortunately there is no "ARMY" coming to humanity's aide against mass murderers of humanity due to the fact that all military worldwide are bribed and bought with shekels (trading divine eternal life for worthless shekels [I call it the "Judas Iscariot Syndrome"], what a shame and a pity [I sincerely feel sorry for these folks if they knew what I knew of the divine truth of the consequences of their actions against divine original creation which includes humanity but I'm working on cluing them in on their misguided perception of eternal life])!!! Saying that, "We the People" are the "Army" who have not been bribed and bought with shekels!!! And saying that, violence begets more violence just like peace begets more peace (what is our real objective here?, violence or peace?).

      Our Divine Father in Heaven said "Who can go against the beast [think globalists] on Earth?, no one can go against the beast on Earth!!! Why?!!! Because the beast only knows violence and threats to put down humanity and original divine creation to falsely raise it self up!!! The beast actually has fears which the ultimate one is death (like who is not afraid of being dead?)!!! So, the beast is enslaving humanity to extract (steal) their knowledge and intelligence to achieve non-divine eternal life!!! But their is a problem for the beast!!! All the effort of destroying humanity and original divine creation to achieve indifferent eternal life is actually fruitless for the beast because of the superiority of divinity!!! So, saying all that, the best approach toward the beast is opposite of threats and violence by the "ARMY" replaced with compassion, empathy, respect for their omnipotent disposition with the knowledge and evidence of true divine eternal life without the beast destroying humanity and original divine creation!!! You see, the beast may destroy humanity and original divine creation but when they get to that point they will realized they have also destroyed themselves which it is my personal volunteered duty to stop them in their tracks with reasoning (compassion, love, empathy, understanding of their destructive behavior because of their fear of death) before the beast gets to that point which is very close!!!

      How many times have we all seen a wild beast tamed?!!! It definitely was not through threats or violence but patience, love, compassion and empathy!!! I hope that everyone who reads this post comprehends the logic of cause and effect because isn't that the way we all want to be treated?!!!

      Sincerely by,

      Divine-Earth-Citizen ©*
      Divine-Earth-Special-Agent ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Scribe ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Creation ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Humanity ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Peacemaker ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-Negotiator-of-Peace-on-Earth ©*
      Divine-Earth-Chief-of-Preservation-of-Peace ©*
      Divine-Earth-President-of-Presidents ©*
      Divine-Earth-Commander-in-Chief-of-Commander-in-Chiefs ©*
      Divine-Earth-Military-General-of-Military-Generals ©*
      Divine-Earth-Director-of-Paradise/Heaven/Peace-On-Earth ©*

      *Exclusive copyright by the owner of "Make it happen", August 25, 2021.

  4. The prime money make for the Babylonian Masonic brotherhood bohemian grove hideing in woods sacrificing the children to moloch same Owl stamped on federal reserve notes .
    Wh have been at war with the dark side for thousands of years .
    History written by victors the good guys have been loosing non stop Arch Duke Ferdinand knew he was going to be killed all masons knew .
    America civil war masons orchestrated by masons largest Masonic lodge in world was located in Charleston ..
    Charles Limburg spirit of America tried to expose the influence
    The 33 degree Adam Weishaupt drafted the plan for Rothschild.
    Control the children, controld the media , three world wars cumulating in final with Christian vs Muslims.
    Well import some them .
    The red communist Cohen directive that was entered in congressional record 1920 ish
    Stated we will capture the women and like in s South Africa in 1890 kill 2/3 of them mean while attach infrastructure water , electric,communication.

  5. People all over the world are scared and who can blame them with all the fake news, fake education, fake money, fake diseases, fake govt. and congress, fake dietians, fake religion,fake pharma, and fake everything else...when you are threaten with your job if you dont get the jab , your rights dont matter any more because you will have to sue your employer to keep your job and that is frightening to people...i am not saying it is right but who many people can stand up against this system...i have tried telling people the truth , people ive known for years and it lands on death ears..we cant save people from themselves because they simply dont want or even interested in knowing LAW..!! Its just easier to do what they say and shut up about other words it is easier to be a sheep than a Lion . But in the end they will pay the price...a price that is to high for me to pay...!!

    1. I agree totally. Most roll their eye's back in their heads. To lazy to investigate anything. To scared to stand up for what is RIGHT. I've done so for many years, doing the news on two channels on youtube, wheepingwillow2 and wheeping willow2 4U and now because of standing up, I have two FAKE cases with FELONIES on that similar name they wish to hold me the living woman accountable for which I am NOT. They will do what they are going to do, regardless of Fathers Law/10 maxims and when one calls to THE PEOPLE, they do NOT stand up for others, and do not help! Two had on here, thats it. Truly we are ALL ALONE. FEW cough up their knowledge to assist. FACT!

    2. Carol, were you able to speak with Dereck Gonzalez?
      If not get a DBA (Doing Business AS) from Minnesota. This will rejoin this severed "Child"/ Birth Certificated Person" back (to a degree)into your Private control. By rights this should make you the sole owner of that "NAME", there are those that will disagree however they will never provide that evidence in any of "their Courts". Then have that recorded by the Clerk for the "Case". This technique was a viable option years ago, I don't know if "they" have reworked "their" slimy system since then.
      This is not Legal advise, this post is for entertainment purposes...
      All rights Reserved 1-308...
      Hope all turns out for you in your favor, and you can get on with the living (what little we can find)...

    3. carol,

      have you done anything to separate yourself from that doppleganger name?

    4. Fyi—Minnesota might no longer be the viable option at this point in time , and this Dba has to be (emphasis added) has to be set up in the private not the corporate. Otherwise your back at square one.

    5. What say you Anna—
      I would wager everything I own that Anna, and company by now know the correct process for every one living to be able to repair their chain of title, and bring an abrupt end to this feudal fraud. However by the simple on going continuance of this scheme one can only come to the conclusion that she, more than likely has been instructed, and has opted for the ancient practice of making those that want this, that they must prove their worth ie., “Hero’s Journey”. Which is Sadistic in the least. From what I have encountered through my dealings with others during my tenure this ideology might have some merit. Not. Are we not our brother’s keeper? Oh I forgot, even that was usurped, and a deranged meaning was applied in order to give “them” the authorization to hold title over another.




  9. I have watched the cold blooded treatment to patients who are fighting for thair lives .
    Att know everything I’d corrupt one doctor said you couldn’t make it any worse if you wanted to. Rockefeller created yet another monopoly with licensing and insurance.
    Before we hat homeopathy the Indians were getting 9 cures to one loss using steaming tents and herbs .
    The mercury powder frilly lace cuffed English Doctors were loosing 9 out of 10 and if the survived it wasn’t for long .
    Common law courts and our assembly common law grand juries our own sheriff and militia.
    Think we got a chance.