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Friday, July 16, 2021

BREAKING: First Major Call For Biden Electors to be Recalled in Arizona, Demand for New Election


  1. Where was/IS the American State National support when I was kidnapped and incarcerated for nearly FOUR MONTHS eh Anna. What happened to my being told my Kentucky state Continental Marshal Joe Hayse provided THAT is is REAL name, who refused to talk to me from jail but ONE time, and threatened to disengage any further communication from me, through family when he was sent email to answer questions and refused to? I damn near died, my health has declined. Certainly he has forwarded the documents HE received to YOU? He TRIED to argue that I wasn't an A.S.N. until Cheryl recorded my political status with the Kentucky Assembly when it had ALREADY been done in Lamar Georgia on October 19, of 2019!! I want answers from YOU now! You too, have ignored my family while I was being abused, coerced, threatened, intimidated and where the hell were you folks hiding? I've uploaded and shared your testaments all over my fricking youtube news channels for years and you ABANDONED ME! I as all A.S.N. want and deserved answers! OR are you in hiding as is JOE!

    1. Claiming the SURNAME is what put you in their jurisdiction
      Mixing private with public

      I have been telling all of you for months now

    2. Ok, another Canadian telling us in America what to do? I've NOT claimed the surname, I've NOT signed their PAPERS, and if you're up to it, I'd LIKE to speak to you personally as its crystal clear Anna, or the Kentucky state Assembly WON'T. I, at this point have NO Confidence in this Assembly, PERIOD, and all the crap papers I've so called RECORDED is just that, CRAPOLA. They left me high and dry to die!

    3. Shelby, watching you're vids now. How does one retract the private given name? Its out there due to this website!! I've NOT signed documents the LEO's have presented, trying to make me the surety/trustee. They did extract it, NOT my ex married used name, but always with All Rights Reserved without prejudice, under duress, threat, intimidation, threat of physical HARM! I am facing two cases, one brought on by gov/fed, the other the state, both carrying felonies. I've NEVER been arrested NOR done anything wrong in my life, nor have I done so now. But charged anyway, due to my having recorded Private Process, Non Commercial, Non Judicial Liens after many months of process. One dealt with ins. the other my city and electric company. ty tc

    4. Shelby, likely you won't get this message since I can't respond to your comment directly. You brought up the Guardian Act on one of your vids. Why? That, as I've found has to do with Pakistan. Also, why is it you folks which try teaching others NEVER have your comments turned ON. Why?

    5. Carol this is the only document I have seen and it was put out by the same man who did the videos I linked above

      According to this, the entire continent has been deemed to be under water - listen to what he says starting at around 3:28 minutes
      So how can you claim land and soil anything if the entire continent is 'labeled' under water?

      Again I tell ya these fishers of men have much bigger plans for the herd

      I'm sorry for what you went through and I wish you the best


    Is there a difference between 'surname', 'Surname' and 'SURNAME'?

    You bet there is.

    How a word is spelled or used in context determines the meaning and intent of the user.

    Using a surname (or "free name, "family name") became necessary due to growth in population of certain areas. How many people named 'john' can you deal with before it becomes confusing, especially if you are involved in Trade?

    People decided to take on other distinguishing names in addition to their given names in order to make it less confusing to deal with others.

    They either took their father's name (ie. richard's son = Richardson) or they used their locality (ie. michael from York = Michael York) or they used their Trade skill (ie. henry the blacksmith = Henry Blacksmith or just Henry Smith) or they might have used names that described their own features or personality (ie. Short, Stout, Long, Little, etc.).

    The fact that our names have been used, abused, stolen, unlawfully converted, etc. by nefarious criminals in the modern era, does NOT equate to the mere use of a 'family name' being the reason why we find ourselves in these dire predicaments.

    I can choose to use whatever name I wish and ONLY I decide the meaning, context and standing of said name. Most people's family names were chosen by their family ancestors many centuries ago for the above mentioned reasons. That is an inheritance and also property which is without the scope and authority of ANY government or INCORPORATED Entity acting like 'Government".

    It is the unlawfully CONVERTED name that is the problem and trap into their system - NOT your 'surname' or family name. 'THEY' do NOT own that nor do they have ANY authority over it, the same as they have NO claim or authority over your given name.

  3. Dear Paul,

    The first act of the Federation was to pass a law AGAINST the use of humans for genetic experiments, and patenting of human beings as property on account of GENETIC manipulation.

    I could not agree more. Thank you all for be so prescient on this matter.

    There is one further step we need to consider.

    This relates to Neuro Technology also known as "mind control"

    It is the same devastating results without the use of a virus or a shot. Instead it is electronic.

    Chile has become the first nation to pass legislation banning this.

    I believe it was in December 2020 - the article below - predates the legislation by two months - but by way of explanation of the necessity for consideration by our Assemblies, I present it to you.

    As the Columbia University of NY states in this link

    "The Chilean Congress will begin to debate about two projects. First, an amendment to the Constitution that defines mental identity for the first time in history as a right that cannot be manipulated and that states that any intervention, even for health reasons, must be legally regulated. Second, a bill that includes the five fundamental principles that the Morningside Group, coordinated by Yuste and made up of 25 international specialists in neuroscience, law and ethics, worked on. This team calls on governments to create new laws to address the risks of neurotechnology."

    ....."He explained that neuroscience is beginning to access the essential aspects of the human mind: our thoughts, perceptions, emotions, memory, that is, what we, Homo sapiens, are. "Therefore," he said, "it is important to be cautious and put a li to technology, before it is too late." He considers it a matter that must be regulated in a hurry: “Some people say it is too early and others say it is too late. But that technology companies have joined the neurotechnology race with billions of dollars in the last year is a matter of urgency. "

    Thank you for your kind consideration,


    jeffrey :Solomon© all rights reserved

    1. It's all friggin mind control
      The television, radio, computers all of it is mind control

      Chile passing legislation banning this?
      Well than that means no television, radio, computers, cell phones none of it because it's all mind control

      And the legislation banning it - they are part of the same damned cabal so 'legislation banning it' is all BULLSHIT

      These psychopaths defining what my mental identity is is completely off the fucking table

      More like INTERNET GOVERNANCE is what they are talking about and they will ban whatever the hell they like as they see fit to make it appear they working to fix the problem when in REALITY the families behind the mask and the facade of different nations doing this and that is all a stage show to move agendas forward

      Sorry I no longer buy into any of their HORSESHIT

      Like BOZO the CLOWN and BRANSON flying up in a rocket
      The rocket represents the male penis like the washington obelisk does
      As they laugh all the way to the bank

      Amendments to CONstitutions that define mental identity as a right

      Yea they give you a mental identity alright all the way to one of their special facilities

      Did you not know that ole papa bush put all kinds of mental health shit on the books decades ago? ya know to deal with the mental trauma of being terrorized by the crooks labeling themsleves as your leaders
      He called for every American to be mentally evaluated including your 6 month old children

      Yep just the kind of psychopath I want making up the laws to have me mentally checked