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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit

 By Anna Von Reitz

From: Anna von Reitz <>
Date: Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit
To: <>, <>

Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit

To: The Department of the Treasury
       Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury
       1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
       Washington, DC 20220

From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
        The United States of America
         In care of:  Box 520994
         Big Lake, Alaska 99652

In Re: "Rainbow Currency"

It has come to our attention that foreign Principals and their instrumentalities are again infringing upon the Good Name and Trademarks of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and that they have offered to release a series of currency notes popularly known as "Rainbow Currency" because these pieces of paper appear in a variety of rainbow colors. 

Examples of the offending notes are attached.

These are private currency notes that are deliberately mislabeled and deceitfully captioned "The United States of America" ---- which is our Proper Name and Trademark ---- giving rise to the False Presumption that these notes are being issued by or backed by our American Government, the States, and the People of this country, which is not the case.  

We remind the Crown, the United Nations Organization, and the Queen's Government that they have no authority related to us allowing them to issue credit or currency in our names.  We also remind them -- and the Pope -- that their regionalization scheme and this deceptive issuance of the "Amero" under any other name, is an illegal, immoral, and unapproved infringement against our nation and also against Mexico and Canada.  

A closer inspection of these paper promises shows that they are being spun off by a wannabe Regional Corporation calling itself "The United States of North America".  

This is a counterfeiting operation that must be shut down with prejudice. We are counter-offering not to pay any debts for Mexico or Canada and for the British Crown to pay its own debts for a change.  Our objections are being forwarded to all Principals that are directly involved in this latest institutionalized constructive fraud scheme and the International Court of Justice.  

As everyone involved has Cause to Know, our Government has a currency, which is our United States Silver Dollar and our gold coinage series which is used for international purposes.  And there are no other forms of money or currency issued by The United States of America. Period. 

There are no other endorsed and approved American currencies on the market at this time.  

We are not issuing any notes or certificates or monetized securities for obvious reasons -- the widespread confusion, dishonesty, counterfeiting, and criminal misrepresentation being promoted by various commercial corporations has resulted in deadlock.  

This so-called "rainbow currency" being issued in our names (examples attached) and all charges against it are to be returned to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London and to the United Nations Corporation as charges against them, together with a 250% surcharge for the abuse of our Good Name and Trademarks and as a tariff penalty for willful misrepresentation and fraud. 

Americans are warned not to accept these bills as any valid currency and to return any such Funny Money to the United States Treasury together with an international exchange bill for 3.5 times the face value of any of these notes found in circulation addressed directly to the Secretary of the Treasury. 

This is full and complete perfected Notice to the Secretary of the Treasury and to the Department of the Treasury, the Principals, their Instrumentalities and Agencies:  Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

                                                       Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                       The United States of America 

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  1. .

    Dr. Shiva has sued some state actors in Massachusetts with the 4 documents Playbooks and in the Complaint has evidence that all 50 Sec. Our Elections and territories have our alleged “government" partnered with Twitter - i.e. the Criminal Governments are issuing information to Twitter to censor people as they are Partners with Twitter as the front man and the governments hidden behind the scenes. Unbelievable but true.
    This is a land mark case and NO ONE wants to cover it that the “government” state actors are partnered with Twitter and pulling the strings behind the scenes. Now we know why neither Republicans or Democrats want to stop the BIG TECH as they are BOTH using Twitter from Behind the scenes to do their DIRTY WORK and CRIMINAL WORK.
    This very IMPORTANT VIDEO is found at:

    This is beyond Marxism, Communism and more as the “government” is behind the scenes directing the censoring in America and Twitter is merely a front to take the heat. This video will shock you.
    I downloaded the cases to validate it is REAL and it definitely is very REAL.
    NO ONE is mentioning this this ON any NEWS OUTLET and Dr. Shiva has a homepage of and is asking for each of us to contribute one dollar and this is a VERY important CASE as we are being lied to again by the Politicians that give us LIP service but no one MOVES against BIG TECH as they are front for the OUR GOVERNMENT or what we thought was our government. IT is CORRUPTED SO DEEP that is hard to comprehend.
    Case No. 1-20-cv-11889 docket sheet
    Doc 78- Second Amended Complaint.
    Doc 118 - Motion the 4 VERY IMPORTANT documents to Show the Partnership
    Doc 118 - Exh. 1 - Testimony of National Association of State Election Directors (“NASED”) which also included the territories.
    Doc 118 - Exh. 2 - “Election Cyber Incident Communications Coordinations Guide - For the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council
    Doc 118 - Exh. 3 - The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook
    Doc 118 - Exh. 4 - The Election Influence Operations Playbook for State and Local Election Officials - Part 1 - Understanding Election Mis and Disinformation.
    Doc 118 - Exh. 5 - The Election Influence Operations Playbook for State and Local Election Officials - Part 2 - Understanding Election Mis and Disinformation.
    Doc 128- Motion by Shiva or Hybrid Representation
    Doc 135 - Order the Court.
    I HIGHLY recommend keeping Docket 118 - Exhibits 2, 3, 4 and 5 available as they are highlighted by Dr. Shiva all of the 50 STATE election folks are USING all 4 Playbooks.

    Amazing and not PEEP from anyone - go also the his homepage of
    and support Dr. Shiva.

    1. .
      This not me but forwarded for informational purpose only

    2. Thank you for the forward so many noteworthy subjects,, this is not new news.. and it absolutly needs to be brought to forward to the public's attention for appropriate action..

      So pay VERY close attention the Annas Article on Counterifting,, AND,, take the Actions she has recommend,,,,,, and stop using twitter,,,,, in that order

    3. and one other item of importance,, as of October 1 2020,, there are no more "territories" among the united States..
      The Federation-- our American government-- voted to accept all of their applications for Statehood to be granted effective on the date the application for Statehood was recieved,,,, You are welcome...

  2. What is happening is not just here in the United States, but is worldwide. The erev rav (mixed multitude) are the ones pulling the strings. This is coming about from our heavenly Father in order to cause us to look to Him and NOT rely on man or any other source.

    This all about bringing the final redemption and we can lessen the tumult through repentance and rectification and being of one mind and soul crying out to the Holy One.

    It is about bringing Israel back home. If it wasn't for Israel learning and living Torah, the world would cease to exist.

  3. Same old story they get in control of government and creat license and rules . Terrorizing our congress and hounding them and thair families .
    The zionest Lincoln and FDR and Obama sending our treasury plates to Soviet Union in ww2 and China in 2008 under obama .
    Tucker can’t be trusted a truth not told is worse than a lie.
    So trump wants to down load GAB and demands no antisemetic post shows what a tool he is . Pied piper and then trash talked loyal supporters Jan 6 th.
    Can do Mickey Mouse shovel ready do nothing and fall on his face on important things .sabbos goy...

  4. Hello,

    I have launched for legal suits / complaints to be put. I am hoping you would consider putting the cases on the site for the world to see - Thank you. JW Grenadier

  5. Show me in the constitution that LEGAL TENDER, is anything? Lawful money is explained in our constitution. Go kiss a tulip if you believe in Anthing else. No one should accept Rainbow anything, unless of course you are playing Rainbow Monopoly with the rainbow people!

    1. Tender is backed by gold or silver metal platinum, it is the coinage act and we cannot violate the constiution by paying fiat money taxes with no real value, so cant pay taxes since tender us not metal backed, we all do not want to brake the kaw??? Eh?

  6. Oh now be careful open your eyes, they are getting you to believe in the plastic cards for everything! So while you chase another squirrel from your yard the rabbit just ate lunch!

  7. Acceptance, is what you must always keep in your mind, should you deny anybody of anything, and they trespass on your wishes you are the Injured Party! So I label a bottle of baby shampoo, and call it car wash best ever made, and has a lasting fragrance, you buy it and wash your means of travel with it, are you injured as a result of using this product? You accepted this a a car wash! No Injury, but if you accept any rainbow paper and believe it is money because everyone is ACCEPTING it as money, it is not, as they have imagined that everyone is using it. So why is it that the crookiticians are fighting the crpyto coins so hard? They must be mined, they must be accepted, they must have value, and no one is in control of the mining! Wow So when the Gold rush happened who was in control of how much you could get, only you, but you had to stake a claim (control). Look paper is always just that paper! You get paid with a check, so you go to the bank either to cash the check or deposit the check, after you traded your time for that piece of paper! So let's look at that piece of paper, just what is it, it should be a promise to collect for your labor, fair days work for a fair days pay, right? So just why are you accepting FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES? I know, they told you you can buy with these pieces of paper! Wrong they accepted these pieces of paper, just like you did! Good little boys and girls being very, very obedient! So know what if everyone wrote on the back of the check: Deposited For Credit On Account or Exchanged For Non-Redeemable FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES! Are you accepting that you were never paid Lawful Money? ABSOLUTELY! Are you also stating that you were never paid! Absolutely! So did a taxable event ever happen? NO! Look up why you sign the back of your contract/check!Are you now breaking the law as a felon, trying to deposit a debt/note/FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE? So what are you really depositing, and for whom? You are taught how to act, what to believe in and you actually believe many falsehoods and will fight to the death that you are Right! Bad little Johnny, Suzy is right, or is it left, STOP making left turns!Show me the Law, I have a hearing deficit, Oh I want the real law that has signatures on them! So when you Deposit a Check you are adding to the national Debt, but when you ask for that check to be credited or to be returned for LAWFUL MONEY! They do not have a clue about what Lawful Money really is!

  8. I thought that currency was something which stood for -- but was not -- money and so gold and silver coins are money but not currency while gold certificates and silver certificates are currency but not money.