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Friday, June 11, 2021

No Fifth Dimension

 By Anna Von Reitz

First of all, there are no "dimensions".
There is just one ever-expanding non-delimited morphogenic information field. Period. No "fifth dimension" to go to.
Second, there is no "time".
Time is nothing but a cataloguing system, like index cards.
The characteristic of the information field that we are trying to express as "time" is actually "place" within the information field.
Third, our mathematics is hopelessly imprecise and wrong-headed.
As a result of our math being incorrect, everything else is incorrect-- and we can't get straight until that fundamental flaw is addressed.
This means that our language and our science and everything else, including our thinking process, is more or less fubar, too.
It means that "Einstein" was no Einstein.
And 90% of what we have been taught is bunk.
Members of the military and the scientific community have been shown this, but they have refused to correct the math.
The idiocy and idolatry of the current banking system has been fully revealed, too.
Earth's "leaders" persist in willful self-delusion and continue to promote sheer hokum for illusory profit.
When we call for new leaders to take responsibility for themselves and their planet, we hear crickets.
Everyone seems to assume that it is someone else's job. Above their pay grade.
Let's ask you --- look around. Could you do a worse job?
And meantime, psychopathic madness and lies reign supreme:
A full third of the ocean on this planet is dead.
The atmospheric oxygen is down to 15% from 28%.
And the idiots-in-charge are focusing on the build-up of carbon dioxide which is caused by lack of oxygen as the problem.
People are looking to the military to save them.
The military is useless.
The U.S. Military is dependent on Britain. A British corporation, SERCO, acts as their Paymaster. Go figure.
The DOD, which is controlled by EU interests, is useless, too.
Millions of Americans are being coerced into vaccinations.
After the terrible effects of this become obvious, they will be told they did it to themselves.
Nobody else is responsible for the harm done. They volunteered.
Not the corporations that produced the poison.
Not the "Medical Doctors" and others who distributed it.
Not the politicians who rammed this down our throats for profit.
Not Bill Gates, who was already under indictment for maiming and/or killing and sterilizing 750,000 children in India via "vaccines" when all this started.
Not Anthony Fauci, who partnered with Moderna to make a killing --- literally and figuratively.
He's a Eugenicist and obviously, killing and sterilizing those dumb enough to take the shot, was a good result in his view. Culling the herd. Only the fittest survive. The Lesser are slated to die and be used as weapons.
We disagree.
We believe that these men are monsters as bad or worse than Hitler and Stalin ever were.
We believe that they have been given political power under Color of Law in violation of our Constitutions.
We believe that this is an Act of War being carried out under Color of Law.
And we hold every single one of those perpetuating this situation responsible for capital level crimes.
Any other questions?
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  1. TO the truly concerned. What wording would use to let your employer know you don't and won't take the VAXCINE?

    1. Anna says to say you are allergic to the vaccine ingredients as Bill Gates, the satanic scientist did

    2. to Nuwri456,, Darrel and Flow in Growth have the correct reply... "I'm allergic to the serum"...
      As to what not to say ,,, " I refuse (whatever whatever) the vaccine" ..
      "refuse" is reguarded by them as 'uncooperative and or combative' and 'no' leads to a why not?,, which is a verbal trap,,
      So the proper generic answer uses the word "decline".., something polite and mild,, like .. "
      Well,, thank you for your offer and I must decline because I am allergic to the serum... "
      Or-- short and simple,, No thank you I am allergic to the vaccine,..
      Saying,," If you stick me with that needle I will tear your head off and pee down you throat",, is generaly reguarded as bad form,,, although it has proven effective at times..

      Another point is, by statutory law the jab has to be administered by a "trained medical professional." i.e. someone who went to medical school,, a nurse assistant is not qualified to stick it to you... and neither is anyone who looked over the nurses shoulder and then got the ok to start stickin people..
      Another is USC 18 sec 241 "Depravation of Rights under Color of Law..
      And the Geneva Convention,, Specificy prohibits medial experimentation and "piercing of the skin" with out complete informed consent..
      there are dozens more laws to be found all over the web. You have back-up if you look for it (web)

    3. ... brilliant Anna ...and right on ...we must learn to take 100% responsibility ...for everyone ...and everything ...we are the ones we have been waiting for ...let's simply get busy.

    4. no dimensions either?
      no fifth dimension?-- whats that?...

      so, no heaven?....

      ....well, actually, i suppose that IS true for some.

    5. ""goodE2boots--
      saying; "im allergic _____________"
      is: giving protected medical information.""

      Mista g-- is 'technically correct'..
      But since the jabbin stabbers are know nothing zombots for the most part.. its wise to provide them with the their own approved remedy keywords,,.. In the is case 'a spoonful of sugar helps the "medicine" NOT go down',, or in..

  2. I’ve been trying to complete my paperwork with the NC state assembly rep over the past year. I should not have to continually message him (Gerard) to verify and clarify since processes have changed as he requested I do before notarizing. While I appreciate I can do this, it is time consuming and time wasting.

    1. Hi, could you possibly ask your state rep if there is someone in your town/city who has their paperwork completed correctly that you could meet with, face to face, to walk you through the process. That's what I did in Missouri. Hope this helps.

    2. Flow in growth what is your name? I’ll help move it along. You can email me at Gerard is a good guy. Your message can’t be seen here.

    3. We paid $75.00 to Status Select and that was some of the best money ever spent.. She even addressed the envelopes ,including return receipts for the post office. She turned the impossible into a dream..

  3. The victors write history, just like Einstein cause mor damage than good screwing up our science.
    Light is not the limit far from it what he considered (spookey) is in fact normal if you consider longitudinal waves that are 10 to tenth power faster than light (superluminal).
    We access the field ( morphogenetic field)
    So do plants an animals constantly it how animals sense disasters long before it happens .
    Jedi yoda grounding yourself in nature.
    In light of everything is connected in this instantaneous across the universe morphogenetic field there’s no time it’s a human construct.

  4. Anna, why introduce this thick intellectual complexity into the mix? It just becomes like the din of a bar and soon makes no sense to anyone as it offers no understandable connection to everyday reality.

    Simplicity ALWAYS trumps complexity. Every time complexity fails, simplicity will stand in its place and win.

    Simplicity tells us that we live in a time / space universe.
    Through millenniums of experience we measure time linearly (seconds, minutes, hours, days).
    Through millenniums of experience we measure space in 3 dimensions (height, width, depth).

    So when you state "First of all, there are no "dimensions"."
    You just tossed me overboard into an unfathomable ocean without a life vest. One can hardly expect the fruits of such labor to be good.

    And if it is truly as you state that "Second, there is no "time"." then how do you expect anyone to take the time to read your posts, invest in your cause, and become one of your tribe...for as you state, there is no time for that.

    People look to you for guidance and leadership, and that demands consistent simplicity, just as you have been working hard to implement on your new land registration system and sets of forms.

    One last thing. You say "When we call for new leaders to take responsibility for themselves and their planet, we hear crickets."

    That may be what you hear, but I hear something quite different. When new and real leaders step up I often hear gunshots, explosions, and the clanging of jail cell doors. All signifying our best and brightest people going to waste

    What is lacking in all this is true UNITY, and there are only two ways to achieve such unity. From the top down through a strong leader, or from the bottom up as a group initiative. On an ornery planet like this one the first can only be achieved through war. The second can only be achieved through revolution.

    Revolution is the more evolved of the two approaches, but war is usually the more efficient and speedy option. Regardless of which approach prevails, simplicity will always be front and center.

    1. Man made units to quote top scienctist we live in a timeless distanceless universe that has no beginning has no end get used to it .

    2. You do like to hear your own opinions. You’re sounding like a detractor of our work, and for one to dictate truth to Anna? Your ground fault interrupter has gone offline.

    3. F) 2D images are perceptions without a depth. 4D) see those Ants walking on Electrical wire upside down, I've already seen this in person and on YTB.

      Copy and save these answers away, before they get deleted. 😵😷

  5. As Jerry Day mini van jack suggest stop dealing with DOW chemical ( and hundreds of others) leave the cellphone at home is a cattle cow bell .
    We know as Anna points out the cabal has poisoned the planet .
    Better believe they have contingency plans safe cities, Stationed foreign troops in Mexico and they the deep state gave Vietnamese (fishermen) extremely fast military boats to bring those forces into America to sabotage like Cohen ‘s speech entered in congressional record “we will train the black leader and while the riot we will gather the white women as hostages “.

  6. Miles Mathis has proved out a few faulty math concepts showing just what Anna says that accepted as base so called truth is faulty math They never consider that nature is correct and all farm "science" is also at the root of food troubles with the puppet master an unseen by many spriutual destructive power

  7. Boze Einstein condensate the embodiment of primal mass .
    At zero degrees kelvin they isolated a sphere a torus in two half’s the northern hemisphere three quirks spin clockwise in southern three spin counterclockwise.
    Micro universe at two degrees kelvin it becomes 26 diffident kinda quirks .
    Archetypal form or fractal we live in holographic morphogenetic field it’s footprints is fractals (common shapes) figure 8 , vortices, standing waves or enough energy organized in a solid shape ., nautilus or spiral galaxies.

  8. Things so weird like Einstein commented on action at a distance psychics shamans can talk to elders or DNA radio .
    Tune your brain waves and heart waves know as like biofeedback you can see on monitor your Alpha beta tetha and tweet them at will.
    Your HRV heart rate variable is primarily indicator as to how long you live.
    The beat of the heart need to be flexible that why you train high intensity then switch to moderate to not be to ridged so if a fright happens you can cope wit it.
    Your tetha brain wave is what as a child dominating your downloading unfiltered into your computer you live in a dream state or hypnosis.
    At seven you have created your place by how your parents treated you and you go through life using that model to live .
    You need tetha to reprogram.

  9. If you want to save yourselves and your planet, go to: J E S U S.. He is our Savior...Forever!!!

  10. Powerful video by a would-be insider who declined "the offer".

    Two big takaways:

    1) You have no "DNA"
    2) Life Insurance Companies

    1. As always, and with anyone, you take the bits of truth that you can glean from many, process, verify, think and then come to your own conclusions.

      I do not "follow" anyone, yet I pay attention to many. Then, I listen, read, study, verify (when possible) and test to reach "answers". The "answers" are ALWAYS subject to change when new info, facts, evidence, etc. arise.

      No one man or one woman has ALL of the answers or ALL of the truth. Measured and diligent discernment will sift out the bad and leave you with the good. That can only be done when you rely on the Creator to provide you with that discernment when you humbly and solemnly ask for it.

      I noticed the use of the word "human" as well. Flags went up, yet I try to take the entire message in context and then decide whether the word(s) used are just mistakes, for convenience or if there is intentional misdirection.

      There are too many truths and insights in that talk that indicate he is dropping knowledge that goes against the criminals and bad actors of all sorts.

      I do not throw out an entire message just because of someone's resume or their misguided use of words like "human" or "alchemy".

      Antenna up - but keep your brain on.

  11. A) 5D: under many repeated
    betrayal's, for HIGH Vibr people: you'll figure out a way to find the deep truth, EPIPHANY will come to you. How? You must track the logics, in writting. There're lots of experienced Tarot readers AROUND the World that will give you the SAME answer /logic. This is the proof of 5D: If you understand foreign languages, you will get the same answers to formulate your logic. 😍 Scientists CANNOT explain why all tarot readers globally gave their 100k viewers the same specific answers. The reading cannot be randomized picking, when all answers are the same globally. 😜😘

    B) Geminis ♊ talk fast/(a lot) they forget fast(a lot) too. C) Gemenis (w/o Pulto conjunction) Gemenis are smart people, they go by standard rule, inflexible, they love to talk, disrespecting people times.
    D) Gemenis Ruler retrogrades / upsets at least 3 times per year. Gemeni's believe the truths are in their tongue (by assumptions). The last famous Gemini was Sr. GH Bush. 😯

    E) There are at least 28 phenomenons that scientists could not explain. The reason why Anna is smarter than ordinary Gemini's is bc, of her (manipulative) Pluto. Sure Pluto is transformative, but only in favor of their foreign Masters, not for us.
    Can you sense she's shifting her gears, to team up with foreign Banksters who never kent us a dime. All their fraud made possible by their massive Gold theft. 😢😴😨😥😱 So Anna reacts today according to her Ruler! ♊ retrograding. You would want to have a Aquarius Energy in your chart especially house number 10, which is your professional life like Tesla. . The most important houses to have pos. Energies are: #10, #9, #4, #2, #1. #6:work alcoholic.

  12. As far as dimensions go col Tom Bearded calls the time domain. Example they fire a laser at a target at a 45 degrees angel one would expect a ricochet type shot but the can get a complete reversal back the same path it came that they call time reverse.
    Opeaning a portal you need a identical one to go to.its a strange function to go through a time reversal like the Philadelphia experiment. Strange phenomenon the nuculas can controld time anti gravity and creat elements by reorganizeing the nucleus that a bundle of energy .

  13. Replies
    1. A hologram of information soul energy it’s how a flock of birds can simultaneously change direction.

  14. If you want truth, I highly recommend the book: The Only Democracy in the Middle East by Yadin Yinon. Extraordinary read about Israel with supporting documents.
    All the best.

  15. So does 2+2 now equal 5? Length x width x height no longer determines volume? The tick of the clock a figment of my imagination?

    These are rhetorical questions. The answer to all of them is no. The physical laws exist. Mathematics are precise. Truth is absolute. Just as God created them.

  16. Look at a frozen river all one sees is ice but et unseen is a river still flowing under the ice . Einstein was wrong on many things but he’s not the only culprit Oliver Heavyside did to electrical engineering not understanding the complexities.result in electronics large transformers blowing in shipyards Einstein dude the same thing to Tesla couldn’t understand torsion fields that gyroscope and magnets use.
    Simple math is fine but at higher more complex things things huge electric fields ,the field in physics is multi dimensional.time is manipulated energy times mass =time and in a way the field connects the universe in no time laps instantaneous.

  17. Even Tesla failed in that he didn’t incorporate geometry into his power transmission.ley lines are the grid of the earth layed out precisely in geometric shapes were ley lines cross tesla needed to find those nodes that is the hot spot is
    The hottest thing in physics and electrical engineering is y bias like graphing x and y axis keynote the angel of interaction is as important as any other factor. Specifically the angel of magnet fields interaction usually 90 degree but if you angel to 22 degrees and 57 you can increas the power of the motor 10 times a 50 kw electric car is now 5 kw in power consumption yet just as fast . Toyota supposedly using these electric motors in air conditioner.
    That just a taste many things held from us ...

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    1. Maybe some newly immigrated sweatshop workforce solutions in play here at this houston facility?
      The immigrants get to work off the cost of their forced extraction and transport from their homelands?

      Just a thought

      Oh I forgot thoughts are now labeled as crimes
      Best be keeping them thoughts to yourself folks

  20. @faithhopejoy63-could not have stated it better myself. My hubby and I felt something g strong in the atmosphere b4 all the bs began. Total brainwashing going on and what geniuses. After the Minneapolis riots we decided to go live off the grid as a retured marine walked down my driveway last summer and was looking for land.
    He warned get out of the big cities its coming.
    Kudos to you. I am the same age and on the same page.

  21. You should talk to Eric Dollard.

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