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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Smoking gun: Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak admits to developing “killer” coronaviruses with communist Chinese

(Natural News) We now know that Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, who funneled millions of dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology that carried out gain-of-function weaponization experiments, bragged about his Chinese colleagues (whom he helped fund) creating “killer” coronaviruses.

A video unearthed by The National Pulse and widely circulated yesterday shows Daszak boasting about his research:

Then when you get a sequence of a virus, and it looks like a relative of a known nasty pathogen, just like we did with SARS. We found other coronaviruses in bats, a whole host of them, some of them looked very similar to SARS. So we sequenced the spike protein: the protein that attaches to cells. Then we… Well I didn’t do this work, but my colleagues in China did the work. You create pseudo particles, you insert the spike proteins from those viruses, see if they bind to human cells. At each step of this you move closer and closer to this virus could really become pathogenic in people… You end up with a small number of viruses that really do look like killers.

Daszak was essentially describing the weaponization of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that is now known to cause vascular damage, blood clots, strokes and other tissue damage while attacking the ovaries, testes, adrenal glands and neurological tissue.

Here’s the video of Daszak: 

See the entire article on Natural News here:


  1. If you watch Gene Decode, I finally understand why Trump had to promote these vaccines, especially the J & J vaccine. The DS has been genetically manipulating the DNA of humans down in their Deep Underground bases they have been building since the 1940s.

    As a result, they created millions of hybrids that are only 75% or less human. They have no soul and are controlled by the 5G system. They are millions of them ready to be programmed to attack the world when the time is right. The vaccine is a counter to this. It is made to make the red blood cells of these mutants to coagulate and kill these mutants off. Unfortunately, in war, there are always casulties. But make no mistake, we are in a silent war against the cabal who all follow and worship Lucifer. Once they are down to a controllable size, we can go on to the next step to take down these insane criminals.

    If anyone else is hurt by these vaccines, the Alliance we bring out the med beds and take out whatever the vaccines put into all the innoncent people around the world.
    God wins.


    1. he does win jeff and we must all remember that to keep the faith because for some reason we GET to stand for him amidst all this blatant mockery of his beauty and order and kindness.

      we will do it!

      there are people who just take what they want. they might make a preliminary pretense of having a right or a reason, but if confronted with the truth, they will move quickly from
      1. mock you
      2. push/ goad you to do something "about it"
      3. confront you while with their friends,....when you're alone
      4. spread rumors
      5. keep your stuff and make you fight!
      6. if you do, they go tattle- tale! the little bitchcowards!!
      they NEED to go into that fight scenario, as a smoke screen for the wrong theyve done. : )

      it doesnt matter to them if people know theyre lying, they have no pride and have no reputation to protect!...their value among others is the equivalent of the wet foot-scrapings from a pedicure. they know it.

      these people are scavengers. they are the societal equivalent of a dead possum stinking in the sun. they are exactly the kind of people most of us found weird even in third grade! the stinkypantses nobody chose for their team at recess. ever. its true. imo.

      people already know the women are skanks and i think we all can guess by now why the "men" might have "bad knees"? : /

  2. Found:

    Fauci Emails Reveal How The Virus Was Built

    "The Fauci emails smoking gun. They purposely created a Deadly BioWeapon. Look at the subject line. This is from Page 2286 from the Freedom of Information Fauci email release. This Carona virus was no accident. The Chinese who created the virus for Fauci also created in 2019 patented the vaccine technology being used for the Covid injections. The vaccines are designed to work as binary keys to the weapon. The whole program was designed to kill."

  3. The 15k Guillotine Alternative. Our wannabe Govern_ment_t are full of WaterSign, Chaotic AirSign.

    Heavily Aquarius, with Gemini storestoreFront.

    The Chinese are the Draconic Saggitarius, same as WA DC INC.

  4. The pre planning

    They're all in on it
    This has nothing to do with China and Wuhan it was developed and planned throughout the dacades and the fact that this author keeps sidestepping the whole picture is proof he is out here to push the narrative and not the whole truth

    I don't hate China now the Chinese people they are pawns in this fucking game just like the rest of us
    We know who runs China and who own the press so it should be a no brainer as to the issues

    Here Mike sell some of this too

    I wonder who supplies Mikey here with all his 'natural' ingredients

    1. Indeed. I have also held these views since Day 1, that China is not a part of it. They are however, being dragged by the US and their allies.

      If Fauci et Friends wanted to create a virus and have it leaked, they could have done it from anywhere in the world, including, yes, the US.

      But they didn't. As part of a strategy of the US government, the research was moved into China. NIAID, NIH, USAMRIID, DOD et more agencies knew of this research, including Trump. This was a strategy to take down China and they will be successful.

    2. yep, shelby,

      more and more since they think "We Won!" (they didnt), they are showing us their little pig smiles out from behind their Acting Roles!

      ooooo, theyre so clever! (yaaawn) soooooooo impressed (zzzzZZZzz)..NOT : )

      geez, what a bunch of bores.

      i keep saying:
      these are the dorks nobody wanted to play with in third grade.

      they HAVENT CHANGED!!! They cant even pull off a pre-arranged Acting Role set up for them!

      heres them:
      "IVE got the INTEL!!!
      IVE got the INTEL!!!"
      oooooo everybody look at ME!!!
      oooooooo look everybody! IMMA *HANDLER!!* ooooo, im the poopsters AGENT!!!! ooooopoop! : ) : )
      theyre dependents!
      they always will be.

      they dont have what it takes!

      theyre a buncha freakin dorks!! : ) : )

      they still have absolutely NOTHING to offer. but now theres no teacher there to make the rest include them!!

      theyre squirrels, losers, NON-SKILLED, UNTALENTED, of-age- dependents!!! : ) : )

      THEYRE THE "USELESS EATERS!"... the rest of us have brains and talent and skills and logic and creativity and much more... and are probably good lookin too : )!!!

      they just have nothing to offer, so they take other peoples stuff.

  5. By the numbers

    The number 88 = HH = Heil Hitler

    88 miles and hour back to the future kind of BULLSHIT
    They've brainwashed/hypnotized every friggin continent/culture

    The singing group STARSHIP

    And we can build this dream together
    Nothing last forever

    NuttinYahoo is a Greenberg

    These are the jokers leading the world to disaster

  6. Texas Anti Vaccine Passport bill.

    "AN ACT
    relating to public health disaster and public health emergency
    preparedness and response; providing a civil penalty.
    SECTIONA1.AASubchapter B, Chapter 418, Government Code, is
    amended by adding Section 418.0125 to read as follows:
    SECTIONA4.AASubchapter H, Chapter 418, Government Code, is
    amended by adding Section 418.1861 to read as follows:
    The Department of State Health Services, using existing resources,
    shall develop and implement a disease prevention information system
    for dissemination of immunization information during a declared
    state of disaster or local state of disaster.
    (b)AADuring a declared state of disaster or local state of
    disaster, the Department of State Health Services shall ensure that
    educational materials regarding immunizations are available to
    local health authorities in this state for distribution to:
    (1)AApublic and private schools;
    (2)AAchild-care facilities as defined by Section
    42.002, Human Resources Code;
    (3)AAcommunity centers offering youth services and
    (4)AAcommunity centers offering services and programs
    to vulnerable populations, including communities of color,
    low-income individuals, and elderly individuals;
    (5)AAlocal health care providers; and
    (6)AAveterans homes as defined by Section 164.002,
    Natural Resources Code.
    (c)AAThe educational materials must include:
    (1)AAthe most recent immunization schedules by age as
    recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and
    (2)AAlocations, if any, of local health care providers
    that offer immunizations.
    SECTIONA5.AAChapter 418, Government Code, is amended by
    adding Subchapter J to read as follows:"

    Part 1

    1. Part 2

      Sec.A418.301.AADEFINITIONS. In this subchapter:
      (1)AA"Commission" means the Health and Human Services
      (2)AA"Department" means the Department of State Health
      (3)AA"Emergency assistance registry" means the
      registry maintained by the division that provides local emergency
      planners and emergency responders with additional information on
      the needs of certain individuals in their communities.
      (4)AA"First responder" means any federal, state, or
      local personnel who may respond to a disaster, including:
      (A)AApublic health and public safety personnel;
      (B)AAcommissioned law enforcement personnel;
      (C)AAfire protection personnel, including
      volunteer firefighters;
      (D)AAemergency medical services personnel,
      including hospital emergency facility staff;
      (E)AAa member of the National Guard; or
      (F)AAa member of the Texas State Guard.
      (5)AA"Medically fragile individual" means any
      individual who, during a time of disaster or emergency, would be
      particularly vulnerable because of a medical condition, including
      (A)AAwith Alzheimer ’s disease and other related
      (B)AAreceiving dialysis services;
      (C)AAwho are diagnosed with a debilitating chronic
      (D)AAwho are dependent on oxygen treatment; and
      (E)AAwho have medical conditions that require
      24-hour supervision from a skilled nurse.
      The division shall develop a process for designating individuals
      who are included in the emergency assistance registry as medically
      fragile for the purposes of this chapter."


      This is the bill that claims no vaccine passports needed. That is because they will have all the vaccinated in a new db made confidential and cross referenced to existing health db's to be able to declare people "medically fragile" and use this designation to entitle the state/fed govs to "well checks" on these individuals. In this light, the vaccine passports become a Joke. Instead of just requiring the vaccinated to show their injection card, they are behind the scenes tracking them and cross referencing them with existing health records to class them differently and use that class to Dictate to those so identified what they MUST do.

      Wheres the goddam military that isn't part of this fuckin play?

    2. The military has always been in on it, since the beginning of time.

    3. Well then it would behoove the readers here to be aware that Anna Von Reitz is Military and has an Executive Officer. Theres a reason they stood their end up and are quietly building momentum... She was evidently involved in the HAARP testing at the gakona alaska site with Bernard Eastlund. She got mad at me when I was correcting her claims with what I understand haarp to be used for, let it slip that she worked with eastlund, and then quickly deleted the whole thread off FB.

      Its all a Psyop, and the one who takes no action as a result of the pushing of all the varied narratives is the one most likely to make it thru unscathed, otherwise one becomes grouped up and those groups get made use of to Take advantage.


    4. agreed. psyop.

      geez, what a bunch of f'ing loser dorks! : ) : )

      i mean, i am just sooo NOT impressed!

      heres them:
      "oooooo were gunna take over the wooooooooorld!!!"... when theyre 56 years old still peeing their own underpants!! never learned to "hold it"! : ) : )

      geez, im so sick of looking at their pearl earrings and lipstick with those huge manjawlike mandibles and ham-sized hands!! : )

      stilettos, long hair, and 1/2 lb of pancake makeup does NOT a woman make!!

      all the hormones in creation cant change a mans wide dental arch.... and YES! WE NOTICE!!! those big tree-trunk necks, straight clavicles, too-wide shoulders, square jaws, brow ridge and more are RIGHT "THERE*,.. so,.. ah,no.... didnt work any better than "psyop".

      they still need our consent.

      and they still dont have it.

      and im guessing, theyll still never get it.

      but they will play on and on and on, gagging the rest of us with their fourth-rate Acting.

      its all theyve got.

  7. But I didn't hear Peter Daszak Wuhan collaborator admit to developing “killer” coronaviruses with communist Chinese!

  8. All of this is nutz. The most recent findings in advanced virology is: No viron causes any disease.
    See the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman et al, and others.
    Bonus trippy fact: His family recently released the information that all the work of Louis Pasteur is fraud; he made up the data.

    1. agree. no virus isolated.

      plain and simple: biological weapon. saying its a virus to cause confusion, panic, fear, and to cover for it (perhaps)
      truly just being a wespon.

      hr2977 2001 dennis kucinich.
      use it for good? or not?

      pasteur: ive heard that too,..
      two or three credible places.

  9. I tend to agree with that. However, there are some nuanced scientific opinions that differ slightly from what Dr. Kaufmann suggests. There is a very interesting video interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Kaufmann (and others) where they go back and forth on this virus subject. It gets a little heated and Kaufmann end up getting booted from the interview, however, Dr. Judy essentially agrees with him albeit with a slight difference of opinion.

    I do not believe the hysteria behind this B.S. pandemic - from the very beginning there was too much info that rendered the forced narrative dubious at best.

    Viruses cannot exist without a host, however, they can be cultured and manipulated in certain cell lines which can then be duplicated en masse and used for whatever purposes - mostly bad in my opinion.

    That is where the nuanced science comes in since Dr. Judy actually performed this scientific work for decades. Kaufmann suggests that it cannot be determined whether a single virus causes any disease, or even exists, since no virus has ever been COMPLETELY "isolated" - according to Koch's Postulates and/or Hill's Criteria.

    Dr Judy somewhat agrees, however, she contends that a virus can exist in a cell line and then be studied as to what effects it may have on a host through the appropriate scientific method of reproducible results.

  10. Have a really deep listen

    The connections


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