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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Feds Confiscate Guns in Flathead Valley With 30 Vehicles, Three Tanks, and Helicopter

Heretofore ignored by the legacy press and mainstream media, in February, federal authorities invaded a neighborhood in the Flathead Valley with militarized police and terrorized its occupants with what appears to be Waco-level tyrannical overreach.


Read the article then tell your State Senator to vote for HB258 which would stop this in Montana

Do this TODAY.   This hearing is today, March 16th, 2021

Here is what I wrote to the members of the Senate committee that is hearing this bill.

Please vote yes on HB 258 to prevent dangerous raids on law abiding Montanans like the raid in Kalispell in February 2021.

This is exactly the kind of dangerous activity on the part of out of control government that we don't need.  These so called "laws" that the Democrats are pushing are what is making America dangerous to live in.

Vote yes and send HB258 to a full vote.


For full language


Keith Regier (R, Kalispell) 406-756-6141;

Tom McGillvray (R) 406-698-4428;

Diane Sands (D, Missoula) 406-251-2001

Bryce Bennett (D, Missoula)  406-546-3629;

Bob Brown (R, Thompson Falls) 406-242-0141;

John Esp (R, Big Timber) 406-932-5662;

Chris Friedel (R, Billings)  406-272-2245;

Steve Hinebauch (R)  406-365-7967;

Theresa Manzella (R)  406-546-9462;

Susan Webber (D, Brownin) 406-450-1894






  1. Writing to these "representatives" is mute as we are "American's" and "non-resident non-person", a "national" under 8 U.S.C. §1101(a)(21), and not a "U.S. citizen" under 8 U.S.C. §1401, and we have no ability to move these people in our status. Remember this is not our government? Why contact them to pass more laws that supposedly don't affect us? Do we just change our status when we want to change "statutes" that apply to "citizens" and not Americans? Changing our passports didn't change anything did it? We were all racing to do that and yet no one said you have to send that completed packet along with a notice to many "agency's and as usual Anna's instructions are half ass and as such contribute to all of us creating, filing, certifying, registering, mailing and paying for documents that get us nowhere (except as new members of the frustration society) because nothing ever "works" and gets a response or the intended effect.
    Where were these instructions?
    Apply for a Certificate of Non-Citizen National Status from the Secretary of State pursuant to 8 USC 1452(b)(1) and (2). Any record of my being a "U.S. citizen" is in error and must promptly be corrected pursuant to the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552 a(d)(2), Freedom of Information Act 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2), Federal Tort Claims Act 28 U.S.C. 1346, 2671-2680 and the Administrative Procedures Act. 5 U.S.C. 551-559
    Not from Anna were they?
    Or how about the fact that you need to notify the FBI, State and local law enforcement, State Departments, Departments of State IRS etc?
    This is why nothing ever takes off in this group. Nothing is EVER a completed, effective proven process with a positive result.

    1. Thanks "doonstr", will see if I can make these an addition to my next Paramount Claim. The only concern is utilizing "THEIR LAWS" when I make "I" claim.

    2. Here's a good overview of how to drive as an American

    3. Foscolos00 well when you use those codes/statutes/regulations be dang sure you put them in quotation marks because as American State Nationals we can't, its said just simply write them, because all we can do is point out what THEY are to abide by, not us rely on. tc

    4. doonstr, well I've sent ALL sorts of papers to these characters last week, except I didn't send it to the State Troopers, guess now I need to do that too, AND the U.S. Marshals eh? tc

    5. Foscolos00 and Carol please feel free to do your research into this by looking at this link. The more of us working together for a stronger America and free people the better!

    6. Exactly, doonstr. What is wrong with the people in this country? You believe that politicians are on your side? Even the great Anna is seduced by Trump and what he has said. WTF? Americans need to grow up and get on the streets. That is your hope, not some forms filed in a courthouse.

    7. Thanks "doonstr", i have read past 50 pages from; Why You Are a “national”, “state national”, and Constitutional but not Statutory Citizen (594 pages)
      Good read so far.

  2. I've contacted all of them. Thank you for posting

  3. The masses have accepted the fictional title i.e. ALL-UPPER-CASE-NAME.
    You are now guilty by association. After your born the informant" usually mother
    thinks she is giving her offspring a name .
    In fact the STATE deems that name as gifted to them. It's their property and can do anything with that so-called name.
    On that information document required to be filled out before baby can leave the hospital. Does that document have a place for the full and complete name including the fathers last name on one line ?

    Is mother required to used her previous unmarred title of maiden ? Does that confer a good name for baby ?
    Bastards and bitches can't lawfully be heirs to anything . Clamming to be an American" U.S. citizen or other such affiliated person actually means you belong as property of that Corporation.
    14th amendment subject= slaves.
    Please watch the Justinian Deception channel .
    The three mistakes this fabulous researcher makes is in 1927 The Commonwealth of Australia became THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. The coat of arms was changed as well . Romley didn't realize that baby's name was never really granted to baby.Oh and another very interesting point.
    Look up the legal definition of the word (
    DELIVERY. Now equate that to the room babys are born. Look on bitchute for FREQUENTLY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.
    It will give you some of the information i referenced about Australia.

  4. Status is everything ! Your eather a living Man or Woman with a good Name or you are a registered slave without your Creator granted dominion. Edward Mendel House helped design this registration fraud. Please look him up. Remember they murdered Jesus because he was exposing the
    scam over 2000 years ago.

    1. Right on target "brickguyo". Welcome back.

    2. This is old news. Read the SOS site. The Secretary of State will no longer issue a Certificate of Non-Citizen National Status. This has been replaced by issuance of a State Citizen passport. They won't call it that and it will look just like any other passport but if you apply correctly the passport they issue will be just that and will be machine readable so only they can see your correct status on the FBI/NCIC database. Your Passport Card should have at least 3 stars on it or you did it wrong. The correct way is to use a long form COLB authenticated only at the state level, not federal, and include an Explanatory Statement that states your exact status and states that your prior passport if any was issued in error.

    3. PS:
      Stars on the Passport Card
      The Stars on the Passport Card represents the 5 types (levels) of citizenship.
      One (1) and Two (2) stars mean nothing and you better obey the system as a US CITIZEN slave.
      Three (3) stars is Capitis Maximus (or Citizen Slave) which makes you a national, but still a threat.
      Four (4) stars is Capitis Medius which achieves Do Not Detain status regarding Statutory Regulations, but not Corpus Delecti crimes.
      Five (5) stars is Capitis Minimus which gives you Diplomatic Immunity and allows you to walk past TSA and other government agencies as being no threat to them.

    4. Excellent, "1FreeMan". I was checking out "Copper Stills" web site years ago. Hopefully this is what was finally figured out. How has this passport worked with purchasing Land, Deed conveyances, Property Taxes, Traveling without "THEIR" Licenses... all the B.S. that everyone is harangued, and accosted by "THEIR" Cerberus' (3-50+Head Devil Dog)

    5. Do the State Assemblies offer this to all State Nationals, or do we have to beg the STATE OF STATE for this passport, and allow "THEM" to determine what our ranking is based on the correct inputs on "THEIR" form?

    6. 1Freeman so nice to see you here! I don't think old news means "no good anymore" if you notice you apply for the status of non-citizen National along with your DS-11 and explanatory statement. If you have tried this and been declined I would love to know that too, but meanwhile you can still apply for this Status on the SOS website.
      I also would like to know just how people are stating the privilege's that come with the "new" passport, like do not detain, concealed carry etc, know this for a fact as well as the Capitus Maximus, Medius and minimus identification states of your name status (which is what that is) on the PP card or the significance of the "stars" for that matter. This information cannot be verified even with a Privacy Act request (type of FOIA) of my passport and card. That information came back to me with those specific questions left un-answered. So how do we really know all this?

    7. And what's up with all the Cloak, and Dagger,"so only they can see your correct status on the FBI/NCIC database". I comprehend it's the way "THEY" do "Business", and this "ALL CAPITOL LETTER NAMED PERSON" has been claimed as "THEIR CHILD" "THEIR CREATION", and is "THEIR " National Security containing all their Corporations proprietary ingredients,(in which I am no part of) then what nexus should i acknowledge between all these fictitious creations and i ? This after so many years is where the rubber meets the road. "They stole a piece from me when i was too little to fight back, and have been using it against me my whole life.

    8. I've been contemplating for many years that even if i were to obtain a ***** Passport would this be another ploy that garners me into "THEIR" realm even deeper? Would my name still be written in all CAPITOL LETTERS? Would it be proof that i still don't know who am i ? Should i not be able to travel freely? Who drew this imaginary line in the sand? Sounds Tribal. "Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!" SCENE - The Godfather: Part 3 (1990)

    9. See this is why people get hurt; firstly one is misidentified, then one is caused to misidentify themselves, when all along "THEY" have known US from the day we were born.

    10. This whole system (U.S. CORPS.) is similar to an interrogation of a retarded suspect(I.Q. below 50) with the intent to get the "suspect" to confess to a murder that they never committed. Even though they were never near the scene, they will never be able to make a correct claim of innocence, because their mental acuity is lacking, and they have no intercessor or advocate.

    11. Guess I started something here. Let me see if I can answer everybody altogether. You can try to apply for a certificate but they will deny you and tell you that so few people applied for one that it was no longer viable to issue them. Right. Their remedy is to go get a passport. is a good explanation but not a great application. He does not have the needed ES (Explanatory Statement). The DS-11 only lists 2 of the 3 available options: 1. US citizen, 2. non citizen national subject to the US and 3. (Purposely omitted) State Citizen. When I requested my certified copy of the application it was marked in red with the following statement: "Claims to be a New Jersey citizen." They know. I know it works because when an unmarked cop car was trailing me for doing 80 in a 50 zone, his lights were not on but I could see them through his grill, he did something no other cop has every done. He pulled up alongside me to look at me. I turned to look at him like "Yes?" and looked back. He slipped behind me again and after a few minutes took off to look for another victim. What he did was radio in after reading my tag which popped up in his display as DO NOT STOP - DO NOT DETAIN - DO NOT INTERROGATE - LIFETIME CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT or something similar. His chief asked him if it was the same guy as in the passport picture which he then confirmed and was told to not detain me and he sped off. So I know it works because you do not get such a juicy catch every day.

    12. The reason for the cloak and dagger is so that only they can see it so you don't go around showing off your diplomatic status to the whole world. Everyone else is still an enemy combatant and you would be divulging state secrets to foreigners which is treason. This is why Anna is after everyone to get their presumed status corrected so you won't be an enemy combatant. No, it cannot hurt you but only help secure your non US citizen status. But is should not be a standalone. You need to expatriate your presumed status from the corporation. If you don't then you are agreeing with their assigned status for you by your acquiescence. Same as if someone misspells your name. If you don't correct them, they will assume that it is your proper name.

    13. This "act of expatriation' has been of some concern to me for a few years. Lately, different researchers say emphatically, not to expat yourself. The explanatory statement, attached to the application for US passport renewal or correction form, states exactly why we are not, never have been, never contracted to be, petitioned for, nor knowingly expatriated from the naturalization status as born to. Personally, I have never been to area defined in U.S.C. as The United States, the US, the U.S.A., nor "the seat of Government of the United States". While I have been in Superior Courthouses in different States, I do not have first hand knowledge of the Land Patents of the SOil on which they sit, So I could not testify as to the ownership of the improved land and the buildings to which sit on said real estate. When stationed in the Military, I believed that which was printed on posted signage all over base. "yyou have entered a military installation." "Property of the Department of the Army." "This technical field manual is a...distributed by USAR TRADOC for the education of..." yet nothing says "this land is owned by Washington D.C." or "the war department", or "owned by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT".. shrug. "Dept of the Treasury?"
      I f I have ever, for any duration other than a moment, occupied land or buildings belonging to the US Federal government knowingly and or with the peaceful intent to enter into verbal congress to gain education of real time jurisdictions and honest subsequent obligations implied promised or contracted relative to me the living man?
      By defining three times, in different lawfully supported statements using their definitions, I am not required to expat, as I am not a U.S. Citizen, being born without the US. being born without the US to parents which neither are /were US citizens, whom they, also, were born outside the US. The administration of the 13th and 14th amendments where sections state a condition of the sate of existence of a concept, and how it is inarguable. ( a concept ) of which , sworn allegiance to by returning Southern States, was required before being readmitted to the Union. The repayment of the National debt IS the primary obligation of all Americans. Not me. I didn't agree to that. I wasn't even asked. And given a moment of clarity, I may say to whomever of credible stock may identificate me, as being a free living man on the Soil, who provides familial lineage back to 1420, whom, by their own definition, qualifies as a State citizen specifically having been born within that State's physical borders, physically drawing my first free breath within the geographic borders of the State in which I now reside.under the legal definitions verbatum. The contracts entered into during my childhood for "my benefits" were presumed to be of the best benefit for me, and continued ongoing after the initial application, for the duration until renewal of the credential, or until the applicant reaches the age of majority, ( now acknowledged as the age of eighteen years old.) and is expected to publicly declare his Political status, including sworn allegiance to the States which I have currently reside./

    14. P.S> Sorry.. crashed out there a bit. Its not arguing with the Dept of State to give us a 5 star passport. It is an application for a corrected passport - "I apologize, there a few questions whose answers will be made clear, and on the record of Public Law.
      By saying, this is your first opportunity to speak on the 14th amendment citizenry. I would renounce it, because the amendment adds too many moving parts to simple government. Further the 14th makes no mention of slavery, however allows perpetual servitude in cases of debt. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT? here it reads, in 3 dif places, we owe taxes, we HAVE to pay, it is inarguable, it says nothing about cleaving off the centuries old immoral trade of the flesh trade designed for personal gain. it don't read.. "no more slaves... ever" It reads, "everybody owes this national debt." it reads " The validation of which is inarguable", the jailing of persons for and of the People in regard to the section of those taxes which remain, as of yet un applied to the nation debt, shall be Prohibited..
      My explanatory statement, says just the facts. Wasn't born in the US. NEver been there, my parents never been there. I breathed my first free breath a Californian. I came to age in the California Republic. I swear my allegiance to the State of California. My address is thus permanent address is thus and I have every intention or remaining at my personal private address. In addition to being an active participant in the festivities, celebrations and religious remembrances of the neighboring hoods. etc etc etc.. ( short sweet, to da point. Explain the star parttied weeked?

    15. "1FreeMan", what is being brought forth sounds like great news for all, and then by all accounts it means that this "BIRTH CERTIFICATED TRUST" is no longer in "THEIR" control administratively. Who is the Administer, and who is the Beneficiary now? From what has been imparted "THEY" now are exclusively the "TRUSTEE". Have all obligations truly been met?
      The time for being closed lipped is far from over. By doing so one is protecting a system that has killed, maimed, kidnapped, and tortured, innocents for centuries, if not milliniums. Who/what are we protecting? The so called “continuity of Government”? The continuity of mind control? All those that have perfected or cured their real estate need to divulge it now, otherwise ewe are no better than the ones that are part of “the plan”.

    16. Whom/what is it that is to be feared? What weapon is being wielded that has/is causing so many to cower? Where is this “Illustrious American Spirit” that everyone speaks so highly of? Was it only some lofty concept that was only talked about in the annals of history? Maybe Socrates had it right...

    17. I was able to apply and get a 3 star passport. Does someone know of a site that will explain how to obtain a 5 star passport?

    18. I got mine through Christopher Gronski in NH. Here is his explanation:
      Here is his website:

  5. Well i guess my truth will not be published on this site . Not to worry " youtube kicked me off for positing irrefutable truth .I assumed this platform was different. Same censorship here.

    1. Your comments were published.

      brickguyoMarch 16, 2021 at 11:57 AM
      The masses have accepted the fictional title i.e. ALL-UPPER-CASE-NAME.
      You are now guilty by association. After your born the informant" usually mother
      thinks she is giving her offspring a name .
      In fact the STATE deems that name as gifted to them. It's their property and can do anything with that so-called name.
      On that information document required to be filled out before baby can leave the hospital. Does that document have a place for the full and complete name including the fathers last name on one line ?

      Is mother required to used her previous unmarred title of maiden ? Does that confer a good name for baby ?
      Bastards and bitches can't lawfully be heirs to anything . Clamming to be an American" U.S. citizen or other such affiliated person actually means you belong as property of that Corporation.
      14th amendment subject= slaves.
      Please watch the Justinian Deception channel .
      The three mistakes this fabulous researcher makes is in 1927 The Commonwealth of Australia became THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. The coat of arms was changed as well . Romley didn't realize that baby's name was never really granted to baby.Oh and another very interesting point.
      Look up the legal definition of the word (
      DELIVERY. Now equate that to the room babys are born. Look on bitchute for FREQUENTLY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.
      It will give you some of the information i referenced about Australia.


      brickguyoMarch 16, 2021 at 12:06 PM
      Status is everything ! Your eather a living Man or Woman with a good Name or you are a registered slave without your Creator granted dominion. Edward Mendel House helped design this registration fraud. Please look him up. Remember they murdered Jesus because he was exposing the
      scam over 2000 years ago.


      Foscolos00March 16, 2021 at 12:18 PM
      Right on target "brickguyo". Welcome back.


      brickguyoMarch 16, 2021 at 12:21 PM
      Well i guess my truth will not be published on this site . Not to worry " youtube kicked me off for positing irrefutable truth .I assumed this platform was different. Same censorship here.

  6. Retract my comment on not publishing my comments. This time they did . So please accept my apology .
    Thanks to all the researchers the truth will set man free or the evil rulers will have to exterminat hundreds of thousands of
    the awakened.

  7. The evil are in the process of exterminating us now with these experimental genetic shots they are giving people under the guise of "vaccine"

    1. Yes indeed the culling will continue.
      I feel so sad as the indoctrinated will not listen...

  8. Can anyone confirm that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION'S definition of birth is the complete expulsion of a product ?
    If you have the capability to confirm this
    please publish your findings here .
    This would futher help my research.

    1. "brickguyo", Keep bringing it friend. The more one decodes ORC 3705 with "THEIR" own language dictionary(Blacks Law 3rd-6th editions) the more one realizes what a sham this B.C.Person is. This THING resides in The Land of Oz. Don't stop brickguyo!

  9. Only Civily Dead are required to maintain status.
    There are types of sovereignety. Stotus defines slavery/subject.

    1. I believe you send a letter of clarification on what enity the all caps name is identifying ? And in that request state if that all caps identity is not i the living Man i will register it as a faulse or factious name. That gives you real title to the other style spelled in proper English. Game over.

  10. Their non response to very specific questions is a responce that if they gave truthful answers their system would fall like the house of cards it is .

  11. think this one is not quite all true

    1. "Anonymous", how about being more vague. Here's a good one to try; "think this too is not quite all won..." LOL

  12. I dont see how it is determined that the name given by your parents at birth is somehow considered gifted by what is suppose to be a fraudulent government. And if there wasnt full disclosure to the parents as to what the birth certificate represented then with out full disclosure it means nothing. And furthermore my signature isnt on the dam thing anywhere. And since when are we liable for the fraudulent doings of someone else. Why would I have to file anything. I have not and will not misreprsent myself. If this so called impersonation JANE DOE was done fraudulent by a rouge government then that is on their heads not mine. Just because I wasnt aware of this happening. Because most crimmals dont tell you the crime they are going to commit againist you before they commit the crime, DOES NOT MEAN I GAVE MY PERMISSION. And nor does it mean because i didnt say otherwise , because I didnt know. Does not mean anyone should assume I was ok with it. Therefore i shouldn't have to prove who i am , i know who i am. What needs to happen is this rouge government needs to show proof that i gave them permission to do anything with my name all caps or lower caps first last or first middle last. They can play all the stupid games with words and letters they want . Why does it matter. They are crooks , fraudulent, corporations etc. They dont have standing as Roberts has said. This is all a bunch of shit.

    1. Last time I checked God didn't send me here with a man made certificate of authenticity

      Just an FYI this group here will sell you your freedom for $ not sure how much but you can get partial or complete with a new digital identity lifetime carry
      Read their site and see what you think

      Again who maintains this list of those who have done this and what are the ramifications when all is said and done??


      They intend to crash this monopoly game BANKERS TAKE ALL


    2. You as i by our unknowing gave legitimacy to a illegitimate act when we used the birth certificate to get anything. You or your parents as your agents used the BC for tax credit entrance to public schools and many other forms of ID. Thats how their system works. They offer and we accept without conditions " question everything . larceny by trick and unlawful conversion for sure.

  13. Where does it say on the birth certificate that you are a citizen to a corporation where is the full disclourse of the word game of uS U S A
    Untied states Inc. UNTIED STATES , UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA. where is the the full discloure of who issued the doccument. Is it the United states of America or USA inc. I am not a citizen of a lying fraudulent, misleading and misrepresenting themselves as employees of the people of America when they are employees of a corporation. The moment they went to work for someone else then they no longer work for me.

  14. Brickguy- I read almost all the comments and yours makes the most sense..please help those of us that are awake but have no idea where to begin with the status change. I have a passport that does not expire til 28.
    That being said I so have a permit to carry and next b-day need to get a new DL.
    Where do you suggest I and others begin to complete the status where you a now at. Thanks and much appreciated.

    1. Look up Raymond Karczewski
      You will learn everything needed except he didn't demand what enity the all caps name identified . It is a fictional identity and as such must be registered as a false or fictitious name. And after you have sent three requests to the registrar of births deaths and marriages and they fail to respond. Now you can use their non response as proof that the all caps name is false or fictitious.
      The secretary of state should allow you to file the NAME as fictional.
      But if he doesn't send him 3 letters and always give them 21 days to respond.
      That said in court you can quickly state that name is a false or fictitious name and you had no full disclosure about this until the registrars office failed rebutting your narrative. Please look up Robb Ryder on youtube he has a few very informative video on this .
      Raymond Karczewski is on linkedin i believe.
      That where a government official stated the fact that his parents gifted his name to the STATE.
      That same official stated that stating to be an American was basically pledging yourself as property of the Government.

    2. Great thanks! It is all really confusing!

  15. Pay close attention to this in the writing I link below it

    TED KENNEDY – 9-40-77-88
    – the youngest of 9 children
    – elected 9 times to the Senate
    – July 1969 – 40 years ago – involved in death of MARY JO Kopechne after he drove off the DIKE BRIDGE in his OLDS DELMONT 88, into the Poucha Pond.
    – died at the age of 77

    As you can see in the following video these people are all fakes/frauds

    And the role of Mary Jo was played by none other than the young Annette Benning
    who plays the role of Elizabeth Warren (a pun as to her hubbys last name)
    And she plays the role of Hillary
    Same with the Warren Commission who did the fake ass Kennedy report after that false flag and they put in their buddy here

    And what do you know they have them all rounded up NOT

    You see that Barry Diller in that video above
    Well he just happens to be a billionaire donor to the Illuminazis WORLD AGENDA

    And the woman on his arm well she is none other than the fake dead Natalie Woods

    Media and any story they can think up for profit as they advance their world GOLDEN GLOBE agenda

    And that hero they saying in all this humpty dumpty is none other than Martin Sheen hidden in plain sight playing the role of a president of a fake nation calling itself the united states

    As I said the four CON artist presidents of

    Johnson/ Robert DeNiro

    Swayze here is also a myth played by none other than Kurt Russell
    They have multiple persona as they rip the people off blind with their fake ass judicial set up on the movie sets up in Washington DC, London, the Vatican and Swissy Land

    The four presidents portrayed in the bank robbery in the movie POINT BREAK

    They created the FBI, CIA, CDC, and on and on they could go as long as they keep the sheep believing in their land of make believe

  16. You will never win playing the Jews' law game they make up as they go along.

  17. Richard Gere the hidden son of Astaire aka ASTOR the faker who died in the TITANIC which made it possible for the fake ass federal reserve they created to be put in place

    For example Kevin Costner has 7 reported where are his kids that this one has been detained and awaiting a tribunal in front of WHO?
    No one thats who they making it all up

    Mel Gibson and his 10 kids hiding out in Costa Rica on their 500 acre spread while Rome (the US) burns and they laughing all the way to the bank

    And Patrick Swayze well he lived on as Kurt Russell and cashed in on insurance policies for the death of Patrick

    Same thing with the star of the movie TWISTER Bill Paxton
    Died shortly after doing a documentary about how he was in the plaza the day that JFK got whacked he was 8 years old

    He died suddenly of I forget what and was reborn as none other than DAN CRENSHAW in the Texas legislature and he comes complete with a pirate eye patch
    Both Crenshaw and Paxton are from Fort Worth Texas
    Paxtons body was buried in California or was it?

    The attorney general of Texas is a Paxton

    Do you not see how this shit is working


    So you see they not whacking these folks or sending them off to GITMO they shipping them out of the country under protection so that they are not around when the shit hits the fan

    And the writer of this blog I would say is also involved telling everyone it is only make believe it's all in our minds when in reality the people working these projects all know what they doing like Celine played by Cher and bilking the public and lying for decades her and ole Sonny here

    In his blog he leads you on the journey through the staged events but neglects to reveal the real thieves behind the mask and deeming that the events were real when in fact they were all staged

    This one here is a doosey

    LA is a targetand with fake ass Gorby here sitting pretty at the Presidio since he and fake ass reagan tore down that wall they have had plenty of time to decomission military bases and convert them to fema camps for their unwilling slave populations

    Gorbachev was played by Rod Steiger

    Gorbachev and his fake foundation for philanthropy of course were pegged by fake ass Bush to disarm and decommission our military bases
    Page 4 lower right corner

    They are all working under assumed names ALIAS'

    Absolutely nothing they sign in to 'law' is valid, nothing

    And they working to take your guns so you cannot defend yourself or your family from this pack of wolves

    The military is just as brainwashed as the rest of us
    Same goes for the cops

    1. Continued from above

      I believe the home I live in is now a target - electric company payed a visit here this morning to install a new meter that they said was not reading properly??
      Texas customers recently hit with huge ass electric bills all compliments of the crooks in charge of all the electricity
      They narrowed down the address of the one making these comments on the web through the IP ADDRESS THEREFORE IDENTIFYING THE EXACT HOUSE USING THE JURISDICTION OF THE AIR TO LOCATE THE ONE WHO CAN SEE
      Back in the day this was known as a SKIP TRACE

      Anyone not being tricked in to their new eartly realm of digital identities is now targets and that would include me


      You see the illuminati don't believe in God they claim it on their own web site
      This world is not of God the creator it is their world of lies that we live in

    2. This sight claims you are receiving the Mark of Freedom but are you?

      The new digital identity that gets assigned to you, WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?

      And if you are paying for the service with fake counterfeit money then you never paid for their service at all, you just created a new debt to be traded just like the old only a new face on it


    3. They're all in on it

      And who is to say that this gun confiscaton took place at all?
      We were not there and we did not see this happen and YES by GEORGE it could have all been staged like the rest of the shit they doing

      30 vehicles and 3 tanks is 33 folks its all coded messages

      I wonder who owns the gazette? More than likely the same people who own all the newspapers!

      Kind of like Ted Turner who inherited all the billboards across the nation
      Laws don't apply to Ted though the billion dollar donor to the Illuminati One World Agenda

      He owns his own little piece of heaven complete with an exclusive herd of buffalo

  18. Stranger to the contract

    1. All these other folk have to answer for their own sould like all the ilk in hollywood

      They are partaking in all of it even playing many roles in the play

      But for those who wish not to play

    2. It's not your person

  19. Lets see just how stupid they are

    So you have an active scene cops everywhere and yet folks can just waltz right through?

    And then they go on you tube and report it
    And What Do You Know
    Texas tags on a car and b o m b dogs

    This guy waltzes right through the scene?
    How do they know it is not him and they just let him slide right on through?

    Do you not see the narrative here and how they network together with this shit??
    Newspapers, headlines, you tube, television, radio all of it

  20. Cockroaches tend to scatter when they are exposed to light

  21. Couple of narratives/scripts they got going here so look for the same actwhores to be resurrected

    Oh I forgot they took out the real ones and now they just clones or look alikes

    There is nothing we won't try
    Never heard the word impossible
    This time there's no stopping us

    They hollywood ELite want the entire golden globe to themsleves

    So when you are being told that these schmucks are all being exterminated you should know they are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH

    Q and their dismantling the deep state MY ASS
    And that goes for fake ass Juan O Savin too

    And FYI in one of Brendons videos he pictures Paul Joseph Watson
    Did you know he is also a rich brat kid and his you tube channel ad all his so called 'reporting' and findings are all geared to keeping the poor sheep asleep

    Turns out the fires in Australia were pre planned for a new rail system they got in their UN plans

    And in case no one knows they have UN plans for the remake of Iran too so now you know why Iran is on their chopping block

    The Wonderful Company in California advocates war with Iran so they can become the number one pastacio distributor in the world
    This planttion comes complete with schools and housing for their immigrant slaves
    This outfit uses more water than the entire city of Los Angeles

    Ever wonder why they laughing at you with the elephant in the room in their pistachio commercials - well wonder no more folks

    And again we get the fake story of the rags to riches couple who came from humble beginnings - BULLSHIT

  22. The real remedy is simple question them on the definition of their acts Birth registry and the name. When you corner them on these issues their non response in the form of rebutting what your narrative questions . They lose by non response.
    Game over. The all caps name is the identity of the fiction. So it is in fact a false or fictitious name and needs to be registered as such. Game over. Fictional overlords have power over other fictional enitys. Expose this and again game over.
    Their Ponzi scheme folds .


    Denial of Aleppo Holocaust: What's the perfect link to the psy-op(eration) "Israel bombing Gaza"?
    Right, how a psy-op(erative) links both.
    As for the timing: right, days after Aleppo sets again a milestone for war by terror, the ultimate stage: BUNKER BUSTING BOMBS against homes and children's hospitals.
    As for the psy-operative: right, directly served by Alexander Adolf Hitler, obviously not in one of his "sir" identities but as "gynecologist and american patriot who failed as presidential candidate".

    And don't fall for their fake ass Ron Paul and Tulsi Gabbard either

    As they have scripted Ron Paul the CGI actor behind the mask is Sir Partrick Stewart (and if Greg Bradford is correct he is the son of Bing Crosby who played the role of Hitler)
    Supposedly this band of thieves Grand Master

    It states the following
    2. Patrick Stewart Applying for U.S. Citizenship to Fight Trump
    For dummies: the son of perdition finally steps on stage to pull the curtain, but this time for the real Enterprise, alias the simulated reality of politics that he directs for decades now.

    How they working Ron Paul and Tulsi in to the roles of the so called leaders

    And of course they have a PP waiting in the wings while they fake kill off the other two popeye the sailor men

    Should come as no surprise that the ENTERPISE is used in all of this verbase as in the SS Enterprise as in a SPACE SHIP


    The SIRname and the SS Enterprise

    1. Now you will note that this guy says all of this marking of the citizens came in to being in the late 1960's but accroding to the blogger this all was started back in 1862 under the fake ass LINCOLN at least here in the US
      It says the following
      Governmental assignment of a dollar value to the heads of citizens began on July 14, 1862
      Lincoln and Hitler all over this guys articles

      Rewriting history is their favorite

      Reminder: most illuminati scripts are written years in advance, from Obama Bi(nla)den to Last Trumpe(nce)ts.

    2. And lookey here the last name listed in this paper STEWART


  24. Tick Tock for the stage play

  25. This guy mentions a book written in 1901 at the 13 minutes in

    Says the book detailed the cabal plan back them and it was written by HG Wells

    Makes a good deal of sense when you look at this writing

    Again providing information

    I'm going to look for this book

    1. Anticipations of the reaction of mechanical and scientific progress upon human life and thought by Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946

      PDF version available here:

    2. Yes indeed human - person - proper person ect has no inclusion of a living anything " even if they used the word man. There would have to be the word living before the word man or human or proper person. Their world is exclusively for the dead.
      As the word GOD on fed notes is non descriptive. Satin is a GOD in their system.


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