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Monday, February 22, 2021

Public Notice - Twenty-Second of February 2021

By Anna Von Reitz

Executive Orders apply ONLY to the "Executive Branch" members of the organization being represented.
Joe Biden represents a new, bogus Municipal CORPORATION that is trying to snag a contract with us by assumption.
He is not President of the United States of America and, more importantly, he is not The President of The United States of America, either.
Anyone who isn't directly employed by "President Biden" and who isn't part of the Executive Branch of his commercial corporation can ignore him and his Executive Orders with all the impunity of non-employee of Wendy's ignoring an "order" for a Wendy's Burger.
As an example--- "mask mandates" apply only to actual Municipal "citizens of the United States" and his Executive Orders apply only members of the Executive Branch of the privately owned and operated Municipal CORPORATION he is trying to use as a storefront "representing" our lawful government more than five (5) years after we served Notice that we are in Session and not accepting representation apart from the explicitly enumerated delegated powers.
We have told Biden and his Administration and his Handlers and the Principals responsible for this Mess---- no deal. No further contract without a complete audit and renegotiation.
Biden is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook, and we refuse any authorization of any credit or any use of American assets by his Administration.
We demand a full audit and disclosure of actual and validated political status and fiscal standing related to every so called "citizen of the United States", including an audit and validation of all IRS and Internal Revenue Service Master Files, which deliberately create False Dossiers on Americans and impersonate living people.
All the Municipal Corporations authorized under the Corporations Act of 1870 are improperly chartered and are operating illegally in this country and worldwide. We have already stipulated the conditions under which they may be re-chartered under American Public Law. They are otherwise all subject to liquidation.
This Public Notice is being sent to peacekeepers and law enforcement officers, courts, and regulatory authorities worldwide. Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.
by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America


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  1. Anna, I believe you're honest and a decent woman, yet nieve. Write all you want, it has no influence. These people stole an election in front of 80 million people and flipped them the bird. The only thing they respect is power. History proves this. The people will have to remove the criminals. Write all the letters you want, they will be ignored.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. .
      The real - the 1907 insurrection act is in force- making the Armed forces in charge until the system runs it legal course, in the meantime the Army is an interim in control and will remove the evil people………

      Unless there is a false flag or civil war like 1776 – not likely time frame with or without the EBS showing the trials on or about April 6, 2021 is alleged to be a special event

      But the CONstitutional angulation of a president is March 4, 2021
      Believe it or not

    3. If Anna theory of BIRTH CERTIFICATES paying bills, foods etc. Why they don't work for other countries? Anna got things wrong again. You can't run cars on water freely as she assumed. There's something hidden her Airbrain just couldn't see. The Vermin won't tell you, but they know I'm right.

  2. Why Parens Patriae doctrine must be maintained via Separation of Spiritual and Temporal evidencing Pope/Pontificate and King/Queen through human traffickin in perpetuity, according to 19 services? Has it known the different social construct of human race to exist?

  3. Michael,thanks for your comment. I wish I could intervene in the Monday Webinars and ask some legitimate questions. When she states that we aren't effected by Biden's Executive orders and policies. Ask the people of Texas what their opinion is about that. When gas prices go to $6 -$8/gallon and food prices go skyrockets do you think we will be effected? How about 60 million illegal immigrants coming over all our borders looking for handouts from the corporate gov't and needing a place to live or medical care? Do you think we will be effected? Get our credit and assets NOW so we can survive what is been planned for years. Our land and soil jurisdiction will be ignored because they don't have to listen to us just as you've stated Michael. Pray for Divine intervention.

  4. A Materialist premise only caters to illusions and Failure to define Life is where the problem begins

  5. Unfortunately tyrants only understands one thing
    Force “
    Patrick Henry

  6. MATTHEW 6 10
    Present era is just a state of transition until God sets up his Kingdom
    that is why devotion to him and meditating on the truth is important

  7. Bless you Anna and thank you for all your good work on our behalf.

  8. To all you nay sayers out there: Get off your asses and DO something! You can take the time to write a comment, but not participate in the reconstruction of OUR country? She has literally handed us the tools and has provided a path to take our country back. Do you think your captors are just going to roll over and let you go? NO. Are you afraid to die for family, friends and country? Are you an American or a straw man? Gonna wait for Trump to do it for you? Ain't happening! Damn right this election was stolen and they just flipped us the bird. Flapping our jaws isn't going to change a thing. This is our CHILDREN'S future that Anna and we are fighting for! Do you really not see what is happening here? "Just get in the boxcar, it'll all be over soon." If you are truly an American, prove it.

    1. Let me ask this, if you called an electrician to come fix a circuit you have thats faulty, and I came out and told you that the previous electrician who wired it undersized the wire and in order to repair it you need to do X. Are you going to pay me for diagnosing your problem or are you going to expect me to "do somthing" about it? Now we all go to work and things get done(proof is in the vehical you drive to the buiding you work in that has running water and power), so when have congress, lawyers, justices and judges gone to work because I see NO PROGRESS. And you want me to get behind you like I'm ready to die for you? Hahahaha you wait till shtf youll see how diveded we actually are. Die for my family? All day, for my freinds? Bet your last dollar, but for you and majority of the rest of the country, dont hold your breath! "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress ."

    2. Montana, if you're talking about doing the paperwork as "getting off our asses", we are way past paperwork. There are thousands of CCP troops at our borders, and I believe they're coming in with the illegals. Paperwork means nothing to the CCP and the evildoers who have infiltrated the government. Now is the time to get out, talk to your neighbors and start forming a community that supports each other. If Trump and the military do something, that's gravy. In Missouri we have 2 counties that the sheriffs have drawn a line and told the feds you're not coming in here to nab people, guns, or anything else. That's where we need to focus our effort now.

    3. I agree, Michael. People need to organize and start being as well organized as the bad guys that are trying to destroy our lives. I have thought about doing what Anna is talking about, but I have been somewhat skeptical about it.

    4. For whatever it's worth I agree with Bellarian1 and others who are suspicious about the process. We have established that the Birth Certificate process was intent to commit fraud. That alone should invalidate the process in spite of Anna's insistence that it has to be undone one at a time. It's basically trying to have it both ways, the fraud should be vitiated once exposed. It wasn't accidental, there was clear intent. The onus should not be on the victims to petition the state. Actually the state is obviously so exposed and so complicit and so screwed by the fact that the fraud was discovered that there is no way for any of them to plead innocence or being duped by someone further up the food chain. Like the Pope and QEII, it goes right to the top. She has her own dirty laundry to deal with and they believe they have no choice but to double down on the fraud by pretending that it isn't so. This wasn't a problem eons ago, they could get away with anything, but our society today has access to more information. If they stop registering people for a birth certificate or reply to any of this they basically own the consequences of all they have done, and then the stage is set for revolution in theory. If you count the number of people who refuse to be taken in by the "mask mandate" and other aspect of the current fraud, those are the people who can probably be counted on to assist with this. The mythical 3% of the public who apparently can be counted on(the patriots if you want to call them that) will be prepared to see this unwound. The rest...well I think we can guess how that will go.

    5. Exactly Will Smith, I have been perplexed why this "issue" has been swept aside ever since I, and some very good friends exposed it over 5 years ago. All the valid points that you have brought up(and more that haven't been stated) I have also pondered. This is "THE RELIGIOUS GOVERNMENTS FOUNDATIONAL PLATFORM". It should be priority one to be dismantled period. Over 160 years of pledging, and done with such malice, and ill intent against the world's populace should be exposed with no ifs, ands, or butts.
      Priority One. Period. What say ewe Anna?

    6. It all boils down to If a Man, or Woman believes it is fair to tender and put shackles on a new born baby just days from coming into this world, and then to make sure through their Public(Fool)School System is none the wiser, then is given a gun and taught to kill another of our Creators sentient beings in made up wars in order to hide what has been done against all of US then I guess what's the point. Socrates probably had it right.

    7. Thanks for your comments Foscolos00, it's like they are trying to talk out of both sides of their mouth as they say. You can't say that fraud once exposed vitiates everything and then refuse to acknowledge it when it suits them. And yes putting shackles on a new born is not accidental that is intentional. I think it has been happening since the dawn of time frankly. Look you know there is criminal liability here for what has been stolen from mankind, this is beyond comprehension almost, and its a lot more than the 23 Trillion that Anna suggests.

  9. Montana Outlaw My sediments EXACTLY kudos From Charles Robert Walker © on Minnesota PS If a 6th grader can win in a Superior Court apply yourself and protect your childrens children .................

  10. This morning I watched(actually listened to) Ep. 2411a - The [CB] Is Already Doomed, People Are Waking Up To The Rigged Economic System. and perused the Comments section. One Commenter actually wrote some viable points.Except for a few expletives that I know should not be directed towards anyone, this commenter is close to how everyones mind set should be engaged. I decided to give this commenter a reply, I created an account with Bitchute, and my replies. They appeared to post, however in actuality they never did

  11. Here is what I attempted to relay "walterh70"
    walterh70 4 hours ago
Dave you corrupt a** piece of s***. Why did 'we the people' NOT pitch a fit when the government left the gold standard ALL the way back in the day? Because the elite were CORRUPTING/playing/manipulating the metals markets and got caught ripping everyone off. Just like they will now; once again. Dave is trying to convince you that you can correct broken economic markets run by corrupt families for hundreds/thousands of years, with those SAME families NEW and improved versions of the old economic markets/standards.These people are NOT here to help you, they're here to perpetuate the cycle yet again.
    Foscolos00 a few seconds ago

    Finally, someone who knows the Firm's/Corps.(es)/Elite Families/Blue Blood's blood line(Cain/abel) his/tories. Those that have eyes to see, read Chapter 14 from The Book of Jasher According to this book this whole system was initiated/instituted on the (m)asses since the days of "Oswiris", By an ingenious being/construct named "Rikayon"!

  12. Remember the old Smythe/Barney Commercial., “We make Money the Old Fashioned Way…We Urn It!”

  13. Strange that this book was first translated into English in 1840 then the "Civil War" would soon follow, along with many world wide calamities, and world wars.The whole system of everyone's indoctrination/enslavement//demise is predicated on the BIRTH CERTIFICATED PERSON that everyone has been using as Identification purposes(it is not ours to identify ourselves with).

    The whole BIRTH CERTIFICATE scam is what every GOVERNMENT (CORPS.)/RE-LEGION(501C3) along with the BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES, has built their establishment on(foundation stones). When we all(US)come to the realization that we all(US)are the walking Gold, and Silver, then we all (US) will be able to shake these leeches off.

    End the the BIRTH CERTIFICATE scam, and cut these parasites off at the knees. Remove the buildings foundation and the structure collapses. Don't worry we all(US) are good at cleaning up messes

  14. Dear Walterh70, in the past when we would write letters to each other we would use our best prose, and articulate what we wanted to say in our correspondences in the most concise words that were available to US in order to get our point across. We would write as if the one receiving our transmission were standing in front of US. I know that in my neighborhood if someone called me out of my name that would be reason enough to kick some butt. 

    We must refrain from being derogatory towards one another. We all(US)are in this together, this is no joke. We all(US), unfortunately have been ran through the Mill{"The Public(Fool)School System"}where we all(US) were made to read the same books, and tested on our retention (indoctrination). This method is exactly identical to Cult mind control techniques. 

    Dave(if that even is his name), has also been enslaved like US. Most Cultists would deny to their death that they have been indoctrinated, or manipulated to their deeply held beliefs. However if a man took a step back and noticed how all those that claim to be "Patriotic" are "acting", when the Government they believe so heartily in is nothing more than Corp(se) that is owned by the Queen of England/Vatican.

  15. A man can only come to the conclusion that 99% of everyone has been brainwashed, and because everyone is also using the BIRTH CERTIFICATED PERSON(The State's Child) as their own means of identification they have become the "Walking Dead"/Zombies.

    The "Divide, and Conquer" is a tried and trued method that has worked extensively for millenniums against US, and we all must keep that in the forefront of our minds that this is what is being implemented against all of US. Now I am not saying to not call a spade a spade, but we should realize what techniques are being utilized, and find artful ways to dispose these Cretans.

    We are creative they have not one ounce of creativity in their whole being. This is why their system has to recruit, and indoctrinate the Biggest, and Brightest of US to perpetuate, and build up this Scheme against US. Ohh, where is Don Rickles when ewe need him the most.
    Don Rickles; Equal Oppourtunity Hater. Lol.

  16. Just remember that these Elitist Familial Bloodlines can be traced back thousands of years whereas the majority of ours have suffered "collateral" damage(inheritance is passed on through our fathers). This is how they have gotten away with it. This is why I have often said Blood is thicker than "Walter".

  17. Now, with my replies not posted by Bitchute, and Bitchute located in England, and our Education system that has been sorely lacking, and since the BIRTH CERTIFICATED PERSON has been totally exposed, and all the talking heads skirt this issue, and only bits of pieces are only dripped out while we all (US) are in dire need of some life giving water, one can only surmise
    that when there is no action that is taken, and everyone that is acting like they have the solutions/or information is part of the deception. It's been over 7yrs Anna.

  18. Everything the system does toward us is done by presumption. If we accept their presumption and answer the systems outreach to invite our participation then the system has moved us into its presumed authority per its agenda. So here are some logical counter approaches to consider.

    Quit responding. If the addressee is spelled in all Capitals and that is not who you are, obviously "return to sender, addressee unknown".

    Change the name you use to varying forms of your given name, and refuse to accept any presentment not a name you have authorized.

    Take mail at other locations not your domicile, otherwise called "residence". Postal service boxes as one example. A friends address another example. Off shore mailing services a third example.

    Don't get stuck in a rut, ruts are targets the system aims at. Move. Have your business in one State, your residence an another, your credit union in another. Move things around again. And again. Go to another country and cut all ties so when you return its a fresh start having cut former bloodsuckers from their food supply.

    Keep your business private and buy using cash. Don't rely on banks they're informers and thieves. Have your own safe places for your valuables, and think carefully how to make safe places. Don't divulge private information to anyone, period. Don't keep company with dull idiots who have no critical thinking skills, you're wasting your time.

    If some"authority" presumes upon you, never offer or state your name to them, ever. "any information you provide can AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU", (including THE ALL CAPS NAME ON A DRIVERS LICENSE) so immediately get a full identification such authority person as to their as name, badge number, employers name and address, their supervisors name, and from that source get their job description. "Since you are not arresting me I am free to go", then continue your travel home or close the door and don't re-open it. Never allow some "authority " to enter your home or car without a warrant.

    If needed use the Privacy Act to force them to provide you these items. Get their oath of office. Get their bond, which is by law the States guarantee that if you are damaged by a State employee, their bond protects them from damages you may be awarded if you prosecute them and win. If they have no oath, or if "the authority" oath does not conform to Article VI of the Constitution, you have proof it is a sham operation. They're performing some scam on you and you need to make a claim of trespass to the County Sheriff. Call the sheriff and make your claim of trespass right then and there. The "authority" is trespassing on our sovereign land, so a claim against him is the next step to take.

    Another possibility when living in the suburbs but wanting privacy is to get connections to needed services by appointing an agreeable other person to allow mailings of all capital NAME items to their NAME. Then handle business internally within house walls to keep accounts fair and square on utilities, services received via the NAME, etc.

    Quit allowing presumptions to stand or be asserted about you. A maoling address is presumed to establish your "residence", per the 14th Amendment as a U.S. citizen subject slave.

    Examples: using a drivers license as your identification. A passport is the best well recognized identification in TheUSA.

    Do all you can to live and produce your needs by private transactions or producing things needed by your own labor, private trading, swapping, bartering and productivity. The less productive you are the more dependent on the system you become.

  19. As the days continue to roll on the more despondent I become. I have even likened myself to Jonah, who was instructed by our Lord Creator to go to Ninevah and tell the populace to repent. He hated the People of Ninevah to such an extent he went in the opposite direction.
    My whole life I have loved everyone, and forgave all those that did underhanded, dirty tricks to me.However now it has finally reached it’s Apex, and I am finding it very difficult to reconcile with those that have such disregard towards their fellow man. While thinking about this moments ago the Holy Spirit put a Yes song in my heart[Yes - Wonderous Stories (Official Music Video) - YouTube ]. Then I was made to recall Luke 2:22 (KJV w/ Strong's Concordance - Luke 2 I pray that I am not as old as Simeon before I am Graced to envision the coming of our Creator here on this Plane(t).

    1. Foscolos00 .... Out of your despondence may I offer you and share with you a true record in scripture of Christs coming to the American continent that actually happened following His resurrection, which events presages the very near actual "second coming". These scriptures include views of His judgments upon the wicked, His glorious appearance, His instructions to believers, and the record is provided to believers like you who look for our Lord's influence over a world drowning in wickedness. Heaven and her hoists are aware of what is happening on earth, and these records are meant to lift the discouraged with hope in times of evil, like our current times. Web search "Book of Mormon. 3rd Nephi, Chapters 8 - 30"
      I'm sure these records of our Lords visit to America will bring you great comfort.

    2. Brother Joel, The Mormons have the biggest ancestry depository site in the US(why is that?). Our family while on our cross country journey to attend my older sisters graduation from ASU in the late 80's visited this place along with "The Temple". I have read this book of Mormon, and noticed that it is written in the same style(Prose) that the Quran, and Mein Kaumph are written in. These books are geared towards the uneducated. they are meant for the dumbed down masses, those that are not well versed, or know our Creator. When a man does thorough research, and studies etymologies, writing styles, and those that are in power during the Eras that certain books were written a clear picture is produced, and the Agenda is exposed.
      Question 1; Were you Baptized within the Mormon Church?
      Question 2; Do you process the record of that Baptismal?
      Question 3; If ewe do visually inspect said document, and does it have the word "CERTIFICATE" on it? If it does nothing more needs to be said. You've been duped.
      Go ahead, ask your Church to give you the true recorded copy, and see what response you get. Guarantee you will never, ever have it in your possession.

  20. All good advice, slow process to educate your people.
    It’s catching some traction when multiple leaders can converge and agree .
    Need strong minded leaders that won’t try to suck up to zionest media by being complicit in big lies.
    The 19 Muslims who took down twin towers if you can’t see past that Jewish Mossad operation time to find better leaders .


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