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Monday, February 15, 2021

Patterns of Fraud -- Ignorance and the Courts

 By Anna Von Reitz

I often get people who ask me if I am a fraud because I am not a member of the Bar, and in their minds, that means I couldn't be a lawyer or a judge.
Patiently, I explain the difference to them. Yes, you can be a lawyer and you can serve as a Justice (technically not a Judge, but higher than a Judge) and not be a Bar Attorney at all.
In fact, in this country, you cannot be a member of the Bar Association and serve in a Public Court intended to address average living people.
That little salvo of factual information sets people back on their heels and causes looks of amazement, but those are the facts, ma'am.
An Amendment to the Federal Constitution prohibiting Bar Attorneys from holding any Public Office in our American Government was ratified by our States of the Union in 1819, and that's the way it has been ever since ---in our States--- as opposed to their States of States.
All the courts that people are familiar with, and which "mistakenly" address our people every day, are federal courts of "strictly limited" jurisdiction -- and they shouldn't be addressing the General Public at all.
Even the State-of-State courts, like the State of Nevada Superior Court, are in fact federal franchise operations and shouldn't be addressing the General Public, either.
But then, until very recently, (1 October 2020) Nevada wasn't really a State; it was still a Territorial "State", waiting for full enrollment as a State of the Union. It's land and soil jurisdiction was in limbo, operated as a State Trust by the Territorial United States Government on a custodial basis under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance.
The courts that our people see day to day and which they ignorantly assume are their courts, are all either: (1) private courts operating as administrative corporate tribunals or (2) courts operating as "special purpose" courts of "limited jurisdiction", such as the Maritime and Admiralty Courts, which should only be addressing actual sea-faring business contract disputes or military personnel.
This is all part of the generalized fraud, confusion, and mis-administration of the Federal Government, and it can only be answered and corrected by Americans who are awake enough to self-govern.
I am using the courts as an example of a more generalized phenomenon -- the use of ignorance to promote fraud.
The more ignorant a person is, the easier it is to bamboozle and defraud them, so it is in the best interests of the con men among us to keep people dumbed down and ready to accept whatever they are told.
This has been the case and the practice of these criminals since the days of the Roman Empire, when policies were put in place to ensure that there would be a permanent underclass of slaves to support the lavish lifestyles of the elites and the ambitions of the Empire.
The elites of Rome identified themselves via the use of small letters to write their names --- marcus flavius of ephesus, for example. Indentured Servants used Upper and Lower Case to write their names: Marcus Flavius of Ephesus. And slaves, who usually could neither read nor write, were identified by the use of DOG LATIN --- names written in all capital letters: MARCUS FLAVIUS OF EPHESUS.
Need I say more to all of you who have spent years paying the debts of YOUR NAME, and never realized that you were being misidentified and misaddressed as a slave belonging to the Municipal Government of Washington, DC? That is, a "Fourteenth Amendment citizen" who is guilty until proven innocent, and obligated to pay all the debts of your Masters?
These people are not content to wait around for rubes to fall off the turnip truck. They actively promote and create ignorance, so as to make their job of fleecing you easier.
They purposefully omit vital information from your public school education, and make sure that history and civics are "electives" --- and even if you take those elective classes, they are horrifically dull, full of both useless information and omissions designed to lead you to wrong assumptions.
Case in point -- were you misled to think that the Reconstruction following the Civil War was done and over a long time ago?
These predators use "legalese" and "terms of art" to confuse you and make you assume one meaning, when they are talking about something else entirely.
For example, when they say "natural person" they are talking about a dead body, a corpse. When they say "person" they are talking about a corporation of some kind. And how are you supposed to know this?
Well, you're not. And you are not supposed to have anyone to defend you from all this endless guile, either.
The lawyers who are supposed to be your counselors, are instead being dumbed down themselves, and almost all lawyers (present company excluded) are shackled to the dictates of the Bar Associations --- which are being operated as closed Union shops in defiance of the Public Law.
The promotion of ignorance and the abuse of innocent people via ignorance is one of the hallmarks of the Evil Ones, indeed, it is their primary mode of operation ---and now you can see it plainly described and in front of your faces.
You now know why they promote ignorance (to make it easier to defraud you) and you know at least some examples of how they do it (dumbing down in the schools and universities, establishment of a coercive foreign guild/union system to enforce ignorance and/or compliance with their scheme), and you also know why lawyers don't defend you from it (they are either ignorant themselves or they are afraid the Bar Association will sanction them and they will lose their livelihood and position of social esteem).

So, there's the God's Honest recount of the situation. What are we all going to do about it? Besides the obvious mandate to educate 320 million people?


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