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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Public Service Announcement

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the hellacious confusion that has been fostered by the misadministration of our Federal Subcontractors, there is ample cause to be confused. And angry.
So let me pour some oil for you.
All Federal Subcontractors, except Donald Trump, are working without a contract tonight. The corporations they worked for, both Municipal and Territorial, are defunct. And no new assumption of contract by any incorporated entity has been allowed.
So, Joe Biden may be "President of the United States" in whatever form or name the Municipal Board of Directors may choose for a new governmental services corporation, but neither he nor they have a contract with the actual American Government, and they are not allowed to act as Agents for us.
The members of the US CONGRESS can "represent" the Municipal United States all they want to, but the Municipal United States is reduced to functioning entirely within the District of Columbia as an independent international city-state, bound by the limitations of The Constitution of the United States as it existed in 1860.
All the Municipal Corporations formed under conditions of usurpation, fraud, and deceit are forfeit. All the Municipal citizenship obligations contractually conferred upon us without our knowledge and consent are null and void. All the patents issued "for" us by the Municipal Government, are ours to uphold or dispose of.
We are returning to the realm of Public Law and Public Courts.
One note for the military--- Municipal citizens of the United States have no constitutional guarantees and are, strictly speaking, not part of our population.
If Municipal citizens are caught promoting any crime seeking to undermine these United States, they may be arrested and tried for treason as well as any other crimes they have committed.
No Oath of Office or other explicit contract is necessary to bring Municipal citizens of the United States under Territorial (Military) jurisdiction, as the Municipal Government only exists within the Territorial District of Columbia.
Your position with respect to the Municipal United States and its citizenry is exactly analogous to the position of the Italian Government with respect to Vatican City.

If the Municipal citizenry gets out of hand and causes trouble, you have every right to arrest them and try them under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and are required to do so as part of your obligation to protect this country against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic (that is, within the District of Columbia).


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  1. Lin Wood - TRUTH. A must watch.