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Sunday, January 10, 2021

No Theocracy. No Democracy. Just Republics

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our two foreign Federal Subcontractors have different forms of government, as you would expect.  They are, after all, functioning under different laws and different jurisdictions and are foreign with respect to each other as well as to us. 

The Holy Roman Empire functions as a Theocracy, under the direction of the Roman Pontiff---aka, the Pope. 

It is a form of government based on a religion.  Whenever you see little catch phrases such as "In God We Trust" and "Under God", you are seeing references to this foreign Theocracy and its functions and its claims to subject people within its sphere of influence and jurisdiction.  

The take home message is that this Theocracy is foreign to us.  It's not our government, even if you happen to be Catholic.

Our Founders wisely chose against establishing a theocracy as our new government, and instead placed a separation between church and state, thus providing for freedom of religion and belief in this country. 

The British Territorial Government is a democracy.  That, too, is foreign with respect to us, the actual Americans. 

You have grown up hearing about "our democracy, our democracy"--- and that is your Territorial Employees harumphing about their democracy.  Our country has never been a democracy at all.  

Democracies have a very bad track record and do not provide any protection or security for individual people or their assets.  

Under a democracy, if 51% of the people want to kill you and eat you for breakfast, that's alright.  

The only saving grace that the Territorial United States Democracy has, is that it has only once in its long history been able to get a mandate of 51% in favor of anything.  

My point is, there is no American democracy.  We don't cherish democracy.  We don't promote democracy.  We never have.  

That's just our Hired Help out rabble-rousing and acting out of school, promoting a confusion of identities between them and their foreign democracy, and Americans and our State Republics.  

Our country is founded on what is known as "republicanism" ---- and that has nothing to do with a certain failing but well-known political party.  

Within our States of the Union, we have a "republican form of government" that honors and protects the individual rights and prerogatives and assets of each one of us.  

We all have an equal say and equal protection under the law.  It doesn't matter how many other people may want to kill us and eat us for breakfast.  

It breaks my heart to hear Americans mindlessly cheerleading for "their" democracy, when they don't know what a democracy is, and don't realize that they are cheering for a foreign government. 

It also makes me cringe when I hear Americans promoting the idea that because our country was founded on Christian principles, its government is a theocracy.  It's not.  It never was.  

So as we go forward, let's keep these points in mind and teach our children the same, so that we never forget who we are, and never cease to uphold the cause of freedom above mere liberty. 


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