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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Vote Fraud: Here’s the Proof

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  1. 19+ States Join Texas Lawsuit - God Bless Texas !
    "Arizona has joined 18 other states in supporting Texas’s lawsuit in SCOTUS against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, over election integrity. It's now: Arizona-Alabama-Arkansas-Florida-Indiana-Kansas-Louisiana-Mississippi-Missouri-Montana-Nebraska-North Dakota-Oklahoma-South Carolina-South Dakota-Tennessee-Texas-Utah-West Virginia

    Paul Furber@paul_furber
    "Heard from an associate in Washington, that several members of the Trump Administration, the military have been meeting with the Supreme Court in secret and revealing to the them the magnitude of the conspiracy to throw the election to Biden. Right now they have proved that China and Iran were working with members of the Democrat Party to mass print ballots and distribute them to selected voting locations. And also the shit in Frankfurt. Maybe Biden will get it up the ass in prison like Hunter fucked his niece."

    "Takeaways: Have faith patriots. The third act is about to begin. Trump does not care what SCOTUS does or does not do which I hardly need remind anyone is an extra ordinary powerful position to be in. I wonder if there is an Operation Courage we'll be hearing about. See Trump`s post today about courage. Ladies either bend over if you are a democrat or enjoy the show if you are not."

    "Smart Deep State folks have already left. The riggers, democrat tier level democrat morons, pathetic Republicans such as the traitorous kemp and his tranny secretary of state are being lubed up for a generational ass fucking of biblical size."

    "The Supreme Court has the chance to give him the win and if that fails he tells all. Starting with the shit in Frankfurt after Radcliff presents his report on foreign interference in the election and surfaces the shit the Chinese did in printing counterfeit ballots and shipping them to the bitch in Georgia and others for distribution. Yep the ones that had Biden`s name already filled in. And then he mentions by the way the CIA switched 4 million votes in Frankfurt......."


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