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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Situation Update, Dec. 9th - Humanity's breakthrough moment: We REFUSE to be enslaved!


  1. Mike Adams called for martial law to keep capitalism and it's viceroy white supremacy the way we're gonna stay. Sydnee tweeted the same. I was born in the State of Arizona and quite frankly the Paula White's calling of "African Angels' to help throw the election to DJT (thank goodness that she knows how to speak African!)was even better than Scott Spicer telling the nation on how to rig the voting system on "Dancing with the Stars".

    Speaking of China-congrats on a successful trip to the moon.

    I know how proud I was, even though I'm Chinese, because I felt like I was a part of what President Kennedy challenged us with. With the death of JFK, our fate was sealed.

    Only truth can set us free.

    I'm deeply ashamed that my country, the USA, has forbidden the Chinese scientists to set foot on the "International" Space Station. So, we will build our own.

    China also published a breakthrough in computing. They solved a problem that the current supercomputers calculation time is about two-thousand YEARS. Can't say we stole that one from the West! But Breitbart and Limbaugh will.And probably the Adam's family

    The only way you can achieve parity with the Chinese is to learn what they are doing-from the horse's mouth.

    Don't worry- if you display sincere compassion like Jesus did (And not like "Health Ranger",lol)-the Chinese can't help but be enthusiastic to work with the American's again

    1. All sounds good but still is a minimum not a great thing yet solving algorithm of software is not a big deal.

      The big violation is the Chinese also colluded with the British and the US Incorporated in early Forced World War II. Stealing se Asian gold, helping Rothschild Bankers Winston Churchill etcetera in secret mercenary CIA WARS whether you know the truth or not it is still a big crime.

      CHINA committed gold theft crimes likewise, to some extent. Russia got the blame from the Bastards UK mountbatten followers.

  2. how is any of that relevant??? please enlighten me


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