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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Electspionage! by Jeffrey Prather

 GA Gov Conspired with China, Bio-targeting US Troops, 12/8 Unsafe Harbor, China Vaccine Vacuum, & 5 KIA SPECOPs Museum Mystery.


  1. But the U.S.INC. troops JOINED the British troops after FDR murdered by churchill, to steal se Asia gold (after ww2, foward) to Back n.American and European currencies. Bc the 1933's 20,000 tons of gold confiscations were not sufficient to roar Wall Street Great Fraud and the UK++× COMMONWEALTH CURRENCIES. Min.req. was 6,000 ton / country.

    Most of American gold were used up in microchips, Nowadays. Remember, the secret CIA WAR in se Asia lasted as long as 45 years, to cover up foreign gold excravations.

    Evidences available to televise.

    1. This is concerning the dollar and U.S.Army in foreign controls:

      Folks many countries needed gold before 1920, evidenced by the 1915 - 16: Ww1 the scam on Germany didn't work out.. The Gold backed Currencies had caused the west to dip into the bloody Ww2 (Wars), to plunge into the Great Depression first in 1930 - 1935. Then 1937 ~ 1939: Gold THEFT went well for the British INC & U.S.A INC.

      However Hitler and the Japanese interrupted the west clandestine gold op. After Ww2 was about to fish, Rothschild Bankers planned ahead, in 1945, hiring these two Top British CROOKS, to kill FDR & Siam King. Why? To reserve the Golden Lands, to continue to excravate massive se Asian Gold. The French Govt kept their secret doc.s around, passing them to my friends, then to me. Why me? Bc i can read human energies of the past, even from the dead souls, to trace the events of their past with 100% accuracy. Yes Stalin was correct, Winston churchill did kill FDR, to get him to reduce his portion of US portion of their shared Gold. FDR refused to reduce, bc he argued that American confiscated gold already helped the British and their Commonwealth, to staying Solvent, in 1933's forward.

      IF FDR was not killed, the dollar bills would be worth at the much higher values than than today's dollar values. And the U.S.Army wouldn't be in the British controls.

      What I mean is, the British took more se Asia gold. That's why their sterlin pound has higher value.

  2. Almost out of (((Howard zenn))) school book total 1890 British Rothschild tool Cecil Rhodes pushed war ww1 Cecil Rhodes again engineered because Germany was leading the industal revolution.
    Ww2 Germany rebuild again so ((( Churchill))) Rothschild puppet turned down 30 peace offers (((FDR ))) funds treasury plates and massive military to communist.
    9/11 urban moving van with plane plowing into towers Mossad.
    Every false flag Mossad is involved.
    4years of hell for trump by (((Andrew Wiseman)))
    And fellow ACLU types .
    Now AG Bill Barr mr Ruby Ridge cover up attorney
    Joked on air party out of power will be in jail.
    It’s a corporate bylaws see it written incarnation by law it bylaw. It’s code and statutes are for public servants we have rights and in law or lawful .
    Unfortunately these fancy entrapment most don’t know


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