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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How Communists Get you to Comply with their Evil

 This applies 100% to the COVID-19 Tyranny!


  1. Bill Gates and the British+++× planned, created this Covid-19, framed someone else. Like they did in the past to confuse se Asian Victims, to take their massive gold. Same Winston Churchill FDR games.

    Check out why many G20 countries went bankrupted in 1930-33.

    They can't get out of the ditch to become Multi-Quandrillion Rich UK+++× U.S.INC without PLAYING MIND GAMES.

    NOW law of bad Karma upon us.

    1. Siam now receiving the same Karma fightback. Turmoil, rare pedophiles in buddha temples, King & ppl acting weird with AIDS, for colluding w.the west clandestine gold Theft...CIA Secret se Asia mercenary confusing 23yr wars, expanded to Vietnam war+×, totally 45 years.

      Illuminati yes, but not Rockefeller main stream cheap oil. Gold-backed currencies are the core problems of GOVT-FRAUD-THEFT-HATE crimes. Ratio is 3000:1 Get your logic tuned up men.


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