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Saturday, December 12, 2020

LIVE: Rallies for Trump in Washington


  1. Sounds controld.......... the zionest and thair tools destroying our history text Boole , print media,now our rallies.

  2. Kavanaw wrote to he patriot act so says judge Andrew Napolitino.
    Barrett Joel Scolsen says all her ruelings were all zionest approved.
    Alito is cowering after scillia Thomas turned on us continually.

  3. >>>>>> ONLY two CORP. (TRIBUNAL) judges looking at the case and they are two.....

    WHY America still play the British Games?

    1. 248+ years, enough of BAR parasites / Thieves is enough...

    2. Siam now receiving the same Karma fightback. Turmoil, rare pedophiles in buddha temples, King & ppl acting weird with AIDS, for colluding w.the west clandestine gold Theft...CIA Secret se Asia mercenary confusing 23yr wars, expanded to Vietnam war+×, totally 45 years. Secret to Americans, Not to CONgress.

      Illuminati yes, but not Rockefeller main stream cheap oil. Gold-backed currencies are the core problems of GOVT-FRAUD-THEFT-HATE crimes. Ratio is 3000:1 Get your logic tuned up men.


      Lin Wood@LLinWood
      American Patriots be prepared. Events will unfold quickly over next several days. Listen to @realDonaldTrump.
      CCP (Chinese Communist Party) attacked our country with a biological weapon. CCP attacked us again to steal election. CCP wants our land to grow food. We shall NEVER let them take it. Pray. Remember that Dominion is financed 75% by Communist China. Will we sit idly by & let Communists decide who runs our country?

      This was sent to Paul by a CIA guy who participated in the vote stealing fraud in Frankfurt, Germany. He's on the run now.....
      Paul Furber
      CIA Fren Update: "The Military Has Been Watching From The Beginning.
      "Well ladies I am back from fishing and can only speak for myself. I am hiding out in the Bahamas and having a great time. My negress is hot and the food and sun is great. I have told you what is happening with the President`s speech and have outlined for you many of the specific details regarding how the election was stolen and my adventure going out a window into a dumpster, the broken glass, my few days hiding out in Germany. If you don`t believe the truth then go back to CNN and suck Don Lemon`s dick. Once the Presidential Address is announced and you hear the speech you will all be forgiven for your faggot betrayal and we can laugh together though the hangings and laugh as the military starts purging the politicians. Has it sunk in yet that the military has been watching this shit show since it started and knows who did what, where, and when. All of this shit now is just a movie. The third act, that is when you wake up and see the truth. Right now you are in the fog of battle. Let it go, fuck your whatever and have a drink. What is your call it the day of the rope. Enjoy."

      Personal opinion: the Presidential Address will be in the next couple of days, maybe even tomorrow evening. He's going to move like a thunderbolt immediately afterwards. The military have been watching literally *everything* and have everyone involved cold.

      Have faith patriots. It's not a matter of weeks now but of days."


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