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Friday, December 11, 2020

The Present Situation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people have been alarmed and calling me this morning asking, "How can Pennsylvania sue PENNSYLVANIA?" 

There are two foreign Subcontractors, which are both for-profit, foreign-owned commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, ---- and one is suing the other. 

The British Territorial United States retained under The Constitution of the United States of America and its "State of State" organizations are the ones operating "the" State of Pennsylvania. 

They are suing their Municipal United States counterpart which was retained under The Constitution of the United States, and its "STATE OF STATE" organization operating "the" STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. 

And that is how Pennsylvania can sue PENNSYLVANIA.  

This can only happen in what they call "Original Jurisdiction" where there is an argument between foreign states, in this case, states-of-states.  Both these governments are foreign to each other, and foreign to us, too. 

Upshot? Yes, there are multiple things out there calling themselves "Pennsylvania", but there is only one actual Pennsylvania, our Pennsylvania, the one with rocks and trees and rivers. 

All these other things calling themselves "Pennsylvania" are business organizations that are more properly called "states-of-states".  They are also called "Confederate States"-- and it is this that causes the confusion, because you don't know if you are talking about an actual State or a Confederate "State" except from context. 

In actuality, the Territorial State of Pennsylvania is suing the Municipal STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA ---- and we, the people of the actual State known as Pennsylvania, are watching our Subcontractors square off and fight over how they are going to dispose of our country in our purported absence. 

So, if you aren't "absent" it's high time that you weighed in and told your Employees what to do. 


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  1. Wow nuns raped by Catholic / Vatican priests, ongoing violations and abuses:

    1. Yes they colluded with the British, the U.S. Incorporated, the UK+++× Commonwealth, the SCOTTISH JERKS, as well as the Siam corrupt leaders.

      NOW their sins coming after them. Siam ended up with AIDS.

      Still not believing in the Laws of Bad Karma?

      I don't have to dress up in any uniform to behave well I am just doing it naturally for twenty years, the angels said i passed the tests.

  2. [>>>>>>
    There are two foreign Subcontractors, which are both for-profit, foreign-owned commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, ---- and one is suing the other. 
    Sometimes they lower with their writing characters so that their fictitious STATE WOULDN'T look like a Corporation.

  3. Mark Passio...Are You Really The Good Guys?
    Humanity's Beliefs are an illusion of a diseased psyche..based entirely on violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic BELIEF that some people are the MASTERS who have the moral right to issue commands and that others are their slaves..who have a moral obligation to obey their MASTERS..Government is Slavery..Universal Law is the only Moral Law

  4. I keep telling you all that what you see in the Vatican II church is not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination. That thing in Rome is not the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ.

  5. Didn't Jesus say he came only to the House of Israel? To confirm the law of Moses?

    1. theres many many many jesuses to choose from.

      thats the moses-chosen jesus, jesus of nun. just a man. who fought for a worldly kingdom.

      the other jesus:

      he said he had a new commandment.
      and circumcision of the heart.
      and the kingdom is within ppl, not an outer temple.
      and john 14:6
      all these things go against mosaic law.
      there are more things like

      versus david, but you will have to perhaps see the talmud for that.

      of course any so-called "golden age" for judaism is after their messiah comes -- which has not occured. and the worldly state of israel has jumped the gun, preventing their guy from showing up.

      likewise, no worldly kingdom for saint jerome. the meek get the earth in this lifetime. that's bad. means they missed out on heaven.

      kaballah has a worldly kingdom, but thats forbidden by both judaism as "secret books" and is a heresy.

      thus is messiah ben david of johns revelation/apocalypse. their lord and his christ.

      that isnt new of course -- but is news to ppl who arent told these things. most dead sea scroll stuff is gnosticism/2nd coming/worldly kingdom i.e. people who reject christ and are waiting for their messiah.

      quote: Jesus on the Temple Mount rejects the idea that the Messiah is the son of David.
      this is why there is supposed to be one holy apostolic church (apostolic, as opposed to royal blood, dynasties of kings, etc.)

    2. there is jesus with a worldly kingdom (so-called "jewish jesus", although is actually kabbalah).

      and then the other one whose kingdom is not of this world.

      so, this is really apocalypse/revelation messiah ben david versus new testament jesus.

      either new test jesus, whose kingdom is not of this world

      versus revelation jesus, new heaven and earth, matthew 24, which the first jesus warns about and says is a fake.

      there are of course many more, alchemy jesus, rosicrucian jesus, cosmic christ...but this helps eliminate most things.

      1) worldly kingdom or not
      2) always god, or just a temporary prophet
      3) trinity? son of god? mother of god?
      4) are john 14:6 and matthew 24 still in effect or not

      those 4 things will help narrow down the many many many jesuses.

      e.g. apocalypse jesus has a worldly kingdom, and no trinity (their lord and his christ) and no mother. and he rejects 4)

      new test jesus does not have a worldly kingdom, and claims noone goes to the father except through him, and tells you to watch out for fakes.

      new test jesus says he is the only way to "the father"

      apocalypse jesus is "jesus for everyone else" who rejects new test. jesus.

    3. new test. jesus said to leave your parents and follow him.

      that goes against 10 commandments aka moses law too.

  6. well, i just have to click on publish.

  7. The State of Texas' motion to file a bill of complaint was denied because "Texas has not demonstrated a judicial interest". Anna talks about the difference between Texas (with private people) and the State of Texas (a business organization). Can the Texas Assembly demand a bill of complaint or claim? Or, maybe Alaska - Anna's domicile?

  8. 55, ORIG. TEXAS V. PENNSYLVANIA, ET AL. State of Texas' motion to file a bill of complaint was denied because Texas has not demonstrated a judicial interest. Anna talks about the difference between Texas (with private people) and the State of Texas (a business organization). Can the Alaska State Assembly demand a judicial review?


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