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Friday, December 11, 2020

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes urges Americans to prepare for TOTAL WAR

 Mike Adams interviews Stewart Rhodes 12/11/2020


  1. we already have been seen this coming for some time now it is all in!! the cabal cannot loose and will play all cards with the crowns help. Mr president remember you are the the one with the largest non standing army, we bring own own guns,food, transportation and ammo.

    1. As a Canadian National, I'll second that...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This is concerning the dollar and USArmy in foreign controls:

      Folks many countries needed gold before 1920, evidenced by the 1915 - 16: Ww1 the scam on Germany didn't work out.. The Gold backed Currencies had caused the west to dip into the bloody Ww2 (Wars), to plunge into the Great Depression first in 1930 - 1935. Then 1937 ~ 1939: Gold THEFT went well for the British INC & U.S.A INC.

      However Hitler and the Japanese interrupted the west clandedtine gold op. After Ww2 was about to fish, Rothschild Bankers planned ahead, in 1945, hiring these two Top British CROOKS, to kill FDR & Siam King. Why? To reserve the Golden Lands, to continue to excravate massive se Asian Gold. The French Govt kept their secret doc.s around, passing them to my friends, then to me. Why me? Bc i can read human energies of the past, even from the dead souls, to trace the events of their past with 100% accuracy. Yes Stalin was correct, Winston churchill did kill FDR, to get him to reduce his portion of US portion of their shared Gold. FDR refused to reduce, bc he argued that American confiscated gold already helped the British and their Commonwealth, to staying Solvent, in 1933's forward.

      IF FDR was not killed, the dollar bills would be worth at the much higher values than than today's dollar values. And the U.S.Army wouldn't be in the British controls.

    4. What I mean is, the British took more se Asia gold. That's why their sterlin pound has higher value.

  2. Stewart and Adams are more feds covering up for real Terrorist domestic violence tip every war every false flag has Mossad fingerprints. Da these guys at traitors.

    1. bubbapatric - ya know, its so pathetic how its everybody else, China, Iran, the left, the Deep State.... but the jews.
      Will give credit to Rhodes who called out that despicable Plastic Princess 'Yael' Ivanka & her son-of-a-convict Jared, CHABAD JEWS, saying they are opposed to Trump doing what Rhodes deems necessary: INSURRECTION ACT.

      Mike Adams does not tolerate the truth about jews & made a Brighteon video going on & on & on & on jewdaizing, saying his platform is all about free speech EXCEPT about the jews & if he doesn't like what is said about the jews, the video will be removed.

      So Rhodes got as close as he could w that jewdaizer Adams. In another vid, Adams kept up the same schtick, deflecting from the jews & Israhell, & dumping all of this on China.

      But hey, like Anna said CHINA is the only free nation. Can ya believe that baalsh*t?? China is the only free nation. Reckon Anna has not clue about their Rothschild parasitical infestation long, long ago.

      So, there are a whole bunch of jewsful idiots. thanks & stay sane

      Its more than Mossad, Talpiot, Unit 8200 & its disgusting how the jews get away with it all. thanks & stay sane

    CIA Fren Update: You Will Feel Better After Hanging Them Edition.

    "Once the presidential address is announced and you sit down with your rope from hanging the MSM, the Democrats, and the Deep State you will feel better. Trump already has everything he needs and it will feel good.

    And me and my ladies will be here on my boat laughing our ass off as Biden is hanged by a military court."

    CIA Fren Update: Military Courts Hello Gina Edition.
    "The Scotus decision would be nice but it really does not matter. A Presidential Address, imagine our little shit show in Frankfurt will lead off the show, you remember the 4 million votes we switched announcing martial law. Military sent to Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and shutting down CNN and other major news outlets and military courts for those involved in Frankfurt. Hello Gina. A Christmas to remember."

    Let's Go !

    "And do not forget the millions of ballots counterfeited in China and shipped to a warehouse in the Chicago area for distribution to battleground states in the mid west. And of course our two manlets in Georgia will be hung on the Capital grounds in Atlanta."

  4. I agree with you Stuart.... BUT he has to tread lightly until SCOTUS starts their deliberations. We do not want to alienate the courts by "declaring an insurrection" The public will not understand this due to the state of the compromised media.

  5. Maximus

  6. BREAKING: US Supreme Court Throws Out Texas Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin

    Greg Rubini@Greg_Rubini
    as I suspected...
    the Supreme Court is CORRUPT
    - as any other judge in this country.

    I am surprised about Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.
    But we have learned the lesson:
    TRAITORS Everywhere.

    Time to grab our weapons and ammunitions.
    and make JUSTICE ourselves.
    or... we can say the USA goodbye

    1. Shelby - can you email me directly?
      I have some questions for you and would appreciate it.

  7. It is God's will light defeats darkness and this is inevitable

  8. The choice is yours. You can die running or you might live, if you choose to fight. God didn't give us a coward's spirit, he gave us a warrior's spirit. Amen!

  9. Stewart Rhodes is potentially going to get a lot of militia members into hot water if they act against the D.C. oligarchy. They themselves could be charged with insurrection by the crooks in the municipal or territorial governments. Also, Donald Trump doesn't need advice, he's prepared for this situation for decades. I believe Adams is a patriot, but he is off by a country mile with a lot of his ideas.


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