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Friday, December 11, 2020

Dear Friends of The Galactic Council

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, we are not innately nor inherently self-destructive.  We do not have a death wish for ourselves or other creatures. The actual Government of this country has not been at war since 1814.

We have been driven half-mad by the conditions imposed upon us by Galactic Criminals as you well know, for you are all responsible for allowing this to go on for the last 32,000 Earth Years.

For your amusement, for your experimentation, for your advantage in trade, for your beliefs, for your prejudices, and yes, for your fears, this planet and these people and all the animals have suffered and the Sons of the Saturnine Brotherhood have waged unrelenting, ruthless, piratical war against all sense and moral decency and reason.

They have trampled Universal Law and you have sat there and not lifted a finger; as a result, the fury of the Primal Creator has been engendered and is a flame already burning in the sky.

This time it won’t be any gentle “Jesus” accepting the spite and mockery of these Accusers who stand accused by me and many others, as hypocrites, liars, murderers, and thieves who do not honor Creation nor understand the Creators.

The time has come for the Galactic Council to take a stand and stop waffling around. There is no excuse for prolonging any war of the spirit or tolerating any more ignorance about the nature of “time”, the uselessness of lies, the correction of mathematics,  the secret of physicality, and equally, no reason to listen to those portraying our race as hopeless and ripe for eternal judgement.

The ones worthy of eternal judgement are those who have accused us of doing what they have done, the ones who Breached the Public Trust, lied under Oath,  lied by Omission, lied with purposeful malice aforethought,  who murdered billions of people for profit, who spread the lies of money, who enforce a pathetic and False Doctrine of Scarcity and who will reliably cause more trouble if they are not stopped and held to account.


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  1. I think that is just a start but great reference.

  2. Thank you Anna on behalf of all humanity. And talking about the Galactic Council where is Queen Ann-Ra from Andromeda who is said to have taken over the council awhile ago.Does Egypt remind you of anything to do with aspects of your history in relation to Gaia?
    As to the so called Galactic Federation of Light I do not know where to begin.
    And then there is saint Germain and his trust which was meant to ' save '' rest of humanity from enslavement. How naive I was to hold the belief that it was coming.Maybe on another lifetime in another experiment but definitely NOT IN THIS NOW in the ever present co - creating moment.
    To YOU ALL I say BIG FAT SHAME on you.
    Clearly, all of you lot have sold us out like a lamb to a slaughter.
    And please, we do not buy your excuses that these negotiations have to be done or conducted in secrecy.
    I wonder what Prime creator both Male and Female will think of the LOT of you now.
    Frankly, YOU LOT have SOLD us down the garden path period.

  3. "No, we are not innately nor inherently self-destructive"

    Ummm maybe this will help you see the light "spiritually"

    Rom 8:20 For the creature was made subject to VANITY, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,


    From G3152; inutility; figuratively transientness; morally depravity: - vanity.

    So if the Bible has any sense of reality, men was created DEPRIVED OF MORALITY!!!

    All for a grand purpose. At the end we need to be saved from our own selves!!

    He who has ears to hear let him hear


  4. IF you were to actually use your eyes "spiritually" you would realize that the Bible has been altered continuously since the first pages were ever written. It is an allegory of sacred science not historical, nor literal. The kinds of passages you cite are there to promote the very real agenda of total enslavement. See look here.... your own God says you're worthless and good for either saving at His (their) pleasure or to be burned. Again, at THEIR pleasure. The foolish sheep will follow the rest right up to the butcher knife. The sooner people realize that God created perfectly, but we didn't hold up our end and allowed ourselves to be conned by others with very bad intent. Face up to your own weaknesses and go forward repentant and eyes open. Each one of us really have nothing to fear. One person in their fully rectified intellect and spiritual power is alone enough. That is how we were created. And, how we can be again.

    1. thank you for all you chapters and verses to make your point so clear.

      P.S. The real God does not burn his creation.

    2. And dont forget the last chapter...Revalations..!!
      This entire passage has been changed by the protestant movement and terrance darby to DECEIVE the masses...The rapture is a lie..the only reason to be ratured is to be judged...immediately..
      So you of those hoping for a miraculous rature are waiting for nothing because we are all going though the tribulation..!! But those of us that stay in the spirit will be taken care of though the tribulation..

    3. There are misinformers... on this group. However...

      I HAVE all top 5 WORLD CROOKS TOGETHER, Photo from German Govt. You really think Germans are not as smart as some self-composed Conspirators?


  6. Don’t know what books y’all have been reading??
    Like Zachariah Sitchen and his reading actual written text in clay cylinder seals and Dead Sea scrolls.and teams of archeologists piecing the missing links together.
    Bottom line we were always hired help some favored.
    Run out of Middle East by mongrels & nut jobs
    That run the insane asylums.
    White flight ended up in Europe.
    Slight intervention by Maria Orsic.and her long haired channelers.
    And the scientists who took the details and assemble anti gravity craft was no other than who the Earth Rosenant frequency is named after Dr Shummerman.

  7. Friends of The Galactic Council ?
    NOT our peoples friends. They are another version of real estate FRAUDSTERS, planning ahead to tax poeple in another part of the Universe, Where none had NEVER BEEN.

  8. I can see the need for a new currency, but A galactic council? speechless - just another reference to the true God's creation, ie. more of the same. Better to refer to and request the help of the one true God.

  9. "This time it won’t be any gentle “Jesus” accepting the spite and mockery of these Accusers who stand accused by me and many others, as hypocrites, liars, murderers, and thieves who do not honor Creation nor understand the Creators." YES! This time around it will be the People of Planet (D)Earth rising up en masse and causing these evil ones' TOTAL DESTRUCTION, Forever and Ever, Amen. On to building the New Eden. The criminal parasites shall become nothing more than a sad, fading memory in short time.

    1. without illuminism there is no america.

      the pre-illuminism old world order is john 14:6.

      no freedom of religion in the old world order.

      "the lord" is satan as well.

      "our lord" is christ.

      no worldly kingdom on earth in the old world order.

      america, aka the new atlantis, would basically cease to exist.

      without illuminism and novus ordo seclorum and some supposed "golden age" there really is no america.

      comes down to whether you want freedom of religion or not really.

      and who is "god" -- christ or "the lord" of old test.

      that was an illuminist thing. no church. instead like the days of abraham, return to a "family" having authority over children rather than "the church".

      who is "father" ? a child's parents, the state, or the church?

      the illuminists went with old test. and rejected christ and said "their parents" -- thats ths american system, illuminism, reject christ, stick with "the lord" instead

      the old world order was "the church"

      the modern world it is "the state"

    2. should be pointed out, charles thomson who put novus ordo seclorum on the seal, the "golden age" is

      1) a line from virgil
      2) return of saturn's reign.

      it originally referred to pre-christ and christ was supposed to be this golden age.

      so, its actually been 1984ed.

      again, without the reign of saturn, there is no america.

      got a new seal? america is based on illuminist rejection of christ, opting for an age of saturn instead.

  10. that bible quote is from revxxi8, not hebrews

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. many countries needed gold before 1920, evidenced by the 1915 - 16: Ww1 the scam on Germany didn't work out.. The Gold backed Currencies had caused the west to dip into the bloody Ww2 (Wars), to plunge into the Great Depression first in 1930 - 1935. Then 1937 ~ 1939: Gold THEFT went well for the British INC & U.S.A INC.

    However Hitler and the Japanese interrupted the west clandedtine gold op. After Ww2 was about to fish, Rothschild Bankers planned ahead, in 1945, hiring these two Top British CROOKS, to kill FDR & Siam King. Why? To reserve the Golden Lands, to continue to excravate massive se Asian Gold. The French Govt kept their secret doc.s around, passing them to my friends, then to me. Why me? Bc i can read human energies of the past, even from the dead souls, to trace the events of their past with 100% accuracy. Yes Stalin was correct, Winston churchill did kill FDR, to get him to reduce his portion of US portion of their shared Gold. FDR refused to reduce, bc he argued that American confiscated gold already helped the British and their Commonwealth, to staying Solvent, in 1933's forward.

    IF FDR was not killed, the dollar bills would be worth at the much higher values than than today's dollar values. And the U.S.Army wouldn't be in the British controls.

  13. What I mean is, the British took more se Asia gold. That's why their sterlin pound has higher value.
    I HAVE all top 5 WORLD CROOKS TOGETHER, Photo from German Govt. ( German Federal Archive (Deutsches Bundesarchiv)

    You really think Germans are not as smart as some self-composed Conspirators?

  14. I am staying positive , as hard as that is , I waiver but regain my composure shortly . Trusting Q's , trust the plan, words so I do .
    Still I am prepared to forcefully defend myself and family, from all enemies , foreign and domestic. Pray it doesn't come to that , but will do so with full prejudice, no quater .

  15. Hi Jay - I agree. I had a great conversation today with 2 good friends.
    One a far left and one a far right. I was listening g to both sides of the commentary and I am proud to defend myself too. My hubby and I both able. We are an able bodied nation and I am grateful for that. W
    I too am staying positive.


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