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Monday, October 12, 2020

Public Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim

 By Anna Von Reitz

To all Parties and Principals Concerned: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents
Although we informally call The United States of America “the United States” that isn’t really what “the United States” is.
The entity formally known as “the United States” was originally the unincorporated government of the Union of States formed in 1776; in 1790 this entity began using the Proper Name, The United States, and its Municipal power-sharing partner began operating as “the United States”.
So, in fact, “the United States” today is the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia and it is limited to the “one mile square” devoted to the Municipality of Washington, DC. This entity continued to operate as an unincorporated business from 1790 to 1878, when it was fully incorporated as a Municipal Corporation and recognized as an independent international city-state, run as a “plenary oligarchy” by the members of Congress, allowed under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.
Now read the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2017 abstract:
“Birthright Citizenship Act of 2017. This bill amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to consider a person born in the United States "subject to the jurisdiction" of the United States for citizenship at birth purposes if the person is born in the United States of parents, one of whom is: (1) a U.S. citizen or national, (2) a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States, or (3) an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.”
The Municipal Government dba “the United States” is claiming that babies born to all Federal Civil Service Employees, to people born in the Insular States and Possessions, to political asylum seekers, and to Americans serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States [Municipal Government] and are citizens of the Municipal United States Government at birth.
Slaves, in other words.
Public slave ownership has never been outlawed by “the United States” and so it continues and grows and thrives.
This time, they’ve attacked and attached the children of innocent American Servicemen and Civil Servants.
They have also set up a verbal conundrum by which they may hope to claim that any American they see is a “lawful permanent resident alien”--- a form of political asylum seeker, obligated to serve the Municipal Oligarchy, if that “alien” --- from their perspective, “resides” in the United States.
Welcome to Little Rome.
The problem is that The Constitution of the United States strictly limits their government to the one mile square set aside for them in the District of Columbia, and their apparent gross over-reach and usurpation in forming over 185,000 Municipal Corporations and claiming millions of acres of land in this country as “federal” land owned and operated by Municipal Corporations, is both illegal and unlawful and a Gross International Breach of Trust in violation of our Treaties with their government, in violation of their own law as adopted via the Geneva and Hague Conventions, and in violation of the Nuremburg Code.
So is any claim that the people living on this illegally and unlawfully purloined land are “citizens of the United States” and “assets” belonging to the Municipal United States Government in any form.
We firmly return and refuse all such claims of conferred citizenship obligations, together with all interpretations and all presumptions leading to the conscription or trafficking of any American into Municipal jurisdiction; the State Citizens, known as the People of this country, who are Principals and Parties to The Constitution of the United States issue this Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim to the Municipal United States, their Bankruptcy Trustees, and all other Principals and Concerned Parties.
We demand that the 185,000-plus illegally and unlawfully and immorally established Municipal Corporation franchises be dissolved and further demand that all assets purloined in this process be repatriated to The United States of America and to the States and People to whom these assets manifestly belong.
We also demand that all abuse of usufruct privileges immediately and permanently stop, and that all so-called individual Municipal Corporations gifted to Americans in their own names as a means of constructive fraud against them be dissolved. All profits, fees, leases, tithes, beneficial contracts, stocks, bonds, titles, copyrights, patents, trademarks, material and immaterial assets, including houses, land, and public interests including our court buildings, roads, railroads, public utilities, parks, and national defense investments must be returned to the victims of these heinous False Claims in Commerce and attendant abuses.
We also bring your combined attentions to the filing and approval of yet another incorporation charter in violation of our trademarks and Good Name:
M25 9WS
Company Number: 12666306
Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 12/06/2019
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business: (SIC) Tax Consultancy
We fail to see why any government under contract to us to provide us with Good Faith government services should be operating a Municipal Corporation in our NAME, nor why any government Principal should be issuing an incorporation charter to any Private Limited Company in our NAME. This is an unconscionable infringement upon our identity as a nation and an invitation to constructive fraud which is entirely unacceptable to us. Please promptly notify the appropriate Parties to rescind approval of this charter application and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that no further infringements occur.

Signed by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


  1. DC is ten miles square and how can something be incorporated in the future? (12/06/2020)

    1. I believe since it is of British registry the date needs to be read as the 20th of June, 2020

    2. Anything outside WA D.C. 10 square mile are fictitious STATES OF STATE (WA D.C.). THE CROOKS SIMULATED OUR LOCAL STATES, AND INSTALLED THEIR PUPPETS.

      The daid CRIMINALS can be anything they want to be imaginarily but they are still criminals. WHY ?

      Even if they claim the following fraudulent Government structure, they are still part of the top U.S. Incorporated of the BRITISH AND VATICAN MERCENARY CROOKS. THEY are NOT Independent by themselves. THEY are part of the FOREIGN FAKE GOVT, FAKE ID. FAKE MANY THINGS against America and against the world. Pure and simple by the fruit's of their evil works, to take and consume like the UGLY PARASITES HIDING below our skins.

      >>>> The Municipal Government dba “the United States” is claiming that babies born to all Federal Civil Service Employees, to people born in the Insular States and Possessions, to political asylum seekers, and to Americans serving in the U.S. Armed Forces......

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


      THEY, the thieves ALSO CALLED US THE PROPERTY OWNER'S CREDITORS AS the terrors. For terrifying them? They are the Ones doing what they accused others doing.

  2. If you acknowledge yourself as eternal living Spirit operating an autonomous Circle of light Biosphere Orb,we as living Spirit in this realm belong to a Clan.
    That Clan as a root race has its origins through the 12 Star Gates from which we are 12D Arcturus belongs to a Star Nation in which we have Treaties in place among other Star Nations to engage in thriving relationships and Star Nation communities in which these Treaties are still in effect and have been carried out under Inter Star Nation Law and Treaties, which is why we are FIRST LAW Star Nations because we run a core frequency vibration Identity of love and living under the Law of Peace amongst the 13 original Tribes and Clans seeded here from Eden,which is a 1/2 a dimensional scale out where Gaia her daughter as the Great living Spirit of Mother Nature,assembled the Triple spiral Base 9,48 chromosome Avatar like the one eye am in,where the Great Apes were used as surrogate Mothers,because they have enormous love,compassion and empathy for us who come in from higher frequency density consciousness dimensional Heavenly realms*Laniakea)through the Vortex of the Heart chakra with 2 downlinks and uplink to go home after class is dismissed in 2013.
    Aka Baktoun Harmonics.
    Musical Spheres
    We are the Groundskeepers here as the peacekeepers healers and teachers to help others Star Trek navigate to learn how to attract more electrons and magnetic light amplifier to vibrate a powerful Vortex in which they learn how to become a light house energy service provider,just like any FREE energy Sun.
    Corpus Juris Secundrum will never advance its reverse Black hole parasitic consciousness programming in which they are losing light not attracting light,and they had a given Baktoun Harmonics time to graduate by learning how to do that.
    Most of them failed the Coursework.
    Thus we're in the process of separating the Herd,because 2 out of every 3 people are not RH positive Avatar and Homo Sentient Sapiens.
    Eye wish u all my love and healing energies.
    Aloha Laniakea

  3. P.2 BTW Those Treaties are known as the the 6 Aboriginal Treaties.
    The Treaty that applies to what is known as the Americus Empire is the Noah's Ark Treaty.
    Noah's Ark is not a Boat.
    They lied about everything,because their Planetary Corporate Pirates.
    The Draco Reptilian were squatters here who aligned with the Annunaki,Archons the makers of Black Goo,and NAZI'S, Tall Whites as part the Labrynth Group which is CIA,NSA and 13 bloodlines of RH negative.
    Why is that important.
    The Hourglass
    The sands of time that loop in a Quanta light frequency field between a Black hole and white hole,when the event Horizon timeline is between both as the singularity.
    Spinning the speed of the particle is between losing light in reverse time clock and forward in time by going faster with a hyper drive through hyperdimensional density consciousness dimensional realms.
    Speed of the wave and its relationship to losing speed and gaining mass density consciousness and gaining speed through higher frequency vibration to lose all our mass which is zero point infinite light,which is attaining the highest speed of communication consciousness which is purity.
    The purity of our Spirit because we run the hottest light bulb.
    That's a lotta love.
    The FEAR based timeline is accelerating its collapse,which will accelerate the separation of ours to separate to higher frequency density consciousness experiences.
    FEAR is a 100 million Hertz.
    That's a slow speed wave.
    Crank up your Heart and Soul Spirit accelerator to shift with us.
    We love U all

  4. would this not be a copy right and a international postal issue if the are using a assumed name that is a copy right issue, also if they are mailing using this name it would also fall under international postal jurisdiction.

  5. In all of this it will pay to be clear that none of this Birthright Citizenship Act sleight-of-hand business has any bearing on the 'natural born citizen' eligibility requirement for the offices of both the VP and the POTUS; with the definition of a NBC, as the term was understood at the time that the constitutional Framers put it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency (and later was added as an amendment to the contract to include, logically, that of the office of VP) being that of a person "born in the country, of parents who are citizens" thereof. (The definition comes from the definitive tome of the day of the Framers on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations'.) And that eligibility requirement for those two federal offices (and those such offices only; signifying their exceptional importance to the Republic) STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional Amendment to the contrary. No Resolutions or Acts of Congress need apply. (Including the Naturalization Act of 1790; which in any event was struck down, as misleading on this very subject point, by the Naturalization Act of 1795 - and signed off on then by such notable 'constitutionalists' as James Madison, then a Representative, and G. Washington, as President.) Thus, BHO was constitutionally ineligible for the office of POTUS; and Kamala Harris is constitutionally ineligible for EITHER of them, with NEITHER of her parents being U.S. citizens at the time of her birth.

    As we clean up the constitutional misdeeds in this country, let us not forget these two.

    1. you are mixing apples and oranges. things you should find out:

      us citizen
      citizen of the united states
      citizen of the usa
      american citizen
      state citizen
      citizen of the several states
      federal citizen (blacks law dictionary)

      and all of annas territorial/municipal stuff.

      plus add any spelling variations such as upper and lower case.

      plus add articles of confederation citizens.

      this phrase you use "NEITHER of her parents U.S. citizens at the time of her birth" means absolutely nothing.

      "American" means zero.

      define your terms.

      also, noone whined about any of this until a black guy won.

      i am not accusing you of that, but noone cared until obama. odds are, you will find 150+ years of people who werent qualified either.

      look up andrew johnson. the "radical republicans" told him he was "no longer a citizen" ? why? he left the south, went north. even before the 14th, see bouviers 1856 "citizen" this accusation was a lie. he not only did not secede, but should have been good wherever he resided after going north.

      150+ years -- AT LEAST -- is what you are looking at.

      "U.S. citizen" means nothing. that term means nothing. zero. "American" means nothing. zero.

      notice when trump naturalized people recently -- citizens of the usa is the term they used IIRC but he called them "American citizens" (nowhere defined). voter registrations say "U.S. citizens" IIRC. thats 3 undefined terms right there.

      we also have: citizen of the several states. that was pre-14th. so who is that?

    2. this kind of laziness and sloppiness and NOT DEFINING YOUR TERMS
      is how things ended up in this mess.

      "U.S. citizen" -- if that phrase was supposed to mean something, it no longer does. and trump aint helping, just muddying the waters further.

      what does that tell you?

      that you are being used and led into a trap, while they distract you about obama and harris etc.

      the "republicans" do the same garbage. just see trump naturalizing people. and again, compare to voter registration.

      try to get definitions of all those terms used. citizen of the usa, american citizen, u.s. citizen.

    3. also there are common law rules of things. which, being based on english common law, why do you assume law of nations?

      The Law of Nations'is international law. like law merchant.

      so yes, citizenship stuff might fall under "nations generally do this" -- but that is international "customs" similar to common law.

      we already know where america derived from -- english common law. see declaration of independence. note the charge that they werent letting them naturalize people.

      while i believe generally this "english common law" and "law of nations" will be one and the same in this case -- this kind of laziness and sloppiness and "definitive tome" is again how things end up in such a mess.

      there is no "definitive tome" on citizenship because -- there are different types of law, and time periods.

      and america is a mish mash of things. just like they based things on english common law -- they also didnt want the feudalism stuff. so its a mish mash. no "definite" tome. they were making it up as they went along, theorizing how "all men are created equal" might work in practice. sure, there was prior musings.

      "the new world". the new atlantis. they still make it up as they go along. "definite tome" lol.

      new heaven and new earth. 2nd coming. so much for "law of nations". america has always done revelation as opposed to dogma.

      thats freedom of religion, remember? they didnt want any "definitive tomes" . there is no such thing in america. there is only "revelation" aka make it up as you go along.

    4. and the only reason jefferson for example thought engilsh common law post-feudalism without a single king was so great...drum was seen as the best thing at the time.

      had they more money + resources + time, they would have started more from scratch perhaps, rather than having to trim down an existing thing and reinterpret it for non-feudal "independent" people.

      the whole point of america is nothing is sacrosanct. in god we trust. they dont do dogma. that word "god" means whatever you say it does today. you can change your mind tomorrow. enlightenment.

      they have always made it up as they go along.

    5. even if we had a definite authorized notarized statement from madisno, washingtno, jefferson, adams, franklin, and everyone else, that they based that citizen on that particular "law of nations" book it still means nothing ---- because all of america comes from "the creator" which is permanently undefined but really is 2nd coming only.

      thats why its irrelevant -- not that i favor loose interpretations of things like constitutions -- because there is so much other looseness and DELIBERATELY UNDEFINED things that are of higher stature and higher priority and from which any such "citizenship" stuff rests upon.

      it is like a married person trying to get married before getting a divorce. fix the higher level problem -- that "the creator" means absolutely zero. then worry about "citizenship"

      if the foundation falls. the whole work falls.

      decide who "god" is before worrying about "citizenship" stuff.

      thats the entire foundation of declaring independence. that "the creator" told them to. king james didnt agree. he even has a bible saying he didnt. along with other books about puritans being witches etc.

      thats something you should be concerned about too. kjv is codified as federal law. why? kjv denied any "independence"

      seems like a bigger concern -- the feds use a bible that never authorized any american "independence" and did not allow people to overthrow a monarch.

      why are the "feds" going by that? you think they are concerned you found something they are violating?

      they only answer to "god" LOL. which is whatever they say it is at the time. make it up as they go.

      on top of that, they were supposed to amend the articles of confederation. instead, they just said 9/13 state "delegates" supposedly signed off, so whoop-de-doo, the new federal constitution is "ratified". there was a procedure. they went around it and ignored it. if they didnt follow the first articles of confederation and its amendment process -- why do you think they will follow the later one they made?

    6. "also there are common law rules of things. which, being based on english common law, why do you assume law of nations?"
      1) America was not founded on English Common Law, but American Common Law, involving Natural Law. See, e.g., George Mason.
      2) Benjamin Franklin, a delegate to the C'l Conv, and their wel-respected elder, thought so much of de Vattel's tome that he had 3 copies of it, one of which he gave to the Continental Congress's library, as a guide to the fledgling country's deliberations.
      3) A. Hamilton, himself a delegate to those proceedings, made a proposal that the president need only to be "born a Citizen" - and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more strict category of a citizen, as defined by de Vattal. So: They knew precisely what they meant by the term, and eligibility requirement.
      4) I think you are right, in the idea, in effect, that it is all moot anyway. For, we are about to enter a New Era. Wherein Truth reigns.

  6. For Darrell, 12 = day, 6 = month, of course 2020. European

  7. For Darrell, 12 = day, 6 = month, of course 2020. European

  8. Where is the documentation to show;
    “the United States” today is the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia and it is limited to the “one mile square” devoted to the Municipality of Washington, DC. This entity continued to operate as an unincorporated business from 1790 to 1878, when it was fully incorporated as a Municipal Corporation and recognized as an independent international city-state, run as a “plenary oligarchy” by the members of Congress, allowed under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17?
    And it's 10 square miles not 1 square miles
    And, You, as a person born within a state of the Union and outside of exclusive federal jurisdiction are a "non-resident non-person", a "national" under 8 U.S.C. §1101(a)(21), and not a "U.S. citizen" under 8 U.S.C. §1401.

    1. See Act of 1871, read through the paper in middle you will see the word Municipal Corporation, with seal. Above these statement you will see the word:

      To pay the British government and Ireland, in the amount of blah blah blah in gold coin. This is British claim that they helped American seamen and their ship wrecks somewhere overseas around 1850. They didn't mention WHERE but I know where they met. By the way this is the ALLEGATIONS to create Act of 1871. It was not about lending any money's after their Mercenary war in America. The British government (Crusade) met the British sympathizers somewhere and they were having a good time not a bad time, with the French. After they humiliated the Chinese, over their 2nd opium war. They LEARNED the mercenary war from someone I don't need to disclose it right now.
      Act of 1871 was and still is a fraudulent Act.


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