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Monday, July 13, 2020

Minnesotans Dumped On -- Again.

By Anna Von Reitz

I grew up in Wisconsin and spent substantial portions of my life in Minnesota, too. I have relatives in Rochester, Minnesota, and Redwood Falls.  I care about Minnesota, so it gives me no pleasure to know or comment on the present situation there. 

Governor Walz, another perfectly useless Democrat, sat in his palace and fiddled and did absolutely nothing practical or useful to calm the situation in Minneapolis down.  

Governor Walz willfully opened another Pandora's Box and let the cameras roll.  

1500 buildings and businesses burned and/or vandalized. 

Half a billion dollars worth of damage. 

And who is going to pay for that?  The Good People of Minnesota and their insurance companies.  

Incompetent, Disgusting, Deplorable, Inexcusable Governor Walz could have picked up the phone, called out the Minnesota National Guard, and cleared those streets in a matter of hours.  

And next, he could have called up the TV and Radio stations and told those smug buggers to close up shop and go home. Could have. 

It would have been all over.  No weeks of breast-beating maniacs.  No spread of violence across the country.  No "occupation" of Seattle.   Governor Walz could have nipped it all in the bud, and instead.... 

Instead, he sat on his non-existent cajones and told the police to stand down and left millions of law-abiding, decent Minnesotans at risk, and on the paying end of a mammoth crime spree. 

Democrats ritualistically blame Republicans for the results of their actions and their inaction and all their policies, too.  They blame Republicans for their spending, for their corruption, and for the their perpetual failure to bring home the bacon, even when they are handed super-majorities for decades at a time. 

At the same time, they stand around and brag at cocktail parties about how they have to keep the poor impoverished and miserable and racially divided in order to "keep their base".  

Oh, yes, they do.  They brag about what they do to the poor, with malice aforethought, and then they get on their soap boxes and lie through their teeth about it.  

Well, Minnesota, you are reaping the damages of Stupid People.  

Your taxes which were already out of sight somewhere in the stratosphere are going to double, triple, maybe quadruple because you have bought the Clap-Trap of the New Deal for four generations.  

You got cheated then and you've been cheated ever since, but you are all so pig-headed that you won't take a second look at your assumptions until every family farm and small business in Minnesota is destroyed and your way of life is gone.  

Well, step right up, Minnesota.  Prepare to pay the Democrat Party Ticket. Again.  

Prepare to pay until you can't pay.  And then prepare to be scorned and left on a bread line like a washed up old beggar, because you trusted these heinous politicians and they did nothing but sell you out and down the river.  


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  1. In book slaughter of cities the (((new world order))) deliberately imported non Christian indigenous types know as brooms to facilitate white flight.
    Same old story same old song and dance!

  2. Exactly....look at who changed our immigration laws way back when and how these same folks are nowunow the race card to divide and conquer

  3. The destruction of the White Race is accelerating..Thank LBJ the demon who changed our immigration laws...Some evidence he was also a covert member of the "Tribe"...does that surprise you?

  4. I am astounded each time I see this atrocity repeated over and over. And how 'the people' continue to sit by and wait for 'leadership' to handle the messes it creates. It is high time people educate themselves on the workings behind the podiums...Democratic rat race pod people. Disgusting!

  5. In order to start the cleanup, the people need to start with their governments and their bank accounts and give them the brooms.

  6. Not everyone voted for this traitor, my dear.

    1. Well yeah but enough dumb-arses did,,,

    2. It is a sin (divine crime) to vote for sinners (known criminals). That is why I voted only once and realized that I voted only for lies, deceit, theft, rape and murder. Be in this world but not of the world (Jesus)! Figure it out folks!

  7. blah blah blah said nothing significant.put out evidence .best orator of his day hands down governor of Virginia Patrick Henry sai “”tyrants understand one thing Force”. The cabal is not backing down it’s ramping up . Lead to believe by the source we don’t stand a chance not true they know it won’t end well for them if go to far .and the DARPA internet was a big mistake we can read !
    And lots of legal begals are getting it
    Stand by for the law suits Hobbs act
    Barritery selling your position major felonies.

  8. Just received:
    "National leaders are constantly exposed to criticism and hostility from their fellow citizens. In cabarets and nightclubs, on television and radio, these leaders are portrayed in ridiculous and grotesque ways to entertain the public. Well, this is not the way to encourage them to improve. On the contrary, by plaguing them with negative thoughts, people only create a climate in which these leaders will make mistakes and bad decisions for their country. So, you see, the consequences of this are far-reaching. If you truly want to help your country, instead of continually grumbling about your leaders, send them light so that they may always be positively inspired. You cannot help your entire country for it is far too big, however, it is enough to help just one person; this is easier, and then this leader can do good for all, since they are in charge of many things. ...":

  9. People participate in these bogus corporate political shows every four years hoping the next corrupt Corporate Official will be the "Jesus" that miraculously makes everything all better. How many years do you have watch and avoid seeing the evil in it all. It would be better if people would wake up and self-govern as was intended. People waiting for corrupt political parties whatever their title to fix things will wait forever. Only the People can take the reigns and correct all this nonsense. The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Stop supporting evil. Correct the record by declaring your proper political status and join your state Assembly and run your lawful government. Stop business as usual on our shores. Democrats/Republicans different piles of Shit, same smell.

  10. I still am voting for no one since it is them who are deputies for my interests. Saw the poster years ago and still is same today