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Monday, July 13, 2020

Crazy Wrong-Headed People

By Anna Von Reitz

There are people out there who have the idea that I am "making claims about them" and that I "stole their assets"---- which is complete bunk.

The False Claims against Americans have been made by misdirected Federal Government Employees and their equally misdirected State of State franchise Employees, all acting at the behest of foreign Federal Subcontractors.
Not me.
All the mis-characterization and impersonation that has been practiced against Americans has nothing whatsoever to do with me or anyone associated with me.
Still more False Claims have been made by would-be pirate organizations.
Again, not me.
Your first clue that these other organizations are bogus is that they operate under False Names.
Reign of the Heavens? ----Or it's other nickname--- General Post Office?
Ask the Balmy Wonders--- when, exactly, did our Federation of States incorporate itself under a foreign government and function as "The United States of America--- Incorporated."?
That was a Scottish Commercial Corporation formed in 1868..... not us.
And who, exactly, is trying to create a confusion and seize control of assets that don't belong to them in the same way, using the same semantic deceits?
Not us, again.
We are the unincorporated Federation of States.
Any group trying to claim that their incorporated entity has anything to do with us, or that we owe them any duty, is engaged in fraud and attempted inland piracy.
Furthermore, Munchkins, Americans are not subject to any foreign law.
We are Americans. And you are not, until and unless you join us and declare your political status and get your heads screwed on.
We aren't subject to Territorial or Martial Law or Commercial Law --- none of it.
Read your Constitution, now that you have declared yourself and reclaimed your guarantees. What does it say? Take a gander at Amendment 11.
No foreign laws.
That means all Federal and State of State regulations, codes, titles, and etc., do not apply to us. Those private corporate "laws" apply to our actual Employees and their Dependents. Not to us.
The respective Constitutions are the only contracts we have with them, and they have been conspiring to evade their responsibilities owed to us.
Whether Federal Employees or Joe Q. Public, everyone born or Naturalized here needs to declare that they are Americans in order to reclaim their assets and material interests including their constitutional guarantees.
Those who are free and able to do so need to man up and act as State Citizens, too, and take an active part in self-governance.
I am giving it to you all straight as a shot of bourbon, so listen up:
"Reign of the Heavens" and "General Post Office" and "American National Union" of whatever----- the actual government of this country is unincorporated and it does business as The United States of America.
You are the ones infringing on our Good Name. Not the other way around.
Here is the rest of the Big News:
If you get a government paycheck, you are an Employee.
If you get welfare benefits that you didn't earn, you are a Dependent.
All the rest of us are Employers. The Employers get to call the shots.
No big mystery.
What the rats have done is also simple. They have deliberately misidentified us all as Employees or Dependents of their own governmental services corporations. To which we say --- show us the contract.
They've been able to get away with this, because Americans haven't declared their political status and haven't been doing their Public Duty to Self-Govern.
That has encouraged our Federal Employees and their State of State franchises to think that they can take over and run this country as one giant internment camp.
They have to be convinced that they are wrong.
Any would-be pirates need to shift anchor and move on.
And any confused involuntarily expatriated, trafficked, unlawfully converted Americans need to come home.


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  1. Sounds like they have not done their homework. Just like Doctors I work with - once they understand the truth it is hard from them to change because of their investment into a Education that was false. Some walk away others choose not to. So, Glad I found your information. It is factual, sound advice and you only need an IQ over 70 to understand it.