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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Plan?

By Anna Von Reitz

I keep getting people asking me what the plan is?  The Plan was set forth by our ancestors, and what we are doing now, is recognizing how far afield and misled from The Plan we have actually been. 

Like taking a wrong turn in New Jersey and landing in the Atlantic Ocean, we are coming to grips with the wrong turns that have been insinuated into our government and into our lives. And making correction.

Remember that Satan is the Father of All Lies, all deceits, and this world has indeed been ruled via lies and deceits for generations, so, exposing those lies and deceits and recognizing when and where and by whom we have been deceived in the past becomes a necessary pre-occupation. 

Most of us have been grossly dis-served by Public School educations, which have fed us an incomplete, watered-down, deliberately misrepresented version of our history--- howbeit, the only version most Americans know. 
This is done to explain away missing pieces and smooth over issues that would otherwise claim our attention and demand our action.

For example --- where is the Declaration of War from Congress starting the Civil War? [There isn't one.] Where is the Peace Treaty ending that horrible conflict? {There isn't one.}  Why is our flag hanging face down in the Capitol Rotunda? {Because our military generals are rats.]  Where did these political parties come from? [Europe.] What are they, really? [Public Employee lobbyist organizations.]  When was the Reconstruction finished? [It wasn't finished. It was barely begun with it was side-tracked in Breach of Trust.] Why was The State of Florida changed to the State of Florida?  Are Executive Orders constitutional? And so on and on....

That one just came over my desk this morning --- are Executive Orders constitutional? 

They aren't.  And they aren't meant to be.

Why not?  Because Executive Orders exist outside the realm of the Constitutions. 

Executive Orders are directives given within the private purview of the governmental services corporations -- they are in-house administrative orders given by the President to the employees of the corporation(s), and that means both Municipal and Territorial corporations, since 1937.

Executive Orders have nothing whatsoever to do with you as an American. They are entirely about directing the actions of federal government employees.  So unless you happen to be a federal government employee or dependent, you can stick such orders where the sun don't shine.

This is how and why it is possible for the Federal Government to declare a "National Emergency" related to their corporations and employees, that isn't recognized by our actual American Government at all. 

Case in point --- they've been shut down for weeks and have declared "war" on the Common Cold, while we've plodded along and exposed the criminal meddling and self-interest and destruction caused by Bad Actors like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and the Council on Foreign Relations--- and otherwise continued our business as usual. 

The United States of America [Unincorporated] hasn't declared any National Emergency. 

Despite the inconveniences and monetary losses caused by our federal employees and their boiling cesspool in Washington, DC, our government and our people are not under any presumption of any "state of emergency".

And we don't recognize any "war powers" ever being granted to our federal employees  or any federal franchise state of state employees, either, when they are acting in relation to us or standing on our shores.  Quite the contrary. 

Their clear instruction with regard to us is to provide for our mutual defense. As long as they are on our payroll, including pay for exercising our delegated powers, that instruction stands.  

Federal employees and dependents have never been covered by the Constitutions. They have always inhabited a separate and foreign realm. This is what necessitated the entire "Civil Rights" struggle. They were trying to get recognition of "civil rights" equal to the rights everyone else enjoyed.

Unfortunately, their acceptance of merely "civil rights" instead of natural and unalienable rights, leads to a circumstance where -- for them -- the equal guarantees of the Constitutions can be suspended and their equal civil rights taken away, just as they were granted, by the members of Congress.

So The Plan already existed long ago, and what we are doing, is retracing our steps and correcting the wrong turns to get our government fully back on track.   Ours is a plan to get back to The Plan.  It is in those terms that I can answer the question --- what's the plan?  Here it is:

We go back to New Jersey where we took that wrong turn.... and we already did all that historical research to form an iron-clad knowledge of what went wrong, where, under whose watch, etc., etc., etc.

That part is complete to the extent necessary.  We are still filling in bits and pieces, but we've got what we need.

Here's the rest: 

Everyone now has a simple means to declare their birthright political status as an American.  Everyone records that choice with their respective State Assembly.  

They can choose to “log in” as State Nationals and have no obligation to the government beyond keeping the peace-that is, not harming other people or their property—- OR —- they can sign in as American State Citizens and help run their State Government.

Of course, if they want to remain subjects of the Queen or subjects of the Pope, they can simply stay as they are and be counted as either "U.S. Citizens" or "citizens of the United States".

Those who choose to act as State Citizens will take part in the process of “reconstructing” an American State of State business organization for their State of the Union.  

These American States of State organizations are known as “Confederate States” and they then “repopulate” the missing portion of the Federal Government and take charge of the national Treasury functions, the Mint, the Post Office, the Patent and Trademark Office, etc. 

The States are supposed to set the policy and direction and speak the will of the people in their States and are to oversee the business operations and resource decisions of the State of State organizations both at the State level and the Federal level. 

Unlike the practice of the foreign subcontractors our government of, for, and by the people is not always in session.  Members have to call it into Session or The United States of America (Unincorporated) has to do so--- and has done so.

Our Hired Help has attempted to take over our government by “de-populating” it.  Basically, they have misidentified each one of us as one of them— as employees or dependents of the foreign, for profit governmental services corporations running the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government.

Most Americans were never given any disclosure about any of this activity by their erstwhile employees.  They were misidentified with malice aforethought almost at birth, so they never had any idea that a False Registration had been entered “in their name” and their parents were never told, either. 

As a result of this unconscionable contracting practice, millions of Americans have been misidentified as British Territorial citizens— as if they were all born in Puerto Rico. And they have been subjected under Territorial Law and have lost access to the Constitutional guarantees they are heir to as a result. 

Our process restores them to their birthright political status, brings them back under the protections of the Constitutions and enables them to restore both their State of State and Federal State functions —- so that we once again enjoy an American Government in America. 

This is a perfectly legal and lawful process that we are guaranteed under all sorts of treaties and contracts and international accords, and as there is absolutely no advantage to Federal Citizenship above or beyond being a Federal Employee, it is to be presumed that, given the facts, most Americans will be loyal to their own country, will want to live as free men and woman, will want the right to own and control their own private property, and will want access to the Constitutional Guarantees. 

From our position, our Trustees, the Pope and the Queen, have collaborated in Breach of Trust and sought to evade their obligations under their respective Constitutions and have played a very insidious game to do so.  

Now that the fraud and disservice has been discovered we are engaged in taking corrective action — as individual people, as States, and as our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America. 

We are bringing the circumstance forward before all Americans and all the other people and governments and institutions of the world. 

That’s the Plan and circumstance that motivates it and here is the Action Plan: 

1.  Bring millions of misidentified Americans “home” to their birthright political status, by educating them and inviting them to declare their political status and record it for posterity;

2. Assemble the properly constituted State Governments---which can only be done by people who have declared their birthright political status and who are choosing the act in the capacity of State Citizens;

3. Have the State Governments (known as State Assemblies) reconstruct the American States of States—- a job left hanging since the Civil War; 

4.  The American States of States join together to re-populate the Confederation of States; 

5.  The Confederation resumes operations as the “missing” Federal portion of the Federal Government; 

6. Americans are in control of their own government again and the foreign corporation employees are put back in their places.

We are simply recognizing the mistakes and deceits of our foreign employees and are correcting them, which doesn't make everyone in the world happy, but will serve to wake up a lot of other sleeping national governments that have been all but overwhelmed by scheming power-hungry Globalist elites operating and promoting a system of corporate feudalism under a blueprint provided by the fascist government of Westminster. 


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  1. From a friend of mine,great researcher

  2. Congratulations Anna, you are now a politician. Good luck and God bless.

  3. Trump has a >>> Presidential Seal<<< on his podium.
    Go to 26:58 to see the whole seal
    Can anyone tell what the seal is about?
    says: SEAL of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES all are caps but font size is larger
    What does this represent? Is it Territorial?

    Live: Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing | NBC News

    1. Yes, I noticed it too.

      31 March 2020 : Presidential Seal and Flag seen in Press Briefing

      Following day, 1st April 2020: Flag and Seal MISSING in Press Briefing

      I saw all videos quickly from 1st april to 14th april
      Presidential Flag and
      Presidential Seal are missing from all the press briefings.

      However, the Flag and Seal are seen outside at all times, even before 31st March 2020.

      I notice they are only visible in the President's office and outside... has it got something to do with Jurisdiction? As, the President's Office still DOES exist because we, the People, exist.

    2. trump hasn't accepted any "president of we the people"

      please don't conflate the various offices. they held a "federal citizens only" election, and then there is the electoral college, and those are corporate elections.

      they cant decide if they are a [legislative] democracy, or
      a constitutional republic (supposed to be 50 separate "several states")

      it is true anna and team supposedly offered trump the ability to take a real office for "we the people" ...and no reply. then they said they accept his election, will he stand up as a "new yorker" and occupy an actual "we the people" office until real elections can be understanding again, is no reply has been seen yet

      trump has been given at least 2 offers to accept a non-corporate non "federal citizens only" office. still no reply.

      in fact, i (not connected to anna and team, or anyone) notified them of this information and this website way back before the election, of all this, no reply.

      during the cohen hearings, trump and his lawyers (guilliani?) claimed trump is the highest executive officer of the land (not having a land office).

      recently, they claimed ihe can order the "federal territorial fake state of state governors" to either mandate "social distancing" or leave it up to them

      if anything, trump's story has consistently changed...what has been consistent is despite multiple offers to accept a real "we the people" office, they have never done so.

      likewise, despite allegations of voter fraud etc. trump and the "republicans" never have any plan or strategy or solution. it seems entirely a "the dems are evil, elect us again". good cop, bad cop.

      no congress critters ("congress" of "federal citizens only" fake electoins a.k.a. the "u.s. congress" of their "one nation" of "federal citizens only" 14th amendment "cannot question the national debt" serfs) or any state of state "federal territorial fake states" etc. have ever acknowledged any of these issues, or lifted a finger or said a word...because they would be admitting fraud, human trafficking, genocide on paper, war crimes against peaceful non-combatant civilian populations, barratry, personage, inland piracy, dragooning of civilians, shanghaiing of civilians, non-consent of the governed, fraud, psychological brainwashing operations against civilians who they are supposed to be serving and protecting, .....

      trump and the "republicans" and any other "politicians" have not acknowledged any crimes on their part.

      they will continue to claim "americans" "the american people" with their new 1984-style definitions. and, at the u.n. speech denouncing "socialism" you will recall trump claimed everyone the world over as "human capital" -- just like bill and hillary and obama did.

      as far as they are concerned, everyone is a law merchant standing on their federal territory and within the bounds of their "federal citizens only" fake states, and there is no process or possibility of anything else.

      if you even ask or mention any of these things, they will accuse you of domestic terrorism.

      it doesn't really matter if the president's office exists or not. "we the people" can delegate it and boot up a new one. either constitutions are in play or they are not. either there are contracts that outline specifics of various offices or there are not. bankruptcies or no bankruptcies, treasury or no treasury. either the various unions are "perpetual" or they are not.

      if you weren't trying to conflate the 2 offices, our line of reasoning seems very strange. so long as one single solitary "we the people" exists, then there is potential for delegation.

      what does it matter if an office exists or not? the fact is trump has, thus far, continually rejected any "we the people"-delegated office.

      if you weren't trying to conflate the 2 offices, YOUR line of reasoning seems very strange.

      it is also quite clear the census trump supposedly wanted to count "u.s. citizens" (undefined, but they mean "federal citizens only" by all their actions and behavior, they are just trying conflate the fact that before the 14th. that term was already in use and just a shorthand for "white person, citizen of one state, who can move around to another state and automatically qualifies as a citizen there too" -- bouviers 1856 mentions this was already "law" -- for white citizens -- before the 14th, except there was no "federal citizenship" involved, and again, a state that naturalized a "negro" or "non-white", other states didn't have to automatically "accept" that if they moved.

      and then we were told the census will continue (specifically, the fake territorial "states" need funding now more than ever, due to corona) -- but now the mayors and governors are still claiming 14th amendment power to conduct the census -- i.e. even if they aren't counting who is a "u.s. citizen" or not they are still a) trying to conflate/confuse the various types of citizenship b) asserting federal "territorial" jurisdiction over everyone and all the "states" whether anyone is a "federal citizen" or not.

      the point? trump and the "u.s. congress" and "state of state" people have consistently, from before his election to now, been consistently part of the mislead, misdirect, confuse, stall, lie, deflect, "character assassination" of anyone mentioning any of these issues.

      why do people watch him like he is suddenly going to "rescue" everyone? ZERO indications of this over all these years. ZERO acknowledgement there are even any problems. ZERO acknowledgement that they will cease trying to assert "federal territorial jurisdiction" outside of federal territories -- as the "census" shows, they consider the only "states" still standing to be "federal citizens only" and the 14th amendment they consider as their "right" to perpetually "occupy" the states and assert military "governanance" over anyone within the boundaries of their fake "federal citizens only territorial states"

      they have continually and still are deliberately prevaricating and confusing and conflating the issues, and have made ZERO indication that they have any intentions of taking real offices, real oaths, running real courts, real sherrifs, real banks, etc.

      none of these people in love with trump can show any evidence of any "corrections" taken place at any level.

    4. you will recall nikki haley noted trump is the "ceo of the country"

      he has a "federal citizens only" incorporated office at best, with no indication he has any interest in anything else.

  4. Oops meant Municipal in post above as the UNITED STATES.

    Trumps presidential flag & seal looks like WH lawn & it appears in his office
    Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House briefing | 4/14/20

    Wonder if seal & flag appear in come circumstances or what. His office seems to have presidential flag. Don't know if its different.

    Here is the WHITE HOUSE channel - was looking for seal & flag

    Thought the Municipal was gone? Confusing. Isn't there some place we could go to find out whats really going on?

    1. FEMA? Is FEMA taking place of UN? Weird & we need to know whats really going on. Sick of this pinball arcade.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I would like to do this in AZ. How can I register or log in with the state assembly?

    1. sy zetetes - Arizona is already doing it. Find your state Assembly

      Have you done your papers yet? Soon there will be a simpler method, it seems. they're working on it & it should be ready soon. Its called a one pager but involves a few other things, but nothing major.
      hope this helps

    2. I looked into it and my eyes crossed at the process. Seriously complex. Very few will do this until it's simplified imo.
      Big questions surrounding it too...
      What happens after I complete this? Debt still holds? Will I lose my assets tied to bank loans ie house, cars, etc? Can I still receive a paycheck from private sector? They require itin in my experience.

      Need user guides, training, and consulting to get this done. I'll probably sit down and go through it all pretty soon but need about 58 hours.

  7. Any rules originated in legalese are in Admiralty/maritime jurisdiction and only apply to PERSONS/CORPORATIONS. identified by the word LEGAL.(foreign to the land)
    Any rules originated in law, are in Common, law of the land jurisdiction and only apply to man in his non-representative capacity, identified by the word 'lawful'.
    Anybody mixing the 2 up will belong to the lying,deceitful society of Satan. No-one can be representing the people if they have anything to do with 'legal' Makes them easy to spot.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. On March 13, 2020. Before Trump singing his Executive Orders for FEMA, I also see his worries again.

      It seemed like the vermin reminded him like this: "Remember Mr. Trump, if you don't sign it, per our agreement, it's gonna come back to eat you alive..."

      Next watch Trump again on April 24th 25th, he's gonna do something else against his will, against people interest. Just watch him... I see the red flag coming up against him again...

    3. yes, jill is correct.

      QUOTE anna:
      Why not? Because Executive Orders exist outside the realm of the Constitutions.
      this is the root of nearly all the problems.

      law merchant, "notes" as money, "credit" == outside of the constitution (except e.g. admiralty courts are mentioned).

      roman civil law (every incorporated entity) == outside of the constitution.

      14th amendment "federal citizens" == outside of the any actual constitutions pertaining to "we the people".

      what is "inside" the realm of the constitutions?

      "we the people", state citizens or state nationals, american common law (varies by state, but "comity" is encouraged), specie as money.

      and the bill of rights are common law rights -- rights in property, property in rights.

      real "rights" are property of people (in feudal english common law times this was the same, but only for people of proper rank)

      and thus, real "rights" by definition precede any "constitution" or "paperwork" -- they can be said to be an idea or concept that people possess/own (again, previously only people of proper rank/blood/standing/etc. could own such property).

      thus, real "rights" are in that sense "outside" the constitutions too -- preceding them -- but are supposed to be upheld/protected by them.

      to paraphrase, jefferson long ago had a quote re: to take a single step outside of the constitution(s) is to take a giant leap into limitless boundless power

      translated: entering into no man's land i.e. once anyone steps outside the law and "succeeds" without any opposition or road block, there is nothing to keep them from going further and further into infinite lawlessness.

      once a minor transgression is excused and justified and people look the other way, you will have given an inch and they will take a mile.

    4. wall street == outside of the constitutions.

      "pledge of allegiance" == outside of the constitutions, medieval/feudalistic and also a financial thing.
      almost all these frauds are things "outside the realm of the constitution[s]"

    5. re: what i said: law merchant, "notes" as money, "credit" == outside of the constitution (except e.g. admiralty courts are mentioned).
      someone will point out the fed constitution(s) state they can borrow "money" on the "credit" of the u.s.

      of course, they have conveniently redefined "credit" and "notes" to be "money", so by the use of doublespeak, they mean they can borrow endless make-believe "credit"/"notes" instead of actual "money"

      thus, their current "borrowing of money" is "outside the constitution too" -- because they redefined what that word "money" means to mean "anything we say is legal tender".
      andrew jackson pointed this out too -- if congress can print paper, that was given to them to use, not to delegate to anyone else.
      bouviers 1856 "maxim" concurs -- a delegate cannot redelegate. by default, delegation implies they cannot "subdelegate" or "sublease"

      so on top of law merchant being "outside the constitution" so is this "borrowing money on the credit of the u.s." as they currently practice it. they have merely redefined words such as "money" and then pointed out "look we are allowed to borrow money" -- when they are actually "borrowing" credit/paper notes.

      the states cannot make anything legal tender but gold or silver coin -- all the "state of state" stuff again is "outside the realm of the constitutions" (it has been said they set up fake state constitutions "federal citizens only" after the "civil war", and e.g. western states that joined after 1860s this was all there ever was)

      federal reserve districts/buck act stuff == outside of the constitutions.

      "federal citizens" "territorial states" == no new states inside existing states, outside of the constitutions

      the list of "outside of the constitution(s)" stuff they do is endless.

  8. Unincorporate Waukesha, Wisonson, looks to being pushed into incorporation. Find this curious, seeing the unincorporated being wrangled into incorporation.

    Here's what you need to know about the town of Waukesha's incorporation referendum
    WAUKESHA - A process that began in 2019 to incorporate the town of Waukesha into a village will come to a vote May 5.
    A lot has happened in the nearly year-long span, which began with growing concerns among town officials about how annexations have, and still could, impact the remaining unincorporated lands that make up the municipality...
    Even with voter approval of the May 5 referendum, the town will face a challenge from the city of Waukesha about the legality of the incorporation, which ultimately might be decided by the courts...
    Now News Group posed four questions to Waukesha Town Chairman Brian Tom Fischer about the process, the reasons for the effort and the referendum itself.

    Here happy to report they're doing well. Unincorporated, back in 2015 this report:
    2014 Town Audit Results … In just the past two years of sound fiscal management we have added an astounding $806,000 to our cash reserves. This brings the current general fund balance to over $2.5 million..
    The town now has a huge “rainy day” fund, and the ability to begin replacement of our aging DPW, and Fire Department fleets...

    At the bottom campaign ticket, can't help but notice the 3 names:
    Marek, Fischer, Licht

    Would there have been truthful disclosure about Incorporation vs not?

    Here arguments on why, why not to become an incorporated Village.
    Don't see anyone really knows about Municipal Inc capture.
    >>> NOTE: POISON WELLS. This is what jews do with an extensive history, poison wells <<< :
    To save its land, the town of Waukesha must become a village, officials say
    … The situation changed in recent years after the city sought, and gained, approval to deliver Lake Michigan water to offset its problems with radium-tainted wells. Though the infrastructure is still being built, the water deal already prohibits the city from expanding a water service area that was established as part of the agreement...

    I probably won't follow this, tho its a smaller populace vs Big Inc. If folks know someone from Waukesha areas, might be a good time to let them know of Anna & Team's efforts & get these people PAPERED-UP STATE NATIONALS ==>> WHAT GREAT TIMIMG!
    ===>>> Can somebody contact Wisconsin State Nationals on this, see if they're able to educate folks? Wow, what great timing. Try to save their azz's & souls!

    1. Wink, see the following. Dr Lorraine Day delivers a can of whoop ass:


      American Free Press

    3. And, Folks, lots of doctors, professionals, politicians, political candidates & so on, are coming out now, exposing info on Corona-Con.

      Notice how many are JEWS, or jewdizers supported by jews (Dr.Shiva anti-White, while immigrant benefits from our White Nation, rather than go back & help his Brown people, backed by Robert Mercer?? The man that assaulted him was a JEW, Solovay, not White).

      I say this becuz those JEWS will not - WILL NOT- expose the truth that JEWS are behind it all. And worse.

      >>>> Not Christians, Catholics, Whites. <<<<

      Dr. Day tells the truth. She knows & isn't afraid to say it. She, in another vid, says only 13% of Americans think.
      Thanks again, Ready, really appreciate the links.

  9. Ultimately I think we are going to have to figure out a way to save ourselves. Perhaps with Anna's input, but more likely with lead. And a lot of pressure.

  10. The Plan can be found in the Bible. Of this i do believe and Trust. Seek Him and seek His Truths. There are among us the brethren, there are scattered in our midst Living Fountains of His Word and His Truth.

  11. Terry - your rants give good reason to leave the jurisdictions on which you belong. You're providing a good sampling of a swirling soul vector downward.
    Your references aren't substantive at all. A raggedy ole tired 2018 video that doesn't even ask the right questions.
    Why are you here? We are here because we choose to be, to learn.
    What difference does it make to you what we endeavor to do?
    You go & pursue your learning options
    We choose to learn here. And many other avenues as well.
    If this is all you have to state your case, then case closed, you lose.