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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What NO ONE is Saying About The Corona Crisis

Found Here:

and here:


  1. A Virus is a solvent, not a living organism. That’s why you’re never given antibiotics to treat a virus. It’s nothing that can be killed. When a group of cells reaches a level of toxicity: bacteria can usually clean it up with minimal discomfort. When the group of cells becomes so toxic that it kills the bacteria: the body generates a solvent (virus) to clean out the toxins. This typically leads to aching, sweating, fever etc associated with the flu. You can’t transfer a non-living solvent from human to human; let alone from animal to human. It’s created by your own body at certain times, with certain cell groups. Just like a seed “knows” when to germinate and sprout: a cell group “knows” when to clean itself out. The only way to transfer animal tissue, containing a virus, is through injection.

    1. Solvent in Chemistry means: It's Capable of dissolving another substance. Solvent cannot spread.

      The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

      A Virus is a living organism, it lives and it can spread.


      They are trying to interpret the “life” of a virus a lot like they interpret a corporation as a person. The cell is living and the virus works in it. It is insignificant without a cell; like a person is insignificant without a man or woman to use it.

  2. Well said by the video speaker. At surface level, James Corbett knows what’s going at the deep core level of the EU+ U.S.(Inc) manipulations. The whole thing is about a Great Extraction of human energies for EU ungodly profits or Wealth.

    That’s exactly what I see through the Analog.C viewing screen, that the [ Queen’s (Bill Gates)+ U.S.(Inc)-Army] did through Trump, playing their mind-Games to control all, for public total submission.

    Fears will peak near the end of 2020, starting as soon as April 24 to mid-summer. Yes the evil ONES will bring fear in order to succeed. Stay on top people, know their games, and be ready.

  3. Awe* Master Corbett, seems to speak exactly correct!...


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