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Monday, April 13, 2020

Evil Memes Are Not a Matter of Genes -- Plan-Demics

By Anna Von Reitz

There has been a great deal of irresponsible talk and perhaps some of that has unwittingly been encouraged by me.  I don't condemn any innocent people simply because they are members of a particular family. I only condemn those who are guilty of crimes against humanity and their immediate co-conspirators and accomplices who know about such crimes and do nothing to oppose.   

Evil thoughts give rise to evil deeds. 

They also give rise to evil emotions.. 

It really is as simple as that.  

We are only partially a product of our genetic quotient, which certainly imbues us was particular talents and proclivities, but which does not in the end dictate what we believe or value or do.  

Those aspects-- beliefs, values, and ultimate actions, are determined by what we learn and observe, mostly from family members and the ethnic-religious-community we live in. 

Thus, when you find people doing evil things --- plotting genocide, committing infanticide, promoting forced vaccination and sterilization, building concentration camps, polluting the environment, creating problems to profit from solutions, holding other people in contempt simply because of the color of their skin, or promoting violence excused because people hold differing religious beliefs -- it is not a matter of genetics.  

It is a matter of evil example and false teachings. 

Unfortunately, evil memes --- evil ideas and beliefs --- can be passed on generation to generation, just as surely as genetic content.   And those evil ideas readily translate into evil motivations and actions. 

If the individuals in subsequent generations are impressionable, or simply cowed into submission, they will carry forward the original good or bad agenda of their forefathers without examination.  

They will stand there and look at you and say, "But, but.but.... this is the way we do it.  This is the way we have always done it....  this is what my Father believed.... and my Grandfather before that....."  

If they are skeptical, they will examine the validity of what they have been taught and decide for themselves.  It is through this second group of people that all good change arises.  It is only those who search for truth who find it. 

Examining the recent history of Earth shows that an evil, fascist, elitist, and criminal set of ideas came to dominate the Government of Westminster in the middle of the Nineteenth Century.  

This nexus of false beliefs and values gave rise to the Raj in India, to the concentration camps and horrible forced vaccination experiments of the Boer War,  the atrocities and "racial supremacist" ideas of Nazi Germany, and now, we have evidence that the same little group of fascist, elitist criminals has sponsored the current Corona Virus Plan-Demic. 

They proudly announced it to the world and published it on the new British Twenty Pound Note  which displays a 5G microwave cell tower holograph, and right above it, the laboratory symbol of the Corona Virus.  This is proof published in a form that everyone on Earth can understand, claiming "credit" for these despicable misapplications of modern technology.  

But they can only succeed in their evil agendas as long as they can hide in the shadows and evade the detection and opposition of sane and morally competent people.  The use and mis-use of Plan-demics is a case in point. 

Please take the time, if possible, to listen to this 2014 expose about the use of disease epidemics as an instrumentality of political objectives.  If you have never thought about this, think now:


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  1. Yes, exactly a new way to protest. To cease our buildings back, from foreign agents.

  2. Refuges who survived the furnace making bomb building busters followed by melting fire bombings running here and there many people having nothing and no reason to be in a war old or perhaps seamstress went home after and arrested and made to admit they were NAZI or enemies then it seems sent off to prison camps, winners split Germany in halves like makes one wonder were there any ordinary German people left at all.

  3. Bar members, Deep State, Deep wound.. hidden under deceptive moon (secrecy).

    Currently the hurt affects both, the deceivers and the wound. Why?

    Some of the Bar attorneys are unaware of American history. They hurt themselves and us. Because of the Omission of the Corporate “U.S.A (Inc.)” and “U.S.(Inc.)” as in this Extension example:

    [“Incorporated”, “Inc.”, “Limited”] attach to Corporate America, as Government (servicing) body. The following scripts added more confusion to young Bar attorneys and general population: › Attorney-Regulation › Law-C...

    The State Bar's Law Corporations Program certifies professional corporations that wish to practice law in accordance with applicable statutes and court rules.
    The State Bar of California Home Page

    Founded in 1927 by the legislature, The State Bar of California is an administrative arm of the California Supreme Court. Protection of the public is the highest ...

    Corporations on the Multistate Essay Exam: Highly Tested ... › corporations-on-the-multista...

    I was oppressed.”) Derivative suits: A derivative suit is appropriate when the injury is caused to the corporation and the shareholder is trying to enforce the ...
    Can you see how they purport themselves as real state? not as FICTITIOUS "STATE OF STATE", dba "California Court" ? That's what confuses everybody.

  4. Wink wink your history is impeccable and I have plenty of early America,1890 Boer wat ,civil war,all false flag generated conflicts,
    And the obfuscation by agents of the BAR the communist agents like the sourced.
    And wink to late to wake up the dumb unread it is the buzz underground like the militia was forced underground.
    Wish I could source like you !
    Take care and keep your powder dry !

  5. bubbapatric - thank you. And know I avail myself to the possibility of being on an incorrect tangent. If so, then adjust. Whats frightening is what we're seeing today, as Fascism rules, the sheer number of people in compliance.

    This isn't something to be ignored. Which leads to the question IS THIS THE TRUE NATURE of peoples? Then, Is it in fact such a tiny fraction % who recognize whats going on & do not comply & endeavor to make necessary changes?

    What if this is what % has been the leadership, consequently, over time due to the NEED FOR THE MASSES to be controlled, to be told how what to think do say, by what then becomes their rulers?

    Its looking as though the masses refuse to think, which then forces themselves to be ruled over by those who DO THINK & DO CARE enough to ultimately give the masses what they refuse to take responsibility for themselves.
    Is it the very nature of these useful idiots who compel their own enslavement?
    The way these idiots are acting today evidences they are incapable of freeing themselves, much less sustaining it. When so much information is readily available, at their FRIGGIN FINGERTIPS, YET they dig themselves in deeper & deeper & deeper into the enslaving matrix.

    Who, after a few generations of this stupid compliance, wouldn't get fed up with them? Especially when the idiots go against those who are doing their best to save them from themselves.

    Thus RULERS ARE BORN. And after seeing their absolute commit to self-annihilation I can see why those who can manage the dumb herds, do. After all, it becomes necessary protection measures for those who do value freedom to protect themselves from the stupid idiot masses.

    We are not equal. And there are those who're more capable than I to do the managing of these idiots, necessary to keep my freedoms.
    thanks & stay sane

  6. Killy Gates bought into Crown Castle International Corp which is largest 5G cell towner infrastructure, all components company in US, 5.3 million shares for 630 million shekels in 2018. Is Killy an heir to IBM? Same jew IBM involved in WWII? Is IBM is todays Microsoft, joining w jewoogle, jewpple & assorted apps to 5G our azz's?
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Gosh, Killy sure does keep abreast of de-vancements.

  7. Killy Gates can't be stopped, he's too big to jail:
    Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation - -
    ...“The foundation is relentlessly promoting big business-based initiatives such as industrial agriculture, private health care and education. But these are all potentially exacerbating the problems of poverty and lack of access to basic resources that the foundation is supposed to be alleviating.”...
    the foundation is working with US agri-commodity trader Cargill in an $8 million project to “develop the soya value chain” in southern Africa. Cargill is the biggest global player in the production of and trade in soya with heavy investments in South America where GM soya monocrops (and associated agrochemicals) have displaced rural populations and caused health problems and environmental damage.

    [Note: Cargill meat packing is the largest largest privately owned corp in USA. It was Cargills Kerry Brick who was said busted in Child Sex Cult 9th Circle, involving others & McGill Univ, very well known for child trafficking (& was reported to Congress ages ago, but what do children matter). In Bricks case, on McGill campus the children were said held, drugged & waiting for them.
    It was also said out of Cargill large amounts of human dna was found in meat, one busted source was McDonalds hamburgers.]

    … the Gates-funded project will likely enable Cargill to capture a hitherto untapped African soya market and eventually introduce GM soya onto the continent. The Gates foundation is also supporting projects involving other chemical and seed corporations, including DuPont, Syngenta and Bayer. It is effectively promoting a model of industrial agriculture, the increasing use of agrochemicals and patented seeds, the privatisation of extension services and a very large focus on genetically modified crops.

    [Syngenta uses aborted infant fetal cells used in American products. See, jews really are feeding us our children. And do not think for a moment it stops at fetal cells]

  8. I don't find Killy Gates, is this another funny term you use to mean something bad and funny Winkwink?

    1. Carpenter - you got me chuckling. Killy Gates is Bill Gates, the depopulation eugenicists genocide broker, of Microsoft. We often say Billy for Bill. Yep, something B A D.
      Hope this helps.

    2. That's what I thought right after my post. Did you listen to Carol video? Very important to listen to. It's about the unhappy camp.

  9. As I told you folks before, the two Negative Energies of America are in the Gene (DNA), { The bad Gov’t and bad US Army }. The only way to fix these problems is by injecting a "forceful re-bird". We have up to 2.5 years, of transformation. (Surgery)

    When I look at America chart, I look at the whole combined Gene, not individually. She has corrupt govt', corrupt US Army for sure. Don’t look at the sound or appearance (they’re the deceptions), look deep inside the common Gene. You cannot see “Whats going on deep inside” via standard esoteric or astrology tools, or any divinity tools.

    My knowledge and viewing tool come from the Divine Power. The same ONE who guided me out of the vermin.

    I am NOT using any standard Astrology, or any regular Tarots but an “Analog computer” to analyze what's going on inside the whole Gene of America, or of any country.

    To describe my Analysis output, I have to use the planetary power to express the output intensity (of Good or BAD). America has “deep hidden problems) invisible on the surface.

    The fact that the vermin don't care about proper papers, is because they think they're in control. Yes, we do need a "forceful rebirth", the fix the common Gene (positioning) problems, to lock into a new Gene/Energy configuration setting.

    The good and bad of each Country, their prosperity, etc depend on the combined Gene Configuration.

    [Question & Answer]: Since we arrived at a bad result. Is that result a reflection of a bad Karma of America? Yes to some extent, but the EU is more responsible to mislead her to wrong direction to commit sins. Yes we can fix this. Because we know what’s going on, inside out at the CORE.

    PS. An analog computer has been designed since the beginning of the creations, many many million years ago, by the Creator(s), to store enormous human information, their histories, activities, individually or as a whole country, for on-going Judgement. Currently there are 2-3 copies of these Analog computers.

    1. With an Analog computer, I can tap into any person inner core energies, to see their behavior, what they have done the past, present, or about to do next. I can see remotely, without knowing a target person birth-date or birth time. This tool was given to me 10-years ago, following God’s promise, I encountered 30-years ago, through my sleep, He woke me up after that intensified dream. Which God?, someone in this group asked me. I answered The God of Jacob, of Moses. And a man or woman who doubted me, tried to demonize me. Anna already X-him/her out of this group in Oct/2019. It’s Abby, remember him/her?

      After seeing many country transformations; through the Analog Computer, I see some countries come out well, others not so well. The timing is very important, to set a new configuration.

      We are lucky that God is merciful, to allow us to know where we’re at, where we’re going to, to fix America problems.

      “What if we don’t fix the problem by “forceful rebirth ?” Then America will endure with the same or worst problems until year 2158.

      So be prepared, we cannot fix the problems with word or pray alone. Works are required, meaning “organized special protest” required. We may need outsider help, but beware of the coming confusion. The UN Corp’ probably will bring non-white foreign army to disrupt us.

  10. =>>>> Trump Dumps Fear-based Gates-WHO-CDC-Big Rx-Dr. FAUCI from Coronavirus Task Force - Trump Dumps Fear-based WHO-CDC Contagion Model Pushed by Big Pharma Shills Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci WASHINGTON DC – In a stunning turn of events, Surgeon General Jerome Adams explained in an interview on live XM radio, that the Coronavirus Task Force has, effectively, dumped the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO predictive contagion model, and is now working with the real data.
    He explained on the Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow, that given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June.
    This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, Big Pharma vaccination...