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Monday, April 13, 2020

Another Word About the Presidency

By Anna Von Reitz

Why doesn’t Trump just take control of the whole shooting match and occupy the actual Office of The President of The United States?

Now that the properly constituted New York Assembly is in Session, all he has to do is sign a one page Declaration of political status as an American born in New York, provide his BC record and two Witnesses who have credible knowledge of him and his family saying that they know him and he is the man called Donald John Trump who was born on the day and in the place he claims. 

Record that with the New York Assembly Recording Secretary and boom— he can finally go to work for the American States. 

The President is supposed to work for us, not our Subcontractors. 

Operating in the actual Office would give him the power to fundamentally reform DC— not just drain the swamp, restructure it so it can’t fill up again. 

He could explain the need to Assemble the States and the need for the States to reconstruct the American Confederation of States of States. 

He could launch a vast educational process for Americans to learn their history and the actual government structure.  He could show them that the elections they have been participating in are private corporation elections, not the Public Elections they are owed. 

He could clean sweep the whole cesspool and all he needs to do is declare that he’s an American born in New York. 

Why should we all mess around with another private corporation election and all that frou-frou-frou-rah?  What they are doing with these political parties is illegal on our shores.  

The Subcontractors are passing themselves off as our actual government, and choosing up two teams of lobbyists to go glut at our trough every year.  

Does it make sense to prolong such a sideshow? 

Or does it make sense to expose it for what it is, take control of the situation, explain it to the American People, and hold a real, honest Public Election? 

Talk about draining the swamp? How about obliterating the swamp and returning the government of, for, and by the people to its rightful place of honor? 


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  1. .
    The problem with all of this is the B.C. that was created of the waste material / cake after the baby; with our DNA by the UNITED STATE corporation created on or about 1860 & 1871.

    We "are" for a closeness of a "term" but not the correct word; is created;9 months before the corporation US registering our waste material on the B.C. [bank note paper] signed by the informant (mother) and not the Father. Why? Father has ownership!

    Research will help

    “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken or cease to be honest." ~ Frederick Douglass

    Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. — George Orwell, 1984

    “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” – George Santayana, American philosopher (1863-1952)

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

    1. well, without a father everyone is a bastard and an illegitimate child/etc. -- giving the illusion that the state can essentially adopt everyone as orphans, find "work" for them, etc.

      i dont think american common law makes bastardry be grounds to deny one as an american national/etc. -- sounds like something thomas jefferson would have not abolished over here, since it goes against "all men are created equal" -- but feudalism and england i would bet they most certainly did (and do!) deny people proper standing based on that.

      so, 3 things going on here:

      1) children are bastards that have no father
      2) this makes them eligible for adoption by the feds
      3) the mother also gets a record as a lawless, disreputable person, who has children out of wedlock with unknown men

      and then the masonic inquistion (see morals and dogma -- "noone will be safe from this new inquistion") has "evidence" against them.

    2. CORRECTION: sounds like something thomas jefferson WOULD HAVE abolished over here, since it goes against "all men are created equal"

    3. lest anyone wonder about the "masonic inquisition" if you use the "search" feature at upper left, anna noted long ago it seems the knights hospitallers and knights of malta are behind this "birth" fraud.

      they have merely worked their way into the r.c.c. over the centuries. (it has been questioned: did they infiltrate the knights hosp. and knights of malta, or were they always meant to overthrow the r.c.c.? i don't pretend to know that)

  2. President Trump is himself an initiate. These people play both sides thats how they have kept America fooled. So do no expect your letters to be acted upon. If he did we will have another Kennedy incident

    I a man

    1. I fully agree with you he is one of them. He is part of the entire plan to take America down, he loves America and American so much...

    2. I totally disagree with your statement,time will tell, hope you like crow

    3. Eat crow hah a real come back!
      Open tour eyes unless you are info agent then its ok

  3. I sent your info to the President. I am waiting for the 3 or 10 days of darkness when they lock all the crooks up and have full disclosure

  4. NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of her people
    this IS the time of JUDGEMENT-so get dressed up to show what you are all about. ANNA and PAUL and many others have put a target on their backs- HOW ABOUT YOU? Being comfortable in tyranny is NOT virtuous. it's in-sanity. Best Wishes to all FRANK and EARNEST people.

  5. now the state assembly must take control they are the ones suppose to be in washington d.c. following the guideline put your gear on and handle the business of a Republic as it stand, if private continue to run this America is not a Republic as dr. ben stated in 1788, we are giving you this Republic if you can keep it, what is a Republic you tell me, if private corporation run this country you lost this Republic, then the central government Imperial crown of Ethiopia, not the fake England the real sovereign wealthy nations of almighty as one let take this back under common law, waiting on the America state assembly to step up overnight and let arrest these folks mention by the chief we have the power under the geneva convention and take all federal properties stolen now april 13, 2020 we can do this, remember the mustard gas, and we recover now look at Ethiopia everyone trying to come in, we must straighten America first then we regulate Ethiopia and the world. Thank to all with love and peace we are one on this team Blessed everyone.

  6. "He could.... He could.... He could....

    So Why doesn't He...?

    Who is He really working for...?

    Is there ever a response to these Letters and Notices? If so, What is it...?

    What is the leverage of The United States of America aside from putting a lien on all assets. The old adage, "Getting the Lien is easy... collecting on it is another story"...

    1. well, the old adage i always heard was more along the lines of:

      "if i owe you $10,000 and can't pay, i have a problem"
      "if i owe you $1,000,000,000,000 and can't pay, you have a problem"

  7. Why should we all mess around with another private corporation election and all that frou-frou-frou-rah? What they are doing with these political parties is illegal on our shores.

    The Subcontractors are passing themselves off as our actual government, and choosing up two teams of lobbyists to go glut at our trough every year. Does it make sense to prolong such a sideshow? Sound like the president is waring against America, that would put the president as a pirate citizen we Shall follow that and change him if he don't get his act right, we give him 24 hours or we shall act on the pirate citizen as the U.S. Code states and Enforcement and Compliance Treaties of the High Contracting Parting in the High Crown Court of Common Law

  8. I'm hopeful that Mr. Trump is a good guy, but I've noticed that he doesn't like anyone telling him what to do. In this case Anna's suggestion makes perfect sense but he may be hesitant to do that since the leftists may start a civil war, screaming "dictator!." Trump seems to end up doing the right thing usually, but always his way. He also may not get these communications from Anna since it seems he's surrounded by snakes.

    1. Binid - Yeah. Screaming dictator, traitor, liar, deceiver yadda yadda.
      He's surrounded by jews & are the last to want their harvesting & control of our everything to end. Trump is up to his gills in jews.
      Unless he goes to her posts, who would present them?

      Which JEWS among his rat-king-nest would advise him properly of it? What military would be on board, if they couldn't harvest their bounty via their good-ole-troll network?

      Further, if Trump were to change trajectory now, it would wholly upset his entire platform & voters & potential voters. AND most of all his JEWS. Like jew-blob Adelson, traitor, mega-Israhelli 1st, slug-thug vermin parasite. Trump just gave his jewess wife a presidential award TRAITORS they are!

      Trump can't associate w those jews if he's an American. He cannot favor 1.8% USA pop. He cannot operate under Talmudic Noahide Laws. He cannot favor jews. And folks have NO CLUE the favor paid to jews… NO CLUE the number of jews in & out of his swinging Talmudic BAR-room door.

      Further Trump would be asked some very poignant questions.
      In so being an American, he would also have to speak the truth.
      Trump can't afford to speak the truth. Besides, his followers wouldn't 'understand' it.

      How could the states handle all the recordings with NO FUNDS, using the what little money most American State National Citizens, volunteering to serve our governance, have? Somehow they're supposed to press forward & sacrifice their last pittance & every second of their life-time?

      So strategically its a no-go. thanks & stay sane

  9. I just Tweeted this article to the President. @realDonaldTrump

  10. If President Trump did as you say he should how do you think the media would spin that. That doesn't mean he will not do it but there is much to consider before that move is made.

    1. There are THREE major elements we should understand Trump and the situation we’re in:
      1) In terms of law or legal process, Judge Ana is perfectly correct. It makes sense. But he doesn’t have our type of energies and logic we have.

      2) Donald Trump was and is in major pressure from the vermin since Dec-21, 2019 until now, and things are getting worse for him, by the first part of June. Part of his pressure was probably the injection of the Corona-Virus setting by the vermin, to control all. The vermin control the army and fund. We need to understand, even with proper ID, the vermin still don’t care. That’s how illogical they are. I have the perfect BC, filed in the vermin courts, and I know the vermin misbehavior for fact.

      3) Trump was Not born as a Highly talented man, he got rich by past Real estate luck only.. Currently he is up against his physical limitation. He’s a 73 years old man, let alone the vermin controlling him.

      The vermin are structured, manipulative, imbalanced, in bad habit & bad logic. We have to figure out a different way to topple their evils. So be prepared physically and mentally. We cannot use papers to fight against swords. The vermin don’t care.

    2. That's correct: the media would spin Trump proper ID correction.

      We know the vermin are capable and had made many wrong's look right, and vice-versa, on papers; or in their manipulative Public Records. The vermin filed many bogus papers, to stop us from selling our property, when they know they never lent us a dime, they CONSISTENTLY manipulate our resources in their favor. We can tell by looking at this Ucc code 8-102(11), the vermin play - ed their dishonest flipping position against us daily.

    3. something to ponder, start half way if you don't have the time

    4. that would be Dec. 2016 prophecies

    5. all those prophecies concern the "holy spirit" -- looks like freemasons just toying with everyone else.

      just standard "new world order" fare masquerading as "counter culture". business people and people who want material/worldly "success" and "power" and "control" eat this stuff up.

      the q t-shirt is kind of scary.

      exactly the same as masonry/mormonism "You are God"

      # refresh and click around for more quotes
      QUOTE The statement, "You are God"
      QUOTE The only way you can perceive, understand, and emotionally know the Father is to understand and emotionally know who you are. Then you will know God. Then you can say, “I know who the Father is, for the Father and I are one. And I know who I am.” To be as God is to be as you are.
      QUOTE We do not want to destroy the personality in this school of mastership but we want to revolutionize it, to bring about a revolution to where the personality is exactly the mouthpiece of the Spirit and that they are not enemies — that they are one and the same entity — so that the Holy Spirit can ride the body without objection and victimization,
      christ's baptism is "holy ghost" who was, is, and ever shall be (1st coming). only these people are "saved"

      patron saint of freemasonry john's baptism is "holy spirit" -- the one who is coming -- 2nd coming. everyone else is "saved" and holy ghost is crucified. the direct opposite. everything is supposed to be turned inside out.

      just standard masonic "godlike productions" (read: staged events) and illuminism masquerading as "new age" "enlightenment"

      a merger of "east" and "west" -- aka the hegelian dialectic, jesus goes east. similar to knights templar/hospitaller/of malta/etc.

      pretty much what the modern "churches" and "schools" are doing already with different levels/doses/trappings/disguises.

      doesn't seem like much to "learn" except "you can become a god" -- standard freemasonry/mormonism/etc.

      aka satanism masquerading as "eastern jesus"

      it is no surprise trump and business people etc. fall for this stuff -- they think it will bring worldly riches and power and "success" if they only "will" it and "attract" it

      the only "mystery" is why do evangelicals eat this stuff up? or why are we told over and over evangelicals support trump?

      seems like another hegelian merger/sabotage. i guess few people can tell the difference anymore between a "church" and a 1960s free love drug-filled commune. i suppose the "mergers" are mostly "complete" nowadays.

      one only has to read rosicrucian and "new age" writings from the 1960s to note they write "prophecies" and tell their members ahead of time so they can financially benefit and position themselves (leading to more membership dues, more funds for such operations, etc.), while the higher up people go and make the events happen (or the appearance thereof)

      masons doing what they do best -- misleading, distracting, siphoning off funds to infiltrate the "churches" etc.

      and disguising their activities as "patriotic" and "american" all the while.

    6. you have to hand it to the masons, everyone is supposed to be "merged" with lucifer nowadays, no more holy ghost, only "holy spirit":
      QUOTE We do not want to destroy the personality in this school of mastership but we want to revolutionize it, to bring about a revolution to where the personality is exactly the mouthpiece of the Spirit and that they are not enemies — that they are one and the same entity — so that the Holy Spirit can ride the body without objection and victimization,

      translated: satan is no longer your enemy. you are one and the same with him everybody! he can now ride you without you feeling victimized.

      because you are god, and satan is god, there is no longer any "separation between satan and god" or "unfinished business between satan and christ" or "reconciliation of opposites (merger of christ and satan)" that needs to take place.

      the true luciferian doctrine/baptism. christ and satan and you are all one.

      the masons are hilarious.

  11. Since no one else has the guts to state the facts and truth about this corrupt politician presently acting as the President of the corporation of the USA, I will.

    By your actions or lack thereof, shall you be known!!!
    Many of us sent letters requiring him not only to stop the Geoengineering but to stop 5G and all the other corruption perpetrated on the planet, has he lifted a single finger to eliminate any of these threats, NO.

    Have any of the previous cohort criminal politicians been lawfully and legally prosecuted and endited? Have any of them met true justice? NO, NO, NO. All we have gotten have been BS excuses, and all these former fake government criminals are running around free fully vested and laughing their asses off at getting away with their global crimes.

    Where is the actual proof that Clinton's Foundation is divested of its assets? Or for this mater any of these criminals private Foundations being used as if they were for-profit corporations that pretend to be non-profit ventures?

    All we get is hearsay NO PROOF NO EVIDENCE of any actions against these criminals that have committed high treason.

    People need to wake up and smell the stench that Mr. Donald Trump is one of them. All he has done in his campaign is pretend to play both sides of the fence when, in fact, he has plaid all of Americans and duped us all by stating he is going to clean the swamp. He is the TOP swamp Reptile.

    Sadly a majority of Americans put their faith in the wrong persona=mask. All Trump is, is an actor in play to take America down as well as all other sovereign countries.

    These criminals have overtaken; all Trump did was impersonate a man of integrity.

    He is part of the entire plan to take America down; he loves America and American so much its part of the plan to take America down and make as much $$$$$ as he can while he takes this country down... High Treason anyone???

    I have to know this intuitively since his inauguration as the Walmart-USA Inc., President. Why do you think the people in NY call him "THE DON" synonymous with "The Godfather"? Wake up, people. This man is not trustworthy to the contrary.

    You cannot build hotels in NY or building and get involved in the casino business in Atlantic City without being involved in the MAFIA period end of the story.

    What is my opinion based on these facts and this man's lack of actions I present to all of you here!

    1. Sonia, My thoughts exactly, see the following article:
      Henry Makow@HenryMakow
      "Trump drained the swamp into his Administration"

      Trump’s COVID-19 Response Team is Filled with Friends of Bill Gates and Big Pharma

    2. Medical Tyranny 2020

    3. Sonia Novick said:
      >> All we get is hearsay NO PROOF NO EVIDENCE of any actions against these criminals that have committed high treason.

      Anna already proved so much, in the logic and papers. I have proven too. We are not supposed to prove to the wrong party (you) neither. It takes time, Bc you're not the vermin courts.
      Furthermore, you cannot post images in this blog. Many proofs I posted here, the bastards don't care to use any common sense to decipher the truth/fact. The vermin-helpers only pointed me to view their weird hear-say outside this blog! (external video's).

    4. President Trump had all the money he wanted before he became president. He doesn't even take his paycheck, hes not after money. Power, no he had that already. It is hard to believe someone would want that job but he did and for what ? He is one of few people that has honor and is a rouge.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Sally, with no disrespect to you, I am sorry to inform you he is part of the Plan to take America Down.
      If Donald Trump weren't part of the plan, he wouldn't have met with Pope Francis, one of his bosses and his other boss, the Fake Queen Elizabeth, after his inauguration.
      These criminals mentioned above are the top dogs of the global scam or the Global Organized Crime Syndicate that gave him his orders on how to take America down and pretend that he was on our side. Donald Trump works for them. Remember he works for this Interregnum government, the municipal hired government, not for “the united States of America” unincorporated Government.
      He has acted as follows, throughout his four years of working as the municipal president of the corporation USA Inc:
      • He has refused to be the unincorporated President of We The People of the unincorporated uSA and take proper office.
      • He has refused to sign the Peace Treaty and fly the peace flag for USA Inc.
      • He has refused to stop the aerosol spraying of our nation.
      • He has sped up putting up deadly 5G militarized weaponry in all our school classrooms that destroyed the mitochondria in our children's bodies, while everyone was in quarantine. Watch more kids will get sick, and they will claim this is COVID19 when in actuality, it is 5G that KILLS.
      • He has sped up putting up deadly 5G militarized weaponry in all our nation for surveillance purposes violating the same constitution he swore to uphold and defend at his inauguration without our consent and with so many scientists protest and proof of its danger.
      • He has allowed his franchises all the Governors on all 50 states to execute and enforce criminal and anti-constitutional impositions on our population, forcing them to be in confinement, forcing people to wear masks if you want to go shopping. Where are our Constitutional rights in all this??? I want you to understand Sally. This is what Hitler did in Germany before WWII was in full swing, and America supposedly came to the rescue. All you need do is look at the past to see all the same games of deception being played now.
      As I stated before, "By your actions or lack thereof, shall you be known!!!"
      Actions speak louder than words, and Trump's actions show proof that he is NOT with the people of America nor that he loves Americans.
      The sooner people take off their rose-colored glasses and wash off the mind programming job done through the media; they have done so well on innocent people, the sooner we can get our county back to self-govern.

  12. Really? Because National Assembly teamed up with a heavyweight player and assisted the people to get organized and elect their offices, Mrs Belcher is acting like she is all with it? Now she says her status documents don't need to be done now? Just a declaration that remains within the assembly like we have always done in the MGJA and at National? She and her misguided children ripped 20 states away from national over the status change documents? That servant of the Vatican and her blood oath can go pound sand! We could have had the assemblies done already!

    1. anna has nothing to do with the Assembly setup!

    2. You are correct about that. i am one of the founders of the NYGJA, under the original MGJA Handbook. We assembled this past Thursday with 61 in attendance.

  13. From Anna Von Reitz:

    If you read our Declaration paperwork you will see that it is far, far different than anything offered by your organization, which still can't get it through your numb-chuck heads that you have to have a State before you can create a "State of State". Hope that your idiocy is rewarded, but seriously doubt that it will be. The people we are all playing against are not nice and don't suffer fools. So, good luck with your upside down, backward, and nonsensical claims. Employees are never sovereigns.

  14. Well said Grandma,
    I think this should be repeated...
    "The people we are all playing against are not nice and don't suffer fools." the best part... "...don't suffer fools".

    Documented Americans Assemble And Educate.

  15. That Mark Levin favorite quip , but Levin beloved the Federal Reserve is necessary.
    No Jefferson said “paper money is poverty “
    Slite crack in thair matrix as a gov watch dog now has standing congress gave them an government position E-clause the have discovered as in England like the magma carta there after the Grand Remonstrance was created a we the people addressing parliament.
    That Remonstrance you go to your state legislature and file a complaint called a Remonstrance.
    They form an investigation called a quorum and like a grand jury and if crime is committed you get the green light to sue for damages.

  16. All he needs is the money to run the country and an invitation I'd say

    1. Please read the comment left to Sally. This goes for you as well Anton Trump has all our money and is not willing to turn it over to the proper people in charge of our unincorporated Treasury!