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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Regarding the Use of Fire

By Anna Von Reitz

It has been suggested that we use fire to purify the sites where the Satanists have polluted the Earth with blood sacrifices. I do not recommend this option, as it has not proven effective in the past. See my explanation:

No — beginning thousands of years ago in the Mideast [we tried using fire to "burn out" the pollution]. We tried burning them out but the energetic imprint and the curse of the blood remained, so we buried their cities and their ruins as much as possible, because this silenced the evil.

Gobleki Tepi is an example of burying the sites and sealing up the evil using earth. We discovered that even a partial burying is quite effective— see what was done in Russia during the Napoleonic Era.

We tried burying them in water. All the sunken cities are examples. It is more or less effective. [But it does more or less pollute the sea water on a long term basis.]

Both these methods and destruction by fire are absolute. The cities and buildings are destroyed. Nobody can live in them. All the work people put into building them is lost.

And the problem has, despite all this destruction, remained. It goes dormant as long as it is suppressed and guarded against, but it comes back, just like an infection cycle of the flu.

That’s why so many military [men and women] and politicians have called it a “virus”.

This cycle — these outbreaks of Satanism have gone on for thousands of years now, and always with the same results.

Like an infection or a parasite, it moves from place to place, host population to host population.
When things got too hot for it in the Mideast, it moved to Turkey and Greece and North Africa.

From its base in Carthage, it infected Rome even though Rome razed Carthage and killed them to the man.

From Rome it infected the entire world.

So even while Rome stood against it for centuries and suppressed it, this evil was gaining ground with the superstitious sailors and common folk and eating away like acid at Rome’s foundations.

The “infection” of this “religion” and it’s drug-and-sex based “sacraments” then traveled to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, the coast of Normandy was infected with it, too.

The struggle against it in the Dark Ages has come down to us as the story of Camelot— most people don’t realize that Arthur and Lancelot and the others all started out as Satanists who converted to Christianity. Their struggle as first generation Christians is apparent once you become aware of it— Arthur’s incest to produce an heir— is textbook Satanism creeping back in.

The Egyptian strain of this “virus” has proven exceptionally long-lived and enjoyed a big resurgence after the tomb excavations early last century and the Golden Dawn revival of it led by pedophile and abuser Aleister Crowley.

His granddaughters became the High Priestesses in the 1950’s- 60’s with otherwise sane industrialists and aristocrats spending millions of dollars to have sex with these women to secure “forgiveness of their sins” in a modern resurrection of temple prostitution.

“Sin” in their system equates with monetary debts.

Idolatry in the form of worshiping money is part of their “religion” and the most potent means they have to infect and control a population. Once they get one of their men in control politically as they did here with Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, and GHWB and GW—- they use the money system to further infiltrate and gain power.

Teddy Roosevelt set up massive commodity rigging schemes. Wilson sold out means of producing our currency— a fundamental commodity- to the European banisters. FDR bankrupted the mercantile banks and enslaved all the Municipal citizenry, which he and his followers have tried to parley into enslavement of all Americans. LBJ set up both the welfare state and the Federal kickback schemes and the basis of the “Petrodollar” and also gave the young Henry Kissinger his start. 

Nixon finished the job to enact the “Petrodolar” and deregulated the medical industry converting it from a beneficial non-profit sector to a parasitic for-profit free-for-all. The Bushes promoted and ensured the success of all the prior work and vastly expanded the use of “sacramental” drugs and human trafficking for the sexual perversions involved in their theocracy, which they ran as a “shadow government” in tandem with ours. 

In this, they were following the Satanist's Standard Playbook --- use what is good as a storefront for what is evil --- our government as a cover for theirs, the Catholic Church as a cover for their religion, the United Nations organization as a cover for their multi-national interlocking trust directorate. The Bushes pulled all sorts of shady deals with the bond market and created the "derivative" market, which allowed them to sell and resell the "same piece of ground" --- or whatever other asset, multiple times to multiple buyers. This giant swindle was used to fund war-making and drug-running all over the planet. Later acolytes, like George Soros, who bought Disney and converted it into a subliminal marketing tool promoting sex, death, and drugs, and Bill Gates with his embedded surveillance software and vaccine investments, have gnawed away at the blood and bone of our sanity and our governments throughout the world.

People realizing this for the first time think that this is something new, but it's not. It's ancient. And it always follows the same patterns and has the same results -- the parasite destroys the host to the extent possible and moves on. Only this time, they have aimed at parasitizing and destroying the entire planet, which has obligated them to form extraterrestrial treaties and siphon off unimaginable amounts of money to build space stations and space cities and transport systems for themselves, as they propose to live off-planet in luxury and manipulate everything here from the safety of their "home in heaven".

Many people around the world witnessed the "disappearing Pope" --- he turned away from the doorway he was standing in and "blip!" with what appeared to be his back in full view, he vanished. How do you suppose that is? We were seeing an advanced hologram of the Pope, not the man himself.

All of this is in violation of the G2O2-P3 Treaty we keep referring to, and also against Universal Law.

As a result, additional assistance has been called in to put an end to the progression of this timeline and bring the criminals to justice. We, at our current state of development, cannot deal with these "people" --- I use the word lightly --- or their technology or their allies. Thankfully, all we have to deal with are the physically present and incarnate husks of the parasites. The rest is being cleaned up for us.

Getting back to your original question --- how to deal with the buildings and the stain on the land and soil which these parasites leave behind each time they are caught and suppressed? Earth works, but not even that is forever; Water works, but is damaged itself in the process; Fire only converts it into another form of itself; Air forms around it, but doesn't provide a substantial enough barrier in a three-dimensional world. There remains the restoring and resurrecting power of Spirit, which has proven to be the best means of overwhelming and destroying this parasite.

If you have been following along for some time, you witnessed the directed meditations I organized to destroy both the Bardsey Island and Great Palatine Seals. These things exist in the realm of energetic templates that form the basis of our perceptual reality. They act like dams in a river to create reservoirs of energy that these evil-doers block up and use for their own purposes--- and thereby deprive the "downstream" users that would otherwise receive the benefit, and gum up the natural flow of energy that ensures planetary health. Britain and Rome deliberately blocked the flow of energy to Africa, and then tried to excuse their action by demeaning their victims and promoting racial prejudice.

With our normal eyes we can't see these "seals", but we have developed external technologies that are capable of locating and discerning these "energetic anomalies". They are not really "energetic anomalies" --- a description that might lead people to think that these "anomalies" have occurred naturally, when in fact they are caused by purposeful manipulation of the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

Now, when I refer to the restorative powers of Spirit -- the Fifth Element -- I am directing your attention to the conduit of rarefied energy that is contained within the interface we have with All That Is, the Primal Creator. Each one of us, each animal, each tree, plant, and rock, is connected to the Creator of all this. Together, we make up one living organism, subject to one Universal Law that includes all the Natural Laws we are aware of and a great many we have yet to perceive. As I live and breathe and walk upon the Earth, I have already been resurrected-- not by cloning or any such clumsy attempts of technology -- but by the hand of The Living God.

In a sense then, both I and my cohorts are all "already dead", which is why -- after a few futile attempts to kill me, the Bloodline Families have recognized their position and backed off. The same Power of the Spirit that lifts up my image from the dust is more than capable of restoring the Earth, cleansing the buildings tainted by these parasites, and removing them and their influence on a permanent basis. An appeal to that option is what I recommend as we face the "mop up" --- just forego any terraforming or flooding or incendiary options, none of which have worked all that well in the past --- and instead teach people how to invoke the Power of the Spirit of The Living God to accomplish all these things we need.

This Power can do in an afternoon what would require endless ages of our puny efforts, and do it all perfectly.

So no point in half-answers and taking recourse to fires and floods and bulldozers; this has been a spiritual war from the first, and requires a spiritual answer in the last.


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  1. Although people associate the Queen Elz2 with Satanic cult, I still her humanly love for her children and grand-children. She had already transferred our assets to nearly all her children and grandchildren, except the last young son: Price Edward Wessex, scheduled in the near future. This is for your Info, if you want to go after our assets back.

  2. The history expressed is interesting albeit unsubstantiated. As for fire and thought-forms and such seems so much rubbish to encumber innocent minds. Why not just move on to more constructive things, re-use and recycle. Minds caught up with problems that only need solving because they exist between your ears.

  3. Yes. Basically, merely entombing these beings, even under bindings, does not really remove them or what they have done. They must be returned to God, absolutely and unconditionally.When that is done in Truth, then even the echoes of their being will no longer be able to manifest anywhere, ever again. That is about the size of it.

    1. .
      a guillotine is quicker then turned to ash and scattered into the cosmos

      Then God can take charge of their eternity

      Gratitude - keep moving forward

  4. Most ancients worship the sun and looked for signs in the heaven .
    The zodiac was thair Time piece the demon worship started by king Solomon who summed Demons and wrote the Kabala black magic .
    His ring was the symbol the pentagram used in rituals.
    That evil continues in the numerology or black magic flight 77 the 77 th floor of trade center building 7 the London 77 bombing .
    Baal Worship the more children sacrifice the more power.
    The satanic Rothschild rituals that file all wars .

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The spiritual attack has created a lot of people who live in their brains, ask them and they will point to their head. Connection to Creator comes via our hearts. Science now even though a small part of the bigger surrounding all that is has revealed that our hearts put out waves measurable ( and thus provable as required by the science only brains that cannot feel anything or reject feelings) out to 10 feet, and withing 18 inches connecting to your space. Literally trillions of cells all working like neural cells lots in our hearts and brains and plants have the as well that together work if we open our gates or doors of perception that school, mom, preachers and those meaning well have taught us to shut off and become truly narrow minded. Open your hearts and make in side your self golden energy along with Creator and send it where healing is needed, see it happening. Science shows that when two of us are together the sum is greater than the power of two, and known yet still un-measureable thing that appears in all living beings yet cannot be found in any of the parts to cause such increase as cells self organize and communicate. Just my words and thinking and if you cannot speak or know any words guess this will need sent some other way.

    1. Air Carvings - pineal glad in the head, the third eye.

  7. Here are the Bardsey Island seals. I can't imagine why whoever wrote this article (does not read like one of Anna's) would want to destroy them. As you can see, they are not hidden from view. Is it being suggested they are extra-terrestrial?

  8. Such a good post Anna in these end times while we are in a SPIRITUAL WAR and the GREAT AWAKING season literally exposed by the Spirit through the Prophets long ago. While "There is nothing new under the Sun" the problem or the answer lye's in each of us. Spiritual warfare as you know is fought against "Principalities in High Places" not "against flesh and bone". Most whom walk in denial and "will perish for their lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6 . Knowledge of the 9 Gifts should be apparent most chose not to open theirs and can't fight the real war with the eyes of their hearts and are like the 3 monkeys. The Great Awakening is upon us however keep up the good work as lead by the H.S. Keep spreading TRUTH which is His will and purpose which He created is to serve. He hates religion and vain repetition because it denies Him access to our hearts which He desires more than anything. Have a Blessed day. In his Service M

  9. Please watch this Video Our Sheriffs will stand by us because we are their employers