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Sunday, March 8, 2020

What “RV”?

By Anna Von Reitz

When people talk about RVs and Non-disclosure Agreements promoted by “the DOD” they are basically describing a criminal operation fostered by the United Nations to destroy the US Dollar via grotesque inflation, while at the same time trying to wash their own hands of a gigantic Slush Fund that was accumulated as a result of crooked bookkeeping and non-disclosure to the American People for over a hundred years.

The same vermin who created the problem are trying to create yet another problem as the “solution” to their own dilemma, but it’s not going to help.

NDA’s or not, we are going to know and trace every transaction coming out of those bases and we are going to hold each and every man and woman engaged in promoting this activity accountable. 

Why? For the same reason you hold thieves and counterfeiters accountable. 

The “money” they are giving away isn’t theirs to give, the currency they are ruining isn’t theirs to ruin, and everything they are doing is going to come back on them like the snap of a mousetrap. 

The UN is going to be held accountable. The Church is going to be held accountable. And the DOD is going to be held accountable. And the credit owed to us is still going to be owed no matter how fast they give away US Dollars or what they try to claim about their activities— it will avail them nothing. 

Why?  Because the exchange rate is pegged against the United States Silver Dollar, not “the USD”.  

So once again they prove to be destructive criminals, but not so bright. 

Before this started the USD exchange rate in real time was 40,000 to 1 United States Silver Dollar.  

The delusional nature of money is on public display, there for all to see.  

Just like the Big News that Carbon Dioxide CAN’T be the cause of global warming because it makes up only 35 one-thousandths of one per cent of the atmosphere. 

Just like the Big News that the corona virus has a death rate like the Common Cold.  So if we aren’t in terror of the Common Cold why should we be paralyzed by fear of the corona virus? 

Turn off 5G.  Turn on Team Mobile instead.  Use your buying clout while you still have it.

Did you know that 89 members of “Congress” are Dual Citizens of Israel?  88 of those traitors are Democrats. 

Everything that you are suffering— the gross inflation of what you have been forced to use as money, the corona virus, the use of your children as prey for pedophiles, the pollution of your planet, the destruction of your quality of life, the destruction of your country —has all been brought to you by the Democratic Party and the UN Corp and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg operating as JP Morgan. 

And it is time that all these politicians got caught and held by the neck and all these “DOD” officials, too.  It’s time for the Democratic Party to be outlawed as a crime syndicate and time for the rats to realize they are no longer acting in a vacuum. 

The Americans and the Brits and the Aussies and the Germans and the Japanese and the Canadians are all awake now.  It won’t be long before the entire planet shakes a leg— and we are not confused or deceived about what is going on or who is responsible for it.

We know. 


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  1. I volunteer to pull the leaver!!!

  2. Great letter and naming those dual citizens for what they are: traitors. No more fore-give-ness for these monsters who destroyed so many lives and never showed any. Arrest, Prosecute, Strip Assets and then Execute. Assets returned to the people. Won't bring back those that have passed but it will help those living.

  3. The problem is it's not the politicians they're just puppets following orders of their masters.


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