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Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Final Answer Is.....

By Anna Von Reitz

All this garbage is the result of the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church.

It started when Martin Luther objected to the sale of "Indulgences" --- basically, the Church selling the right to sin for a price. Most people with a brain realized how sick this was and were: (1) too afraid to do anything about it, or (2) became Protestants.

The Roman Catholic Church refused to admit its corruption and its errors at that point, with the result that we had the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. And 500 years of senseless war and intrigue.

His Catholic Majesty James 1 explained in detail the Counter-Reformation Plan to mischaracterize and bilk the English Protestants in his publication, The Bounty Book, which was published in tandem with the King James Bible, ---which was adopted as the Bible for the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, while the Protestant Geneva Bible remained the Bible adopted for use on dry Land.

Quote James I, "It all begins with a False Registration...."

And what do we find going on in America, but a false registration of American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, followed by an equally false registration of American babies as Municipal "citizens of the United States"?

And what do we find but Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaking during his First Inaugural Speech as President of the Municipal United States, Inc., talking about "holy causes" and "consecration" of the Municipal "citizenry"?

This is all about the Roman Catholic Church still fighting against Reformation, that is, against admission and confession and correction of its sins and commercial guile.

We have been thrust into the middle of a clandestine religious war, with the Pope playing both sides against the middle, controlling the Municipal Government openly via charter, and secretively controlling the British Territorial Government via his use of the British Monarch as Overseer of the Commonwealth.

The RCC is running a theocracy. its Municipal United States Government, against the actual government of this country, and still pretending to be at war with the British Anglican Church, when all they are really at war with is their own sinful nature and lack of repentance for the last 500 years.
I am attaching a copy of the Laws passed by the Second Congress which covers adoption of the Law of the Sea; see especially pages 32-33 and 40. These explicitly state the rules that the Founding Fathers enunciated and please note their emphasis on "the true meaning"--- that is, that these laws were applicable to actual ships, not people redefined as "vessels".

The False Registration of people as "vessels" referenced by James I as the start of the diabolical plan to bilk Protestants by shanghaiing landlubbers into the jurisdiction of the sea and prosecuting them as vessels subject to the Law of the Sea, is evidenced by the Certificate of Live Birth issued by the British Territorial Government and then also by the Municipal BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

And as you can all see, it is all completely foreign, illegal, unlawful, and immoral under our actual government; Facebook readers go to: or to see the Acts of the Second Congress or look them up for yourselves.

Okay, so all of this is both phony and calculated, and was a game known to the Founding Fathers, who were at pains to avoid it being played on our shores, or being used to subject Americans under false pretenses.

So that's all well and good, but please note, that these antiquated and evil games were never anything that the Americans were subject to, even before the limited adoption of The Law of the Sea by the Second Congress, and certainly never applicable after the adoption of the Constitutions.

We are again talking about "wars" indulged in by foreign governments, one the theocracy of the Roman Catholic Church, and the other, the British Territorial Commonwealth belonging to the Roman Catholic Church.

Thus the Church, acting through the British Monarch, provided itself with two sides for a conflict and deliberately with malice aforethought targeted the hapless American populace with a campaign of knowingly False Registrations directed first by their lackeys running the British Territorial Government and secondly, by their own minions running the Municipal United States Government.
Notice that we are not ships at sea or in dock, are not naturally subject to the Law of the Sea, and even if we were, we would be owed the protection of the British Monarch and the full support of Her Majesty's Government. And any claims that we are "lost on the battlefield", "orphans", "illegitimate", "unknown provenance"---- are nothing but self-interested lies.

It's time that the Roman Catholic Church was exposed and brought to its knees, for a real "come to Jesus meeting".

It's Administration has acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract with us and our lawful Government, which it has cause to know, is a government of people, not persons. And certainly not ships at sea. We are Third Parties and as our government is not a Theocracy, there can be no excuse for attacking us on any religious grounds.

The Catholics have been protected in their religious liberty as well as everyone else on our shores and have no cause to complain. Likewise the Muslims have been allowed their beliefs. All any of them have to do, is keep the peace and practice their religion in private.

To the extent that both groups can't seem to abide by this simple arrangement and respect the rules that allow their religious freedom to be protected along with everyone else, we are open to consider a policy of deportation of Catholics and Muslims and Satanists who don't agree to the conditions of their sufferance on these shores.

Anyone who wants to fight about religion or who wants to use religion as an excuse to harm others and deprive them of their property and their Natural and Unalienable Rights, is hereby given Fair Warning and Public Notice that their activities are unlawful, illegal, and immoral, and are contrary to the actual Public Law of this country.

All those promoting theocracy and seeking to undermine our Lawful Government in favor of any such foreign Theocracy or Commonwealth, or by any act or subterfuge seeking to entrap Americans in their private religious feuds, are subject to direct prosecution and deportation without trial.

We can and will nationalize and confiscate the holdings of the Roman Catholic Church in America, and deny the tax exempt status of all Catholic corporations, if these aforementioned practices seeking to seize upon Americans as "vessels at sea" do not immediately cease and desist.

All recordings of birth taking place on these shores are to be referred to us and all registrations pertaining to births in the American States are to be returned for review to ascertain actual political status.

Any Mosque that foments any kind of public danger or preaches hatred of anyone as a religious duty is subject to the same prohibitions. Any Satanic Cult is under the same regulation and requirement to obey the Public Law and keep the peace.

This country is founded on the precept of Religious Freedom. This is clearly stated and advertised at the door. Anyone who doesn't agree, can show their disagreement by going elsewhere. Sooner than later would be preferred.


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  1. See what the Catholic Church has to say about Martin Luther here:

    And the Reformation (revolution) here:

    The Catholic Counter-Reformation:



    I didn't write any of this. It is all in the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1908 but most of it was written by Catholic authors long before that.

    Here is the actual index to the entire Catholic Encyclopedia.

    1. Wow...all your knowledge comes from one website? No wonder you feel so offended every time Anna brings up the Catholic Church. Luther knew and said it in public that Satan has infiltrated the Catholic Church and took his seat there and that is the truth. Any followers of this kind of satanic cult not only keep that cult alive but will eventually also have to go down with it. That is how Satan harvests souls.

    2. Many people have been brought up their wholes lives to hate the Catholic Church, but have never read or studied anything from the Church. One would think that when we want to find out what any organization believes we would start with the writings they put out.
      People that write here spend hours on end studying political writings, videos from secular sources, history books from the same, and scouring all manor of internet information, but they will come here and shoot their neighbors philosophically without the slightest effort to understand where they actually stand from their own writings and actions.

      Many say that the two forbidden subjects one should never talk about in public are religion and politics. Well that old saying only underscores the two most important subjects we could actually talk about that can change anything for the better.

      Be careful when you think you are fighting evil, that you don't end up fighting what God Himself has left as our narrow but more sure path to Him.

      The Church or the Bible.

      The One True Church

      All of you need to remember that I am keeping my promise. I promised not to talk about my religious beliefs unless you use my blog's comments section to attack them.


  2. .
    Simple question - How do we know what true; what real; whats not the illusion ?

    Do the winners of wars writ the history book

    Do the elites [call they what you will/ ET] writ the story

    If there are no living persons/ witnesses from the time we are researching then what in the illusion ?

  3. Appearances are of four kinds:
    Better stated:

    Things either are as they appear to be;

    or they neither are nor appear to be;

    or they are, but do not appear to be;

    or they are not, and yet, appear to be. ~ Epictetus

  4. Paul, will you please stop dragging around Luther's corpse! Luther would have never broken away from the catholic church had a death sentence not been put on his head. He would have suffered the same fate as Savonarola. Luther, in most respects, simply completed the work Savonorola had started fifty years earlier in Italy.

    "Declared a heretic by the church, the Holy Roman Empire now tried Luther as an outlaw. At the Imperial Diet of Worms, convened in April 1521, Luther held fast to his views. Despite some sympathy for Luther's cause among the assembled nobles, Emperor Charles V had little choice but to condemn him as an outlaw of the empire in the so-called Edict of Worms. Now an enemy of both church and state, Luther could be apprehended or even killed on sight. In a staged "kidnapping" Luther's supporters spirited him away to Wartburg Castle in disguise and under an assumed name. While at the Wartburg, Luther later wrote a German translation of the Bible that would profoundly influence the development of the German language. Meanwhile he continued his busy writing schedule in defiance of the bans against him, and his allies in the print industry continued to spread his views."

    Harping on Luther does not answer the questions. You would kill a man because you don't like the truth? Without the protections of powerful princes and nobles Luther had no chance. Savonarola had no such protections and as a result of his powerful preaching he incurred the wrath of the infamous satanic pope, Alexander VI, who is universally regarded as a completely wicked man. So wicked, in fact he could not be buried in St. Peters. From a historical point of view, the Jesuits have done far more harm and damage to the faith than a thousand Luthers. We cannot imagine a time when a man could be put to death for simply uttering opinions and truths that the religious rulers did not want to hear.

    1. Totally agree...The Catholic Church was afraid of Luther and still is to this day, but their days are numbered.

    2. I didn't write it and you probably didn't read it. Luther ended up an arch heretic and has drug millions of souls along with him. I challenge you to read the history the Church has recorded about what he taught and why he was excommunicated. See the links above.

  5. Let's stay on point here with canon law 2057. Private dominion means private control, not public. Notice and demand.

    1. That was GOOD INFORMATION! I hope ANNA see's this! We have to find the "place" where we can prove we are the Owner of the Cestui Que Vie Trust!

    Must need the insurance money on the USS Harry Truman - few hundred dead American sailors will warrant stealing everything in Iran and mass genocide

    USS Harry Truman (an aircraft carrier) is near Iran in the Arabian Sea.

    The captain of the Truman is an Iranian (and thus a prime target for “Iranian revenge”), and the Iranians are attributing their COVID-19 outbreak to an American bioweapon (WMD) attack.
    This creates a scripted motivation for the Iranians to launch a WMD attack of their own, which will serve nicely as cover for an Israeli false-flag.
    Remember the fact that if the globalists opt to end the Great Tribulation this month, we’re due for a nuclear war scare before the heroes show up to save the day.
    So watch for the Truman to get nuked — supposedly by Iran, but actually by Israel.

    Their UN planning for Iran


    Secret meetings with Iran, hmm and only 3 weeks ago

    Some information about Iran's 'rulers' and those who fled Iran for America and where they live and work, how about Virginia, Seattle, Hollywood, CEO's of big tech companies

    One big happy bunch of rich thieves

  7. Faced with bankruptcy, In 1932, it was announced that a group of scientists and engineers had been working at Columbia University since 1920 on an "Energy Survey of North America" under a Mr Howard Scott. This Energy Survey is based on Technocracy i.e, ergs joules or calories for paychecks and negotiable currency.In short, it was that those who direct the complex organizations of government, of production and distribution should be trained specialists...