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Monday, March 2, 2020

Corporate Records Show....

By Anna Von Reitz

For many years now our Team has been pointing to the evils of corporations --- and not simply specific corporations, but corporations in general.
Corporations invite lack of individual accountability and protect wrong-doers by providing bankruptcy protection and limiting liability. The counter-argument is that some development activities (mainly associated with war and mayhem) are too dangerous in terms of liability for investors to undertake without such protections.
Being of a practical mind, we ask, what social benefit does war provide to anyone? Only the criminally insane think of war as a benefit. So why should society bear the costs of war-mongers?
If they blow up St. Louis or poison the sea --like Fukashima-- or create and unleash a deadly virus "by mistake" --- should they be pardoned and moddle-coddled?
We dare raise our hands and say, "No."
Accountability is a necessary part of a sane society. Lack of accountability leads to criminality and lack of moral compass. If everything is allowed, nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe. Nothing is secure. Not your lives, not your children, and not your future.
So, having debunked the one reason consistently offered for the existence and proliferation of corporations --- encouraging stockholders to invest in things they probably shouldn't invest in and which they should be held responsible for investing in if they do --- why should corporations exist at all?
The Roman Catholic Church, which supports the Roman Curia, holds the patents and keys to all the corporations on Earth because they dreamed up the concept of corporations --- S-corps, C-corps, B-corps, non-profits, trusts, foundations, cooperatives, LLC's, LP's, PLC's, and so on --- all defined and concocted by the Roman Curia.
And the Roman Curia remains responsible, as the creator of all these THINGS, for policing them. The Pope is granted the unique power to liquidate any corporation that functions in an "unlawful manner", but he has apparently forgotten that there is a difference between "lawful" and "legal" and he and his Predecessors for the past century and a half, have let their unnatural Frankenstein monsters run rampant over life and decency on Earth.
With no discipline being imposed and no danger of consequences held over their heads, the corporations have simply proliferated like bunny rabbits in the springtime until otherwise normal people think that they have to have a trust and an extra LLC in their back pockets at all times.
That is, everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid that is killing them, and then the survivors are standing around asking, "What happened? Who is responsible?" And all they have in response to those questions is a Post Office Box in Surrey and the name of a couple of men who can't be located.
The Big Answer to the Malady is to start where the problem starts -- with the Roman Curia and the Pope -- and their actual and palpable responsibility for the existence of these THINGS. The Small Answer is to hold them all accountable via other means when the Pope fails to do his job: anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation on steroids, followed by Draconian enforcement.
The only way that either of these answers can be applied is via a tidal wave of public awareness and political demand. Believe me, the Pope is not going to take action against his BFF's without a struggle and the Congress and the State Legislatures which have long been the Pawns of corporate self-interest won't know who to pander to, if the self-interest lobbies of Big Business disappear.
We could start there, with outlawing lobbyist organizations, but then, there would be nothing left of what poses for a government in Washington, DC. After all, both the Republican and the Democratic "Parties" are nothing but big political lobbyist groups, no different really than the Tobacco Lobby or the Big Pharma Lobby.
When the Pigs are in charge of the Trough, you know that you are in for a fall, but that is, nonetheless, what we've been stupidly allowing for the past 150 years.
So now, we are faced with the necessity of replacing the foreign lobbyist-run "government" with the actual government owed to the people of this country, but that means waking up 300 million Americans and prodding at least some of them to self-govern, a prospect as foreign to most of them as turtle soup.
So, it's either being eaten alive by immoral, unaccountable, "legal fictions" --- or it's getting on our hind legs and demanding accountability from those who are supposed to be acting in the Public Interest and riding herd on these THINGS, or it's taking action ourselves.
Of the three options, one is not survivable, so let's cross that off the list. Two is difficult to obtain, much less guarantee, because it is so very much more comfortable for the guards to remain asleep and the political hunting dogs to remain curled up by the corporate fire. And three isn't exactly popular because it requires thought and work, albeit, at least taking our own action puts us in charge of our own salvation--- no longer begging the Pope and the members of Congress to do their duties.
With those thoughts in mind, I am going to recommend that you all watch the following video which explains the extent of the lawlessness and self-interest that the British Crown and the Queen have exercised, and which ties the British Government --- once again, to the bottom of the Corona virus scandal.
Why? Because it turns out that this virus is a British Bug, and the result of a peculiarly British fascination with germ warfare. We are invited to ask -- "What happens when a British Bug gets turned loose in China?" --- besides killing thousands, if not millions, of innocent Chinese people and wrecking the global economy?
Am I alone in thinking that enough is enough and that the other governments of the world, including our own, need to wake up to the simple fact that I discovered years ago? That the Brits are reliably, consistently, always at the bottom of every dog pile? 


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  1. If not mistaken, corporations are suppose to have a self-life; when they expire & no longer exist. But that's out the window in our upside-down world.

  2. I have been following AIM4Truth for a few years now. They do some great work that connects with a lot of Anna's work. They do a really good job on their videos.


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