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Monday, March 2, 2020

Dear Mr. Trump, March First 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

You are advised that the Trusteeship of the Philippine Government will terminate and be removed from said "independent government for the Philippines" established in 1934, at midnight, March 3, 2020, unless certain conditions are met.

The Government of the Philippines is under demand to make correction of the following circumstance within three days of publication, or forfeit all trust assets back to the Donors, including the actual Julius Divinagracia. Rent on the Philippine Islands and the cost of defending the Philippine Islands during World War II and since then, will become due and payable on March 4, 2020, unless this matter is successfully concluded in our favor.

Julius Divinagracia entered the United States as a Permanent Resident and changed his name to protect his identity more than twenty years ago. He adopted the State where he lives as his permanent home and domicile and has followed all the protocols his adopted State and The United States of America require to take this action, which stands published upon the Public Record

Julius Divinagracia is under the protection of our government and has adopted a State of the Union as his permanent home and domicile.

He is not under any obligation of United States political asylum or citizenship.

He is neither a Territorial nor a Municipal citizen of any kind.

An Imposter from the Philippines has assumed his identity and has attempted to pass himself off as Julius Diviniagracia, resulting in this nonsense:

This is Public Notice worldwide, that this is a fraudulent and criminal action having no basis in reality, and it will not be honored by The United States of America as anything valid.

Many hundreds of people worldwide have cause to know the truth.

We have the records and the proof and we are not pleased with this dishonest attempt to (again) substitute a "ringer" just as the same Parties substituted their criminal commercial corporations and infringed upon our trademarks to promote confusion between "The United States of America, Incorporated" and our government --- The United States of America.

Any attempt to pass this fraud artist off as Julius Divinagracia is destined for failure and any action taken to acquiesce to this substitution will come to ruin. We denounce this as a complete and utter fraud owing immediate correction:

We call upon you as Commander-in-Chief to bring forward the lawful, legal, and correct claims of Julius Divinagracia without allowing any further obfuscation, fraud, criminal interference, or obstruction. The funding for your government and many other governments depends upon this chicanery being addressed and corrected.

No justice can result from further fraud and injustice. This pattern of behavior must be overcome.

As of this afternoon, Julius Divinagracia has removed the Rothschilds and the United States from their trusteeships, with prejudice, together with rejecting any role for the US Trustees and repudiating any presumption of bankruptcy or abandonment of his assets. All treaties and papers and agreements signed by this Filipino Interloper are denounced as open fraud.

The independent government of the Philippines has three days to get their man out of Shanghai and come to Jesus. You, Mr. Trump, and the Pacific Fleet are being requested and required to act in our behalf.

Whoever has promoted this substitution of a Third Party claiming to be Julius Divinagracia in order to displace an American State National and to dispose of his assets under conditions of fraud and deceit is an international criminal---and any such persons are to be identified, bound over, and charged.

No funds from the Alpha Omega or Spiritual White Boy Accounts or any other Legacy Accounts can be accessed or released without consultation with and approval from both our government and the actual man, Julius Divinagracia, who stands upon our shores and who is owed all right, title, and interest in his private property and heir-ship, and who is the only one on Earth empowered to make treaties and disbursements in his name.

It is your sworn duty and the duty of every member of the American Armed Forces including all those under contract to the U.S. Military, to uphold and protect the persons of all Americans per Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America.

Julius Divinagracia is an American, and his Good Name and Identity has been stolen, subjected to International theft, abuse, and false contracting processes.

We believe that your duty in this matter is clear and that the Government of the Philippines has been, at the very least, derelict in its responsibilities as Trustees of American assets. They have been given three days to get this Mess straightened out. The clock is ticking.


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    1. your typo error. I've found it.

      It is GLOBAL ASSET THEFT. The Philippines can NEVER had wealth of this large, especially after WW2, and Ferdinand MARCOS was 32 years old, a criminal president, his own people charged him so. His deceptive gold-follower and Rauthschild are likewise criminals. The Philippines have no Volcano gold to show, they used Wiki to deceive the world. The Philippines had been raged by the Jap in 1942-44. Likewise FD-Roosevelt said this on a few Newspapers: NO shipment to the Jap freely from Malayan Rubbers, Iron, and Tin ORE. By FDR definition, we know the British UK, US(inc), France etc.. were busy extracting se Asian resources at that time, while the Japanese tried to steal the same things, that got turned into a WW2.

      MARCOS was a broker for the EU dishonest Bankers & Govt, after they extracted so much of xxxx Gold & Resources, while deceptively inferring their 30-year Vietnam war, to cover-up. You cannot tell these events by your naked eye. You need evidence(s) to be convinced. Now it's not the time.

    2. Hi Carpenter. I tried the link w/slideshare and not getting anywhere. Is this the entire article?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. >> Is this the entire article?

      Yes, Mustang. The British was broke in 1930. That's why they had FDR confiscated American 20,000 ton gold to help the UK. The claims of Chinese and Philippines Gold are fake. The Solomon gold and Spanish Gold are also non-sense, why would the EU poor country let the UK controlled their gold if it's true. There are over 100+ evidences that the UK + US(Inc) + France, + Popes were there in se Asia 1821 - (1920-1945):massive gold excavated. After se Asian 1946~1976 independence, the vermin's exited not, they continue to steal one particular little country gold, by injecting their mercenary war to confuse the natives for 30-years, and misnamed it as "Vietnam war". You can tell, the tips of Buddha temples, originally built with massive gold.

  2. FYI - the link is faulty to slideshare. Got to and search for "2017-usna-divinagracia-treaty". I had the same 404 with Firefox and Safari.


    1. NHNEC- Thanks. I tried that 2nd link and that led to this YT video titled "the real julius divinagracia story"
      1,774 views•Aug 16, 2010
      1 COMMENT:
      Kristen Star Blossom
      2 years ago
      So, will you explain to humanity why this is legal? Who the Alpha Omega Worldwide are? This has to do with the Galactics?


  5. Thanks for the help everyone. I fixed the link.

    1. I dunno. I got this response when I clicked the link above:
      Your connection is not private
      Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
      Back to safetyHide advanced
      This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is not trusted by your computer's operating system. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

      Proceed to (unsafe)

  6. I think this video goeds well with the BC fraud issue we are also fighting to correct. David Wynn Miller and Russell Jay Gould. Ring any bells? Hope so.
    War Castles - Military Insider :Robert-Leroy: Horton - Updated Version
    TR3BAlpha Video
    1.65K subscribers

    Military Insider :Robert-Leroy: Horton from the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command explains the inter-workings of our slavery to the Cabal. Touches upon the concepts of :QUANTUM-LANGUAGE-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR which was created by :David-Wynn: Miller and :Russell-Jay : Gould.
    Age-restricted video (requested by uploader)

  7. get a look at this one, 13 minutes long...........


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