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Sunday, February 16, 2020


By Anna Von Reitz

CIA = Cia =cia
RAM = Ram = ram
[Code for Satan, Baphomet]
ELLA = Ella = ella
[Code for "girl" -- looks harmless, weak, feminine]
CIA's Satanic "Girl"
Put it all together, and what have you got?
He looks like the boy next door. Some kid just out of college for a few years. Maybe an accountant.
It's not hard to figure out.
What's really amazing is just HOW stupid all these people have believed we are, all these years.
They use fake names.
They hide behind fake personas.
They pretend to be just the opposite of what they are.
They pass "Acts" as "Actors" in a play.
They have openly admitted that nothing they have done since 1860 counts, plainly stated it as the Enabling Clause they use as they publish their "Acts of Congress".
"This Act shall not effect any right thus previously established."
[But we are going to go ahead and pretend it does, until someone wakes up and stops us.]
Chief Justice Roberts is a rat.
I don't care what nastiness they have on him.
I don't care what his politics are.
He has betrayed Justice itself.
He has used terms and words of art to harm millions of people.
And worse.
Remember Obummer Care? It's a tax? Oh, really?
And for all of you who are standing around wondering what to do?
The solution is simple.
Unfortunately, that means you have to take charge of yourself and declare your political status as an American.
That means joining and organizing your State Assembly.
That means filling your Jury Pools.
That means electing your County Sheriffs not THEIR County Sheriffs.
That means actively organizing politically and taking a stand against the fetid disgusting Corporate Feudalism they are trying to ram down our throats.
That means being proud again and making yourselves proud again.
As Americans.


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  1. So many folks have been sheeped and skinned to such a Degree. That re-edumakation has caused cognitive disadence to be the norm in Amerika Their sheep skin has their ego attached. What do you do when you realize...half of what you think you know I wrong, and the other half is a LIE?

    1. What do you do when you realize that Most (Much more than Half) is wrong and all of it is a Lie?

      Two choices: Re-educate yourself or stick your head back in the sand and be content to live your life as a DEAD THING...

  2. I'm awakening. I thought I knew.. I realize it is worse than EVER imagined!

    1. Kathy,

      I almost wish I hadn't.


      Knowledge empowers us.

  3. Annie 👍's just 2 choices❣️

  4. CIA housed in Swissy land


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