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Saturday, February 15, 2020

More Pertinent Information: 5G, Viri, and You

By Anna Von Reitz

More Pertinent Information

1. Survival statistics from the corona virus outbreak are beginning to come in, and they are both official, observer-reviewed, and reasonable results for a "normal" corona virus outbreak.  That plugs a missing hole in the overall picture and provides at least some basis for regarding this as a serious but non-weaponized threat.  People most at risk are very young and very old, and those with already-compromised immune systems--- just as they are with other colds and flu. 

2. All viruses die at 122 degrees. They can't stand high heat.  This is the logic behind "sweating it out" -- as many old-time doctors and my Grandmother recommended: sauna, sweat lodge, or as-best-you-can-do at home, with plenty of eucalyptus in the stream.  About the highest heat we humans can normally stand via gradual acclimation is 111 degrees, which is available in Japanese bathhouses.  At 111, a form of paralysis can set in until the water cools or a bath attendant rouses you out, so this is a pretty extreme option, but it will slow any infection and give your body a chance--- and leave you sweating for a good long while unless you do this the Finnish Way and jump in ice water. Either way will result in both short term dehydration that needs to be countered, and getting rid of a lot of toxins directly through the skin.  

3.  Other techniques --- breath in hot air from a hand-held blow dryer for 2-3 minutes, protecting your nose and face with a wet cloth while you do this.  Don't be stupid with this, as you can burn your skin.  The hot air helps kill and immobilize germs in your nasal passages. Combine with essential oil therapy and you have a two-fisted punch. 

4.  Don't forget that your ears are orifices, too, and need to be swabbed out with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or dilute germ-killing essential oil (which lasts longer).  Though more protected, ears can serve as an infection portal in animals, too.  During the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic, nurses learned to disinfect ears along with everything else.  We need to remember that wisdom. 

5. It has been suggested that there is a link between the fact that Wuhan was the Province where 5G was recently rolled out and the fact that Wuhan has been the epicenter of the virus outbreak.  If there is a connection, that means that the corona virus has been weaponized with nano-assist technology.

6. Unfortunately, there will be no way to test that theory until and unless the virus spreads significantly in non- 5G areas within China where the population has a similar genetic profile --- and then also shows substantially different symptoms or prognosis, better or worse, than the cases in the 5G  area. 

7. Switzerland has delayed implementation of 5G due to unresolved health concerns. This is something that needs to be brought home to the members of your local electrical utility commissions, together with supporting documentation. Switzerland has consistently enjoyed better health and social conditions over time and has banned both fluoridated and chlorinated water for decades.  Time our dumb clucks and criminals got the message and are forced to argue with success. 

8.  Mito-Copper - 5 Star Shine, 7155 SE 2nd Pl, Starke, FL 32091, has developed a small Faraday cage device for installation over Smartmeters. This can provide protection from un-modulated  electromagnetic and electrostatic radiation  without interfering with its normal functions. For example, it can, in theory, keep your electrical service from exploding or catching fire during an EMP or lightning strike and protect against some forms of Directed Energy Weapons. As fire is one of the best-documented dangers of Smartmeters to date, a $60 investment makes sense, and the electric companies don't object because it protects their equipment at the same time it protects your house. 

9. Don't forget Grandma's favorite cold cures --- Elderberries.  These are super-anti-oxidant, have their own high vitamin content to offer, and are pleasant enough for children to accept in teas and syrups. 

10. Oatmeal and whole grains, beans, lentils, dried peas, apples, and steamed veggies of all kinds provide the necessary substrate and fiber to excrete all the toxic wastes that build up as a result of an illness. Many doctors over the years have believed that toxemia (toxins in the blood) are "the" cause of all illness, so to the extent you can get rid of toxins and avoid more, you promote your health overall. Please check out the Gerson Diet and Fit-Again.  
11.  Your cell phone is the Number One source of harmful radiation in your life and probably the most potent sources of germs, too.  Think about it.  There's a great company in Utah that sells an EMF protective device called a "scatter bug" "Cell Guard"-- buy a package of four and protect yourself and three friends or family members for $147 at and think about daily cleansing routines for your cell phone.  You can do it the old fashioned way with alcohol mist or lens cleaner, but you won't get the peace of mind and 99.9% kill rate of a PhoneSoap UV cleaning unit, which will both charge and clean your phone. 

I get no kickbacks or special consideration for any of these recommendations, I am just sharing solutions and information that I use myself and that my friends use to protect ourselves and our families and to benefit from our educations and our science backgrounds. These are some neat gadgets, but more importantly, they can help protect your health.  Grandma's tried and true remedies go hand in hand with the best new over-the-counter tech. 

Last but not least --- staying away from the hospital is the goal. Never having to go near a hospital or a doctor is the goal.  It's not that we have anything against doctors, it's just universally better to never need one!  


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