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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Choking and Blocking Nanobots

By Anna Von Reitz

This has been a recurring concern for many people who are aware of the burgeoning use of nanotech in our world --- what can we potentially do to short circuit and remove nanobots to keep them from interfering with our biological functions?  

This potentially dangerous tech has not been overseen by any actual government. These scientific endeavors have been largely overseen only by the corporations benefiting from them.  Foxes in charge, again. 

So many good scientists have spent time and effort on their own to develop countermeasures against "unfriendly" nanobot technology.  Some respectable people have suggested ingesting a very small amount of borax every day to "jam up" the electron transfers involved, others have championed the use of "fullerine" oils--- basically, a nano-sized carbon filtration system to trap the nano-critters and expel them naturally.  

Coming from the UW-Madison, however many years ago, I am in the later camp.  An inert, carbon-based blood filter that is efficiently expelled from the body makes more sense to me and is certainly safer to ingest than borax.  I recently posted a respectable supplier, SES and their premier olive oil, C-60, on my News Feed.  

I experimented with this stuff when it first became available and there's really no reason not to make it into a salad dressing --- a sort of Space Age Oil and Vinegar version.  The oil itself is olive oil, and the nanotubule structures in it are inert carbon at a very tiny scale, so the oil winds up being a red-brown color that is not unpleasant at all.  Many devotees take it straight in five ml doses. 

Me, being me, I just added it to regular salad oils and vinegar and herbs and ate mine as a salad dressing.  either way, sop up your bowl with a bit of bread, and you have deployed a nano-scale carbon filter.  

In initial experiments at UW-Madison back in the early 90's, rats that ingested Fullerine Oil---  doubled their lifespan.  Now, you and I are not rats.  Our metabolism is significantly different.  But, rats are mammals, and thirty years of use of C-60 by many people in the scientific community, has at least prove that nothing has come amiss by their use of "Buckyballs" aka, Fullerine Oil, named after Buckminster Fuller.  

A guy who weighs 180 lbs and who wants the therapeutic effects needs to take about 5 mls --- between a teaspoon and a teaspoon and a half per day.  C-60 comes with its own measurement syringe and instructions, so you don't have to worry about that.  It's not inexpensive to produce and clean the "fullerine" nanotubes and get them saturated into the oil, so 120 ml bottle costs around $70.  

But, if we are ever faced with a nano-assisted bio-weapon attack, that will be $70 well-spent, and in the meantime, it makes great salad dressing. Or, many people enjoy dipping French and Italian bread in flavored oils....?  Put it in mayo and apply to a sandwich.... lots of ways to avoid the de rigeur of the True Believers who shoot a teaspoon of the stuff every morning and still get the benefits.  

Lypsomal Vitamin C is another scientific advancement we can take advantage of.  Many people have heard about the Chinese using intravenous Vitamin C to combat the current corona virus outbreak, but intravenous methods are not safe in a home environment absent competent medical supervision.  Taking Vitamin C in a concentrated lyposomal form is the closest you can get over the counter. 
The advantage of the lyposomal liquid version is that it is immediately available and going to work in the bloodstream with little or no waste or time delay.  

It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but it works like magic.  If you are really sick, this is the way to get a concentrated bio-available blast of Vitamin C..  If your system is compromised in any way by cancer, heart disease, limited liver function, etc., --- this is the way to go. I keep it on hand for bad colds and infections when simply eating oranges or drinking lemonade isn't enough. is the patriarch in development of lyposomal supplements and they are the company I am most familiar with.  A new company, LipoNaturals, has a competing product.  For long term storage and occasional use I prefer the individual packets available from LiveOnLabs and keep them on hand. The LipoNaturals version comes in a large pouch and you simply dispense your dosage yourself.  

Remember that although Vitamin C is a safe, water-based vitamin that won't accumulate in your system and become toxic if you overdose, it will give you the runs at high dosages.  If you are already suffering this as a flu symptom you are in danger of dehydration and don't want to make things worse, so the smart money is to take Vitamin C on a regular basis now, before any serious infection hits, and figure out how much you can take without suffering very loose stools. 

Immodium A-D is a very effective over the counter anti-diarrhea drug that puts most things to rights in about twenty minutes.  I never leave home without it. 

When dealing with hemorrhagic fever, traditional Chinese medicine relies on Tien Qi Ginseng; the fact that the Chinese Government is not using it is most likely a reflection of budget constraints.  There are several kinds of gingseng and again, the liquid based extracts are most expensive, but also longest lasting, most concentrated, and most effective. 

Tien Qi has the salutary effect of inhibiting hemolysis -- stopping bleeding and the rupture of red blood cells in general, which is obviously important if you are dealing with internal bleeding in the lungs and blood vessels. 

Viewing this problem from the reverse side of the issue --- how can you strengthen your lung and vascular tissue?   Ladies, here is a good excuse to do something for your skin, hair, and nails, too ----- (1) Eat gelatin.  A bowl of Jell-O a day keeps the doctor away; (2) Take collagen supplements; (3) Take Biotin, one of the lesser B Vitamins. 

Biotin has many strange properties and benefits, not the least of which is as a water purifier.  It drops gunk out of water like you wouldn't believe, which means that it purifies your lymph system and aids in the removal of cell debris and foreign substances.  

Your skin and your hair may suffer a (to you) inexplicable turn for the worse when you first start taking Biotin.  This is what is called a "healing crisis symptom" because the Biotin is de-clogging your system and forcing all manner of metallic elements and other gunk out of your body-- and your skin and hair are in fact excretory organs.  

One of my Native friends developed a noticeable greenish streak in her black hair that had to literally grow out, as if it were dyed.  This is most likely the result of getting rid of copper oxides she picked up on the job.  She was rewarded with absolutely gorgeous hair and better overall health from there on. 

These are just things that I and my friends have known and used ourselves successfully over the years, not a doctor's prescription, and bear in mind that everyone's biology and job and other parameters are different.  What works for me might not work for you --- but, there is a logic behind each of these suggestions that has stood the test of time and shared experience.  

The corona virus and other serious hemorrhagic fevers are characterized by fever in over 90% of the cases, and if not fought off, will lead to bleeding lungs and leaking blood vessels ---- hence the description, "hemorrhagic fever".  In this recent outbreak in China small sample studies are saying that about 50% of patients suffer vomiting and diarrhea, too. 

Remember the old adage, "Feed a cold, starve a fever."? 

A lot of bodily energy goes into digesting and deploying your food every day, and you do need good food to keep your strength up, but during a fever it makes good sense to reduce your digestive activity and increase your liquid and semi-liquid intakes.  

Think simple vegetable soups and traditional broths, gelatin desserts, green tea, apple sauce, ginger tea, hand-squeezed orange juice, smoothies, lemonade, finely cut up steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs, soda crackers, oatmeal --- eat as if you were a small child again.  

Eat frequently, but in small portions, and don't tax your liver by loading it down with dairy products, fats, and oils.  

Most over-the-counter fruit juices are "from concentrate" or otherwise loaded down with sugar and should be avoided, because sugar is, technically, a poison to your weakened metabolism.  It puts stress and push where none is needed. A small amount of concentrated fruit juice added to water to lightly flavor it is fine, but don't overdo it. 

Remember that both fever and diarrhea result in dehydration which is one of the chief dangers of the first symptoms of a hemorrhagic fever.  Put some gel ice packs in the freezer in case you need to use them to bring a fever down. 

Remember that your head/skull is the chief heat radiator for your whole body.  If you have a bad fever and can't stand the thought of a cool bath to bring the temperature down, applying ice packs to the big arteries in your neck and to the top of your head can have much the same effect.  So can applying water to your chest and turning on a fan to stimulate evaporation. 

When you have a fever you often feel cold, even though in fact you are burning up.  Try to find way to cool your body down that isn't horribly uncomfortable-- something that achieves a middle ground.  

Remember also that most over-the-counter fever reducers including aspirin and ibuprofen, thin the blood, which is not something you want to do with a hemorrhagic fever.  Rely on mechanical means (see above), limited amounts of acetaminophen, and traditional herbal teas like Feverfew, instead. 

Finally, remember that the reason that winter is "flu season" is not the cold. It's the dryness.  When you keep the relative humidity in your home above 43%, the chance of airborne infections decreases dramatically.  

This is part of the reason why "Grandma" kept a bubbling pot of water on the back of the wood stove, and often threw in a handful of herbs or citrus peels for good measure.  A humidifier that combines ultrasonic humidity with essential oil delivery is the best of all worlds. 

Here's an example of the kind of "industrial model" I am talking about, available through Amazon and (maybe) at your local hardware store or health food store or even supermarket: Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom (6L) - Humidifier with Essential Oil Tray (White).  

Smaller diffusers work fine for essential oil delivery in a sick room, in a bathroom, or office cubicle, but they have to be refilled every hour or so on the hour and don't significantly improve overall humidity in a large house or for prolonged periods of time.  To deliver the maximum benefit all winter long and to literally cover your home in a blanket of unseen essential oil defense, you need one or two of these Big Boys working in 12 hour shifts.  

After the fever phase of  a severe influenza or hemorrhagic fever, you often have a hard time resetting your body thermostat, so having an electric blanket or heating pad can be a real blessing, allowing you to self-adjust your own micro-climate day to day and hour to hour as you recover. 

When you are sick, your body needs rest, appropriate nutrients, a good mental attitude, and time to heal.  Do everything you can to provide that and your body will fight off the invading germs for you, no questions asked.  

As I said before, I suffered from pneumonia for five years straight before I learned to use an ultrasonic diffuser and appropriate essential oils to combat it. It has taken me over sixty years and multiple intense "health crisis" experiences with pets, children, friends, and family to solidify what I just shared with you. 

Thinking about your health and hygiene now can save you -- literally -- later. Laying in a few supplies, learning how to use a few new tools, knowing what to do in advance --- can save your life or the lives of people you love.  It can keep you from going to the hospital in desperation and keep you and your loved ones out of the long lines at these overwhelmed and germ-filled centers during flu season.  

Think about it, change your habits, change your cleaning regimen, and before you know it, you will be enjoying better health now and be better prepared for any health crisis later. 

And please pause a moment to think of all those in China who are suffering and not able to buy or find even their traditional medicines as a result of expense and quarantine.  Send them love.  Send them prayers.  It is at times like this, when we remember what the real enemies of mankind are. 


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  1. This is good info, but no mention of colloudial silver, CBD oil and organic hemp seed oil which is now available at Walmart and Super One? ... I mix the hemp oil with Braggs Organic apple cider vinegar for salad dressing and I have a healthy dose of two of the best things we need for immune boosts regarding viral and bacteria infections...

  2. A should be

  3. You can make your own colloidal silver for about $250 in unlimited amounts with this little machine:

  4. Dissolve a lightly rounded teaspoonful (5-6 grams) of Borax in 1 quart of filtered water. (Pour some boiling water in the quart jar first and stir to dissolve; then fill the jar with cold, filtered water.)
    Borax — The Inexpensive Detox, Arthritis, Osteoporosis And Mycoplasma Cure
    I add a little bit of the dissolved solution to our coffee every day. It is tasteless and cured my wife's heal spurs.


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