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Saturday, December 28, 2019

You Are Daniel Daley

By Anna Von Reitz

Pretend for a couple minutes that you are a man called Daniel Daley and this is your story.  

As a young man, you start a company, and for lack of more imagination, you call it: The Daniel Daley Company.   It's a big success and people use your company's services all the time.  

Then you go on a business trip and are lost at sea.  

Your affairs are left in the hands of your business partners.  They decide (in your absence) to incorporate The Daniel Daley Company under a Scottish-issued charter and Articles of Incorporation very similar to your original business plan and mission statement--- except of course, that an incorporated entity is owned by the government issuing its charter and is eligible for bankruptcy protection and is subject, in turn, to Scottish law.  

This process of incorporation turns your private business into a public business.  All the assets that The Daniel Daley Company owned are "converted" into assets owned by The Daniel Daley Company, Incorporated. 

And instead of being a private American Company operating in the realm of international trade, your business is now operating as a Scottish Corporation in the realm of global commerce.  

Now, your friends, the Board of Directors, who are doing all this "for" you, in your absence, don't really have any permission to do any of this, but because they don't have any real authority they also don't have any accountability.  

They claim to represent you and since you aren't present to nix their activities and nobody really questions their claims, they get away with it.   They figure you are dead, so whatever they do is their business, and they can do whatever they wish with The Daniel Daley Company, Incorporated. 

So, that's what they do.  They use your company's assets to capitalize the Scottish Corporation, then they run up huge bills against your Good Name and credit---- so huge that they finally have to seek bankruptcy protection and liquidation. 

They, your erstwhile buddies, have become very rich off this process.  So rich that they decide to take another spin.  So, without missing a beat, they go to the State of Delaware, and open up another corporation named --- you guessed it --the Daniel Daley Company, Inc., reinvest the profit they made off the first bankruptcy, and do the same thing all over again. 

The only difference between the Scottish Corporation and the State of Delaware Corporation is that the little word "the" is made part of the corporation's name in Scotland: The Daniel Daley Company, Inc, and the Delaware version is: Daniel Daley Company, Inc.  

These names look very similar on paper and are indistinguishable in conversation, so people easily mistake one for the other, and they also mistake these corporations for your original company and also begin to just shorten the name in common parlance to "Dan Daley", like this:

"The Dan Daley took a hit at the trade conference."  
"We'll make the Dan Daley into a tourist destination." 
"The Dan Daley will succeed in its bid to take over Amazon." 

The years flow by.  And one day a passing ship sees you sitting on your desert island, picks you up, and before you know it, you are in New York again.  The world has changed.  You've changed.  Your old friends don't recognize you anymore.  But everyone knows your name. 

You are aghast at what your "friends" have done to your Good Name and your Company.  You go to them and say----WTH?  And they say, "Uh, well, uh...." 

So you invoke your ownership rights and move to extract all your assets from the incorporated version back into the original company structure, and you have just begun this process when another bankruptcy hits, so now you are dealing with the Bankruptcy Trustees and they don't know who you are from Adam. 

They look at you and they remark, "This guy's name is Daniel Daley.  Weird coincidence, right?"  

You explain that it isn't a "coincidence" at all, that in fact the original company and the later corporations were all named after you, and that these run amok organizations and all their assets actually belong to you.  

And there you stand, Daniel Daley, Original Issuer, Holder in Due Course, Primary Priority Creditor of the whole messed up shebang ---- and nobody knows what to do.  

All the debts run up by the purported "secondaries" to your company and estate can't be attached to you or to assets actually belonging to you, because the secondaries had no authority to act for you in the first place and neither the Scottish Government nor the State of Delaware had any authority to convert your assets, either.  So..... 

The actual assets have to go back to you, the debts incurred "in your name" and against your estate have to be discharged as Odious Debts, and all of this creates vast confusion because "Dan Daley" has become a household word, yet nobody knows which "Dan Daley" or "Daniel Daley Company" we are talking about at any given moment.  

This is the situation --- unfortunately --- with both "the US" and "the USA".  

Just plug in "United States" or "United States of America" for "Dan Daley" and see what you will see.  

It's the same story.  The same Mess.  

The Queen and the Pope and their minions staffing the various "Congresses" in DC are synonymous with the reckless friends who took over and ran "The Daniel Daley Company" ---purportedly "for" you.  

And now it is up to you to step back into your own shoes, assert your rights and interests as the actual owner, and sort this mess out ---- for your own sake and for the sake of everyone else in the world.  


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  1. Lavoy Finicum said in a video made up in the mountains where vast pastures are, that the BLM showed up years ago saying they were there to help the ranchers. They claimed doing business with them would help the ranchers do better and got them to sign up.
    Also a joke around airports but also true. "I am from the FAA and am here to help you. Usually by a big fine or threat or loss of licenses etc. May states, most I imagine look similar with a line drawn through all state legislation concerning flight. Total federal takeover starting about the 60s. Now take a look at the thousands of small airports existing here and only here since other countries did not have a lot of people who were able to keep much more of their earnings, rather than suffering in debt had a little in savings.
    Yeah, right here to help like a Black Mamba. "Im here, guess what I am planning for you"

  2. Is it the Scottish or the British who are running us? Or the Germans and Jesuits?
    I read that by Jesuit Decree, they are supposed to infiltrate EVERYTHING at all levels to make sure and "guide" the plans of everything.

  3. 1933 the Geneva conventions were actually all the bankrupt governments being told they now are owned by Jewish bankers . Same time decision to steal Americans wealth outrageous banking laws.
    Not only did Jewish council declare war on Germany but America was not the pope or English royals but Rothschild crown who controld banking and BAR.
    Same exact characters over and over Falce.flags without Mossad is like watching Hamlet without the prince”ole Demogard

  4. @ Kathy: The Scottish and the British are currently running us, Jesuits maybe the starter, they are still the same Beast with 4-5 heads. I've never heard of the Germans doing the manipulations in the old days, except currently. The Scottish and the British always went/go together as a team. In SE Asia they went together in early 1800's, enticing the French to join them to fight the Chinese on Opium war in 1837's. While they instigated Siam King3, on how it conquered a larger Land. Then they learned about Siam sneaky games, lies and deceptions. Thereby, their minds illuminated. They let the French be the Front-runner of French Protectorate Indochina. 4-5 western countries consumed and extracted Indochina mineral and precious Resources with Free Labors, through the French empty Anonymous Corporation Stocks and Bonds, that paid nothing, while enslaving America.

    1. There are many Treaty's or Trusts in the year 1213, signed in enticed in May 1213, all the way to November 1213.

      Treaty of 1213 – IS The Beginning of the Lie
      Once upon a time before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. Not even the king could take the land for not paying a tithe. William the Conquer came in 1066 and stole the Kings Title and took the land of the people. From William I, 1066, to King John, 1199, England was in dire straits. It was bankrupt.

      government? They don't talk about the Lord Almighty's Church (government) do they? (5) "Organized churches" are given special tax privileges because the Vatican dictates to the sixty United States trustees through the trust document, the U.S. Constitution created by the 1783 treaty between the King, front man for the Vatican, and Adams, Hartly, Laurens, & Franklin who were operating for the King and not the people of America. Look at Article VI of the Constitution for the United States for your answer as stated in the "New History of America".

      It sounds like the Constitution 7th Amendment will not save people neither even if you can fix the ID theft issues. Because the problem is, 1783 Constitution is a Contract of Trust, to enslave all in North America.

    2. @pinkham 1783 Constiution signed was a fraud document committing treason against all Unincorporated states men and women, it would be I never agreed to this in New York? Did you? If these gentlemen were loyal to the Crown, how can these still be effective or thought to be legitimate contracts?

  5. 1933 bankrupsy enabled courts bankruptcy law jurisdiction of compelled performance,
    Not to mention the thief of our gold ,the communist in the White House reported to the red Army . Everything pales in contrast another know communist out of Illinois used a self inflected bankruptcy to put us under marshal law don’t get America worse!

    1. Marshall law since 1933, have given us imposters in our courts with no constiution, bill of rights or ADA disability rights. We have been decieved in fraud. Fraud vitiates all. If there is no jurisdiction then all Judgements have no Judicial power or control to them. It is a masquerade. Therefore admiralty courts and their employees to our federal government are operating out if made up rules codes statutes, are all not laws, which have rapped pillaged and plundered all our properties, trafficked our kids and destroyed families with loyalties to the Crown. The devastation and THEFTS are beyond comprehension. The courts, crooked Judges and lawyers need to go to jail. All their banking frozen and the clerks of the Judges stock securities need to be frozen on trading on our Famiky, Divorce, cases in the courts along with all trading stopped on Mikitary persons who have died for our country. People die and the CUSIP and SS numbers are still traded. This is a very sick system. Meanwhile, we are offered no accountabilty in our courts of deception -- and immunity protects these psychotic Judges, who are just bankers moving around all our asset . Along with our accountants paying taxes, we never owe as well. If there is no accountability, and no remedy and finally no restitutio . Then where is the law? Are we just being controlled by a police state? We should be able to storm our courts to remove these bastards who fuel this sytem of extortion and child trafficking and suicide, even murder. Those damn metal detectors prevent us from doing this. At this point I think every person should have a gun. Anyone trying to steal, re sell property by a Judges rule needs to understand the fraud, and marshalla need to be shot or understand the law and exactly what is taking place by these cirruot Judges, who are just administrators. and are biased vindictive retaliatory asses. Why? Because anyone who challenges their psyco Judgements and codes Statutes or made up rules by using the constiution, gets retaliated against by them and all the agencies, lawyers law firms, appraisers, doctors. #AFCC members, these judges, they manipulate or bribe through this corrupt fraud system of abuse. No accountability no remedy, no restitution, means no law at all. It is a holocaust free fir all by men in black, and lawyers, many many who are our politicians.

    2. Make them prove jurisdiction? Is one way they usually reschedual the hearing or if its over foreclosure ask the court for their corporation EIN number and W9 irs determination letter, if they ask why say your considering donating. If they dont have one you owe them nothing they don't exist. Works on bankruptcy and other bills

  6. Very good analogy, simply well explained. Thank you, Anna.

  7. Simple solution...everyone do your paperwork, complete..we have found some holes that need to be plugged and need help with tge passport... if enough of us have statis , standing and jurisdiction...We win, they fade away and we gst all of our credit and purloined assets back with interest...


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