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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Worthy Questions

By Anna Von Reitz

I am doing correspondence today, and as I have piled through stacks of letters I have extracted questions --- and answers --- that in one form or another, keep coming up. I can respond to these queries one at a time --- or I can publish the answers and hope that everyone reads them and shares the answers.

Here's hoping ----and today's sampling:
1. When did the corporate government ever fix anything, without making something else worse?
[Never, in my experience. It's to their advantage to create new service opportunities for themselves, so they spawn new problems in order to have a never-ending roster of problems to solve --- at our expense. The condition of society as a whole continues to devolve as a result of this hidden profit motive on the part of the "government service providers".]
2. How can we possibly win against institutionalized evil?
[ " my Spirit..." according to Zechariah 4:6, and no other way at all, but word of mouth never hurts. ]
3. How do you finance what you do?
[My own retirement resources and donations. This is still an all-volunteer government of the self-governing people. We receive no tax or other revenues from the Interlopers, who are also stonewalling our access to our own assets.]
4. Why do some courts use "so help me God" and others do not?
[The Municipal United States Government is a foreign theocracy run by the Holy See, so their courts use this phrase despite our government's Separation of Church and State.]
5. I am confused by what is "public" and what is "private" and things like "Public Notary" versus "Notary Public"?
[What you are seeing is the mirror image effect of what they have done with our government. Our public courts have been unlawfully converted into private courts, ditto all the "offices" which appear to be public, but are in fact, private corporate offices. We are now engaged in a "lawful conversion" of these corporations and reversing the so-called "privatization" of our government. Obviously, a Public Notary is a Public Office, but a "Notary Public" is a private, corporate office. Notaries can and do function in either capacity, depending on how you set up the paperwork.]
6. We have a few Justices of the Peace here and in the surrounding Counties, and they are waking up. What can we do to help them?
[After everyone concerned has Declared and given Public Notice of their proper political status, you can all pitch in and provide the JPs with real courts again. Form and join your State Assemblies, which will automatically also fill your County Assemblies and Jury Pools. Your JP's need Clerks and Bail Bondsmen, Secretarial help, competent Coroners, Court Deputies and fully empowered Public Notaries. There's a lot of research to be done and a lot of volunteer positions to be filled. They would also appreciate donated office space and secure storage for court records. I am sure that every JP in this country will appreciate the support and assistance and will repay you by providing a viable option to the foreign court systems.]
7. The only State Government I know of is the State of State Government. I notice there are only a few things that simply say, "State". Everything else is State of State, like State of California. Why?
[Our States are populated by State Citizens, but we have been mis-identified as Federal Citizens, instead.
This results in our States being "vacated" and that in turn leaves them (and us) at the mercy of foreign Territorial and Municipal business organizations doing business as "States of States" ---as you have observed. We are supposed to be operating our own State of State, for example, The State of California, but have not done so since the Civil War. That is all part of the Reconstruction that has never been completed.
So, until we do our job and "repopulate" our States and assemble our States and then "reconstruct" the actual American States of State we are owed---the actual State, for example, Georgia, exists as a State Trust doing business as "Georgia State". We continue to have State Office Buildings and State Courts and State Colleges, etc., that are purchased "for" us, and the Legislatures continue to wear two hats --- passing occasional General Session Laws for the State Trust, and otherwise passing statutory laws for the State of State.
As the years have passed and public awareness has waned, the Territorial State of State organizations and the Roman Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations which should not properly exist in this country, have become predatory and have acted in Breach of Trust with respect to our States. I suppose they thought that after a hundred and fifty years of this train wreck, nobody would notice, but we have at long last.
We are fully competent and enabled to declare our political status, operate our States, our Courts, and everything else. We simply have to wake up and do it. So that's why you see "State of State" instead of "State" and that is also why you will increasingly see "State" organizations in operation as we reclaim our lawful government and boot up again after this long hiatus.]
8. Why do people blame you for what happens to them, when they don't follow your advice?
[I suppose it is a variation of accusing others of what you do yourself, or as the English describe it, "the pot calling the kettle black". What happened with the Colorado Nine is a good example.
I had been working with them to reclaim their birthright political status and to resurrect their proper State Government, rebuild the State and County Courts, etc., as described above, but a fast-talking federal insurance agent named Michael R. Hamilton gained their confidence and misled them. They took his advice, not mine, and got in trouble, yet some people continue to blame me for these unfortunate results.
I still get blamed for Michael R. Hamilton's dirty work and for the Colorado Nine's failure to listen to me. Go figure, again. Read Article 484, on my website,, which was published at the time and which gives a blow-by-blow of what actually went on and what I actually advised.
Let me make this eternally clear --- I provide water. The "horses" have to drink it to get any benefit or protection from it. They have to learn what I teach, understand the history and the law, and consistently conduct their business accordingly---- or they will get into trouble. And I can't help that.
Unfortunately, too, many people only start searching for answers after they have gotten themselves tangled up in the Federale's web, and are thoroughly enmeshed. Depending on the circumstance and issues, it can be very difficult to make these foreign courts let go of a victim, especially if the victim does not have a clear and consistent vision of their own identity, standing, and source of authority.
A great many Americans waver back and forth across jurisdictional lines like drunken sailors, write great lengthy complex screeds where they mix two or more jurisdictions without comment, and provide these foreign courts with ample evidence that they don't really know who they are or what they are doing --- at which point, it is easy for the foreign courts to justify a finding that these men and women are "incompetent", appoint Public Defenders, and take other actions detrimental to the victims.
Until we clean up our act, it is very difficult to force them to clean up theirs.
It also bears repeating that if you are already in the midst of a Foreclosure, a traffic case, or some other "personal" altercation, and you declare your correct political status in the midst of it, the action is not, generally speaking, retroactive. This is because your political status has already been misidentified as that of a Federal Citizen, beginning with the issuance of a Territorial or Municipal Birth Certificate "in your name", and you are presumed to have been acting in that political status at the time you signed the mortgage or got into the fender bender or whatever else you're dealing with.
So, no, declaring your proper birthright political status is not a Silver Bullet. It's only the beginning, the foundation stone of your proper identification, and the first necessary condition required for you and your countrymen to be able to enforce the constitutional guarantees and enjoy the lawful government you are heir to. Once declared as an American State National, you can, of course, sue to get the whole record corrected---but that is another whole battle to be fought.
The best circumstance is to declare your political status as an American State National and give Public Notice before you get into any trouble at all that can be drawn into the foreign courts. And do the same for your children. Declare them to be American State Nationals from the outset of their lives and avoid the whole issue of any "presumed" foreign political status.]
9. I looked it up. You're right. A "license" is permission to do something that is otherwise illegal. Why would I need a license to get married or drive?
[You don't. They do. Remember that Federal Citizens are living in a different political status and in a different jurisdiction of the law: statutory law. You are, if you have reclaimed your birthright political status, operating as one of the people of this country. They are operating as foreign "persons", under foreign law pertaining to such persons.
When your parents failed to come forward and declare your parentage and political status, Federal Employees operating State of State franchises and agency-level "bureaus" -----"claimed" you as a British Territorial United States Citizen. So, they falsified the records, issued a new corporate "franchise" operating "in your name", and subjected you to their foreign territorial law.
Worse than that, the Municipal United States Government purchased an interest in this new territorial corporation franchise named after you, and that all gave rise to the presumption that "you" are a Dual Citizen----and both Federal citizenship obligations are foreign, both subject to different foreign laws.
Municipal citizens of "the" United States, are, for the most part --- slaves.
Municipal citizens were subjected to marriage licensing soon after the Civil War. The fear was that freed plantation slaves would breed like rabbits and give rise to insupportable welfare burdens, so impediments to marriage --- marriage licenses --- were imposed on Colored People.
That's the ugly history of marriage licensing and the essence of the Municipal Government's demand that you obtain a Marriage License, so that they can claim an interest in your relationship and "the products thereof" ---- your children, and thereby control your familial and marital relationships, divorce settlements, and so on.
Marriage licensing is a hideous practice from the Dark Ages--- like much of what the Municipal United States Government practices and does. It has, for example, continued to practice slavery and peonage and has institutionalized these venal practices for almost a hundred years after these practices were outlawed worldwide (1926). The Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Pontiff (or whatever other name by which they now call him) is responsible for this, together with the members of "the" UNITED STATES CONGRESS.
All I can say is --- go get 'em. Nail them down. Expose them. Let everyone on Earth know what they have done here to people that they are actually obligated to serve and protect.
Marriage licensing unlawfully converts what is meant to be a sacred covenant into a business relationship, with the Municipal Government functioning as a Silent Partner.
Federal citizens are also required to obtain Driver Licenses when they operate Motor Vehicles on the public roads for private profit. You are supposed to know whether or not you are either kind of Federal citizen, and whether or not you are operating a business of that kind and also whether or not you are operating a "motor vehicle" ----and you are expected to act accordingly.
As with marriage licensing, this is a self-regulating system of "legal presumption".
Why would you apply for a Marriage License if you are not a Municipal citizen of "the" United States, not a Colored Person, and not required to have one?
Why would you apply for a Driver License if you are not engaged in commercial business activities employing a motor vehicle for profit?
Why would you sign up for Social Security if you are not a federal employee of some kind or a poor Pauper seeking welfare benefits?
Why would you ever act as a volunteer "Withholding Agent" and sign a 1040 Form, if you were not knowingly acting as a federal franchise corporation and accruing corporate profit--- that is, "federal income"?
Would you do any of these things if you were not a Federal citizen of some sort and obligated to do so?
Obviously, not. And so, the foreign "federal" courts, both Territorial and Municipal, provide themselves with a basis for making "legal presumptions" about you and your obligations based on what you, yourself, do.
Similarly, why would you accept a mortgage and agree to pay the debts of a foreign corporation, if you are not acting as a franchisee/shareholder of that corporation?
By various means of restraint of trade, coercion, and abuse of public trust, these foreign business entities have been operating under color of law and have contrived to entrap millions of Americans into inappropriate and profoundly damaging commercial contracts and undisclosed obligations.
You are never given any full disclosure about any of these practices or demands, or the resulting adhesion contracts, and you are regularly coerced and induced and misinformed by undeclared Federal Agents, all acting under color of law, telling you that you "have to" have a Social Security Number, "have to" sign up for Selective Service, "have to" have a Marriage License, and so on.
This is only true if you actually happen to be a Federal Citizen of one stripe or another.
This is just part of what we and our American Government now need to address with our "Federal" Subcontractors. ]
Declare and record your birthright political status, join your State Assembly, and get moving. Your children and your country are depending on you to wake up and take action. 

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  1. Anna, your pointing out that the federal and State of State courts are foreign with respect to American State Nationals is good, essential. BUT, teaching students from the perspective of before the beginning of The United States of America, American State Nationals stood entirely on the land of their un incorporated state whereon they were born, a common law land jurisdiction. Learning why “District” and State of State courts are foreign to us provides the reader a clear mental view of our land jurisdiction versus their jurisdiction of the sea, i.e. District of Columbia, making D.C, a sea jurisdiction (with the exception of the Article 17, and Article 4, a specified jurisdiction only dealing with land and property owned by and ceded to the United States of America). Of course D.C. can legislate over its owned and ceded land.

    This set of facts helps make it clear that D.C., and it’s franchised States of States both exist in a jurisdiction automatically foreign to American State Nationals and never to become joined – being by nature opposites - unless by confusion in the minds of Americans who do not understand they are not obligated in any way to doff their Teflon armor as American State Nationals and who ignorantly don their slave suits by calling themselves and answering to these courts presumptions they are United States District of Columbia, “citizens”, and “residents” of a franchised State of State, ie subject to District of Columbia “law”. NOT.

  2. I think I have drawn a good distinction on numerous occasions, though some people are still confused. We keep trying.

    1. In Anna's defense, she has made the distinctions clear. Her disciples need to take it to the boards of education and get the definitions clear. The biggest problem is the verbalization of these differences not the text. "The United States of America" sounds exactly the same as the "United States of America" ... hidden in plain site. The definitions of franchise and the business aspects must be made at the same time. It isn't complicated if taken step by step, but at least take the first step first.

  3. When we comprehend that the founders and people of The United States of America established the joinder of Confederate States by means of the Articles of Confederation, while the people stood on the land of their unincorporated state to conduct their private lives. Then within just a few years, in consequence of the secret Constitutional Convention of 1787, within two more years in 1789 the Constitution for the United States was allegedly ratified establishing "a Congress"(not the same congress that had been elected to create the Articles of Confederation, but now "a Congress" of a House of Representatives and a Senate (replacing the former state Representatives of the original unincorporated states) to legislate for the new union of Federal States, which new States were to allow for forts, buildings and stockyards to exist on land these States would sell to and cede to the United States to allow military and United States courts to exist within the new so called States of the United States, under the ratified Constitution. By ratifying that constitution those new States would impose the terms of the Constitution of 1787 upon themselves, as Citizens of the United States, voted for their representatives to a Congress. Note that as time passed the word Citizen in the Constitution changed to "citizen" immediately post the 14th amendment. No mention of "Citizen" is found thereafter in that Constitution, while the lower case citizen is mentioned many times.

    This destructive conflict of interest between the organic unincorporated states and the eventually incorporated States left the original people of The United States of America to remain under the original Articles of Confederation, but under the hoax and political burden that those Articles were declared as replaced by a Congress who supported only the Constitution of 1787. The replacement claim made by a Congress of the United States was a bald faced lie, because the Articles of Confederation requires in its terms all signatory states must unanimosely repeal it, otherwise it (the Articles of Confederation) could not be eliminated but stand to this day to bind the organic un-incorporated states and continue to underscore their claim of being "sovereign, independent and perpetual states".

    Those are our states folks, not the federated States of States that rule with fear and violence upon us today. The States of States are partners with a Congress of the United States to deceive, plunder, falsify and rule by violence and complicity in sharing the spoils being stolen from the people of the unincorporated states, American State Nationals.

    So the ratification of the Constitution was a covert takeover attempt of those States, by the pretense that the Articles of Confederation were replaced, but without ever repealing the AoC. We people have never called to task "a Congress" on their hoax and of the fact of the continuing existence of the Articles of Confederation.


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