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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What State Assemblies Can Do

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are just plain missing the point.

Not only do you have to reclaim your political status as an American to be able to access your rights and guarantees under the Constitution and to avoid foreign taxation, you have to do this to re-populate, officially, your States of the Union.

If your State is "vacant", the Pope and the Queen will seize it as abandoned property and steal it without firing a shot.

So there you have the carrot and the stick. 

Now let's add another carrot. 

Once you have your State Assembly up and functioning, that State Assembly (not "State of State" Assembly--- State Assembly) can tell the State of State Legislature how high to jump and what you want corrected.

Bogus Mortgages and Lending Practices leading to equally bogus Foreclosures?   Tell the State of State Legislature that the State Assembly demands a Moratorium on all Foreclosures affecting State Nationals within the borders of your State.

Fed up with CPS stealing kids?   Tell the State of State Legislature that the State Assembly supports keeping families together and objects to mis-characterizing marriages as Joint Business Ventures and to the licensing of marriages in general. 

Tell the State of State Legislature that you are dissatisfied with their presumptions and their activities registering American babies improperly as British Territorial or Municipal citizens --- and you want it stopped in your State.

Tell the State of State Legislature that you displeased with the racketeering that agents of the IRS (Municipal) and Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) are carrying out against people in your State who don't receive any Federal Income and aren't obligated to keep records for foreign governments.

Your State Assemblies formed by properly declared American State Citizens have vast powers that can be exercised to correct all of these evils and many more. 

So quit whining and crying and fighting with these yahoos.  Adopt and declare your proper birthright political status, join and operate your State Assembly, and start cracking the whip.  Issue Declarations of Protest and Remonstrance to the State of State Legislature operating in your State of the Union, and if it is a "Federal Issue" to the Congress as well.

They work for you, you don't work for them. 


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  1. Is there a list of the assembled states which have a State Assembly

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    Yes. upper right cause see heading coordinators. Click and find your state. If your state is not listed then contact Susan She is our Regional coordinator.
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