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Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Dry Bones

By Anna Von Reitz

Come, oh, Breath!  Come, and breathe life into the dead, so that they may live and have life exceedingly abundant.  Come, and make of them that are dead, alive and joyful in your Being.  

We call forth the Ancient Word of Life against this Time of Death.  We ask that the One who is Righteous and True, will remove those who are evil and who intend more evil, from our sight.  We ask that it be done in a single night. 

We don't need any drama.  

For us, let there be simplicity and peace. Let the Evil-Doers be gone.  Removed.  Erased. 

Let us wake in the morning and find that they are no longer among us.  And let us not even remember their names. 

Those of us who hunger and thirst for truth and compassion have no need to see their demise.  We have no desire for them to remain.  

We stand within the sphere of our own Being, like beacons in the night. So you all have cause to know us for who we are, and cause to give us peace. 

Let the healing begin now.  Let the Truth wash over us like rain.  Let us be humble now in the presence of Grace.   


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  1. . . . "on the plains of hesitation back the bones of countless millions, who at there moment of victory sat down to rest and in their resting died."

    paraphrased from a late 19th century, or early 20th century wiseman.

  2. that should read "on the plains of hesitation bake..."

  3. Very nice and profound, Judge Anna.

    I give your title off and on, because you earned it.
    The outer status can be corrupted by the Evil-doers.

  4. Evil is used by God to give us occasion to practice patience, humility, fortitude and all the other virtues. No struggle, no crown.

    We need to show God we are really loyal to Him. Let's not second guess the Holy Will of our creator.

    Duty in ours, victory is up to God.



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