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Saturday, November 2, 2019

What Are THEY Hiding?

By Anna Von Reitz

In recent days there have been many evils in the world which have gone unreported while what passes for news media in this country is consumed with reporting on improper politically motivated impeachment proceedings   —-and it gives one pause. 

Whenever one of these bogus windstorms arises, fixating all attention on Washington, DC and politics, there is invariably something else going on in the actual world that they are trying to distract attention from.

So what is it? 


The Firebombing of California? 

The Closure of Israeli Embassies? 

The Hundreds of Thousands of Turkish Troops Now Active in the Mideast? 

All the Above?  Any one of the four largely unreported situations I just mentioned could touch off World War III— but is there something else besides? Something that we are totally in the dark about? 

My Shinola Sensor has been on Red Alert for well over two weeks now, and this is the first time in many years that I can’t quite put my finger exactly on the cause.  

I have the definite sense that sometime in the course of the night of 1 November 2019, something, somewhere,  slipped over the edge —-and nothing will ever be the same. 

Brexit is another one of those peculiarly British Disasters, in which they stirred the pot and egged everyone on, and now they want to extract themselves from the consequences of the Socialist Collapse they created—- and, once again, leave Germany as the goat.  

If I were the EU,  I’d be furious.  It’s not just the additional economic damage which will reduce Germany and numerous other countries to rags if left unchecked— it’s the fact that, as usual, Britain hasn’t played fair, kept its word, or told the truth. 

Perfidious Albion. 

That said, nobody in their right mind could 
expect Britain to honor the Lisbon Treaty.  If they did that and turned over their military to the EU Bureaucrats, the last vestiges of their sovereignty and their “commonwealth” monarchy would both be at an end. 

The Queen’s  Courts would be replaced by rampaging Municipal Courts bent on privateering and nothing and nobody in Britain or any British enclave would be safe. 

The firebombing of California is another
devastating action.  There is no doubt in my mind that the massive explosions and fires taking place throughout the State are both man-made and quasi-military in origin. Arsonists have come in over our border, while satellite-based laser weapon arrays are being used by commercial mercenaries to torch the rest.  

A glance at the fire map suggests that their random strikes are not random at all. 

And though Muslims and Mexicans stand to be the Usual Suspect scapegoats, Luxembourg and Switzerland are the ones paying for it. 

So America is being attacked at the same time the Brexit is going down.  And, by the same Parties that stand to lose both money and power as a result of the Brexit. Go figure. 

We’ve had 200-plus years of this. We should recognize it by now.  Britain gets itself in trouble and we get slugged for it.  

And now, Turkey is invading Syria. Most Americans don’t realize it, but Turkey has a million man army.  The Turkish military is one of the largest and best equipped and most ferocious fighting forces ever assembled on Earth. 

Which explains why Israel is closing all its Embassies. And praying the Kol Nidre.  And preparing to die.  But they don’t intend to go alone. They will use their nuclear options. Both the Russians and the Turks know it, too. 

So we have the classic unstoppable force, the Turkish military, meeting the immovable object, Israeli self-determination. 

As usual, the rest of the world is watching this, closely, but we’re not.  All we are being fed is anti-Trump hype about betraying our friends, the Kurds, and Make-Me-Vomit sound bites of Nancy Pelosi, sanctimoniously droning about the Congress’s duty to the Constitution—- yet another subject that woman knows nothing about. 

Let’s all get a clue here. We have been defrauded and embezzled and pillaged and suffered counterfeiting to the tune of trillions of dollars.  Bill Clinton and Obummer and Their Pals have sold things like our military equipment and bases all around the Pacific Rim, and even the Port of Long Beach, California, to the Chinese. And Hillary Clinton has sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia. 

Don’t ask me what our military is getting paid for or why any of these Vermin are still breathing.  They obviously lined their pockets and committed treason and yet, there they are, fat and sassy and offering to run for office. 

Trump doesn’t have the means to fight a prolonged war in the Mideast.  And if he did, one only has to glance at the Turkish military and then glance at our sons and daughters.  

Apparently, Donald Trump did that, and saved us and them from getting caught in the middle. For once. 

All I can say about that, is bless him forever.

Still, even with all this on-the-brink mayhem and the high stakes situations going on, I sense something else, something larger lurking just under the surface of things. 

It could be the Federal Reserve’s dumping of nearly a trillion in de facto bailout money per week into Wall Street that has me concerned....

Or the likely implosion of both the DOJ and FBI and the dismantling of the CIA and IRS? 

Whatever it was that happened tonight, that energetic relief that slipped quietly over the edge of the known world and woke me from a sound sleep— we will know about it soon enough.  


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  1. Greg Rubini@GregRubini
    We have TECHNOLOGIES that you cannot even imagine.
    "We can fly to the Stars"
    "We can bring ET home"
    "We've been 200 Light Years away"
    Military has been studying Anti-Gravity propulsion since the 1950's

    1. i agree with above statement.If go to this link of john keely book on free energy
      you will find that we have been using free energy all along they have just been sending it down wires(do a search for ether)But the brit/ish bankers put him in jail for awhile wile they stole his invention (getting elec from the ether(1880s)and anti gravity craft and this tech can vaporize a 100'000 man army to dust in less than 10 seconds.THIS TECH UNBINDS THE FORCE THAT BINDS ATOMS TOGETHER ANYTHING THAT IT IS HIT BY JUST GOES TO DUST

    2. Where is the evidence of Ether energy using on earth beside the books and claims how smart Tesla was and this British wo/man?

      - What people didn't know about Tesla is that, he was conspired badly, and that wrecked his nerves, turning him into a seemingly mad scientist. I have all Xray of Tesla life, the up & down.

      as well as Einstein, who copied a young woman chemist discovery of splitting ATOM. I lost that video, due to hard drive crash. If you don't believe, that's fine. I don't have time to find you evidence on this part. Nothing theory on my part. But the Ether energy may exist, except to wire it down to earth, and call it Free energy is not true. You need to regulate the power, and transfer it to batteries to move your cars. These will become cumbersome.

    3. Have you guys tested Tesla numerous inventions? Many people failed to materialize his free-energy idea.

      Do you know that patented idea does NOT prove the idea is working?

      (90+% of patented idea had not been tested, like the funky Quantum Computer chip, with magnet coils, etc ). Patented ideas could be another level of Scamming Investment tools. In Tesla case, his many inventions came after conspiracies against him, while bankers focus on Einstein (stolen) nuclear energy. Do a search on “Einstein fraud”. Many things weird went on in the old days.

      Bankers are not stupid, they will not invest on any patented idea. They call 99% people business idea Flunked. Only on the proven working model at your cost, for at least 3 years, they would be interested.

      The researches of Lodge in England and of Hertz in Germany give
      us an almost infinite range of ethereal vibrations. . . . Here is unfolded
      to us a new and astonishing world, one which it is hard to conceive
      should contain no possibilities of transmitting and receiving intelligence.
      . . . Here also is revealed to us the bewildering possibility of
      telegraphy without wires, posts, cables, or any of our present costly
      appliances. ...
      Keely, by means of a belt and certain appliances which he
      wore upon his person, moved single-handed, a 500 horsepower
      vibratory engine from one part of his shop to another.
      There was not a scratch on the floor, and astounded engineers
      declared that they could not have moved it without a derrick,
      the operation of which would have required the removal of
      the roof of the shop. Of course it is but a step in advance of
      this to construct a machine which, when polarized with a
      negative attraction,' will rise from the earth and move
      under the influence of an etheric current at the rate of 500
      miles an hour, in any given direction. This is, in fact, Keely's
      ' air ship/


  2. They're hiding the fact that this whole mess is one big hollywood production

    Go check out Dan Crenshaw the 'representative' from Fort Worth Texas
    Bet you can't guess who that thief is
    Well his other character was killed off and now he is back
    Check out Bill Paxton from the movie Twister
    Yep it's him alright, new name, new profession and heck he is even a returning navy seal veteran and he is also front and center in presenting the TAPS Act here in Texas
    The thief is even wearing a one eyed patch like the pirates that they are
    Their mob bosses in Hollywood bringing you this show

    I'm telling you, trump is a fraud too

    My opinion, you can take them or leave them

    1. well shelby i , myself, will leave them !! dan crenshaw is NOT bill paxton and don trump IS don trump !! (example)i followed that screwball called ed chiarini for way too long; he was probably right on some comparisons BUT he was wrong and deceitful on MANY of his so-called comparisons of others supposedly ACTING out their parts as other individuals !!! he lost all credibility because of his bs actor/comparison/exposure and not being CORRECT on his findings on some of them !! MO

    2. Info not from Chiarini

    3. doesn't matter you're still wrong

  3. Halloween Is Over... And The Jig Is Up For Democrats

    1. Mike 'Thomas Paine' Moore@Thomas1774Paine
      FBI Agents Threatened Physical Harm to President Trump In Missing FBI Texts & Other Frightening communications
      "As reported in March 2017 by True Pundit, McCabe openly threatened President Trump and then-National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn, saying first we “F*ck Flynn and then we F*ck Trump” to several high-ranking FBI bosses who cheered his comment."

  4. If you go to this web site down load the book you will see real pictures of real nazi disc anti gravitics craft this is what were are up against.//////LETS NOT FORGET THE QUEEN IS REALY GERMAN.

  5. Hard to say, but maybe the light just went on over that "hundredth monkey's" head.

    1. >> Rog November 2, 2019 at 10:35 AM
      Hard to say, but maybe the light just went on over that "hundredth monkey's" head.

      You really think so? I got million evidences against the crooks. In fact, they want to penalize me for showing them too much evidences of their crimes and fraud. Heck no thieves, I said: you ain't the Gov't, we are.

      Thieves have no venue, they can no longer flip the positions with us for more than 151 years.

      You are so used to their 1000 lies, that's why you think their lies are true. I tested this lie mechanism before, once you're used to, it would be hard 4U to get out. Unless you deprogrammed yourself, by reading comparing old evidences and present changes.

      American citizens used to be called what it is. See Act of 1871, page 1, top half.

  6. Setting fires in a line like the stars above in the heavens

  7. My general observation while targetting the Queen and ultimately the Pope for being responsible and supposedly able to control this whole scam, I submit that it is so totally out of control that no matter what they say will be ignored. The banksters are in control and if the Federal Reserve is taken out it will change a lot of things. After all, they said it matters not what the law is controlling the money is key. The petro dollar has failed and until another currency for the US and each country following suit creating their own, those bankster dollars will be will then be useless. The criminals at the forefront will be paid in sand which no one will accept no matter how much they have so it won't be worth their while to engage anymore. Even as the fiat currency value is zero, it is still function as a means of exchange. When that can no longer happen, it won't matter how much you have.

    The bankster's next move is to make it all digital and then control couldn't be easier. It isn't left or right, it is right or wrong that must be addressed. It won't happen leaving up to government to do that. They have been infiltrated.

    As much as I agree that correcting political status is a valid move, these guys care not what the laws are, they don't respect any of it. If we want a peaceful solution, we have to be prepared, show up en-mass and physically stand in front of and around them. No where to run, no where to hide.

    1. In 1940’s the crooked Bankers enticed ppl to buy their War Bonds to Contrive to GovtService dumb ppl. Overseas. Long before these, in 1870’s – today, they always scammed people via their Fake Investment Bonds, stocks, taking our ancestors funds and real resources, bypassing, looping, cheating, stealing ppl Assets via papers-DTC (then e-Wall Street). Many people committed suicides after been robbed by Bankers.


    1. Pelosi is a fraud like Diane Feinstein is a fraud

      The hollywood jews and now they burning everyone out to steal the land for the green new deals they made in secret

    2. This part taken out instantly:
      The [Ban]kers took out 450+ millions loans, and made people pay for them, switching positions, calling lenders as borrowers. Bitcoin is nothing new, same scamming racketeering business. UK is King of paper & idea Fraud, the front-runner like the French. The Vatican was involved, based on their 1835’s old photos. I inspected the history, the Vatican 1213 Treaty, was like the 1871 Act, pushing against the will of a non-noble47 year old King John. Congress in 1871 was cooked by UK puppets, 4-years later congress repealed it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Do you know that English Astrologers recognize themselves (England) as a Capricorn Country?

      Here, go pass 75% mark and you'll hear this famous English Astrologer said so:

      The US's Capricorn in a reverse position now, it means "very negative" in judging people unlawfully, as in the USA chart now, since 1906.

      If you use your logic, you will see, England had to do with corrupting America from this 1906. The UK bought a Bankrupted "US Corporation" as Gov't service, turned it to parallel with Act of 1871. Then turned on the private Fed-Reserve to suck our blood and energies.

      You can't see the British color and position merging with the USA Chart, under a common astrology tool, only on a scientific Analog Computer system you can see.

    5. What does it mean England being a Capricorn country?
      Capricorn can be very harsh and extremely negative when it's negative or in reverse position, as England is right now seen in its scientific chart.

      This is why people associate the Devil with Capricorn. Otherwise Capricorn can be a righteous soul, when they are positive or in upright position.

  9. If you wanna know why they took our gold and the science of long life THESE ARE FACTS PEOPLE.

  10. Turkey is giving Israhelli jews exactly what its been inciting. Only the jews planned on mostly White Americans fighting for their azz's AGAIN.
    HOPEFULLY TURKEY BE QUICK & EXACT & cripple that rat-king-jew-nest forever, taking the bulk of those bastard seeds of satans backside down ocean deep & pop lazers into their eyes.
    Henry Kissinger said a few years ago Israhell won't exist in 10 years. 'BOUT DAMN TIME... & its said 'Israhell will be last'.
    Seems 'last' is a bit too soon, DC's rat-king-jew-jewsuit-nest hasn't been purged. Get the plunger & draino, its damn time.
    Now, what will their City of London rat-king-jew-nest do when its pay-up time to their Swiss Octogon Master-Baiter Pharisee jews? The bloodline families expect their holiday season to be merry with blight. Who will write that check?

    First, free all those White European Sex Slaves out of Tel Aviv, where the Orthodox jews attend every Thursday night in busloads, giving their jew wives a break. Like the jew brothel owner said, they 're so much prettier than us & besides they're so desperate for money, they'll do anything. SAVE THE WHITE WOMEN & CHILDREN from the jew!
    SAVE ALL INNOCENTS, ANIMALS & take the jew out in one massive Final Solution.

  11. Hi Anna,
    Here is my opinion after researching different scholars. We are in the period of Revelations. First read
    1.Zacharia Sitchin Samarian tablets,13th planet,The lost book of ENKI.
    2.Gill Broussard Planet 7x, he has found all of the scientific evidence and matches it up to the Bible an Revelations.Gill is concerned about March of 2021.
    3.Dutchsince, This young man has proven that he can predict earthquakes Worldwide. He teaches everyone how to do this. He exposes cover ups. He is trying to alert every country in the World.
    4. Maverickstar reloaded, This young man has been monitoring the magnetic poles of earth. His data and information is showing our magnetic poles separating and migrating toward Russia. When the pole hits 40% . We will have a pole reversal.
    5. John Moore He has research and uncovered Military information showing a map of what the US will look like after the pole shift.
    The above information states that our Government has known about this for over 20 years and have satellites monitoring this planet. The Vatican has a infrared telescope in Arizona which they have been monitoring Plant7x,The 12 planet,Nemesis, The Destroyer etc. The telescope is called Lucifer.
    6. Zeta talk, Nancy Lieder, Anything and Everything you would want to know about preparation for the pole shift . Info on before and after survival.

    I am of the opinion that the Vatican, Queen in England,Military industrial Complex and Trump all know this. The elite have been planning for decades to go underground in the dumb facilities. Headquartered under the Denver airport Airport. That is also why BLM and other Government agencies are moving.All Federal agencies have been issued Full Automatic Weapons.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

    1. Sitchin is a fraud and so is his brother pal Jordan Maxwell aka Richard Pine

    2. Their planning includes planting all kinds of things all over the the earth making it appear to be the earth is changing to fit their global warming climate change narrative

      They planned all of this decades ago - generational fraud on the entire world
      Which is also why they planted to song Age of Aquarius when they did in I believe 1956
      Now they have all these groups formed to bring the masses in to what they call the glorious Aquarian Age when in fact it will be the Illuminated Hell they have planned
      1941 map
      UN map

    3. And if you don't think the US military is involved think again

      They are the murderers killing every one on earth for the global masters and keeping the rest of the slaves in line

    4. Go look it up - head of USNORTHCOM is a member of the Kennedy crime clan - O'Shaughnessy

    5. NATO - North American Terrorist Organization
      Just my interpretation

      You'll notice that they have everything noted as US this and US that

      All part of the NATO allies - killing all of the innocent to further their objective

    6. USNORTHCOM and others meet in Austin ROUNDTABLE to discuss theater (meeting with Mexico too)

      Read the below
      Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, Commanding General of U.S. Army North, and members of his senior staff, met with Mexico experts Jan. 29, 2019 from the University of Texas at Austin for a roundtable discussion hosted by The LBJ School of Public Affairs. ARNORTH is the Army component of U.S. Northern Command, the combatant command established Oct. 1, 2002 to provide command and control of Department of Defense homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities. Located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, ARNORTH’s mission is to conduct homeland defense, civil support operations and theater security cooperation activities.

      Not to mention so on top of USNORTHCOMMAND we also have ARNORTH COMMAND ? Wow I wonder how all these materialized?

      And if you don't think they are embedded everywhere, think again

    7. And how about that meet at the LBJ School of Public Affairs
      Hmm I wonder why hollywood is laughing all the way to the bank - because they are the fraud

  12. Don Brickham, Thanks for sharing. Pole Shift could very well happen, because I see the warning on my radar too, today before reading your post, I was curious, then I scan to see how far it would affect people. It is Something Big about to happen, bc of the rising Warning's of BIG ACCIDENT, CHAOS, not confirmed yet. I don't have time to tap into what it is, I'm working on something else to meet the deadline. It looks like this is a wave of something Big, either Magnetic Field attacking, it is NOT beaming on 2021 alone, but on 2024 for sure. It's time to manufacture our New Free Mobile energy devices... The crooks had to unwind our debts first, before they can benefit, or be on the list of the death.

    1. Pinkham go check out Many Fish or Many Fishers channels on you tube - he does great job of tying some things together

  13. add: Vindman is a JEW, dual/duel: Ukrainian Jew Dressed as US Army Colonel Slanders His … Ed.'s note: Ever wonder what it would be like living in a completely Jewish created "egregore" serving as their God? Readers are going to experience the activity of this Jew...
    The noise that these Jews are creating about this spectacle is only going to result in more people connecting the dots. Because it is now becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that most if not all the key players involved in this impeachment coup chicanery are Jewish....

    1. Add the royal Saudi's to the list

    2. Wink wink go check out this video especially pay attention to 1976 and 1982 dates and the national registry drivers license

      I know Anna does not like these guys but I think some good information is relayed here

    3. Shelby - got it listening now. thanks.

    4. Shelby - oops didn't pay close enough attention for the 1976, 1982 info. TRoh is pushing registration of personal property. So got to say he's incorrect while giving correct explanations on some, its keeping folks churning the slop. Seems he ought to know the difference between registering & recording. Other info is good basics, but dang it... he's pushes registration. So yep he's providing some good info. Unfortunately folks won't know the difference. Tell me that the dates are about. Too busy doing chores to say put. thanks

    5. It's cool just found these dates to be of some interest and how he states that because of this new 'act' National registration that we all signed up and agreed to be communist?
      These dates all fall in line with this SPP crap that poppy bush signed
      So they sign this interdependence document bush goes to work on signing the SPP and then they roll all this stuff out for regionalism and the likes which is where FEMA and all this other shit comes in

      Rolled out the workforce plans in the schools, unemployment offices, you name it

      All in prepartion for the controlled economies of the future where the crooks have all signed GREEN NEW DEALS and the people are to be herded in to microwave radiation FEMA DUMB cities for maximum health implications that feeds big pharma

      I can tell you for certain that this electromagnetic stuff is off the charts here in North Texas

      This is where they came up with yet another ailment like tinnitus to drug you for when they know damned well it is all coming from these cell towers and wifi

      Building a wifi certified community right up the road from where I live dozens of homes Lennar and AMAZON building and they shipping people in to buy them is my guess - gotta have place to send all the burned out victims of California

      We have got to stop this 5G it is absolutely affecting everything on this planet

    6. Shelby thanks for the info. Am following the latest on FIELD MCCONNELL BEING ARRESTED to be delivered to BROWARD COUNTY, FLA, cesspool JEW-land. Lots going on. F
      ield is the one who exposed the BUAP and FADEC, Boeing Uninterruptible Power Supply and Full Authority Digital Engine Control, both have ATI Air Tranquilizing Infusion, when switched on it calms folks down, sends them to sleep or kills them if not switched off. As Air Malaysia MH370, Diego Garcia at 06.47Hrs 8th March 2014 & many, many others.
      This arrest is over Field stupidly making threats to JEW CHILD THEFT RINGS in Broward, also associated with Timothy Holmseth exposure of ritual child murder, as Caylee Anthony & other children. All tied into JEWS jews jews… across our nation, internationally & Broward.

  14. Shelby say Sitchin is a fraud and so is his brother pal Jordan Maxwell aka Richard Pine

    I agree, human are emotionally mistaken, this includes me. That's why I rely on Spiritual guidance.

    Pole shift appears not the issue ahead. Let the Crooks make their own mistakes, into weather issues.
    We've been through hell with Obammy, he almost got us a WW3.

    No doubt, the US Military is corrupt as uneducated as police. This is the main issues ahead, see their rise after this Xmas.

    1. Yes, the top crooks are Greedy, and immoral. But the US Military soldiers are as uneducated as the police. Indeed the top crooks tried to scam people through weather issues, simulating and imitating, contriving as they did in their War economy.

  15. And for anyone who doesn't think they are not messing with us - on
    ONE AMERICA NEWS today (see that getting eveyrone used to one american continent like the North American Union) had a clip on from
    the tonight show (I think it was) they had Hillary (aka annette benning Warren, aka Elizabeth Warren) joking about how she killed Eggstein

    Why you say would they have Hillary on the tonight show to joke about killing eggstein?? Quite the monologue wouldn't you say? Why would you talk about that subject at all - no ongoing investigation in to his death - yammering shit all over late night tell lie vision

    Tellin you they are lying through their teeth

  16. Anyone have kids in public schools - check out what Austin Texas ISD's just approved for their 3rd graders - anal sex


  17. ANNA found old book titled THE CONQUEST OF A CONTINENT
    it show the church had members that signed the declaration of independance 53 i think heres link

  18. Just tried to post comment on you tube under ellen and greta talk climate change and got a message
    comment failed to post - can you say censorship


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