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Sunday, April 28, 2019


Regardless of what you may think about who these people in the so called "government" really are, what they do does very much effect every American, both citizens and American Nationals.

I know that from personal experience at the Bundy ranch in Nevada in 2014, and many other events in the last few years. These guys just flat don't give a damn who they run over or what your status is to get what they want, which is total dictatorial and tyrannical absolute power. They are criminals with badges and guns, and you are in their crosshairs.

Regardless of what we know about how fraudulent their power and authority is, what they are doing in moving to atheistic Marxist communism is a real huge threat to our safety and freedom.

We are running out of time to correct this before the leftists trip the trigger on their violent overthrow of peace and freedom in America.  Are you ready to use tools other than your computer keyboard to keep your family safe?

We are peaceful and in a defensive posture, but I am afraid the Marxists will not be satisfied to leave us alone, and in fact will start massive violence this summer. 

Do you have some provisions stored and do you have the training and equipment to survive in the face of criminal activity on the part of "government" goons and others who are using your tax dollars to clamp down on your freedom?

If not, you are just about out of time to take this seriously and do something about it.

Start by correcting your status. Then immediately prepare to survive for several weeks or months or more ON YOUR OWN or with other local families.

The Marxist communist Democrats want to take your guns so they can kill you and you can't resist.

Many so called Republicans are going right along with them including Trump, with his bump stock ban, and regardless of what he said in his NRA speech yesterday.

Please comment on this video below. We want your opinion especially about the timing of all this.

Paul Stramer


  1. Shooting paper arrows @ corruption is one thing, but believing that standing behind paper shields is safe is quite another thing! Especially when we are battling fire breathing dragons! However...

    The purpose of fairy tales is not to prove that dragons exist, but to prove that they can be slain!

  2. If ONE of our rights can be taken,impaired,restricted,or reduced then all can be subsequently deleted.First our rights,then our freedom,next our property,then our very lives.Fight this beast like your life depends on it....because it does!

  3. Paul, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who lived through the same horror provided us with a valuable timely warning-don't hide and cower in fear. If it comes down to the final straw, you must be ready to stand together and do whatever it takes because at that point, you have nothing left to lose. As Solzhenitsyn said, if they had stood up for themselves when they had the chance, things would have turned out differently for them. After Stalin, our enemy learned they had to enslave us slowly and incrementally from generation to generation – so we wouldn’t notice. News flash – we noticed! Susan
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  4. The New World Order

  5. Trump told the vaccine-injured community he was with them. Now he is backpedaling in a big way.

  6. The only thing remaining to be decided is who does, and who does not, control the weather. Weather Warfare is destined to remain front and center stage for power hungry socialist, marxist, communist worldly governments.

    When the Weather Warfare 'deep state' gains full control of all atmospheric conditions of the earth... it is then that we shall know our fate.

    Those who control the weather control the world in every regard.

    Seems foolish for us to expect we can cause violence to cease through the use of violence. NO VIOLENCE!!!!

  7. Get your status corrected and know why, how to articulate it and apply it. If , God forbid there is violence against us...well, sucks to be them. 350,000,000 against less than 1,000,000...survivors will be hung, thats the penalty for treason..which is what they are committing against us. You see its simple, you cannot commit trrason against your employees, but your employees can commit treason against you their boss !

    1. Not to be argumentative but how do you figure there are 350MM of "us"? None of the liberals are on "our" side since they are the ones who want to steal our rights in the first place. So that drops the number to 175MM. Out of that, how many are equipped to survive for a month without a trip to the grocery store? Maybe 5% at best. And how many of those are equipped to defend themselves?

      Between looters, disease, and starvation, your numbers are way too optimistic.

      As for Mr. Shipp, I have great respect for him so when he says it is treason, then we have a real problem. What concerns me is that President Trump continues to depend upon advisors who, IMHO, are NOT worthy of his or of anyone's trust. AG Barr is a prime example for he supported Ruby Ridge where FBI snipers murdered Randy Weaver's wife and son, yet Barr refused to condemn that crime.

  8. Worth a look

    1. The history of the rotchilds (AKA, Bauer)
      Goes along with this link
      Rotchild created this bunch, which encompasses all of Hollywood
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Your status has already been corrected. The solicitors who created OPPT did it for you. Engage with you local reps on legal issues. Other than that sit back and wait in strength of numbers for the shit show to begin. God speed.

    1. Really? Nobody believes that. Even Winston Shrout debunked the OPPT sideshow long ago. Why did what's her face the lawyer get thrown in the clink then for this?

      What's in it for you to be peddling this BS?

  10. This weekend someone else said the same thing as far as coming after Christianity. I believe it was a former teacher who has been involved in the Public Schools. (He was being interviewed regarding the state of Public Education and the violence directed at him and others in one particular state.)

    1. Public schools have been aligned with their regionalism plans (see link number 3 below) Other 2 links describes how since WWII the bankers have worked all of this in to America behind the scenes while their owned politicians and media (all of it) keep the masses entertained
      This is where the BRICS deal comes in - India companies moving in - lots of jobs being taken away from Americans and given to imported labor from India
      This is all part of The Kalergi Plan - the new world order will only consist of brown people
      This is why humpty dumpty Trump keeps spouting about how African Americans and other minorities are employed now more than even
      Disney for example brought in workers from India, the American workers trained their replacements and were let go
      Huge chunks of the information technology sector have been outsourced to India where India companies were set up and the jobs of American workers were outsourced for cheaper labor to India workers with the new workers being trained by their American workers who will be let go to become unemployed
      India a key here - bankers already biometrically capturing their digital identities, fingerprints, iris scans, etc, so that no one in India can participate in society or receive any 'benefits' within being digitally identified
      India being one of the most impoverished people for a very very long time are now being afforded some upward mobility for their cooperation in the entire set up
      This is why India's 'president' removed physical cash from circulation
      That no man might buy or sell without the mark
      Every corporation on this planet is working for the banking cartel (the beast)
      Religion is the bankers creation to control the masses and pit them one against the other for their own purposes and gain
      That's how they will create the Holy War and kill off millions for their end times depopulation agenda, part of their UN agenda to one government, also known as UN Agenda 21
      UN is the second generation of the League of Nations set up by the bankers
      This blog here is worth a read
      Anyway hope this information helps
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. it seems many people are trapped in hegelian/spinosoan/"marxist"/synthesized (artificial, made up, man-made, imaginary)/manachean (manesism, "light and dark", think star wars) mindset.

    "what they are doing in moving to atheistic Marxist communism"

    no, "they" are not. "they" have already "moved" there over a century ago. at this stage, they can happily "merge" into "religious marxist communism" "religious marxist capitalism" -- anything goes for "marxism" it is all about END RESULTS not stages/appearances.

    subjective versus objective. image versus substance/reality. appearances versus what something actually is. molecular/atomic versus clothing/plastic surgery/makeup/lipstick on a pig.

    "left and right" have identical goals from day one. see memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism. both were "radical secularists". the "Fiscal" was supposed to look out for the poor (previously, was the "[catholic] church" who ran the schools). they switched "universal education". the so-called "rightist god-fearing republicans" put a jacobin liberty cap on the "us senate" logo. the apple does not far fall from the liberty/equality/fraternity tree.

    "America" (Except articles of conf.) was always along the same lines of "Secularism". the federal constitution they got rid of religious oaths for office. the theory is we all can use our "reason" to interpret "God" and we can share laws in common that are "secular". in practice, this is saying we are all equal to "satanists" and there is no difference between the most devout and the most heretical, we are all "Equal" under "the law". this is manesism/templarism. same old. that's what "america" has always been post articles of conf. to blame the "Democrats" (who didnt even EXIST, neither did the "republicans", they both came out of jefferson's ideals, who said "if i had to join a [political] party to get into heaven, i'd rather not go to heaven"


    1. "red symphony" tells the story. so does "new lies for old". so does the "perestroika deception". so does . so does "the union jack". so does francis and edward bellamy ("christian socialist" and a "mason" who brought us the "pledge"); see "looking backwards" book re: "marxism" from the people who brought you the "pledge"

      the "declaration of interdependence" was in the 1940s. all the "churches" signed on.

      read "right wing communism: an infantile disorder" vladimir lenin. every "perestroika" and "glasnost" is applied leninism.
      see "deception" edward jay epstein there have been 4-6 of these "make peace with the western capitalists" false flags.

      the stooges in office dont run anything. they are just there for show. see "Brotherhood of darkness" stanley monteith, youtube and PDF. (i disagree with him re: "the lord" but for cecil rhodes he is spot on.)

      the goal of masonry is to use the "bible" to overthrow "christianity". to dress up as "religious" while promoting heresy. see "morals and dogma" analysis, how many of trotsky/lenin/et. al. were masons? see "under the sign of the scorpion"

      they did the same thing with the "jews" -- started 2 new variants "conservative" and "reform" judaism, in order to get israel going (without having to wait for the messiah) and to get everyone "integrated". see "to eliminate the opiate" book

      the "goal" is to merge all "religions" together. this is accomplised via "the lord" which "jews" "muslims" and "christians" all revere. is the only "religious" way out of this mess, all the other major "religions" are stuck on their "bibles" and will inevitably get sucked in to "the lord" trap.

      the "marxists" dont play by your rules of "right" and "left". they can "merge" things at any time. all about the END RESULT. the "appearance" is just for show.

      when people say "leftist marxist democrats" it is a way of informing everyone "I can't tell appearance versus substance, please lead me along/decieve me"

      every use of such words just pushes the "agenda" further along.

      i suppose these people think FRNs are "specie" because george washington's face is on them. LOL. would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous.

    2. every time you say "right" and "left" you prove you believe in "manesism" and when you call "the other side" "atheists" it is pot calling the kettle black. LOL. you can't adopt "atheistic" "anything goes" (right and left) and then cry foul about "values" and "morals"

      the whole point of "Right" and "left" is they are equally "moral" just a matter of HOW the end result is accomplished.

      how utterly clueless people must be to say "the right" is "religious" and the "left" are "atheists". LOL. hook line sinker. same old manesism/templarism/hegelian/spinosoan. now you have "synthesized" a hypothetical non-existent "right" that never was, based on your "religious beliefs".

      again, perfect example that with such "synthesis" of 2 "sides" anything goes. even people who are too arrogant/prideful to realize they are "guilty" of the same thing the "marxists" are: synthesizing "the right" out of nowhere. proving that one can merge "religion" into "marxist" philosophy. LOL.

    3. that of course is "LEFT WING COMMUNISM: AN INFANTILE DISORDER" -- vladimir lenin. he was saying any "communist" who tries to appear "radical" "left" is a child and if one wants a real "Revolution" they will have to dress up/appear as "conservatives" "religious" etc.

      this was OVER A CENTURY AGO. 1900s-1920s. please do your homework people.

      "the left" was merely seated up higher on the "left" side of the meeting place. they thought the king needed to forcibly be removed/violence. the "right" was more "shy". see "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism". same goal, same "radical secularists".

      they still hate napoleon see "red symphony". he stopped the "financial revolution" but kept the "overthrow the catholic church" going, so it is more of a "they hate the image of emperor". he was a mason who turned against them (and the bankers/rothschilds), but "religiously" he kept the "Revolution" going.

    4. paraphrased excerpt from: "new lies for old"

      conformity with the soviet pattern no longer a valid test of [communist] ideology, it is easy to see how the LICENSED (allowed, permitted, i.e. fake) anti-sovietism of leading dissidents [...] is artificially contrived to serve the ends of long-term communist plans.
      this was re: the 1950s/1960s. this is not a "new" strategy. just a further variant of leninism.

      "the revolution was"

      "red symphony" paraphrase: he will be "PERMITTED", make good note of this, ...
      but not impossible, as you think. [..]
      we always consider essential a synthesis, overcoming the "morally impossible" of christian metaphysicians.
      that was 1938.
      "in [synthetic left and right] politics anything is possible"

      somehow the "right" keeps falling for the same tricks/traps OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. SAD.

      wikipedia "spinoza" "god has a body, and nothing in the bible says he does not"

      compare to "mormon"/masonic beliefs.

      another example of "Religious communism". identical philosophy.
      "they" are spinosists.
      you can lead a horse to water...

    5. SEVEN (7!) examples of "religious non-atheistic communism" off the top of my head. LOL. plus 2 more.

      "total quality mormons" book, another example of "non-atheistic communism", part of total quality management [of workers]. identical to "communist" philosophy.

      "a nation beguiled" points out nazarene fundamentalist "christianity" (papacy) is also indentical to "communism",

      "interrogatories about the constitution and american law". (use wayback machine if down).

      anb quotes the federal reserve conspiracy and rockefeller, 1952, emanuel josephson. points out rothschilds were/are vatican bankers, believe this is post congress of viena 1815.

      1) the british/fabian socialist side, see "the union jack" book. 2) the bellamy's and the "pledge" "christian socialism" 3) leninism, left wing communism: an infantile disorder 4) spinosoan philosophy/mormonism/masonry, using the "bible" to overthrow "religion" 5) declaration of interdependence, all the major "churches" signed on 6) perestroika deception re: false "conservative" movements 7) "to eliminate the opiate" re: fake "jewish" movements, "conservative" and "reform"

      we can add 8) bush (junior) (and obama, and trump...) office of faith-based and community partnerships

      9) "the death of stalin movie" re: bringing back the orthodox church as part of "de-stalinization" "liberalization" in the 1960s.
      if you don't do your homework, the "illuminists" will ALWAYS run circles around "the [synthesized, non-existent, existing only in people's imagination, so-called "religious"] right". LOL.

      "laughing out loud"

      "axe me a question" "they are spinosists". LOL.


      10) author of "transcendental magic" book, see digital library, see the author's wikipedia page re: "catholic socialism" in the 1800s. (eliphas levi i believe was his "alias")

      "mr. nobody" the editor/webmaster correctly points out karl marx was a luciferian illuminist, not an "atheist"; stanley monteith "the brotherhood of darkness" correctly pointed this out too

      we also have statements by bakunin: (non-marxist "anarchist" "socialist revolutionary", noted marx and engles were tied to the rothschilds) pointed out his type of "communism" and stateless socialism was theoretically fine with the "churches" so long as they stayed out of "gov." (but they didnt necessarily believe they could do so, they just "merge" into gov. and become corrupt like anyone else who runs for office). he said for all of "religious" fraud, that is better than worshipping karl marx.

      ELEVEN (11!) examples of "non-atheistic/religious communism". it would be funny were it not so tragic.

  12. Disarmament has been on their agenda for decades
    The defence industry conversion is also part of their plans
    Black out in Fort Bragg sometime last week, not a coincidence
    Electrical Infrastruture Security Council overseeing black sky hazards
    No Coincidence
    Look who we have living large in California planning with the likes of Oprah and Ted Turner
    Private public partnerships of all kinds
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved


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