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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

For America - Help!

By Anna Von Reitz

I have delayed this plea as long as I can. For everyone reading this, please consider what we are up against: the entire force of the two largest commercial cartels in the world.

As many thousands of hours as I have spent researching and discussing and explaining the current situation, mere words don't get it across fast enough, accurately enough, and let's face it--- some people, maybe half of us, are visual learners. 
They don't take in the information without visual cues.

So for every 1,000 people I teach, around half of them "don't quite get it" because they can't visualize it. Those people are left confused and distressed. They try to resolve this by studying on their own, but without a "road map" they get lost and even more confused by the jargon and deceits and endless rabbit holes. 
Make no mistake, the Vermin have eaten well in America. They don't want us to wake up and do anything effective. They want us to be confused. 
So to cut down on the confusion, we need to illustrate the information visually so that people can take it in at a glance using tables and lists and other visual aids. That requires skills that I don't have. 
I need to hire it done. 
Please consider a one-time Special Project donation toward a new visual guide -- a sort of illustrated Cliff Notes-type report -- that can be distributed by the Assemblies to give everyone a very, very fast way to take in the essential information about our government, our history, our identity, and going forward.

Getting this done and done well is a potential game-changer, allowing us to --literally-- give everyone an accurate picture. Please help.

Send to: Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
or via PayPal:

Editors Note:  Please make a note with your donation that it's for the Visual Guide project.


  1. Pleas for $$$ are and have been a dime a dozen around here. And this should be a clue for those who subscribe.
    55 million people reading and following your articles and yet it always comes back to more $$$???
    Sounds a lot like the games the Catholic church and it's many daughters play.

    1. C Johnson,
      i think it is a shame that you and others do not see the falseness being preached here.
      The false hope from false prophets. No i am not glad that Anna writes such things. However i am glad to serve the True Master, and call such falsities out.
      C. Johnson,
      Please provide since Anna will not, the verses from the Bible that lead one to believe that the "Daughters of eve are our salvation" And also provide the verses that lead you all to believe that a Fiduciary such as "Grandma Anna" is our last and only hope and we should seek this rather than seek our Master Jesus Christ, Yahusha Mashiak.
      We are told that once we have Him as our Holy Spirit within us we no longer need to seek earthly teachers such as Anna and a host of others who by the way are all asking for monetary donations.

    2. How many others have you convinced using these same tactics of long winded and railing accusations including name calling?

    3. C. Johnson,
      " I don't give a rip what your opinions and viewpoints are about your religious beliefs. Your religious beliefs are full of error and fault finding. You know not the scriptures, nor do you follow them."
      It would seem that you do care, or you would not have had the knee jerk reaction that you did. And evidently you are also good at finding fault and error in others? He teaches us patience also.
      Lets not have a conversation though let's just go into attack mode.
      As far as the original point on Daughters of Eve. Are we not told Christ is our salvation, are we not told to become as His sons?
      Why would we seek out daughters of Eve? I have been here awhile i have asked these questions fairly respectably, and have not been given any satisfactory answers.
      And along with many others (questions.)
      Why does Anna believe Eve and satan came to terms with God, but Adam did not? ( Paraphrasing) i can search for the article she posted saying this, need be.

    4. C. Johnson,
      i may be wrong on some acct. i am a man, but in no way is this right;

    5. For C. Johnson,
      And i do thank you for praying (and forgiving me) as i also do for you and others daily.
      Here is a better example relating to our (discussion?)
      "Both the serpent and Eve take their lumps in silence. They accept their guilt and their punishment."
      "Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin— and God doesn’t pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself."
      "Adam lost the keys to his kingdom, his peace, the balance of his mind, and his eternal life — not because he sinned — but because he failed to accept responsibility for his sin. He lied about it and became subject to self-delusion and death and helplessness instead.
      Eve and the Snake, however, passed the test.
      They both accepted responsibility and the right to rule."

    6. i believe if you read the actual text from the Bible you will see and agree that Anna , has it wrong.

    7. i am not judging Anna, by pointing out false doctrine, and or lies. Is this not part of our commision?
      And no this is not the one and only time.
      i also am extremely glad that i nor you nor anyone else walking this earth is our final judge.
      If we wait until i am made perfect? So you are?

  2. Is a plea for funding for technical help unreasonable on its face? One cannot always get volunteer help.
    Now about the supposed advantage from a large readership, how much bandwidth does Paul Stramer pay for to let so many view his site? I suspect so many would increase a webmaster's need for funds compared to fewer readers. Folk do not automatically send gifts to pay for bandwidth.
    Maybe you think advertising covers his expenses? Even if it does, does that help Anna to fund such visual aids?
    For myself I would like to see the evidence trail all the way from the three kinds of law through her other conclusions. I suspect learning of those three kinds of law required reading many pages in Latin which seems very hard to do. I know of those able to read Latin better than I do, but I need to know to what to point such scholars.
    If one follows the advice of the late Tom Cryer on (who advised Devvy Kidd) -- not to take on the "Dragon" or "Beast" in court if one cannot win -- then one is left with stating under penalty of perjury that one understands tax forms -- and with them, I think, the laws connected with them -- even though one has not spent hundreds or thousands of hours studying to connect the dots.
    One man told me that he was punished by the IRS for not signing his return because he did not understand it fully -- showing proper respect for an oath. He told me he had included a check to cover the amount he thought he owed. Not good enough to IRS eyes according to him. I think he told me they fined him for a frivolous objection or something like that.

    So, even more help than those visual aids seems needed.

    Included in this is how Edwin Vieira, Jr.'s call to revitalize the Militia of the several States can be done in a manner which does not expose one to legal attack. Please see his site at if you know not what I mean.

    1. is right.


  3. Bravo! C.Johnson that was an eloquent and heartfelt prayer. Blessings to you and everyone.

  4. Anna, can you use the information as it is displayed within the InPowerMovement to get the point across?
    I think it's a good start maybe you can mimic it?
    If you don't have to recreate the wheel all the better
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