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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

For America - Help!

By Anna Von Reitz

I have delayed this plea as long as I can. For everyone reading this, please consider what we are up against: the entire force of the two largest commercial cartels in the world.

As many thousands of hours as I have spent researching and discussing and explaining the current situation, mere words don't get it across fast enough, accurately enough, and let's face it--- some people, maybe half of us, are visual learners. 
They don't take in the information without visual cues.

So for every 1,000 people I teach, around half of them "don't quite get it" because they can't visualize it. Those people are left confused and distressed. They try to resolve this by studying on their own, but without a "road map" they get lost and even more confused by the jargon and deceits and endless rabbit holes. 
Make no mistake, the Vermin have eaten well in America. They don't want us to wake up and do anything effective. They want us to be confused. 
So to cut down on the confusion, we need to illustrate the information visually so that people can take it in at a glance using tables and lists and other visual aids. That requires skills that I don't have. 
I need to hire it done. 
Please consider a one-time Special Project donation toward a new visual guide -- a sort of illustrated Cliff Notes-type report -- that can be distributed by the Assemblies to give everyone a very, very fast way to take in the essential information about our government, our history, our identity, and going forward.

Getting this done and done well is a potential game-changer, allowing us to --literally-- give everyone an accurate picture. Please help.

Send to: Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
or via PayPal:

Editors Note:  Please make a note with your donation that it's for the Visual Guide project.


  1. Pleas for $$$ are and have been a dime a dozen around here. And this should be a clue for those who subscribe.
    55 million people reading and following your articles and yet it always comes back to more $$$???
    Sounds a lot like the games the Catholic church and it's many daughters play.

    1. A follower aren't you glad, Anna takes time to write all these blog posts, so you, in your arrogant disrespect and lack of true love and in violation of what the Lord God Almighty is doing here, can come here and make your unrighteous comments?

      Again, I ask, who do you FOLLOW, A FOLLOWER?

    2. C Johnson,
      i think it is a shame that you and others do not see the falseness being preached here.
      The false hope from false prophets. No i am not glad that Anna writes such things. However i am glad to serve the True Master, and call such falsities out.
      C. Johnson,
      Please provide since Anna will not, the verses from the Bible that lead one to believe that the "Daughters of eve are our salvation" And also provide the verses that lead you all to believe that a Fiduciary such as "Grandma Anna" is our last and only hope and we should seek this rather than seek our Master Jesus Christ, Yahusha Mashiak.
      We are told that once we have Him as our Holy Spirit within us we no longer need to seek earthly teachers such as Anna and a host of others who by the way are all asking for monetary donations.

    3. a follower do you know the teaching of the 'GOOD' [not righteous or holier than....YOU], but just GOOD Samaritan. All the holy, righteous ones passed by the injured man, but not the GOOD guy. The GOOD guy did what was GOOD to do. Christ taught us: IF YOU KNOW TO DO GOOD AND YOU DO IT NOT, IT IS ACCOUNTED TO YOU AS UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.

      The Lord accounted the unrighteous and unholy SAMARITAN as good! Yet he so often rebuked the RIGHTEOUS and the HOLY, because they wanted to sit themselves in the high pinnacles of the synagogues and say their long prayers for all the world to see.

      Do you remember the story of the HARLOT, CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF ADULTERY? All the RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY ONES brought her to Jesus, so Jesus would accuse her and command her to be stoned? Do you remember what happened? Did Jesus go along with those RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY ONES? No he did not!

      You A FOLLOWER, proclaim your righteousness and holiness, like a crown for all the world to see. Anna a simple Samaritan looks out for people who are being beat up and robbed and she stops and takes care of them and you with all your holiness and righteousness, you do everything you can to slander her efforts.

      So, should I pick up stones now, to stone her, oh righteous and holy A FOLLOWER? She I accuse her of unrighteousness for her acts of good to others?

      You choose to prevent her from helping those who the beast is destroying and you act as if you stand firmly in the synagogue in a WHITE ROBE, casting judgment on all those who have dirt on their clothes, from working in the fields of the Lord, like RUTH!

      You in actuality are a thief and a robber, you are trying to teach others how to go into the Kingdom of God and you are not even going in yourself. Your heart is like stone and cold and unfeeling and you would take the last piece of bread for yourself from a dying man's hand.

      Where are your good works, so that I can see them and glorify my Father who is in heaven.

      I do not see them, nor do I recognize anything coming from you but lovelessness and coldness and arrogance. You do not the will of my Father and you do not follow the teaching of my Lord and savior Christ Jesus. I love the Good Samaritan for the works she does in his name.

      She by her love for others is laying down her own life, for the sake of others. And the Lord taught there is no greater love than that. Yet you try to stop such a great outpouring of love, of one who wants to help set others free and to make the lives of others less painful? Who are just like Peter, who wanted to stop the woman from washing the feet of Jesus with her hair, because the righteous and holy ones teach, it is not good for a woman to teach the feet of man to whom she is not married! You hypocrite!

      Did the Lord not teach us to go into all the world and heal the sick? Is it not the sick of the world who need a physician?

      You are a hypocrite! Why do you not follow the words of the Lord and get the beam out of your own eye, before you try to take the speck out of hers.

      I don't give a rip what your opinions and viewpoints are about your religious beliefs. Your religious beliefs are full of error and fault finding. You know not the scriptures, nor do you follow them.

      Now, about eve's daughters, you are a righteous bigot. DO YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT ESTER OR HANNAH OR SARAH OR RUTH OR JUNIA or any of the other women, who God used to minister to his PEOPLE?

      I don't know, who you call the TRUE MASTER, but it appears the more you comment, it is LUCIFER, the deceiver!

      You search the scriptures and in them you think you have eternal life, but it is they that testify of him!

    4. A FOLLOWER: PER Christ in John 6: "37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."

      Do you believe you have the right to cast out any that come to Christ, whether they be the daughters of Eve or not? Is the servant greater than the Master? You would cast us women out, when we are willing to pledge everything to the one who gave us his all? Do you think, he has not shown us how to do good things, in his name?

      I do not know who is teaching you, but either you or they or both are false prophets and teachers!

      You are the very ones he said: stain at a gnat [something very small] yet you try to swallow a camel. In other words you get caught up on such little things, you can't see the big picture. Grow up in the spirit of the living God and stop being a deceiver with your unfruitful acts of self-righteousness.

    5. How many others have you convinced using these same tactics of long winded and railing accusations including name calling?

    6. C. Johnson,
      " I don't give a rip what your opinions and viewpoints are about your religious beliefs. Your religious beliefs are full of error and fault finding. You know not the scriptures, nor do you follow them."
      It would seem that you do care, or you would not have had the knee jerk reaction that you did. And evidently you are also good at finding fault and error in others? He teaches us patience also.
      Lets not have a conversation though let's just go into attack mode.
      As far as the original point on Daughters of Eve. Are we not told Christ is our salvation, are we not told to become as His sons?
      Why would we seek out daughters of Eve? I have been here awhile i have asked these questions fairly respectably, and have not been given any satisfactory answers.
      And along with many others (questions.)
      Why does Anna believe Eve and satan came to terms with God, but Adam did not? ( Paraphrasing) i can search for the article she posted saying this, need be.

    7. C. Johnson,
      i may be wrong on some acct. i am a man, but in no way is this right;

    8. A FOLLOWER, who are you to talk about going into attack mode? You constantly attack Anna, it is continuous and non-stop. Christ is our salvation, I have yet to see anywhere that Anna proclaims she's the savior. I have been here a long time, too!
      You do exactly what the courts do to us all presumptions and assumptions.
      Ok, I read the pdf. SO? It says nothing that you proclaim in your comments at all! What are you complaining about? You need to read it again and ask the Lord to give you wisdom!
      I simply need to ask you, is this what you have been complaining about all this time? REALLY? I am going to ask God to give you wisdom, because you obviously are lacking it.
      Nothing in that article, has anything to do with your comments! NOTHING! And especially the thing about Satan came to terms with God. It's not in that article.
      Good grief! REALLY?
      You really do strain at a gnat and try to swallow a camel!

    9. For C. Johnson,
      And i do thank you for praying (and forgiving me) as i also do for you and others daily.
      Here is a better example relating to our (discussion?)
      "Both the serpent and Eve take their lumps in silence. They accept their guilt and their punishment."
      "Adam is the only one that whines and blames Eve for his sin— and God doesn’t pronounce that same kind of judgment and specific punishment for him. This is because Adam punished himself."
      "Adam lost the keys to his kingdom, his peace, the balance of his mind, and his eternal life — not because he sinned — but because he failed to accept responsibility for his sin. He lied about it and became subject to self-delusion and death and helplessness instead.
      Eve and the Snake, however, passed the test.
      They both accepted responsibility and the right to rule."

    10. i believe if you read the actual text from the Bible you will see and agree that Anna , has it wrong.

    11. a follower, if you are basing your entire JUDGEMENT of Anna and her goods works off that on thing about eve and the snake, then you apparently do not remember: we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
      Let me ask you, is your entire walk with Christ based off getting on passage right or wrong? Do you have all the passages in scripture right or wrong? REALLY? Who gave you the power to search the heart? You are so tied down and absorbed in your religious mumbo jumbo, you can't see 2 feet in front of your face.

      Do I agree with the snake passing any test? NO! But, so, I don't agree with you acting like a destroyer either.

      I am absolutely so, extremely glad, you don't get to decide who does or doesn't get to enter the Kingdom of God. You apply so harsh standards for everyone else, why don't you consider following your own standards. Hypocrite.

      Just come back and let's talk when you are PREFECT EVEN AS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT. My hope is you will begin to follow Christ and listen to his voice, instead of making your own religion and following it. Go get the beam out of your eye!

      Jeremiah 17:10 says: “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

    12. i am not judging Anna, by pointing out false doctrine, and or lies. Is this not part of our commision?
      And no this is not the one and only time.
      i also am extremely glad that i nor you nor anyone else walking this earth is our final judge.
      If we wait until i am made perfect? So you are?

    13. I have not professed anything about myself. Other than, I am wholly dependent on Christ.

      Now, not only have you judged Anna, but you have been relentless, as if you are the one responsible for saving her from any evil you belief by your own religious teaching, think she is guilty of committing.

      Jesus said he did not come to condemn the world....BUT, THROUGH HIM....the world might be saved. The ones he constantly rebuked were the religious and the holier than YOU, bunch. He didn't rebuke the ones who he knew were lost. It was for that cause that he came.

      But, what did he say to the religious and the holier than thou, the ones like you with the beam in your eye, the middle grounders? He said: REV.3: 5 "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:"

      That is how the Lord spoke to religious, self righteous bigots. He called them vipers and snakes. He did not do that to anyone else, he always rebuked the ones who were holier than thou.

      This is why, I rebuke you with the word. Be submitted to it or don't. But, I see nothing, by your words, that say you follow it, HIS WORDS!

      Oh and since you asked about my perfection, that is none of your business, anymore that it is your business about Anna's perfection. That is my entire point. Who are you to by your religion and its faulty teachings to make allegations?

      I have not once told you what I believe. I have simply shown you the difference between you and his word and his teachings. I am so glad to allow his word and his way to rebuke you for your own unrighteousness. Maybe, just maybe you will pay attention to that beam in your own eye.

      You said I prayed for all true followers of Christ, I did pray for all true followers of Christ. I hope you will become one! If you don't then I am wasting my time, posting to you about him and his love for those to whom he befriended: the publicans and the sinners!

      Do I judge Anna for her acts of faith, heck no, but you who come as so holy and righteous, rebuking everyone that doesn't line up with your way of religion. I challenge you to act, what you say. I truly believe you are the one the scriptures say this: "with their lips they praise me, but their HEARTS are far from me!"

      Jesus did not send you into the world to save anyone. He sent you into the world, that you might be saved!

    14. PS A FOLLOWER, it is for you that he came. he came to save the lost of the world, when are you going to allow Him to be God, of your own life?

  2. Is a plea for funding for technical help unreasonable on its face? One cannot always get volunteer help.
    Now about the supposed advantage from a large readership, how much bandwidth does Paul Stramer pay for to let so many view his site? I suspect so many would increase a webmaster's need for funds compared to fewer readers. Folk do not automatically send gifts to pay for bandwidth.
    Maybe you think advertising covers his expenses? Even if it does, does that help Anna to fund such visual aids?
    For myself I would like to see the evidence trail all the way from the three kinds of law through her other conclusions. I suspect learning of those three kinds of law required reading many pages in Latin which seems very hard to do. I know of those able to read Latin better than I do, but I need to know to what to point such scholars.
    If one follows the advice of the late Tom Cryer on (who advised Devvy Kidd) -- not to take on the "Dragon" or "Beast" in court if one cannot win -- then one is left with stating under penalty of perjury that one understands tax forms -- and with them, I think, the laws connected with them -- even though one has not spent hundreds or thousands of hours studying to connect the dots.
    One man told me that he was punished by the IRS for not signing his return because he did not understand it fully -- showing proper respect for an oath. He told me he had included a check to cover the amount he thought he owed. Not good enough to IRS eyes according to him. I think he told me they fined him for a frivolous objection or something like that.

    So, even more help than those visual aids seems needed.

    Included in this is how Edwin Vieira, Jr.'s call to revitalize the Militia of the several States can be done in a manner which does not expose one to legal attack. Please see his site at if you know not what I mean.

    1. is right.


  3. Anna the word tells me: 1 Timothy 5:18 “For the Scripture saith, Thou shalt not mousell the oxe that treadeth out the corne: and, The labourer is worthy of his reward.”

    I know the work and the effort and the labor you put into bringing the indisputable truth to people. And I know the ignorant naysayers you must endure to bring it to those who would follow the scriptures and live free.

    With that, I wanted to confirm to you a donation I have made for the guides and may those guides set thousands free.

    I am most thankful for your loving kindness for laboring without requesting any support for yourself, but for the care of others. Claim this promise for yourself, give and it shall be given, good measure, shaken together and overflowing, share men and women give back unto your bosom.

    To the naysayers, who fail to see your good works, shame on them! I see your good works and I thank God for giving you strength and courage and fortitude that he is giving you, to see you through. The way is long and weary, you are not alone!

    1. Ps. Father for those who love you and are called according to YOUR PURPOSE and not their own, as they have benefited by the labors of Anna and her perseverance, I ask you to call upon them, your true followers, who have heard your voice and seen your call, that they would support this work. For Father it is certain, in this hour you have and are raising up warriors, who are standing together and facing the beast and its corrupt system and we are doing as you have told us, to occupy until you come. Bless your beloved stewards who at this moment are fulfilling your mighty call on their lives, as they freely and without reservation pledge their lives, duty and sacred honor to telling Pharaoh: "let your People go". Speak to your true and holy and righteous followers to support your warriors who are heeding your call, on their lives. Thank you for Anna's work and the call. In Christ Jesus, amen.

    2. Bravo! C.Johnson that was an eloquent and heartfelt prayer. Blessings to you and everyone.

    3. Thank you WILL SMITH, and my his will and his way, be evident in all that I do or say. For in my heart, it is truly about him. I pledge my life on my knees, that others might see my good works and glorify MY FATHER, IN HEAVEN.

  4. Anna, can you use the information as it is displayed within the InPowerMovement to get the point across?
    I think it's a good start maybe you can mimic it?
    If you don't have to recreate the wheel all the better
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved


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