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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Good Guys With Guns Full Movie

Found Here:


  1. Thanks Paul. I hope your readers will enjoy getting to see this film for free.
    The one we're working on now is "UNsustainable". Of course that is about the Agenda 21/30 globalist daydream of asserting a yet higher "authority" (the World Court) over our Constitution.
    Anyway, there is plenty of material waiting to be exposed by James Jaeger's film-making genius. Good Guys With Guns is an important counter-psy-op, packed with common sense analysis and it also includes some great footage of Steven Willeford, the guy who stopped the mass shooting in a Texas church by showing up with his AR-15.
    You can read about UNsustainable here --

    Elias Alias

    1. elias when is your film deadline ? i have some info for you ! your contact info email / phone better !

  2. These shootings are planned by the bad guys!!! The ones who enslave you now!!! Have a blessed day. Light Love fellow brothers and sisters!!

  3. All i'll say is , "John 8:31-32."

  4. Hi lut;
    The movie will be ready close to the end of the year 2019. We develop the movies as public support money comes in. There is plenty of time for you to send info.
    Please read the script before contacting me, so you'll know what's already in the script, okay? Thanks.
    My email is
    Am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Elias Alias


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