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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Proof that Sun-Tzu Can't Read and My Comment on MGJA

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I received a piece of yellow journalism seeking to misrepresent my words on the page right in front of people's noses.  In my own statement I explained that yes, I have a blood oath on the altar of the Universal Catholic Church. 

So do you, if you have ever taken Communion in any Christian Church. 

"Catholic" means "Universal"  or "Whole".  I am not talking here about the Roman Catholic Church.  I am talking about the Church formed by all earnest Believers: the True Church.  

There is, at the end of the day, only one True Church of those called by the Father to be part of the family of Jesus and even Jesus could not say who among his own Disciples would be called by his Father.

Also in my own statement, I made it very clear that I was bringing forward the Great Fraud "for remedy" ---- in other words, so that the fraud can be corrected and people can receive remedy for it.  Why else would I risk my life and go straight into the Lion's Den?  So that things could continue on as business as usual??? 

The idiocy of Sun-Tzu and everything being presented on Nesara News is easy to prove. Read what I actually said versus his "creative interpretation".
Then stir your stumps and look up the actual Nesara legislation.  It hasn't been touched in decades.  So what news is there to tell about that? 

It's all nothing but lies and "Hope Porn" designed to keep people scared on one hand and hopeful on the other --- paralyzed, in other words.

And the Michigan General Jural Assembly, much to my own disappointment, has proven to be a similar Twisted Lizzy version of reality.

The Michigan General Jural Assembly is not properly constituted of American State Citizens, so they have failed the test and do not have any such authority or position as the saviors of anything related to the American States of the Union. 

You can't cook with oranges and get apple sauce. 

They have insisted on including "US Citizens" as part of their Assembly, which invalidates any claim they have to our land jurisdiction and also invalidates all their purported actions in behalf of the People of Michigan. 

Those who have the same political status (Territorial) as those born in Puerto Rico have no business pretending to "represent" us or our States.  We are presenting ourselves as proper Lawful Persons and neither need nor accept such "representation". 

States of States are not States.  US Citizens are not operating as Americans, even if they were born and bred here.  Enough said.

The organizers of the Michigan General Jural Assembly were given the information and given the opportunity to correct their status to enable them to act in behalf of their State, and they have refused to do so. They have also failed to provide any proof that Michigan or any other actual State of the Union ever allowed Dual Citizenship. 

If you want to arrive at your intended destination (home, free and safe in your own country) you have to know the law and the history and the jurisdictional issues involved, otherwise, you remain a "fugitive" from the Queen's service, or an escaped slave of the Municipal Government. This is why these people are constantly afraid and preaching fear to others, using nom de guerres and "safe houses" and generally acting like criminals.

If it makes no sense to you that you should live in fear of your own employees, join us.  Stop the nonsense.   

US Citizens have no guaranteed right to "assemble" and no other Constitutional guarantees and they never have had any such guarantees. At best, they have been granted "Equal Civil Rights" when it pleases their Masters to give such "privileges".

What the Michigan General Jural Assembly is preaching and teaching on these issues is just plain wrong, and has been proven wrong by others already in jail --- Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine among them. 

Accordingly, I have drawn the line in the sand and separated myself and my Followers from their adherents and established a separate website and separate countrywide teleconference and rallying point for those who are assembling the actual unincorporated States of the Union and invoking the actual authority of the People of this country.


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  1. Forget about allowing dual citizenship, Anna; do the states forbid it? Simple question. That which is not forbidden, is allowed. Frankly I find pledging allegiance to anyone but my Creator, kinda sucks.

    1. Much appreciate "simple"! Also appreciate the first "allegiance."

      IMO - the status of "free inhabitant" (see: "Articles of Confederation") stays clear of the other allegiances that our Creator most certainly does not require of us.

    2. From Anna Von Reitz:

      The States -- the actual States of the Union -- do forbid Dual Citizenship.

      They forbid conflict of interest of all kinds. That's why the Titles of Nobility Amendment was enforced, too.

      As for "allegiance" --- that isn't a word we use. People choose to be either State Nationals and have no obligation to serve any government, or they elect to serve their State Government in some capacity as State Citizens. Your choice.

  2. ANNA...HERE'S THE PROOF for all those who don't believe you. Anyone who doesn't believe what Anna is saying, I quote from this information: "The law also forced 'NON-CITIZENS' to register with the U.S. government" Whose the non-citizens who were forced to register with the U.S. by the The Alien Registration Act of 1940? ....THINK?

    Quoting again "Alien Registration Act made it punishable by law for anyone, alien or citizen, to:knowingly or willfully advocate, abet, advise or teach the duty, necessity, desirability or propriety of overthrowing the Government of the United States or of any State by force or violence, or for anyone to organize any association which teaches, advises or encourages such an overthrow, or for anyone to become a member of or to affiliate with any such association (p.69)." and "The Espionage Act of 1917 allowed for the U.S. to spy on aliens who might have belonged to one of the three groups named above, but the government was well aware that these beliefs and ideals were no longer limited to people from other countries; some American citizens themselves celebrated communist and fascist ideals. In order for the government to protect ITS SELF and ITS citizens,"
    When the National Assembly tells its followers they can remain in U.S. CITIZEN STATUS, and at the same time thinking within that status, they can claim status as an American State National, they are wrong. They are not private Americans, they are PUBLIC SERVANTS. Those PUBLIC SERVANTS better be very careful, because they cannot lawfully or legally replace the U.S. GOVT. with their own govt.
    Whether they like it or not, the U.S. GOVT is THE PUBLIC BRANCH OF GOVT. PUBLIC CITIZENS are ITS CITIZENS/SUBJECTS of its law.
    But, their is also PRIVATE GOVT. of the People and the several States. Private govt, is without the U.S. and is a govt wholly and distinctly separate from the PUBLIC GOVT., but and is just as much a govt branch as the PUBLIC. The difference between PUBLIC AND PRIVATE. private is men and women, public is for legal persons.
    The ones in the assembly need to decide are they men or women OR legal persons. But, you can't be both, because of jurisdictions!

    1. alien registration act 1940. This is why they registered you at your birth! You are the alien!

    2. IN OTHER WORDS...if you are an alien, within the United States, you need to abide by the laws of the United States. But, what is the United States, well in the above they act, they defined what the United States is:
      section 2(a)3b
      "(b) For the purposes of this section, the term ''government in the United States'' means the Government of the United States, the government of any State, Territory, or possession of the
      United States, the government of the District of Columbia, or the government of any political subdivision of any of them."

      WHAT DID THE GOVT OF THE U.S. DO BY WRITING THIS LAW? It was protecting ITS SELF and IT lawful [Constitution] jurisdiction! It was saying, it has a lawful right to exist and it will defend ITS self against aliens, who come into ITS jurisdiction and attempt to do it harm.
      Well, here's a message for all U.S. CITIZENS: "YOU ARE WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION AS COMMERCIAL CITIZENS WITHIN THE STATES!" If you don't want to lawful come out of ITS LAWFUL jurisdiction, then obey its laws and stop pretending you are not ITS CITIZEN. Because your pretending, will not be good for you in the long run. If you are a U.S. CITIZEN, THEN BEHAVE YOURSELF WITHIN ITS JURISDICTION AND WITHIN YOUR COUNTRY! Serve your master, as he commands! Stop pretending they don't have jurisdiction over you, because as a U.S. CITIZEN, THEY ABSOLUTELY BY LAW DO!