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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Walking the Walk

By Anna Von Reitz

I was in a queer kind of agony last night, listening to President Trump's speech about Border Security.

Agony for him and for this country, too.

Here he was, stating it all so simply and clearly that a rock could understand the issues, yet having to deal with the Liars and the Hypocrites accusing him of "manufacturing a crisis" --- one that has been building since the First World War and which they were themselves decrying less than a year ago --- and urging us to put the needs of 800,000 federal workers ahead of the security and needs of 350 million Americans.

I told you that the Enemies of Mankind are Liars. Did I also mention that they are hypocrites?

Both Nancy and Chuck and all their ilk have repeatedly ranted and raved --- but all for show --- about the lack of border security. I am old enough to know that their hypocrisy stretches back decades and that if not for them and their "talk and do nothing" program, this problem would not exist now.

It wouldn't even be a problem, if generations of Democratic Presidents and Congresses had done their job.

With the Liars, it's always this way ---- always a matter of "talking the talk" --- but God forbid that they ever "walk the walk".

I am totally fed up with it. I listen to Pelosi and Company with the patience of Job and pray to be delivered from the hypocrisy dripping from every word on every topic:

Racial equality? What have they done to promote racial equality? Nothing. But they have done a great deal of self-interested promotion of racism and polarity and injustice.

The Democrats--- Southern Democrats --- are the ones who "re-enslaved" black Americans as "public property" after the Civil War, but you will never know that unless you read the history for yourself.

The Democrats are also the ones responsible for bringing in European Central Banks and promoting the evils of the Federal Reserve System and "deficit spending".

It's their deficit spending system and false claims in commerce that have led to the inflation of the currency and widespread unemployment and racketeering by government agencies.

All down the line, they preach one thing and do another--- often exactly the opposite of what they are saying. Just like their sudden reversal on the issue of a Border Wall.

Six months ago or so, Chuckie Baby was all for a Border Wall.

Nothing has changed, in fact, the problem which he and Nasty Nancy left unattended except for "talk" of support, has only gotten worse. Much worse.

And there is Donald Trump, one man standing up for what has needed to be done for a hundred years at a minimum, being accused of manufacturing this problem.

I have news for them. This is an old, festering problem that they have left unresolved.

It was a problem following the First World War, when General "Black Jack" Pershing unleashed the military to sweep through California and the Southwestern States to pick up and deport scads of Mexicans who were here illegally.

It was a problem after the Second World War, when Eisenhower had to do the same thing.

If Donald Trump has to unleash the military to take care of the problem that the gutless, useless Democrats have handed him, it will not be at all "unprecedented".

It will be the same answer and choice that other Presidents have had to make to secure our Southern Border.

Time for all the children who have bought into the Liar's Sop to grow up and time for the Media Conglomerates to be busted up.\


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  1. Everybody needs to realize this: Anytime people get out of work due to no fault of their own, did not just up and quit without just cause, but are kept from going to their job because they are stopped from doing it, then they qualify for filing for Unemployment Insurance. So they are not left penniless; they will just have to learn to get by on half the amt. of their paycheck, and if they cant then too bad for them.
    The rule of thumb is, IF you are making above and beyond what it costs you to ''get by'' and have extra, they should have been preparing for such rainy days.
    They are a few hundred thousand folks; out here the UR IS actually 21.4% and has been for YEARS now. So I say suck it up; at least they have jobs.
    Anyone with half a brain, and blind in one eye, can see right thru palosi and traitor ex-republican shummer and the obvious silly brainwashing game they are trying to play on us, as IF we are too stupid to see thru their ''turn it around on trump, and play innocent''. LOL.

    Doncha just hate having your intelligence insulted like that?

  2. People offered to pay for the border wall between Mexico and usa and it was rejected, so clearly that's not the issue.

  3. Trump was brilliant. He powerfully and succinctly described the border situation but gave no orders. He left it up to we Americans to consider a solution. Build the wall!

    1. Tia, as far as Im concerned, I think trump wimped out. He has failed to do his job, and here we are 2 yrs. now and nothing much improved IMO. Insufficient, too slow, and no donald, Im not 'tired of winning'.

  4. Can anyone say national emergency? Time to arrest these critters and get on with real life

  5. I donated what I could, which wasn't much, but I added a few dollars to the wall fund. I don't think those of us awake and working towards our freedom are fooled at all by the lame-stream media liars. I haven't bothered to listen to them in years.

  6. He left it up to the American people all right...!! I get non-stop emails from his office everyday asking for donations to fund the WALL or some other roadblock that comes his way...!! Now why should we have to pay for that WALL when the money for it has been funded a dozen times and we still don't have a WALL...Trump is absouluty right about a physical structure (barrior) to protect us from people just walking over from Mexico or any other of the central American countries....!!
    It never ends with "The money " thing....!! We finally got rid of Jerry Brown, only to get another Democrate who already is putting Trump down....So Trump went to see the devastation caused by the whousley fire and once Trump saw the site he ordered FEMA not to give anymore money since the foresters are not doing their job of clearing debree from the ground which only made the fire worse...!! Trump hates California, because he has first hand knowledge of the corruption here....the best way to get rid of govt is to not pay them one will come to work day after day not knowing for sure if they will even get paid..!!
    So much for liking your job...!! I hope everyone in govt that took advantage of all the benefits govt promised them just to be tormentors to all of us , get absouluty nothing...lets see if they like losing their homes...!!
    The IRS is supposed to be shut down right now to except for the dept responsible for giving "refund" checks...!! But the hard ball IRS is still threatening people about filing their taxes...!! That agency is not going down fact they will be the last ones to go down, even if the banks all go under...!!
    Trump does have bills to audit both the Fed and the IRS, and then get rid of them. But nothing in this monster of "central banking" is going to be easy to dissolve...!!

    1. We shouldn't "have" to pay for the wall, because you're right... we already have spent plenty. Just the simple act of any American who actually works for a living donating a $100 would be a good start. Hey, remember when Willie Nelson through a concert to raise money for the farmers? Well?!!! Do we want the effing wall or not? We'll raise the money if we have to, then escort the bums to someplace where they'll never see the light of day ... which is more than they deserve. Build the Wall. Drain the Swamp and order a Yellow Vest off Amazon.

  7. In 2014 Obama/Clinton State Department had no trouble getting 5 billion for revolution in Ukraine,and how did that fiasco work out??5 billion for a wall would be paid back in one year in dollars and forever in heartaches.

  8. 150,000,000 armed American hunters with 3 trillion rounds... let us do the a week or less we will have the place cleaned out....DC and the illegals.