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Monday, December 24, 2018

Tin Hats United

By Anna Von Reitz

It is just over three weeks since the Earthquake that hit my hometown, tiny Big Lake, Alaska. My fingertips are sore as I type, from tiny cuts from shattered glass embedded in throw rugs that I have had rolled up, waiting for thorough cleaning, glass picking, and washing.
It's a nasty and perilous job. Fingernails get nicked, fingertips suffer jabs, but someone has to do it. The only alternative is the throw the rugs out and there have already been enough losses.
Thanks to all of you, we are beginning to get things back in order much more quickly than would have been possible otherwise. I have just received a computer to replace the one we lost in the power surge and a new monitor screen, too. Thank you, Allen and Family! You went the Extra Mile!
Other donations have reduced the Misery and Suffering Index to manageable proportions for the members of our Living Law Firm team.
For those who have never been through a real honest-to-God disaster--- recovery is a long process. It takes time. You plod through it, day by day, chiseling away at what has to be done, assessing what is lost, finding what is damaged, and just toughing it out.
Yesterday, I found a can of beans that had rolled behind a shelving unit and discovered that all the blades for my food processor had been bent in an odd collision with a freezer, which also got dented. I can hardly imagine how much force was involved. The blades must have slid under the freezer at the exact moment it was in the air and then the foot of the fully loaded freezer came down and crunch!
Even stainless steel is not immune. I have proof.
But, that's okay. I went to Walmart for something unrelated (extra foam insulation to help a friend re-caulk around replacement windows in his home office) and there in the vast pile of dented and damaged goods was a brand new food processor for less than half the original price, complete with the blades. Only the carton and the instruction book were mashed.
That's the way things happen in a disaster. You zig and you zag your way through it. One thing goes up, and another goes down, and we do the Hokey Pokey and we turn it all around---- and three weeks later, I guarantee you, my basement looks WORSE than it did two weeks ago.
It's the same process as house cleaning. You have to tear everything apart before you can put it back together? And as you do this, everything gets more messed up instead of less for a while? We are in that stage of recovery and it will probably take months to get back to being truly organized.
My books, for example, are all back on shelves. That was a major endeavor all by itself. But they are in no particular order anymore, so it's good-luck-hunt-and-peck to find the volume I am looking for, because it might not be in the same bookcase, much less the same shelf.
Now apply that to almost all the paperwork in a Law Office..... thank God my super-competent Executive Officer has his own way of segregating and organizing all the most important and current work, or we would have been up the proverbial creek.
We still face months of reorganizing older files and correspondence and considerable furniture moving and repairs to undertake that will take time and energy, but, with enough thrust even pigs can fly.
It is a real satisfaction to me that our lowly Food Storage Club now has six more families signed up. They are mostly shame-faced neighbors who showed up at my door in search of food, fuel, and water. And blankets. And medicine. And do I have an extra emergency cook stove they could borrow?
We just smiled (maybe a little grimly, remembering how these same people made fun of us) and took care of them. Count that as six more American families wearing Tin Hats and damned proud of it. Next time the world burps or burns or floods, they, too, will be as ready as they can be to deal with the situation.
It's just too bad that so many people have to actually experience a disaster before they understand how important all the things they take for granted really are. Just stop and think.
What would you and your family do if the lights went off and didn't come back on? Where would you get water? Where would you get food? How would you stay warm?
Trotting down the street to Anna's house might not be an option for you, so best to address these questions before you are standing there going --- "Uh-oh! Now what?"
The Tin Hats came through again. And as usual, the "government" did nothing timely or useful beyond a week of Free Dump fees.
When push comes to shove in a real disaster, it is always the same: what you've got to work with is limited to your own resources and pre-planning, and whatever help you can reach out for from family and friends and other private networks like clubs and churches.
To the extent that most communities in America have a disaster plan, it is limited to how to save public buildings, not individual families. Take note. That means you. And yours.
The "government" isn't going to feed you, supply your with water, or guarantee you any shelter or medical care. In most cases, the "government" isn't even going to be present for days after a disaster. If you live in urban areas, the grasshoppers among us will be looting and rioting on top of everything else. .
The fabric of society quickly breaks down in a disaster. When people get scared and hungry, all sorts of things happen. What happens in a disaster that continues for more than a few days?
As one of my more sardonic Tin Hat friends grimly remarked, "In three weeks, it would all be over."
Most of the grasshoppers would be dead of starvation, thirst, dysentery, or killed in the mob violence that results from thirst and starvation and uncontrolled sewage.
Most Americans don't know how to dig a latrine.
It's time we all remembered the Basics of life on Earth and planned for our own needs and the needs of our families in case of a disaster. It just makes good common sense--- if there is any of that left outside the Tin Hat Community.
My husband and I and our little group of like-minded friends prepared for a lot of eventualities, but once you get beyond your own little circle it is painfully apparent how many of your neighbors didn't plan and now are in desperate need of help.
We have people here digging out holes for rocket stoves in the dead of winter, minus 14 temperatures. That's the kind of thing that happens in a disaster. And of course, there's no extra money tor these emergency needs, either, even if you can find the parts or order them from somewhere.
So we've got guys in garages "making do" and cutting sheet metal with pliers, constructing things the old-fashioned way, thanking God that some of the Old Timers still know how and still have the right tools squirreled away.
But I have to tell you, as I look around, I notice that those who know these practical skills are few and far between, and mostly my age or older.
We've got women baking bread in outdoor ovens in this kind of weather, too. We've got our Sourdough Crocks sitting in the warmest spot in the house, next to the cat, of course. This earthquake has been quite a wake-up call and motivator.
This whole last week as I have been "shoveling" through things, I've been pulling out children's toys and games left over from my own kids umpteen years ago and recycling these treasures to children who won't be having much of a Christmas this year.
It's amazing how much a dog-eared Monopoly set can mean to a family with no TV, no computer, and nothing but a couple oil lamps to read by at night. For them, the technological advances of the last two centuries just about disappeared.
I've also been sharing out my vast collection of children's books and rummaging through the closets for old flannel sheet sets and shirts that don't quite fit and jeans that are too small and all those other things that tend to collect. They are all going out the door to new owners.
A disaster has a way of "tuning people up" --- making them more aware, and more grateful for the little things that too often get taken for granted. It's Christmas Eve. We are still bundling up care packages for those in need.
Your donations to me have spread a circle of light and protection around the researchers and lawyers of The Living Law Firm, and we, in turn, have spread that light out to others, sharing what we have this dark and cold December.
We are very grateful to be warm and fed, to have good water and good friends. It's going to be an odd Christmas, but a good Christmas, too----one that forces us to remember all the things that are most important.
I found enough plates in the wreckage (not all the same pattern, but what the hey?) to serve dinner. There's still one string of Christmas lights blazing away. My husband is stomping the snow off his boots. My son is curled up with his dog in front of the fire. He will get three small presents tomorrow -- things I bought early and squirreled away earlier in the year.
Every spare penny is being parceled out for practical things now -- to keep the work going and the people going. The Tin Hats United have stepped to the plate, and so far, somehow, we are all getting through the earthquake, the holidays, and the winter.
From our house to yours, Merry Christmas and God Bless us all in the coming year! May the needed changes come and may we meet all the challenges together, with courage, with generosity, and with compassion for each other.


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  1. Sure hope some adults seize controld of these powerful energy weapons a peaceful man trump proved by his withdrawal from Syria and alfganistan.he can be trusted .

  2. Merry Christmas Abby, wherever you are.
    Peace be with us ALL.

    1. Yes, Danika, she will also be with us in thought, spirit and our deeds in this beautiful day of spreading True Love, Healing and Gratitude in our divinely guided travels today!

      Marry-Christ-Mass Abby, Danika, Anna & Family and to All Tin Hats United In Full Assembly Now!!

      Much Gratitude, True Awareness, Unconditional Forgiveness, Pure Love, Eternal Peace and Abundant Joy Be For All Now

    2. And to you as well, Kelli!
      Safe in heart and travels...

  3. There is a lot of good info and thought provoking substance within above article. Things many take for granted.
    Yahuaha warned Moses and told him to prepare. God always provides for His people. His terms.
    i do however have a question. several actually but let us see how this plays.
    Anna-"For those who have never been through a real honest-to-God disaster---
    1.Was it an honest to God disaster?

    1. Yes, Absolutely Afollower for those that choose to See the Light (Wisdom-truth)in All darkness, and Hear the harmonic message within our hearts-mind-body in One Accord for our Divine Conscious guidance, spiritual Conscience growth and inherent eternal protection. All IS, Always. For EVERY Negative "RE-ACTION" their IS Always a Postive and equal "Action" Naturally, ALWAYS-Always-always In Wholly Accordance for Just and Balanced Order as Originally "Authored" and Intended. LOOK!! See beyond the shallow 'appearances" In man-made logic OF "words" expressed, that have multiple meanings "attached" according to the recipients own unique Private capacity, ability and willingness to inner/understand in Direct Re-la-tion to Their own Now "Status" and Current "STATE OF, State, estate" In "Being" in our own personal Life's Journey, that ALL "Returns" to the Original "Maker-Author-Sender" Always! No Time, No Race, just Peaceful Acceptance, and acknowledgement for True Just-Is In Wholly Faithful-ness Now, and Always.

      Marry-Christ-mass And Many Blessed moments Now Afollower and All Wholly Created In Pure Love-Light within/without Now!!

      Much Gratitude, True Awareness, unconditional forgiveness, Pure Love and Eternal Peace-Joy BE Wholly Abundant for All Now

    2. Well, aFollower, we do know that God did not prevent it.....right?
      The bible does tell us that in the last days there will be many earthquakes in various places, and that is now a fact....right?

      When you mention making preparations, I don't recall God telling us to prepare for the last days, do you? It may well be that there is not really any way to prepare for what is think?
      Truth is, God is angry with the wicked every day, and so I think this is all part of his showing his anger. Ole Krakatoa is blowing it top and not done yet. See, there is no way to prepare for such things as that.
      But I do think everybody should have a few days of supplies in case of power outage, as is quite common.

    3. Abby, even YOU will not rile me this day. I send you warm wishes and love abundant.

      Tomorrow...well, that's up to GOD.

      Merry Christmas again.

    4. Danika, everything I posted is from scripture. If you don't like it, then go complain to God about it. Its true, whether you like it or not, God does not need your/our permission. It just IS what it IS.

    5. Abby, GOD did not write the Bible nor directly free hand any scripture. Pretty sure a human being did. I don't like reciting scriptures as they tend to be too preachy when used in vile pedantic online comments.
      God is a logos. GOD certainly need no help from you or your permission to speak. But when did GOD hire you to speak for Him?

    6. Abby,
      "When you mention making preparations, I don't recall God telling us to prepare for the last days, do you?"
      Yes, yes i do, He told us to prepare for many things , He warned us of all these things, Prepare spiritually (most important), etc.
      Also He many times speaks to individuals (not group) that then spread the word. You listen or you don't. Use His discernment of course.
      2 Timothy 3 speaks of hard times, shall we just ignore it?
      As i have told you before i do not believe in the 'Pre' trib rapture.

    7. Well, as Ive told you before the bible is full of evidence of pre trib rapture for the born again christians. And there are no preparations given for christians to prepare for the great tribulation period of time.....because we will not be here, and because there is no way to prepare for such disastrous times.

      True believers are already saved and sanctified; there would be no purpose in being here during that GT time. The GT is also the wrath of God upon an unbelieving world; that does not include true believers for ''My Wrath is not meant for You'' scripture says.

      Even now, God forbids his Children to be united with unbelievers; many scriptures on that. He demands 'be ye separate, for what does light have to do with darkness'.
      So how can you then think that during the GT he is going to throw us all together and suffer such wrath, along with the unbelievers?
      Its pretty silly to suggest that God is going to tap dance bullets and fire around us and leave us unscathed.

      Nowhere in the bible has God ever done that. But he has always completely removed his Own, from the world, as he did in the Flood. Never has he left his Own mixed together with the rest.
      To think this, you'd have to totally omit many scriptures and then they would not fit in anywhere; they would be totally disconnected to the rest of the bible. We do not have the liberty to do that.

      You forget too that upon salvation we are told that ''we were once of the world, but now he has set us apart FROM the world; we are still in the world, but we are no longer OF the world'.
      So you see, you would have to throw that scripture out altogether, to believe in no pre trib.

      Also, after Trib, Jesus is returning to Earth, as is stated in Zech. 14 and bringing the saints back with him. And he is going to stay for 1000 years and rule as King of the Earth, as stated in Rev. 20:6.
      So if there is no pre-trib rapture, then how do you think the saints got ''up there'' in order to be coming back with him?
      And since he is Returning to Stay for 1000 yrs. and rule the Earth and the saints rule with him, then there would be no point in some post-trib. So you'd have to throw those scriptures out as well.
      Then there is 1 Thess. 4:16, 17 which tells of the rapture, so you'd have to throw that one out too, because it would not fit in anywhere but would be just left hanging out there disconnected from everything.

      Then there is the entire book of Revelation which speaks of all the stuff happening in the GT. And if the Believers are not raptured, then why are they not even mentioned at all during the entire GT depiction which begins with chapter 4? How do you explain where they are during all that SHTF?

      You see, you are having to omit all these scriptures, to believe in a no-pre-tribber and you cannot just throw them out. But you must be able to explain how those scripts connect; and since you can't, then you are incorrect about your theory. You have all people all lumped together, while God has separated them, the sheep from the goats. So how do you answer all these questions then?

      We are already in 2 Tim. 3. That is obvious from that ugly list of 18 different kinds of ugly folks, lol. But that is in the here and now. The GT is a far uglier time, where ''mens hearts will be failing them for what they see coming upon the earth''. And where 1/4 of the people of earth will be killed, and then another 1/3 of the population dying. Thats billions of people. So you see, you and many others are not fully cognizant of the true horror that that Time will be. It would also be very arrogant for anyone to think they will be among the survivors of such a horrific Time as that.

      Either you are saved and sanctified now, or else you will likely be dead because no such horror will sanctify anybody.

      Time to rethink your thinking, lol.

    8. Abby,
      GOD did NOT write, draft, scribble the BIBLE! Human men did. Fallible humans with egos. Surely, you cannot dispute this?

      You put have evidenced in your posts you have zero faith in your fellow humans now but you put ALL your faith in humans who wrote the Bible over how many years ago...?

    9. Danika, we all know that man put his hand on pen and paper and wrote scripture, but they only wrote what God spoke to them to write; they did not write their own words, or words from themSelves.

      You see, I have had God actually speak to me, so I know what I am talking about. Ive heard his audible voice 3 times; other times it has been where he spoke clearly to my mind and I know this is Fact because the words spoken to me were things I had never thought of and I learned it all when I Heard it. All the words were giving me information that I needed to know for my own life sake; the words did not pertain to anyone else.

      However, there were other times when words were given to me to tell to other certain individuals. And all the words were proven to be applicable and meaningful in this real life.

      Now, I could have very easily written these words down ''in a book' and they would all be Gods Words, not mine or anyone elses.
      And THAT is exactly how the words came about to the Apostles which they did write down, which then became the bible.

      Whose hands were put to the paper is of no significance whatsoever. You need to get out of the people mode and try to understand the spiritual mode; then and only then can you even begin to realize that the bible truly is the very Word of God.

      And back in the days when God wanted His Word to be written he spoke clearly and thoroughly and was easily heard, for that reason. Today, there is not nearly as much reason for him to speak, as he has already ''said it all''.
      So today, He speaks rarely and only when there is something that really needs to be said; its called his prophetic Word, and could be for mankind in general, or for a specific person.

      What is also quite quaint, he quite often puts things on the Minds of those that are his true Children, the true christians. These are things he puts on our minds as his way of leading us toward some thing, some person, or some place.
      He does this by constantly bringing that thing to our mind. Like in the past few days, He caused me to wonder about a son of an old friend. I recalled this young man had moved away to georgia, but that is all I knew.
      So it 'came to me' to look on the internet to see if I could locate him, and so I did. But being holiday busy time, I have not yet contacted him, but I must do it to find out why I need to speak with him, lol. But so far that is all I have been 'told'.

      I have also been thinking of moving to larger quarters, but I have been shopping houses, and it has not felt right in my 'gut'. So in the past couple of days, a different type of housing has been strongly put on my mind, and it feels very much more favorable. So I will persue that avenue, instead of the previous one I had in mind.

      That is how God leads his Children, and its up to them to listen and to follow. It is all God ''speaking' but it takes on various methods.

      Bottom line for the bible: What Man is smart enough to ''know the beginning to the end' and write it thousands of years in advance?
      So there is no comparison between the writing of the bible and mere human men, none whatsoever.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Here is a time when God spoke loudly to my mind: I went out of state to visit someone, but when I got to their address, they had moved. I was told they had moved but the caretaker there refused to give out information as to where they had moved to.
      So there I stood after driving hundreds of miles when suddenly I heard ''go to the police; they know where everybody lives''.

      Ah, so I got back in my car and now had to find the police station in a small town Id never been to. So I just started driving, just turned down one street, then another and suddenly there was the police station.
      So I pulled up beside one of the police cars and waiting; within a couple minutes a cop comes out to get in his car, and I roll down the window and ask 'can you tell me where so and so lives'?

      He answered, ''well, yes, I believe they just moved to a new house over on xxx street.' Can you tell me where that is, Im from out of state. Oh no bother, just follow me and I will take you there myself.
      And just like that I was at their new ''secret address'' lol.

    12. Best information one can gain from dear Abby's relationship with the space gods of the bible is that she would love space aliens technology to kill off everyone so she can get the LAST LAUGH AND FOR ONCE BE RIGHT ABOUT SOMETHING😅🕇

    13. Abby?,877,027.PN.&OS=PN/4,877,027&RS=PN/4,877,027

  4. Any info on this? Today is the day.
    Operation Trove:
    Warning and post by Anna

  5. "His research investigated multiple hundreds of children who claimed to recall past lives and there are many examples. These children are able to give remarkable details about their past lives, and in some cases include describing how they died, locating past family members of who they used to be that are still living, and more details that would otherwise be impossible to describe."

    1. Hogwash is putting full belief in humans to interpret GOD's words without any human ego or embellishments. The BIBLE is not a evidentiary historical record. It is a guide, full of contradictions.

    2. Dearest Abby does wash with hogs daily in order to push her version of nonsensial biblical end timer realities on the hogs that actually might listen to her🐷🐖

      Ps no attempt to demean hogs intended🎶

    3. Danika, the bible doesnt need interpreted; it plainly says what it says. Nobody is demanding you believe it at all. It is just there, and you can do what you want with it, or about it. It is of no importance to me what you think about it. What you do or think does not add anything to me, nor does it take anything away from me. I am still gaining a lot of benefit from it, regardless.
      I am not at all responsible for you at all; you are responsible for yourself, as you are the one who will reap what you sow, you see.
      So what makes you think you would be doing me any favor by believing what I say? Oh contrare; I am doing you a favor, which you choose to just throw away, and that is perfectly fine with me.
      Its not my job to make you believe anything, so perish that silly thought. Im still traveling straight on the Progress Trolly regardless of what anybody else does, says, or thinks, lol.

      And Leland, yer still not going this way again; time to stop listening to those demons, Lol. A few years back we had a highway sniper, who shot at cars from an overpass. When he was finally caught he said 'he heard voices telling him to go shoot and they wouldn't leave him alone till he would go do it. Killed a couple ladies thru their windshield. But of course he is put away in a mental institution now for life, both body and soul, LOL'

    4. Dearest Abby...your demons r so pathetically obvious to EVERYONE with a brain in regards to your end timer nonsense that recently I found someone like u online. Yes he spent time in jail, but he's out now just for u to uplift with your vast end timer wisdom 🕇

      "He has earned a controversial reputation apart from his prophecies: in June 2013, he was found guilty of multiple counts of tax evasion and sentenced to 42 months in prison. He was released in 2016."

    5. Oh Leland who would know more about hogs than YOU, LOL. It takes one who is so acquainted with rolling around in a muddy mudhole to know so much about hogs like YOU do, Lol.

      And P.S. I don't give any prophecies, cause I dont have any. It all been written for thousands of years, all you gotta do is read it. What does your jailbird friend have to do with me??

      Poor ole Leland, so skeered of end times, well you should be, Lol.
      You can't avoid it and you can't escape it, it will just pour down on you and you can't do anything about it.

    6. Not scared whatsoever dear Abby...Just helping end timers lie u thru their dark days of Soul🕇

      AD 1520 Nicholas Storch was a former weaver who was a self-proclaimed expert on the Bible. He began warning groups of workers that all of Christendom was about to be annihilated by the Turks. Not only did he quote from the Scriptures, but insisted that God spoke to him directly through dreams and visions. Ultimately rejected by reformer Martin Luther, Storch vanishes from history at the end of 1522. --TEOTW pg 155


  6. Merry Christmas to all and may we be blessed with knowledge. thank you Anna and team

  7. OFF TOPIC HERE.... interesting when you look deeper into what this woman is saying at 14mins and 17 secs. To Anna this is old news.

  8. Abby, the spoken word is the only TRUTH. All others lack the breath of LIFE.
    It does matter.

    I have died a literal, physical death. I have full memories of that time; the sounds, essence & the surroundings...but no "Sign in Here" or "Exit" were posted. What is written is mankind's covenant to each other.
    GOD speaks.

    1. Danika, mans spoken word is worth about as much as slop in a bucket.
      Havent we been discussing the banks and banking system in here? And the government and its system, in here? And have we not all come to know they are all deceivers and liars?

    2. Especially end timer liars for sure Abby😅🕇

      "Ad 1335 The Joachites again re-scheduled the end of the world, this time to the year 1335.

      AD 1348 Agnolo di Tura, called "the Fat," writing during the time of the Black Death: "And I...buried my five children with my own hands, and so did many others likewise...And nobody wept no matter what his loss because almost everyone expected death... People said and believed, 'This is the end of the world.'" --TEOTW pg 115

      AD 1349 The group known as the Flagellants claimed that their movement must last thirty-three and a half years, culminating in the Second Coming. They persuaded many people that their assertions were true. One chronicle states: "Many persons, and even young children, were soon bidding farewell to the world, some with prayers, others with praises on their lips." --TEOTW 125-129

      AD 1366 Jean de Roquetaillade, a French ascetic, predicted the Antichrist was to come in 1366, with the end of the world a few years after that.

      AD 1367 Czech archdeacon Militz of Kromeriz claimed the Antichrist was alive and well and would show up no later than 1367, bringing the end of the world with him."


    3. Oh poor ole Leland, go find yourself some more slurpy books to read. Have a feast, till you get your wakeup call. Keep scanning the www cause you know 'if its on the Internet, it must be true' LOL.

  9. Abby,
    I am in no way saying, wanting, or requesting you to involve me in any way on your road to Perdition, You say much without saying anything. Like a chihuahua afraid of its morning cleanse on the neighboring lawn...

    I'm beginning to think you are sweet on me! (levity intended)

  10. Tom in Big Lake to Abby: the writer of proverbs told us to prepare:
    The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;
    Proverbs 30:25

    The pre-trib rapture notion contradicts the words of Jesus as quoted by Mark. Note "after"
    But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.
    Mark 13:24-27
    Pre trib also contradicts what Paul wrote about trumpets- see "last trump"

    1. Mark 13 speaks about the elect. The believers are never referred to as ''elect'' but as believers, saints, brethren, church, the bride of Christ, etc. but never as 'elect'. So I believe the elect are probably the true jews, who we know have been scattered for a long time, many who have never returned to israel.

      To follow up on the Mark scripture about Jesus returning after or at the end of the great trib.....look at Zech 14:4 and in that day his feet shall stand upon the mt. of olives.......and then v. 5....and the Lord shall come and all the Saints with him.

      So you would have to explain how it is that the Saints are coming back with him, since the saints are the true believers (who were pre-trib raptured). Otherwise, what does Zech.14 mean and where does it fit into the scheme of things without being isolated since it cannot be a stand-alone and meaningless.

      See, all scripture has to fit together. You cannot just throw them out. And also, then what do you do about 1 Thess. 4:13-17. That is scripture that Paul preached TO the church body of believers of Thessalonians. It speaks about christians who have gone on and died, and also to those who are still alive at the Time, all being caught up together to meet the Lord IN the air. That perfectly tells us of a rapture of the church body of believers, and that it is pre-trib and that that is how they got 'up there' to be able to Return with the Lord as stated in Zech.14.

      So you see how those scriptures ALL related and blend together and make perfect sense? That is how scripture MUST work; and if it doesnt then you got something out of whack, lol.

      So you take those scriptures, and it then explains why the church body of true believers, are not even mentioned during the entire time of the great tribulation that is going on in the book of Revelation.

      Last trump? Look at 1Thess 4:16 ....and with the trump of God the dead in Christ shall rise first......... Right there is the trump(et) call which is a Sound much like what is done in the Army to wake the troops in the morning. And if you recall that, there are generally 3 trumpet calls and on the last trump it means ''get yer butt out here'' lol.

      That particular 'last trump' is not the same thing as the Trumpet judgements spoken of in another passage. So consider that. Eventually you will begin to see how everything fits together perfectly when you listen to scripture, and set aside your/our own ideas of what is what. God is very orderly and very organized and things he does are never haphazard.

    2. Revelation 7:14 "Sir," I answered, "you know." So he replied, "These ...
      And he said, "These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.
      How many think they are leaving, and how many have let their mouths run away with themselves? They are proud, they are boasters, they too are mockers and name callers,...
      How many will eventually repent during great tribulation? What is the purpose of God's seal if they are not here? The Fifth Trumpet
      …3And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. 4They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5The locusts were not given power to kill them, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion.…
      Some of Yahuah's People will be alive and here , why, to serve Him through His Son and to serve each other.
      As long as we are alive including the man in prison, there is time for 'True' repentance.
      i believe the words of the bible also including the warnings of stumbling along the way.

    3. aFollower, you have overlooked the fact that there are several different groups of people involved here. First there are the true Believers who will return with Christ and rule with him, as stated in Rev. They will be raptured as stated in 1 Thess.4.

      Then there are those true Jews who are 'marked' and sealed as mentioned also, in Rev. I believe they are said to be of the tribes of Israel. There is not much told about them and nobody knows who they are or where they are. Still, they are another group spoken of and I suspect they are those said to flee to Petra and will be hidden in safety during the GT. If you've ever seen pictures of Petra, it is like a fortress, so it makes sense that group will flee there.

      Then there is yet another group, those who are probably borderline-christians presently, but will be preached to during the GT by the Two Witnesses who are told of in Rev. Ch. 11. You should go read it for yourself and then ask yourself why are they sent back here from heaven TO preach to anyone, and if they are going to do that, then don't you suppose some of them are going to still be saved AFTER the rapture? And then don't you see they are in a whole different group separate from the other two basic groups of people involved in this scenario? And then don't you suppose they are referred to as ''saints'' ....a whole different group of 'saints' apart from the already-Believers?

      Keep in mind that there will be those during the GT who will be beheaded for refusing to follow the antichrist, and for becoming believers because of the preaching of the two witnesses. Now you should begin to see that those 'saint' beheaded are these new converts, and surely you can't believe they are those who already are believers; the Bride of Christ, do you? What the hell kind of Bridegroom chooses a Bride and then lets her be beheaded?? When he has already said 'he is coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle'.
      Surely you must see there are two different groups of Saints here; those that have been long-time already Believers, and those new ones brought in by the two witnesses.

      Then of course there is a basic fourth group of people, those unbelievers, die-hard dedicated unbelievers who are just too far gone to ever figure it out and forever lost.

      So aFollower, there is much confusion and failure to understand these differences, mostly because people are too busy to really spend much time learning, and because churches have failed miserably to teach it. Of course its also because most pastors are so downright stupid. I myself have had to study and let it all be layed out in front of me, by the holy spirit, and thats how I know it all makes perfect sense. But most people do not have this much time to dedicate to doing such semblance as I have. Yet when I put it out there, free of charge, cutting to the chase, people just get their feathers up, lol. But that is ok with me, because it is not my job to make anyone learn anything; I just know I have told them, and that is all my job is anyhow.

      But a good question to ask yourself, is what is the purpose in any true believer being here during the GT, when it is a Time of ''jacobs trouble' and the wrath of God upon an unbelieving world?
      Where do Believers fit either of those groups?
      Don't say it is to save people; the two witnesses are sent to do that job. Rev. 11
      You listed some verse numbers, but did not give book or chapter, so if you will do that, then I can respond to what you are saying here.
      This is a good topic to discuss. As for repentance, God has to offer the opportunity to repent; he does not necessarily have to do that, nor is he obligated to hold that door open for a lifetime.
      'baby christians' are understood to stumble along the way, but they are expected to grow up and become adults and mature and cease 'stumbling' as they are expected to learn.

    4. The more you study the more you come to realize how God operates; He is very methodical, gets one thing out of the way before he does another thing. A good example anyone can understand is, BEfore the Great Flood, he First put Noah and his family and all supplies and animals safely in the Ark, completely tucked away and safe from the flooding rain. In fact he did this even Before it EVER rained one raindrop. (Prior to that all water came from the ground, not from above, so this was the very first rain)

      And so the bible says about end times that it will be 'as the days of Noah'. So then look and see how did God do things back then. And that is how he will do things now, with those who are also his true Believers, as was Noah.

      To say that God would allow his Bride be beheaded and be dragged thru the great Trib .....then why didn't he let Noah wallow around in water with just a life vest? Same thing.
      And how can anyone even think they can survive for 7 years when they will be under the dictatorship of the evil antichrist who will not let anyone go to work collect their paycheck, buy food, gas up their car, pay their housing, utilities, childrens needs, unless they give their allegiance to him and take the Mark of the Beast, in order to be allowed to ''buy or sell''.
      Not to mention, it is not going to rain for the first 3 1/2 years and there will be a big drought, shortage of water, crops wont how do you expect to even exist or stay alive for that period of time.
      Y'all need to go see some apocolyptic movies to get a taste; its going to be far far more than just some ''hard time'. It will make the Depression look like a picnic by comparison cause I don't think most of you even have a clue. It will even make an alaska earthquake seem like a walk in the park. And if you think there will be any law at all, think again. Even all morals will go right out the window. Remember, a totally satanic possessed antichrist will be Dictator during that time.
      Its just time to wake up and get Real.

    5. Of course God isn't a he, thus ruins any p.o.v. but WORSHIPING space aliens using advanced technology against foes😠

      “What’s interesting about the battle of Jericho is that this particular use of the [trumpet] clearly seems to be the same thing we’re seeing with particle ray technology, death ray technology [and] thunderbolt technology. It very clearly seems that once again we have an extraterrestrial technology the ancient people had at the ready to use when needed for military campaigns”.

      David Wilcock 

  11. Anna,
    Hope you and you loved ones take some much needed rest. Stay warm by the hearth of the fire and be full with goodness and love for the upcoming year.
    May peace light our way.

  12. Operation Trove: So what happened, anything? Any follow up?
    Warning and post by Anna
    Another Anna site:
    warnings of, Fema etc.
    So what are her sources? How reliable are they?
    Are these and more just fake news?

    1. I am really looking fwd to Anna's next article a foibles....I bet u r, too, so u can find something biblically ridiculous to bash Anna with some more😅☄🎵🛐🕆

    2. Oh for crying out loud Leland, name one damned thing anna has actually accomplished even in the one past year ! You cant ! Because she has not accomplished anything. Wrote letters, requested money be returned, over and over, no results any which way you look at it. Wake up, quit making excuses for anna, yes she has put out tons of information, but we are info'd to death, and not one bit of actual benefit.

      I for one am not ''bashing anna' ....I am merely pointing out what IS. Simply pointing out that she has gotten NO results, just happens to be a fact. Get over it, jacka55 ! Quit being a 5hit-stirrer, which is all you come here to do.

    3. Nice uplifting Christ-like response as usual Abby dear💘☻

  13. I ought to mention here that it is not anna's fault that she can't get anything done. There are way too many of ''them'' that constantly block anything getting done that would benefit 'the people'. Even trump has been consistently blocked and thats why he can't get anything done, and he's the president ! This has really been my point all along....'They' are not gonna let anyone do anything that is Right. Thats what happens when they are all being paid off to do what is wrong.

    It all comes back to ''the love of money is AT......AT the root of all evil.'' You see, there are just way too many people who will do anything for money, and set aside their sense of Morality to get it. They have all been paid off. (Even Kim said that she has tried numerous times to get money to the florida panhandle to those that were wiped out in the hurricane, and each time it has gotten blocked.)

    1. I think u repeatedly post here because u haven't made any monie yet & blame Anna for it in your ALWAYS Christ-like way🕆 ~ while collecting your mobthly SS💰😅

  14. Speaking of SS- Leland, there are far, far too many going on SSDI.
    From watch have seen and heard, there have been people approached in the psych wards to just go in it.
    The thing that sucks for them is that they are constantly watched and basically "they" like Abs- is talking about is whag they want. Total dependence on the gov.
    Yikes can ya smell socialism?

    1. Biz, if you are referring to me, then you show you are sadly lacking in reading skills, as I have never advocated I suggest you go sober up or get off your mind altering meds. You dont sound to me like you have any money making skills of your own and are probably the one 'on the dole' yourself. Maybe that is why such tripe you spew is right there on your mind.

      Who you need to focus on are all those south american thugs who are coming here to move in next door to you and demanding and receiving far more freebies than you will ever get. Why dont you go jump on that bandwagon since you seem to need some cause to whine about.

    2. Thanks for ANOTHER great post Bizideo💓

  15. Abbz, No was not referring to you at all. I have read your past post and know that you do not advocate socialism. I fo not believ in mind altering meds. Finally, there are some people on SS- who have EARNED it! Nothing to feel guilt about there girl.

    1. I'm in agreement, Biz. People need to earn it. And not via migration or hurt feelings.


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